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The Guardian have just published the most disgusting outright lies imaginable. I just got back from the St James Centre – I was literally just passing through on my way to change for this evening’s meeting. I saw Ed Miliband beetle in and beetle out again.

There was a prepared claque of Labour members with No signs, who had naturally attracted some curious Yes passers-by too. Miliband only does carefully controlled no opposition photocalls, so when there was some hackling and badinage he immediately scuttled away again. There was absolutely no pushing; shoving or threat. I have been in larger crowds at the chemists’ prescription counter. I personally called out “war criminal”, which I had every right to do.

To portray this as an angry mob denying free speech is so far removed from the truth that Severin Carrell should be sacked immediately. The man is a disgrace. He is of course only part of a deliberate effort to portray Scots as a violent group of intolerant nationalists. We are of course guilty of failing to show hushed deference to any Westminster trougher and war criminal they dare to send to address us.

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  • Davey

    @King of Nothing…that’s probably because it’s the most exciting thing that’s happened in British politics since universal suffrage!

  • Mary

    Monbiot:: How the media shafted the people of Scotland

    “One of the roles of the Guardian, which has no proprietor, is to represent the unrepresented – and it often does so to great effect. On Scottish independence I believe we have fallen short. Our leader on Saturday used the frames constructed by the rest of the press, inflating a couple of incidents into a “habit” by yes campaigners of “attacking the messenger and ignoring the message”, judging the long-term future of the nation by current SNP policy, confusing self-determination with nationalism.

    If Westminster is locked into a paralysing neoliberal consensus it is partly because the corporate media, owned and staffed by its beneficiaries, demands it. Any party that challenges this worldview is ruthlessly disciplined. Any party that more noisily promotes corporate power is lauded and championed. Ukip, though it claims to be kicking against the establishment, owes much of its success to the corporate press.”


  • Mary

    Dimhlebore is on BBC 1 with Broon. Latter going thirteen to the dozen and hardly letting Dimblebore speak. He makes for uncomfortable viewing. One minute you think he is going to go stark staring screaming mad and the next he flashes that fixed grin. A strange one.

    Jings, crivvens and help Ma’ Broon!

  • Republicofscotland

    Dimhlebore is on BBC 1 with Broon. Latter going thirteen to the dozen and hardly letting Dimblebore speak. He makes for uncomfortable viewing. One minute you think he is going to go stark staring screaming mad and the next he flashes that fixed grin. A strange one.

    Jings, crivvens and help Ma’ Broon!
    True Mary, but look at the airtime the BBC are giving the Pension pot robber

  • Ba'al Zevul (For Scotland)

    Where’s the fatwa that you can shoot up the local women and children and kill the men for selling coffee and burgers in the Assad controlled areas of Syria? Are there no refugee camps? I hear Baa! Humbug ask.

    I think your hearing aid is picking up a foreign station, Guano. I’ve said before it makes absolutely no sense to dismiss Assad’s hostility to the jihadis, or that of the Shi’a at large if anyone’s serious about containing and hopefully ending the Caliphate’s ambitions. Which promise to return the region to the 7th century. If we hadn’t been obsessed with taking out Assad (whose regime was nasty, but stable, and compared to what’s going on now, relatively bloodless) neither his current excesses nor those of the opposition we initially supported would have been at issue.

    Pakistani imams have made fatwas that you can kill your fellow Muslims if they are defending the strategic positions of local spineless Ziombie Muslim leader such as Miliband.

    You agree with the fatwas? They’re opposed to hadith. Please clarify.
    Miliband may or may not be a Zionist. He is certainly not a Muslim or a resident of Pakistan. Please clarify.

  • Ba'al Zevul (For Scotland)

    Thanks for the Monbiot quote, Mary. Makes up for some of the Guardian’s frequent failings, hat.

