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I had an impeccable source that Obama’s anti-Scottish statement was orchestrated not only with him, but with the BBC who planted the question. I have no doubt it is true. I want to take this further with the Electoral Commission and the BBC Trust, but to do that I need confirmation of my whistleblower’s account.

On 6 June I therefore contacted No. 10 through their official website and asked whether any government official or adviser had previously briefed the journalist who asked Obama the question on independence. On 10 June I received the reply:

“Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate Government Department so that they may reply to your concerns directly.”

Another three weeks later, still there has been no contact from the “appropriate government Department”. I therefore went back to the Prime Minister’s Office to complain about the lack of a reply.

Answer came there none.

Derek Bateman has posted the reply to the BBC’s curt rejection of the academic study documenting its extreme bias in the Scottish Independence referendum debate. It is lengthy but well worth reading.

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  • Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    Anyway. Blair’s aircraft was last publicly recorded at Los Angeles (after his Aspen engagement) on the 1st. July. He went to Colombia to utter his profound insights on reconciliation with FARC, and hasn’t been seen since the big dinner afterwards.

    Time for some guesswork. He hasn’t been to the Philippines this year, f’r instance talking to big telecoms corporations on behalf of the TB Faith Foundation ™ which signed up for some money from the Philippines some years ago.

    Curiously a Bombardier Global Express is heading in that direction from LA even as I type. Though it may be Hawaii for Independence Day, or Malaysia for a free holiday.

  • Andrew Leslie

    A rather sweeping statement regarding Alex. Salmond. Care to elaborate?

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