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On 10 October I called out a viral video as fake. It featured pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Sydney, Australia, with a soundtrack of people appearing to chant “Gas the Jews”. The video not only went viral online, it was featured worldwide by mainstream media.

The New South Wales Prime Minister attacked a parliamentarian for daring to say that the incident was dubious

Antoinette Lattouf, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio journalist who investigated the incident and found that it did not happen, received enormous abuse. She was later sacked when she shared online a report on Israeli atrocities in Gaza by Human Rights Watch.

Finally, 100 days later, an exhaustive investigation by New South Wales police, which involved forensic investigation of many different videos of the incident (including professional video from inter alia Consortium News), has definitively concluded that it did not happen. It was a fake.

Now here is the important point. I saw it was a fake after about twenty seconds, not 100 days. It was an extremely clear and obvious fake. There was not a shadow of a doubt that it was a fake. No serious observer could believe it was genuine. I posted the simple empirical observation immediately on Twitter.

It is stark. The soundtrack simply runs continuously over several big cuts in the video. It is obviously an overlain soundtrack. Plus many people are shown very clearly in the video, and not a single one is moving their lips as if they are making a chant like that in the soundtrack. It is not just a matter of being out of sync. Nobody seems to be doing this sort of rhythmic chanting at all.

It is not just propaganda. It is a fake of the lowest quality, which any amateur can see the problem with, instantly. So why did hundreds of mainstream media journalists all over the globe report it as genuine and even retail it on MSM platforms. Why did politicians refer to it? Why were those who queried it attacked and ridiculed?

Here is a key point I have not seen anywhere else, shared with me by Consortium News who shared their footage of the same event with the police. The representatives of the Australian Jewish Association, who produced the fake footage, refused to hand over the original footage to the police investigation. Yet it does not appear they face any criminal charges, and they have the massive front to still be pushing their lies in the state and billionaire owned media.

The point is that Israeli propaganda can be of extremely low quality and obviously fake. It does not matter. The politicians will buy it and retail it because they are in the pocket of the zionist lobby. The mainstream media will promulgate it, because they work either for billionaires who share the zionist creed of the ruling classes, or, like those in the BBC, for states controlled by politicians in the pockets of the zionist lobby. All Israel has to do is chuck the propaganda out there. It will be massively amplified no matter how poor it is.

Let me give another example. You may recall seeing, on all broadcast media, the entrance to the “Hamas tunnel network” at Sheikh Hamad hospital, as evidence of why Israel has to target hospitals because they are essential nodes in Hamas “eight hundred mile” tunnel network. I believe it was also among the images Israel flashed up at the ICJ, though these were displayed so briefly it is difficult to be certain.

Well, now the IDF have totally destroyed the hospital and rendered it inoperable, they have moved on. We can now see it is a water tank. I cannot find a single example of any mainstream media issuing a correction or even saying it is a water tank.

The point is that the propaganda does not have to be good. It can be rubbish. You show a picture of a hatch, say it is an entrance to a secret tunnel network, and the poodle media and massive hasbara online operation will amplify it massively. While the truth not only does not make mainstream media, it has to force its way through massive suppression of social media. My posts on X/twitter currently have less reach per repost than zionist accounts by a factor averaging around 50.

The extreme suppression manifests in strange ways. When I tried to find my tweet calling out the fake soundtrack, I could not find it at all. It had disappeared from my timeline completely. I appreciate this is too small to read properly, but this is my timeline from 10 October to show what I mean.

Nor could any search I tried bring it up. Yet the tweet was still extant, and someone kindly sent me a link to it. It had just been cloaked from me, and possibly some others, but not from the person who sent it on to me.

And as for Antoinette:

Well, being the only reporter in the whole of mainstream media to have told the truth does not get your job back if you have committed the greatest sin and contradicted the zionist narrative. I fear she will wait a very long time for any apologies from the Establishment.

The thing you have to recall is that every single one of them – the Israeli propagandists, the politicians, the mainstream media journalists and the hasbara operatives on social media – know that they are lying. They just believe that the lies are not important in pursuit of the greater good – or rather in pursuit of Greater Israel.



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175 thoughts on “Quality and Propaganda

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  • Brian Sides

    If they can sell the lie that the October the 7th attack on Israel was a “SURPRISE” then they can sell any lie.
    Has any mainstream media questioned this obvious lie. Israel have said they wont investigate this till after the conflict with Hams. But they should just say they wont investigate it period.
    Theresa May introduced the fusion doctrine so that a common narrative would be used by as many countries as possible. It is important that everybody tells the same lie.
    They removed Press TV and Russia Today so you don’t get confused by different lie’s.
    “Believe none of what you hear and believe half of what you see”

    • frankywiggles

      Israeli outlets like Haaretz and YNet have debunked many (not all) of the lies about October 7th. The remaining lies about that day have been debunked by independent western journalists like Asa Winstanley and Max Blumenthal. The BBC has known for weeks that all the lies about October 7th have been comprehensively debunked but has very determinedly kept promoting the lies. All the lies.

  • Nota Tory Fanboy

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of this/put 2 and 2 together at the time but it occurs to me that there’s a simple logical conclusion from the accusation Israeli ministers made against South Africa:


    1: “Israel must eliminate/exterminate/destroy Hamas through military means”


    2: “South Africa is working for Hamas”

    Does that not mean that Israel effectively declared war on South Africa?

    • Nota Tory Fanboy

      I have another hypothesis, a seriously cynical curiosity (because at this point you would have to be really naïve to not be cynica about Tory MPs and their news management tactics), about the Tory MP who recently quit after “narrowly escaping a terror attack” and finding their constituency office had been burned down.
      The hypothesis – and I stress this is purely hypothetical as I have no knowledge just a great deal of cynicism – goes as follows:
      Was he being investigated for something serious and got wind of such an investigation, decided to arrange for whatever evidence might be present in the constituency office to be destroyed before it could be seized, made himself look like the victim of an attack and used it as the perfect excuse to quit being an MP before it’s made public that he was under investigation?