  • Tony M

    Syria is not my affair Guano, humanitarian aid to all without favour, is all I can suggest, neither is it Scotland’s affair at this time, it might be the UK’s though, as the UK has played a large part in creating the present problems there, as in Ukraine and as in Iraq. The entire political class at Westminster – with the exception of SNP MPs, I think most LibDems and a few Labour members such as John McDonnell, who have opposed these interventions and involvements, covert and overt – are in such a deep hole, unable to account for illegal and repulsive conduct they have championed and sanctioned, that for them show their faces, much less dare lecture anyone is a brazen insult, which shows they have become still more crooked and bent, and even more extremely dangerous as time goes on and justice dithers. Let’s deal with our local problems first, the hobbled excuse for democracy we had, has, with Scottish brawn, with guile and wile, been put in good repair, as a pre-requisite for enabling others oppressed to put the part of the broken world they live in, to rights too, peacefully as we are doing. I’m wary of exceptionalism – US or Israeli scales of barking-mad delusional thinking have spoiled that broth – but we’re doing what’s right in and for Scotland, come and join us, be part of making it even better.

  • Iain Orr

    This evening’s interviews on BBC 1 by David Dimbleby were fair to both sides of the campaign. Who came across the more persuasively? Salmond, and by quite a margin. He and Brown both made points in tendentious language. Brown talked of old people “losing UK pensions” – what did he mean? Salmond credited Conservative backbenchers with a miraculous transformation from bigoted opponents of new devolution proposals (if No won the day) to devotion to Anglo-Scottish cooperative enlightened self-interest (if Yes prevails).

    Salmond came across as someone with whom one could have an argument and both remain friends; Brown as someone with a lecture to deliver and “if you don’t agree, just listen more closely”. A sort of handbagless Thatcher.

    That said, I remain a virtual no voter, but one who will also take pleasure if the underdog – the Yes campaign – upsets the political applecart.

    [Apologies for the repetition from an earlier topic]

  • Vronsky

    Dear Mr Miliband,

    Ed, full marks for your reckless attempt to interact with the Scottish public, only to discover that they are as alien as a species imagined by George Lucas and his SFX team. We don’t like you Ed, we know you and your ilk too well. You should have listened to Brown or Darling: speak only to ticketed audiences of your own flunkies, where you can strut up and down to the applause of some silly wee claque.

    Somebody told you to fuck off? And it was really terrible? If swearing is that bad, why not try it out for yourself? I’m sure you will soon be crawling along with the Tories supporting more bombing of somebody somewhere. You’re a pussycat. Man up. Just tell them to fuck off.

    PS: Fuck off

    PPS: And then fuck off again. Fuck off from there too. Keep fucking off until you find yourself right back here. Then fuck off all over again.

  • Vronsky

    @Iain Orr

    if there is any way you possibly can, get your arse up here and look at what ordinary people are doing on the streets. You have only a few hours left to be a witness.

  • BrianFujisanWabi-sabi

    Mary thank for Re-posting Muscle Guy’s post From the previous thread ref Severin Carrell

    WELL DONE muscle Guy… AND Vronsky…AND Craig…And anyone else working away on the indyref

    A couple of fotos From Gourock tonight, where almost two thousand yes people gathered –



    And.. what Happens when a Glasgow Wifie Challenges Alexander, and Milliband, on Trident –


  • Brendan

    Seems like some people haven’t read the article:

    “Millipede was forced to abandon a walkabout in Edinburgh after he became caught in a crush of media and pro-independence protesters, who drowned out his interviews with shouts of “fucking liar” and “serial murderer”.

    Etc etc. It goes on in similar vein. Looks liek the Guardian has massively over-stated what actually happened. Actually, even if they had got it right, I’d argue, so what? These shiny suits would never have stood a chance in Rome. If they can’t stand a bit of abuse on the campaign trail, then why are they on the campaign trail? These shiny, anondyne, photo ops are pathetic.

    Also, wouldn’t put it past the Labour Party to organise a photo-op where they knew they’d get some stick, then sit back and watch the media talk about fascism in Scotland. These media baronds are weird: so quick to see fascism where it doesn’t exist, so slow to see it where it does.

  • God save the Queen A fascist regime They made you a moron Potential H-bomb

    In America, which led its British satrap into the pismire of lost legitimacy, this effeminate tactic is routine enough to have its own term of art: pearl clutching. Whenever anyone fails to hold still for official bullshit, the propaganda organs feign horror at the public’s lack of civility. It’s really just a rear-guard effort to browbeat proper deference into dissenters. But it’s no good when the dissenters are fed up, and it’s no good at all when the whole world’s on their side.

