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The Guardian have just published the most disgusting outright lies imaginable. I just got back from the St James Centre – I was literally just passing through on my way to change for this evening’s meeting. I saw Ed Miliband beetle in and beetle out again.

There was a prepared claque of Labour members with No signs, who had naturally attracted some curious Yes passers-by too. Miliband only does carefully controlled no opposition photocalls, so when there was some hackling and badinage he immediately scuttled away again. There was absolutely no pushing; shoving or threat. I have been in larger crowds at the chemists’ prescription counter. I personally called out “war criminal”, which I had every right to do.

To portray this as an angry mob denying free speech is so far removed from the truth that Severin Carrell should be sacked immediately. The man is a disgrace. He is of course only part of a deliberate effort to portray Scots as a violent group of intolerant nationalists. We are of course guilty of failing to show hushed deference to any Westminster trougher and war criminal they dare to send to address us.

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  • Paolo

    The Guardian has become a derisable dishonest and shameful newspaper, hijacking dissenting readers and leading them like a pied piper. Their coverage of Ukraine has been disgraceful propaganda, and their absurdly selective reporting stood in the face of all logic and common sense. Long term readers that argued with their stand in the CiF comments pages were put on pre moderation status so the Guardian could control the discussion, and a free hand was given to what were clearly an army of pro coup trolls.
    The Guardian has joined the ranks of other british news sources that abuse their positions, another nail in the coffin of mainstream media.

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