  • harry law

    George Orwells ‘Notes on Nationalism’ largely encompasses the prevailing narative in Western elitist circles and the MSM to the Genocidal actions of the Israelis in Gaza.

    “Indifference to Reality. All nationalists have the power of not seeing resemblances between similar sets of facts. A British Tory will defend self-determination in Europe and oppose it in India with no feeling of inconsistency. Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them, and there is almost no kind of outrage – torture, the use of hostages, forced labour, mass deportations, imprisonment without trial, forgery, assassination, the bombing of civilians – which does not change its moral colour when it is committed by ‘our’ side. The Liberal News Chronicle published, as an example of shocking barbarity, photographs of Russians hanged by the Germans, and then a year or two later published with warm approval almost exactly similar photographs of Germans hanged by the Russians.[5] It is the same with historical events. History is thought of largely in nationalist terms, and such things as the Inquisition, the tortures of the Star Chamber, the exploits of the English buccaneers (Sir Francis Drake, for instance, who was given to sinking Spanish prisoners alive), the Reign of Terror, the heroes of the Mutiny blowing hundreds of Indians from the guns, or Cromwell’s soldiers slashing Irishwomen’s faces with razors, become morally neutral or even meritorious when it is felt that they were done in the ‘right’ cause. If one looks back over the past quarter of a century, one finds that there was hardly a single year when atrocity stories were not being reported from some part of the world: and yet in not one single case were these atrocities – in Spain, Russia, China, Hungary, Mexico, Amritsar, Smyrna – believed in and disapproved of by the English intelligentsia as a whole. Whether such deeds were reprehensible, or even whether they happened, was always decided according to political predilection”.

  • amanfromMars

    Regarding the proposed shape of things next to come …. can you believe the following of leadership thinking itself worthy of following and believing? ….

    amanfromMars 1 Mon 5 Feb 10:15 [2402051015] …… asks on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2024/02/02/critical_infrastructure_ot_ransomware/

    Re: His Majesty drops a right clanger … if giving Royal Assent to a fascist type policy proposal?

    When critical infrastructure is under attack from hostile enemy forces embedded and presiding over dodgy systems administrations within, and the following information from elsewhere suggesting such is a present ongoing desperate situation delivering a crooked playing field for losers, is overwhelmingly popular, and if necessary at times in certain spaces, almighty sinister resistance from A.N.Others designed Relatively Autonomous and Previously Anonymous and Virtually Untouchable, to be fully expected enthusiastically supported ……….

    Welcome to the UK where it’s now official government policy that you CAN’T publish “misinformation”, but The Guardian, the BBC, Disney and Netflix CAN…

    Yes, it’s true – the recently signed “Online Safety Act” brands the publication of “false information” a criminal offense punishable by up to a year in prison…

    …unless you’re an MSM outlet, when it’s totally fine

    Think even the corrupt & bloated criminal class that rules over us would never dare be that blatant?

    Take a look at section 179 making it illegal to publish false information with intent to cause harm:

    Section 179 – False communications offence

    30. A person commits the false communications offence if they send a message conveying information that they know to be false, and at the time of sending it they intend the message to cause non-trivial psychological or physical harm to a likely audience (i.e. someone who could reasonably be foreseen to encounter the message or its content) and they have no reasonable excuse for sending the message.

    31. This offence is intended to replace the offence in section 1(a)(iii) of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 and (for England, Wales and Northern Ireland) the offence in section 127(2)(a) and (b) of the Communications Act 2003, which have been repealed by section 189 of the Act.

    32. If several or many people are the “likely audience” then it is not necessary that the person intended to cause non-trivial psychological or physical harm to any of them in particular (or to all of them).

    33. Proceedings for the false communications offence may be brought within 6 months of sufficient evidence in the opinion of the prosecutor, and after no more than 3 years after an offence has been committed.

    34. This offence extends to England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and is devolved. It is a summary only offence, which carries a maximum penalty of 51 weeks imprisonment or a fine (or both).

    …and then look at section 180, which exempts all MSM outlets from this new law:

    Section 180 – Exemptions from offences under section 179

    35. This section sets out exemptions for the false communications offence, including an exemption for recognised news publishers and exemptions for holders of broadcast or multiplex licences, and providers of an on-demand programming service. This section also provides that the offence cannot be committed in connection with the showing of a film made for cinema to members of the public.

    Welcome to the modern definition of “freedom of speech”, where the MSM are directly and explicitly permitted to “knowingly publish false information with intent to cause non-trivial harm”, and you can be sent to jail for a year for calling out their lies.

    Oh, and it looks like our friends across the pond might not be far behind. The Big Tech Senate hearings started yesterday, and social media executives are already throwing their support behind the new “Kids Online Safety Act”.

    With the EU’s own Digital Services Act coming into force later this month, and all the focus on “misinformation and disinformation” at Davos two weeks ago, we can see the real crackdown on internet free speech is about to kick into gear.

    Good times.

    Certainly nowadays are internetworking things delivering changed times, and whenever done well to crash and crush the cause of bad times, are good times guaranteed for all …… so logically surely something widely to be supported by anyone and everything with a titter of wit, for what is not to like ‽

      • Tom Welsh

        Not particularly ironic, actually; there is a lot more freedom of speech in Russia than in the UK. There may even be more in China.

        It’s amazing how, if you have persuaded people that they are free and live in a free country, you can limit their actual freedom as much as you like and they will not notice.

