KQED interview on Torture and Human Rights 5

Craig Murray is now back in the UK after completing a sucessful University speaking tour on behalf of the Bush Commission. We will be posting a couple of radio interviews from the tour begining with this one below:

KQED FORUM with Michael Krasny

Janis Karpinski and Craig Murray: Torture and Human Rights

Go to KQED to listen to the interview

MIT hosted one of the events on the tour and details and recodings from that evening are also available from here

And lastly, tomorrow is the anniversary of the Andijan massacre. Craig will be attending a protest at Downing Street and support from as many people as possible would be appreciated. See previous post for details.

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5 thoughts on “KQED interview on Torture and Human Rights

  • Richard II

    More bad news for Tony Blair, the so-called Christian, who, if there is a God, will be going straight to hell when he dies.

    "Britain shamed as exiles of the Chagos Islands win the right to go home":


    "In a damning verdict, the High Court in London condemned as 'repugnant' the decision at US insistence to remove the 1,500 islanders in a series of expulsions between 1967 and 1973.

    "It overturned orders in council made by Tony Blair's administration in 2004 which reversed a previous court decision and banned anyone from living on the islands, known officially as British Indian Ocean Territory.

    "The orders, made under the royal prerogative, allowed the Government to dispense with the inconvenience of parliamentary oversight."

  • Richard II

    From the above Telegraph article:

    "Margaret Beckett, the new Foreign Secretary, must now decide whether to appeal against the decision or relent and allow the islanders to re-establish their homes."

    Within one month Margaret Beckett's hands may be covered in blood, IF she does what Blair wants and appeals the decision (Blair has promised to fight the Chagossians to the bitter end).

    This is the second time the High Court has ruled against the government.

    Blair is such an evil bastard, there is no reason to believe he will let the Chagossians "off the hook" so easily.

    The British government deliberately, and unnecessarily, impoverished the islanders. Whole families – including children – committed suicide; one woman set herself ablaze; another islander drank himself to death; and one man, after being informed that the British government had banned him from returning to Diego Garcia, suffered a heart attack and died.

    If Margaret Beckett challenges the decision, it makes her a murderer.

    If Blair pressures her, she should resign, saying, I did not enter politics to become a common criminal and a murderer.

    Unfortunately, most politicians are just that, and this is why I do not expect things to improve, even after Blair has gone.

  • Richard II

    "Blair is such an evil bastard, there is no reason to believe he will let the Chagossians 'off the hook' so easily."

    "easily" should also be in quotation marks. The Chagossians fight against the government has been anything but easy.

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