Daily archives: April 29, 2010

Debate Chat #38 – Most Vicious Political Attack of the Night

To everybody’s surprise, YouGov for Murdoch have produced a post debate poll showing a far greater lead for Cameron than any other poll. So YouGov have made the most vicious political attack of the night. I have just sent this email.


[email protected]

Dear Sleazy Stephan,

Could you kindly confirm whether you again opened voting in your post debate poll as soon as Cameron finished his summing up, or did you wait until everyone had finished summing up this time?


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Debate chat #21

Brown giving a really unconvincing list as to which economic sectors will provide which number of jobs in future. “Bio-engineering 100,000 jobs, renewable energy 300,000 jobs, information technology 200,000 jobs” – those aren’t actually the exact quotes, but it sounded just like nonsense so the exact numbers and sectors don’t matter. This time he was the regional economic planner for Murmansk in 1965 – oh God, he’s started with another list again just now…

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