  • harry law

    Speaking on his MOATS show yesterday George Galloway quoting Angela Rayner Shadow Deputy PM comments on TV, said…
    “That she does not know if Israel has committed acts of Genocide, then if she does not know, she is too stupid to be the Deputy PM of Britain and if she does know, and is pretending not to know, she’s too wicked to be the Deputy PM of Britain.

    • Jack

      I do not understand why Labour keep hurting themselves like this? They are losing credibility and thousands of votes because of their senseless stance on Gaza.

      Like, if only they could summon the same sympathy for the palestinians:
      Angela Rayner Shadow : The resolve, the resistance and the bravery shown by the women of Ukraine is an inspiration to us all.
      They should never be in this position, but they are so incredible in the face of adversity we can only imagine.

      (No offense to the ukrainian women of course)

      Nuremberg-style tribunal needed to prosecute Putin for invasion – Starmer
      This^ he said mere 2 weeks into the invasion of Ukraine, the war on Gaza have been going on for 4 months now but Starmer could not even condemn what Israel is doing. Unreal.

      • Steve Hayes

        They aren’t the sharpest tools in the box. Starmer in particular is notably thick. The Establishment knows it can’t keep the Tories in power forever and has installed pliant puppets in the alternative party. Compliance is ensured by making sure the politicians are buyable, blackmailable and/or too thick to recognise when they are being railroaded. Always look for when the media start bigging up some prospective party leader. With Blair, it was vanity, greed and Charles Lynton (Google’s your friend). With Cameron it was vanity and stupidity. With Johnson, laziness.

        • Piotr Berman

          So far, Starmer project is completed all progress benchmarks, Starmer completed the purge, popularity of Labour exeeded 50% in late 2022, which was excessive, and now polls are 40-45%, historically enough to sweep the Parliamentary elections. Dissent to Tory+Labour is nicely split among Reform, Greens and DemLib. And who needs sharp tools if you can use a sledge hammer?

          As long as anti-imperialism is marginalized, Establishment can be happy with election results.

          BTW, there was an inspiring video of brave Ukrainian village women defending their men from mobilization.

      • Tom Welsh

        “They are losing credibility and thousands of votes because of their senseless stance on Gaza”.

        But so are the “Conservatives”. As the Americans say, it’s a wash.

        From the point of view of an MP or party leader, keeping in with Israel is the royal road to fortune and popularity.

        They have no need to go currying favour with British voters.

  • Jack

    Israel ignoring UN court order – South Africa
    Pretoria’s foreign minister says hundreds of civilians have been killed in the besieged Gaza since last week’s ruling

    As one expected,nothing came out of the ICJ statement (atleast in the short run).
    Even Fatah/PA, the arab world at large, just like earlier wars they keep mum about it even though the law is on their side.
    Spy Cables: Abbas and Israel ally against 2009 UN probe
    Chomsky have spoken about this particular issue and Norman Finkelstein spoke this palestinian passivity a couple of days ago:
    Overall, absolute daunting that there is not 1 single country that have yet called on the UNSC to have a meeting and a vote on what ICJ said – yes it would be vetoed of course but that is a tactic too to shame the nations/people complicit in the genocide.

    As many have pointed out before, there needs to be sanctions, exclusions – real pressure. Not vocal “concering” “worrying” statements. No legal statements, already in 2004 did the ICJ rule that the israeli wall, the israeli annexation and that East Jerusalem as israeli occupied palestinian territory. We know what the law proclaim, it is time to enforce it.
    So it would be great if more nations would tag along with the momentum South Africa initiated but that is apparently too much to ask for.
    Only Iran and the Houtis are worth any praise regarding this topic:
    Leader urges elites in Muslim world to create public demand to cut ties with Israel
    Although this “cruel and wolflike” regime has taken the lives of women, children and the sick and killed more than 20,000 people, some Muslim countries still provide it with economic aid and even weapons, the Leader noted.
    “A decisive blow does not mean going to war with the Zionist regime (Israel), but it means cutting off the economic relations with it,” he said.


  • Townsman

    According to declassifieduk.org, Conservative MPs have received over £19,000 from the Israel lobby since the attempted obliteration of Palestinians from Gaza started.
    I have to ask, who or what are these MPs representing in the UK Parliament?
    Are they representing their constituents? Or are they representing Israel?

    • Stevie Boy

      Since 1948 israel has been oppressing Palestinians and has pumped millions into the UK and USA to enable its agenda – and a lot of the money originated in America.
      All ‘friends of Israel’, of whatever political hue, are essentially on the take and bought and sold by israel. They are fifth columnists and enemies of the UK and its peoples.

      • Squeeth

        @ Stevie Boy

        I think that you’ll find that the money sent to buy politicians outside of occupied Palestine comes from the US and other countries. The zionists ziolaunder American Caesar’s bribes so that when someone complains, they can be smeared as antisemites.

    • Tom Welsh

      I think you will find that they are representing – or pursuing – their own interests, which largely entails doing and saying whatever Israel wants them to. What is to stop them, after all? Only their consciences, if they had any.

  • Peter Mo

    THE SPECTATOR (Australian Edition) Oct 12 – link

    « Australia’s night of infamy
    Awakening to news on my X feed of 40 babies being beheaded by Hamas animals at a kibbutz in southern Israel was beyond shocking.

    It deepens my sense of shame as an Australian that supporters of this were allowed to chant ‘gas the Jews, f**k the Jews’ on the steps of the Opera House on Monday night.

    Forty babies. Beheaded. Allahu Akbar.

    That Channel Nine would run a puff piece with one of the organisers of the Town Hall and Opera House rallies was just insane……….. »
    Hey they even want you to subscribe at $2 per week.

  • Jack

    Consdering the constant flow of inciteful disinformation/warpropaganda from Israel, would that not be something ICJ could rule on too?

    According to “International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” one read:
    1. Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law. 2. Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.