  • Zaquria

    I’m sorry, but I think that was over dramatized and a big hoot about nothing and if you can’t take a bit of jeering in a time of high political tension, you would be better out of politics altogether.

    Storm in a tea cup blown out of proportion by the biased media.

  • Simon Sudbury and Robert de Hales

    Effete City of London pussies don’t know what forced or chased means. They’ve gone soft from too much scrubby-dubby with visiting nobility in the bathtubs of Eton and Radley.

  • Ben

    Just one positive thought off-topic. It’s good to have pen-pals across the globe without the delayed gratification of a reply via snail-mail.

    Unfortunately, we are slow to adapt and electronic miracles overwhelm us, just like the hundred-billion sensations our small brains download every second. We have a lot to learn about filtering data from the innertoobs.

  • guano

    Kommandant Ba’al

    Yes my hearing aid is tuned to foreign channels but since my wife is Kurdish I don’t think of it as foreign.

    UK Quo government trolls are always using the word Nationalists because nationalism is a xenophobic concept. They also rush to describe their USUKIS savages in Syria/ Iraq as a State, because they are employed by USUKIS to carve out a state for the greater Israel.

    I was only trying to point out is that if you ( ie political Islam ) use a fatwa to kill the collaborators with Zionism and you are yourselves collaborators with them, you should expect someone to come and kill you for the same reason. Inshallah.

    UK Quo punished Kurdistan in 1918 for doing what Scotland is going to do on Friday by carving it up and placing the parts under violent, culturally different dictators. UK Quo ( 0 status ) will no doubt do terrible things to Scotland and they have made that clear to the Scottish electorate.

    What did they do wrong? They maintained their independence of mind, of soul, of religion. There may be troubles ahead….

  • Mary

    Sorry off topic.

    So they knock it down and then Israel and their PA stooges profit from the reconstruction.

    UN brokers agreement to rebuild in Gaza Strip

    Note the bit of slime the BBC insert. This time it’s ‘the UN says’ but they have to add the ‘Israel says’ bit.

    ‘The UN says the vast majority of Palestinian deaths are civilian but an Israeli government official recently told the BBC that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had killed 1,000 “terrorists” during the assault on Gaza.’

    What it looks like.

    Amid the rubble

    Have you noticed that Gaza has dropped off the ‘news’ almost completely, as before?

  • Mary

    Nor do we care what Obama thinks.

    White House Gently Opposes Scottish Independence

    Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama take part in a state welcoming ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington in March 2012.

    Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama take part in a state welcoming ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington in March 2012.

    Published 16 September 2014

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    The White House treads lightly on the question of Scottish independence as it doesn’t want to be perceived as “interfering” in Scotland’s internal political affairs.

    The White House said on Monday that it’s up to Scots to decide their country’s fate in Thursday’s independence vote. However, Washington’s preference is for the United Kingdom to stay, well, “united.”

    “This is a decision for the people of Scotland to make,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. “We certainly respect the right of individual Scots to make a decision along these lines. But, you know, as the President himself said, we have an interest in seeing the United Kingdom remain strong, robust, united and an effective partner.”

    Earnest’s remarks echo comments made by President Barack Obama in June at a joint press conference with Prime Minister David Cameron in Brussels.’ **

    ** A reminder of the planted question and answer.

    Public Service
    by craig on July 2, 2014 3:07 pm in Uncategorized

    I had an impeccable source that Obama’s anti-Scottish statement was orchestrated not only with him, but with the BBC who planted the question. I have no doubt it is true. I want to take this further with the Electoral Commission and the BBC Trust, but to do that I need confirmation of my whistleblower’s account.

    On 6 June I therefore contacted No. 10 through their official website and asked whether any government official or adviser had previously briefed the journalist who asked Obama the question on independence. On 10 June I received the reply:

    “Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate Government Department so that they may reply to your concerns directly.”

    Another three weeks later, still there has been no contact from the “appropriate government Department”. I therefore went back to the Prime Minister’s Office to complain about the lack of a reply.

    Answer came there none.

    Derek Bateman has posted the reply to the BBC’s curt rejection of the academic study documenting its extreme bias in the Scottish Independence referendum debate. It is lengthy but well worth reading


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