    Just days ago Israel admitted itself that they control an infamous propaganda account on Telegram streaming dehumanzing videos on how Israel destroy Gaza, ridicule palesinian prisoners and kill palestinians:
    Racist social media account run by Israeli military exposed
    Israel army operates channel to share gruesome killing of Palestinians

  • harry law

    At last a tribunal decision which separates Anti-Zionism from Anti-Semitism. Could all those Labour Party members now be readmitted to membership since anti-Zionism was called a euphemism for Anti-Semitism? You must be joking.


    «UK professor suffered discrimination due to anti-Zionist beliefs, tribunal rules
    5 Feb 2024

    A sociology professor sacked by the University of Bristol after being accused of antisemitic comments has won a “landmark” decision that he was discriminated against because of his anti-Zionist beliefs.

    An employment tribunal ruled that Prof David Miller was unfairly dismissed, and that his “anti-Zionist beliefs qualified as a philosophical belief and as a protected characteristic pursuant to section 10 Equality Act 2010”.

    Rahman Lowe, the legal firm that represented Miller, hailed it as “a landmark decision”. It said: “This judgment establishes for the first time ever that anti-Zionist beliefs are protected in the workplace.”

    The Union of Jewish Students said Monday’s judgment “may set a dangerous precedent about what can be lawfully said on campus about Jewish students and the societies at the centre of their social life. This will ultimately make Jewish students less safe.”
    The ruling would be “welcomed by many who at present are facing persecution in their workplaces for speaking out against the crimes of the Israeli state, and the genocide taking place in Gaza”.

    Miller would be seeking “maximum compensation”, he said.»

    • Xavi

      It’s a landmark ruling that allows Labour members expelled for anti-Zionist comments to make discrimination claims against the party under the Equality Act 2010 / Human Rights Act 1998.

      Starmer illegally expelled so many people it could bankrupt the party.

    • Pigeon English

      Interesting Fact

      UN GA resolution 3379 (1975)

      ¨As part of a debate on the elimination of racism and racial discrimination, the resolution equated Zionism with colonialism and South African apartheid, and determined that “Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.”

      and then

      ¨United Nations General Assembly Resolution 46/86, adopted on 16 December 1991, revoked Resolution 3379’s designation of Zionism as a form of racism and racial discrimination. Israel had made the revocation a condition for its participation in the Madrid Conference of 1991.¨

      and now

      BTW I spelled wrongly IHRA as IHRC and got this


      Islamic Human Rights Commission IHRC

      Bad spelling and grammar can be beneficial sometimes !

    • harry law

      As you might expect, Tony Greenstein has a long article on the tribunal case and Professor Miller, he describes the machinations of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and the IHRA and how this decision might effect it, well worth a read.
      “When the Zionists, who at first pretended that their opposition to ‘anti-Semitism’ had nothing to do with Palestine, proposed that Labour adopt the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, which conflated anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, PSC continued to do nothing. Seven of the IHRA’s 11 ‘examples’ of anti-Semitism were to do with Israel not Jews. PSC refused to even support a picket of Labour’s National Executive in September 2019 which approved the IHRA.
      As Stephen Sedley, a Jewish former Court of Appeal Judge wrote in Defining Anti-Semitism, the IHRA ‘fails the first test of any definition: it is indefinite.”’

      PSC confined themselves to writing letters to local authorities urging them not to adopt the IHRA. PSC made a written submission to the Chakrabarti Inquiry and it helped commission an Opinion on the IHRA from Hugh Tomlinson QC and that was it.
      Craig Murray’s views that Zionism is BS is true and because he firmly believes it, it is not Anti Semitic.either.

    • Philip Maughan

      It seems to me that the Professor Miller ruling has far wider consequences than simply the Labour Party. As we’ve seen recently, the unseen stealth with which the Trans lobby managed to infiltrate pretty much every organ of the State, media, academia, public, private and third sector organisations, is now being undone as successful litigations start to bite organisations financially. The Trans lobby, possibly unwittingly and on a much smaller scale, seem to have simply followed the play-book of the Zionist/Israel lobby, which has for decades been buying influence in high places. If it’s seen that litigation against those who smear anti Zionists/Israel critics is successful and costly, then, rather like what we see happening with the Trans lobby, politicians are likely to be much more circumspect and more critical of Israeli practices that they now endorse unconditionally.

      • Nota Tory Fanboy

        You do you… (I’m sure you wouldn’t mind society being such that you are able to be true to your authentic self but judging by your diatribe I assume you’d rather others can’t have the ability to be true to their authentic selves)

    • harry law

      the Union of Jewish Students said “this judgment “may set a dangerous precedent about what can be lawfully said on campus about Jewish students and the societies at the centre of their social life” How so? If a Jewish person is offended because someone makes a critical remark About Jews, as Jews, then that may breach the IHRA definition, but since there are more non Jewish Zionists [particularly in the US] in the world, then being critical of Zionism has now been declared not Anti Semitic and perfectly within the law and the IHRA definition.

  • Jack

    Speaking on propaganda, according to the book – “Defending the Holy Land” that came out in 08′ written by israeli political professor Zeev Maoz
    It expose how:
    “Most of the wars in which Israel was involved, were entirely avoidable, the result of deliberate Israeli aggression, flawed decision-making, and misguided conflict management strategies. None, with the possible exception of the 1948 War of Independence, were what Israelis call “wars of necessity.” They were all wars of choice-or, worse, folly”.

    But if you would ask the man on the street, majority would believe, claim that Israel is so threatened, innocent and have never started a war because all Israel want is peace and the arabs don’t.

  • AG

    may be it helps to not loose hope:
    As Caitlin Johnstone correctly says in the end of her latest comment:

    “If the Gaza genocide had happened pre-internet it would’ve been a fringe issue hardly anyone knew about. The Western press would have been able to get away with exponentially more cover-ups of Israeli crimes, Western politicians would’ve been able to get away with way more lies about what’s really happening, Israeli officials would have been far less careful about their statements of genocidal intent in their own media, and the IDF would’ve been vastly more blatant and obvious about its extermination campaign.

    It’s only because normal people are getting eyes into what’s really happening that this issue is subject to worldwide outcry and condemnation that has placed the empire on the back foot.

    The political/media class never does the right thing because it wants to, it does the right thing when it is forced to by normal human beings with healthy consciences. The fate of humanity rests on the ability of ordinary people to freely circulate truth.”

  • Ian

    Just in case you are tempted to tar all American establishment figures with the same brush, here is a transcript of a speech made recently by former NYT journalist, Chris Hedges:

    “Chris Hedges an honest, brave man is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who was a foreign correspondent for fifteen years for The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Bureau Chief for the paper:

    “Israel’s Lebensraum master plan for Gaza, borrowed from the Nazis’ depopulation of Jewish ghettos, is clear.
    Destroy infrastructure, medical facilities and sanitation, including access to clean water.
    Block shipments of food and fuel.
    Impose telecommunications blackouts.
    Unleash indiscriminate industrial violence to kill and wound hundreds a day.
    Let starvation and epidemics of infectious diseases, along with the daily massacres and the displacement of Palestinians from their homes, turn Gaza into a mortuary.
    Israel has killed or seriously wounded close to 100,000 Palestinians in Gaza, almost one in every 20 inhabitants.
    It has destroyed or damaged 60% of the housing.
    The Nazis ship their victims to death camps.
    The Israelis will ship their victims to squalid refugee camps in countries outside of Israel.
    This is the plan. No one, especially the Biden administration, intends to stop it.
    The most disturbing lesson I learned while covering armed conflicts for two decades is that we all have the capacity, with little prodding, to become willing executioners.
    We can all become Nazis. It takes very little.
    in eternal vigilance over evil, our evil, we become, like those carrying out the mass killing in Gaza, monsters.
    Perhaps the saddest irony is that a people once in need of protection from genocide now commit it.”


    • George Porter

      You can read the whole piece at: https://chrishedges.substack.com/p/israels-genocide-betrays-the-holocaust

      Another excerpt:

      «Danny Danon, Israel’s former Ambassador to the U.N. and a close ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told Israel’s Kan Bet radio that he has been contacted by “countries in Latin America and Africa that are willing to absorb refugees from the Gaza Strip.” “We have to make it easier for Gazans to leave for other countries,” he said. “I’m talking about ****voluntary migration**** by Palestinians who want to leave.”

      The problem for now “is countries that are willing to absorb them, and we’re working on this,” Netanyahu told Likud Knesset members.»

      • nevermind

        And who is asking the Palestinians, in this political BS by the Knesset – that expects that they are now harassed, starved, bombed, internationally humiliated enough to want to leave this last enclave of Palestine they inhabited and made their home?
        Who is asking them?

      • Tom Welsh

        A very strange feat of sorcery. In the 1920s and 1930s there was concern that so many Jews were being mistreated or threatened in the countries where they lived, but few other countries were willing to accept them as immigrants or refugees. Notably the USA and Britain set very low quotas for Jewish immigration.

        A century later, by some strange trick, all those Jews who wanted to are comfortably settled in Palestine – and somehow it is the Palestinians (those whom the Jews haven’t yet killed) who are desperately searching for other countries, even on the far side of the world, to accept them.

        Amazing what you can do when you have the ear (or is it the gonads?) of politicians.

      • Ian

        Thanks, George. It is a scorching piece. In the present context I was particularly struck by the ‘lebensraum’ project and its parallel to Israeli action in Gaza. It is just abhorrent, and hasn’t escaped viewers of The Zone of Interest, nor indeed of the makers.

  • Squeeth

    It isn’t a lobby, it’s a proxy; the zionist occupiers get away with their crimes because of Realpolitik, not because of lobbying, a puerile activity at best which provides Realpoliticians with a convenient pretext to do what they want.

    • Jack

      I would even call it a Mafia; one cannot talk about them, one cannot go against them, if you do , they trigger a defamation/disinformation against you.

  • Allan Howard

    I just happened to turn the box on and put Channel 4 News on around 7.25 yesterday evening (Monday), and at that moment there was a report about Israel’s allegations about UNRWA employees, which as good as blew their claims out of the water. Every year UNRWA send a list of the names of all their employees to the Israeli authorities – and last did so in May of last year – and there were no problems with any of the thousands of people listed. Anyway, I was meaning to check a bit later (last night) to see if Channel 4 News had put the segment up on their YouTube channel (with the intention of posting it on here, and elsewhere), which I had no doubt they would, but then forgot. Anyway, Caitlin Johnstone just happens to link to it at the end of her most recent post, and THAT of course reminded me, so here it is:

    Israel’s evidence of UNRWA Hamas allegations examined (8mins 36secs)


    I think it’s blatantly obvious to anyone with a modicum of critical thinking that the whole thing was a conspiracy by the Dirty Tricks Brigade of Israel and the US and UK and other countries, and all planned in advance of the ICJ ruling. But if we play their game and pretend they are sincere – i.e. the countries which have suspended their funding to UNRWA – then surely the Channel 4 News ‘examination’ convinced them that the allegations are fraudulent….. as if the timing itself wouldn’t have been evidence enough! And here’s a link to Caitlin’s article:

    The Western Press Are Just Printing Straight Up Nazi Propaganda About Middle Easterners Now

    Mass media outlets like The Guardian, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal have been allowing the publication of some amazingly racist pieces these last few days. All are directed at middle easterners and those of middle eastern descent, just as the western empire drops more and more bombs on more and more countries in the middle east.

    On Monday The Guardian published a political cartoon which would be indistinguishable from Nazi propaganda of the 1930s, except that it happens to depict a Muslim instead of a Jew…..


    • Allan Howard

      I was just on YouTube checking out an Owen Jones video and spotted a Grayzone vid in the recommends from a couple of weeks ago that I’d not come across before, and when I finished watching/listening to it, I thought I’d check out some of the comments (at the top of the comments section) and, as such, came across a couple that were just quotes:

      “The Nazis made me afraid of being Jewish and the Zionists made me ashamed of being Jewish.” Israel Shahak, a Holocaust survivor

      “If Israelis don’t want to be accused of being like the Nazis, they simply need to stop behaving like Nazis..” ~ Norman Finkelstein

      Anyway, here’s the video, entitled Antiwar Israelis face jail, terrifying repression for speaking out, and as another poster said: ‘If you still don’t think Israel is evil, that’s because you are, too’, and it really does seem like many people in Israel have been taken over and possessed by some evil entity:

      The GrayzoneAntiwar Israelis face jail, terrifying repression for speaking out (24 Jan 2024) – 14m 19s

  • Jack

    Considering the passivity by arab leaders I would not hope for much but…

    Pro-Palestine judge elected to lead ICJ
    A Lebanese judge known for past criticisms of Israel has been elected as the new president of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), and will now oversee a genocide case brought against the Jewish state over its military action in Gaza.

    I wonder which nations who elected him though? Hopefully no western nations because then we know which camp this judge sympathize with.

    This judge is a former politician in the Hariri party in Lebanon: a pro-western, pro-saudi, anti-Hezbollah party.

    • Nota Tory Fanboy

      Interesting – makes you wonder whether it’s another ploy for the Israeli authorities to claim “the UN/ICJ’s biased against Israel!”…

    • Allan Howard

      A week or so before the ICJ announced their judgement, Norman Finkelstein was on some youtube channel giving his assessment of how he thought the different judges would vote, and why, and he concluded that it would be touch-and-go whether a majority found in S Africa’s favour, and so I was quite amazed that the vast majority of them DID. But it’s been slowly – and increasingly – dawning on me that perhaps a number of them were told about the ‘surprise’ that Bibi and his fascist buddies at home and abroad had in store for shortly after the court announced its deliberations AND, as such, to just vote in S Africa’s favour. I really wouldn’t be at all surprised if that was the case.

      So I just found it (with Katie Halper). I’m pretty sure that someone posted a link to it on here at the time, or there-abouts, but here it is again anyway, and it’s just seven minutes in length, so relatively short….. Actually, come to think of it, as I just this moment did, I wonder if NF did another assessment later on as to why he thinks so many of the judges voted in S Africa’s favour? Seems quite likely…….

      Norman Finkelstein on South Africa’s Case Against Israel (8 Jan 2024) – YouTube, 6m 57s

      BTW, thanks for your apology NTF, but I’m sure most people who follow Craig see something akin to a red mist when the Express (or the Sun or the Mail) gets mentioned in a post by someone, or linked to, as in my case.

  • Lovely

    Could those who made and circulated, to police and media, a video full of racist nonsense not be prosecuted?

    I mean it’s the same thing the protesters were being falsely accused of and investigated for just a different motive, plus the fraud and false accusation elements added on top.

  • joel

    Liberal media darling Ai Wei Wei, adored for his criticism of China, gets the tumbleweed treatment after commenting last weekend that political censorship in the West today is “exactly the same” as in China during Mao Zedong’s era. 

    “I grew up with heavy political censorship. Now I realise that you in the West are doing exactly the same thing, sometimes even more ridiculous…You cannot talk about the truth these days.” 


    Ai Wei Wei’s exhibition at the Lisson Gallery in London was cancelled after he highlighted the influence of the pro-Israel lobby in the cultural sphere in the West. He previously had a London show cancelled over his support for Julian Assange.

  • Highlander

    May I point out …how many Australian prime ministers have been removed from office by the governor general? We must remember Austrailia isn’t a true democracy.
    Then we can look at the Alex Salmond case, the political assassination attempt by MI5, courts, civil service media, bbc, and quislings. And even today Salmond marginalised under the threat of imprisonment for speaking out of the political and judicial corruption sent against him. They don’t want or need the truth coming out! One hundred and twenty five years before you can find out why those kids were murdered in Dunblane!
    Willie MacRae, murdered! I’m still very dubious of the deaths of Robin Cook and Donald Dewar. As well as John Smith….. but it worked out well for Tony bLair and the slaughter in Iraq based on lies and deceit.
    Anti semetic…. In all stupidity….. it means anti Arab! Zionists come from Russia, their DNA proves this fact beyond any shadow of doubt. In 1974, Winston Churchill junior MP with a number of other Tory MPs were told to resign. Along with many senior army officers who were cashiered, for attempting a co-op de tat, in the UK. This information I read in the telegraph when I was in the forces hence how I remember the date. Can you furnish any further detail on this subject? It seems to me, Enoch Powell rivers of blood speech was all about getting American military influence out of England and over England. England held to ransom for loans, wheat, technology, stealing and removing ground breaking technology, such as the ram jet, which developed in England and had come huge steps in peace time. The english government sent into the company, American military personnel, interviewed, showed the American military and there representatives the technology at work, they left on the Friday, came the American military came back on the Monday, removed every tool, engine, nuts bolts, drawings, diaries, desk pen and paper. Hence, the preferential relationship Enoch Powell was referring too! It’s one sided!
    Since 1979, I have wondered…. This co-op de tat……did they not succeed?

  • Jan Wiklund

    “The point is that Israeli propaganda can be of extremely low quality and obviously fake. It does not matter. The politicians will buy it and retail it because they are in the pocket of the zionist lobby.”

    But why? The explanation seems to me to be no explanation at all, but a kind of the grossest conspirationism. Why should the European/American politicians en bloque put themselves there?

    Isn’t it rather an instance of racist, colonialist We against Them? The Israelis are Europeans, therefore they must be supported against the “natives”. Europe/America is slipping, therefore it has to defend itself whatever it may take, even if the world has to be made uninhabitable. EVERYTHING is better than being Number 2.

  • Republicofscotland

    This is very depressing, what’s wrong with these people.?

    “A new poll by the Israel Democracy Institute shows that about half of Israelis would oppose a deal to end the war in the Gaza if it includes Palestinian statehood and peace agreements with other Arab countries, and that only 39 percent think the Israel is ensuring the security of its citizens.”


    • Allan Howard

      I wonder if the pollsters asked them WHY (they oppose a deal to end the war etc)! Probably not. But the thing we always have to bear in mind is that most, if not ALL of these people, believe all the atrocity claims/propaganda, and are no doubt unaware that a significant number of the Israelis who were killed on October 7th were killed by the IDF. And, most importantly, that BN and Co knew in advance that an attack was coming and, as such, deliberately let it go ahead.

      Just in case anyone missed it (when I linked to it recently), in the wikipedia entry for the October 7th attack it says the following, under the heading Advance Israeli knowledge:

      According to The New York Times, Israeli officials had obtained detailed attack plans more than a year before the attack. The document described operational plans and targets, including the size and location of Israeli forces, and raised questions in Israel about how Hamas learned these details. The document provided a plan that included a large-scale rocket assault before an invasion, drones to knock out the surveillance cameras and automated guns that Israel has stationed along the border…..

      According to Haaretz, Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, Shin Bet, and IDF military commanders discussed a possible threat to the Nova music festival near kibbutz Re’im just hours before the attack, but the festival’s organizers were not warned.[88][89]

      According to a BBC investigation, surveillance reports suggested that Hamas was planning a significant operation against Israel, but senior IDF officers repeatedly ignored the warnings.[90]

      The Haaretz article is behind a paywall, so I don’t know what it says of course beyond the headline and the first bit of the article, but it would be interesting to learn how Haaretz came by this information, AND, if anyone from Shin Bet or the IDF military commanders gave a reason for why they DIDN’T warn the Nova Music Festival organisers and tell them to call off the festival.


      The BBC article is well worth checking out (linked to in the wikipedia entry).

      • Nota Tory Fanboy

        Supposedly at the time there were reports that Netanyahu leaked the information himself to make him look less bad (not that it worked, if that was the intent)

        • Allan Howard

          NTF, I don’t follow. Could you elaborate. Are you saying that he leaked such information to Hamas? And if not – because that is inconceivable – then who did he leak it to, and why? I mean why would he need to do that to make himself look less bad? And less bad to who?

  • Jack

    Strange how Israel are free to show their murder, mayhem, dehumanization, destruction and spread propaganda on social media but the users that protests are the ones that get their account banned from taking just that position:

    Meta suspended Instagram account belonging to Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei on Thursday following months of pressure from pro-Israel group

  • Allan Howard

    I was listening to BBC News this morning and they were saying that Blinken said that Hamas dehumanised Israelis on October 7th, so I just got round to doing a search to try and understand what on earth he was on about, and found this Times of Israel article posted yesterday headlined ‘Blinken: Israelis were ‘dehumanized’ on Oct. 7, but that cannot be a license to dehumanize others’, in which it says the following:

    « “We urge Israel to do more to help civilians, knowing full well that it faces an enemy that would never meet those standards,” says US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at a Tel Aviv press conference, adding that Hamas embeds itself among civilians and fires rockets from hospitals, mosques and schools.

    He calls Hamas “an enemy whose leaders surround themselves with hostages,” and says it is “an enemy that has declared publicly its goal to kill as many innocent civilians as it can, simply because they’re Jews, and to wipe Israel off the map.”

    “That’s why we’ve made clear that Israel is fully justified in confronting Hamas and other terrorist organizations,” Blinken says. “That’s why the United States has done more than any other country to support Israel’s right to ensure that October 7 never happens again.”

    Nonetheless, he now uses caustic language to upbraid Israel on its conduct of the war in Gaza.

    “Israelis were dehumanized in the most horrific way on October 7,” he says. “The hostages have been dehumanized every day since. But that cannot be a license to dehumanize others.” »


    So suddenly, four months later and for the first time, the word ‘dehumanised’ is being used by Blinken (the US) in relation to the attack. It is of course nonsensical, but obviously there’s a reason for him (and the US) doing so. Senior Israeli polticians have been demonising the people of Gaza repeatedly since the beginning to justify their mass murder of Gazans and the destruction of Gaza, and so now, four months later, some bright spark has come up with a way to accuse Hamas of doing the same on October 7th. Oh, right, and Hamas have been ‘dehumanising’ the hostages every day since. The following is from the wikipedia entry for Dehumanisation:

    « Dehumanization is the denial of full humanity in others along with the cruelty and suffering that accompany it.[1][2][3] A practical definition refers to it as the viewing and the treatment of other people as though they lack the mental capacities that are commonly attributed to human beings.[4] In this definition, every act or thought that regards a person as “less than” human is dehumanization.[5]

    Dehumanization is one form of incitement to genocide them.[6] It has also been used to justify war, judicial and extrajudicial killing, slavery, the confiscation of property, denial of suffrage and other rights, and to attack enemies or political opponents. »

    Dehumanising individuals or a specific group of people is what you do first so as to justify what you then do to them, the obvious example being the dehumanisation of Jews by the Nazis and, as such, Blinken is talking out of his arse. The dehumanisation has been all one way, and IF, as it says in the wikipedia entry, Dehumanization is one form of incitement to genocide them, then if that somehow applies to the Hamas attack – which it doesn’t of course – then why didn’t the US submit a whatever to the ICJ at some point in the weeks after October 7th.

    And needless to say, everything else he says in respect of Hamas is B/S, and is in effect a subtle-ish dehumanisation of them.

    • Allan Howard

      Afterthought: Even designating Hamas as a ternrorist organisation is a form of dehumanisation. As well as a falsehood and a deception.

    • Allan Howard

      I’m sure there are many other people who post on here that can dismantle and take apart what Blinken says better than I have, but I was just reading through what it says in the Times of Israel article again and ‘spotted’ this bit – ie “We urge Israel to do more to help civilians…” – implying of course that Israel IS helping civilians (but they could do more). I won’t bother elaborating about how Israel has been ‘helping’ the civilians in Gaza for the past four months, except to say that they have been doing their utmost to make it a hell on Earth for them, but it’s just the sort of twisted psychopathic shite we’ve come to expect from Biden and Co, and concocted and designed to amuse fascists everywhere.

  • Allan Howard

    Talk TV really is the pits. If you invite someone on to discuss some issue or other you obviously know their viewpoint. So I think we can safely assume that this guy was invited on so that they could then attack him for supporting the Palestinians:

    TalkTV Kicks Out Guest For Being Pro-Palestine – Novara Media 14mins 30secs


    As I’ve said before, if they were being honest they would have named the channel Fascist Talk TV.

    • Allan Howard

      First they denied that the Snuff channel is anything to do with the IDF, but now they have aknowledged that it is. Oh, right, but it was all unofficial you see:

      IDF CONFESSES to War Crimes SNUFF Channel Psyop Breaking Points (youtube) 7mins 22secs


      The above video was posted four days ago, and so was this Guardian article, which I just came across:


      «’Israel confirms deaths of 31 hostages as Hamas responds to truce proposals’

      Israel has said it has informed the families of 31 people held in the territory since 7 October that their relatives are dead. The news came as the Qatari prime minister said Hamas had given a “generally positive” response to proposals for a deal trading a break in the fighting and release of Palestinian prisoners for the return of more hostages.»

      And further on in the article it says the following:

      «The circumstances of the hostages’ deaths remain unclear, with the Israeli authorities suggesting that many occurred on 7 October during Hamas’s incursion into southern Israel, in which 1,200 people were killed.»

      So we’re supposed to believe that many of these 31 dead hostages were killed by Hamas on October 7th and that they then took the bodies back to Gaza and have been keeping them there somewhere (??) for the past four months. Perish the thought they they were killed by the IDF carpet bombing Gaza every day for four months (bar the week-long truce), or were gassed in the tunnels etc, etc.

  • Richard Childers

    Silicon Valley and perhaps all of the United States are rife with computer-mediated fraud.

    Most of the fraud centers around control of databases. One no longer needs to access a file and remove an incriminating page; one can merely log into the database and drop the record and nobody will notice, because it’s hard to see what’s not there and mechanisms are in place to keep people from seeing more than one record at a time. We see this in the voting infrastructure.

    The rest of the fraud exists in the business logic of websites. There is a vast gap between what a program says it is doing and what it is actually doing and corporations and governments are exploiting this to the full. I observe with great concern hijinks occurring in connection with the United States, state and county government employment website, http://www.governmentjobs.com – where I have seen jobs mysteriously disappear from the public list of openings,. and yet remain, to all appearances, open and available – but only to those whom know the direct URL to the job, which is no longer listed in the public listings.

    It is pernicious and I think it is going to lead to a civil war because the people doing it cannot stop themselves from cheating and there are thousands of them.

    I suspect dopamine addiction of some sort.

    More info:



  • Kim Sanders-Fisher

    I automatically assume that all claims made by Israel, in pursuit of support for maintaining their genocide, are just fabricated propaganda unless definitively proven otherwise. BBC Channel 4 busted the fake claim that a Hamas rocket killed 500 civilians at the first Hospital that Israel targeted. Surprisingly the most shocking unveiling of the truth regarding the Hamas October 7th attack has come directly from Israel. The massive indiscriminate IDF response to the attack was exposed as responsible for most of the Israeli deaths following the Hamas incursion. Although this is well recognized and well accepted in Israel it has only been reported outside Israel by Max Blumenthal and a few other Investigative Journalists and outlets of conscience.

    Having worked alongside organizations like Medicine Frontiers I know how strict they are regarding any type of weapon entering a medical facility where they are deployed; there is a very well recognized ‘gun-crossed-out’ symbol on all their vehicles. Consequently, I never bought into the lie about Hamas working out of Hospitals in Gaza, or indeed the whole ‘Human Shield’ excuse for slaughtering Palestinian civilians. Despite the fact that the US, UK and several other countries have raced to defund UNRWA, the charges remain unproven. Once again this toxic propaganda was strategically placed to distract from the impact of the ICJ decision regarding the ongoing Israeli Genocide in Gaza targeting Palestinians.

    The last time the IDF miraculously ‘rescued’ one of the Israeli hostages in Gaza it was crucially timed to distract from an important negative event where it served to dominate the overseas media agenda. This ‘rescue’ was debunked when mobile communications proved she was not in fact one of the hostages taken to Gaza by Hamas. Now I believe Israel has employed the same fake ‘rescue’ tactic again to distract from the impending final stage of their genocide in Gaza as they target Rafah. Logically, these two released Israeli captives should be severely malnourished, due to the lack of available food supplies in Gaza, but they are reportedly fit and healthy with no sign of starvation. How long before we discover that these two men were transported into Gaza by the IDF to carry out a publicity stunt?

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