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Note that the government benches are almost empty. The people who bothered to be present and listen to the debate were overwhelmingly those who voted against Trident. With all Scotland’s MPs but one opposing, this is yet another reason to get a move on with Indyref2. I don’t share the criticism of the Tories for calling this debate and vote – it helpfully clarifies that the representatives of Scotland are treated with contempt, and that the Blairite majority in the Parliamentary Labour Party are in hock to arms industry interests.

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126 thoughts on “Mhairi Black on Trident

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  • Uncle Oden

    Scottish self-determination is riding not one but two historical waves. The minor one is the “Brexit” trend of national self-determination affecting British peoples and several other EU states. The stronger and more irreversible wave is the one Mhairi Black cites here.

    Scotland’s right to peace entails the Scottish people’s right of non-participation in Britain’s nuclear deterrent threat.

    Scotland requires independence from British rule to carry out its obligation to pursue nuclear disarmament in all its aspects,

    and its ethical imperative of pursuing a nuclear-weapon-free world as a global public good of the highest order.

    The peremptory norm of nuclear disarmament takes precedence over UK municipal law regulating independence.

  • michael norton

    So, on the one hand we have the Islamaphobic Theresa May with her hand held over the Nuclear button, poised in a heart beat to bang down on that button.
    On the other hand we have the Scottish Nationalists who cannot abide anybody English or anything English, the hated armies of the U.K.
    and their weapons of mass destruction must leave Scottish lands, straight away.

    So, M.P.’s have voted overwhelmingly to spend 1/4 trillion pounds on re-newing the TRIDENT programme, ready for World Wat Three but presumably must find a new home for TRIDENT.

    This leads to the conclusion that before a new TRIDENT programme is inaugurated the remaining parts of the U.K. must be asked who shall take TRIDENT?

    • michael norton

      Personally, I am against nuclear Weapons, I wished they had never been invented.
      I wished they had never been used.
      But I am democratic, so I accept we are going to leave the E.U.
      I voted to leave but expected to result to be remain, as i expect did most.
      I am very pleased we are leaving, in fact every day that passes (horror after horror in FRANCE, horror after horror in TURKEY)
      makes me more glad that the UNITED KINGDOM is leaving the hated EUOPEAN UNION.

      I am coming to accept that the Scots hate the English and do not want anything whatsoever to do with the rest of the U.K.
      so be it.
      But if we are to have re-newed TRIDENT.
      First step is to find a willing home for the new TRIDENT base infrastructure.

      • Node

        I am coming to accept that the Scots hate the English ….

        I suppose there are one or two who do but they are the exception. The vast majority of independence-seeking Scots believe that the English (and the Welsh, Chinese, Somalian ….) are fundamentally no different to themselves, but that the Scots, for geographical and historical reasons, have a small chance of slightly improving their situation.

        • Calum

          Sir Walter Scott’s Tales of a Grandfather is not historical fact, it’s a good read but not fact.
          Scotland has been tied to England for ever, Scots is derived from Anglo-Saxon e.g. loch, the Scottish monarchy was Anglo-Saxon until it became Norman French. Scots is a Latin term for Irish.
          Like it or not the four countries of the UK are super counties, before that they were all feudal and before that we all lived in Britain until the Romans pushed us into the corners.
          The Scottish peoples were the footsoldiers of the Empire, the blood of the colonies and slaves is on our hands, no matter how much we pretend it’s not!
          Regards Trident, if it leaves Scotland then Scotland is finished, who will Scotland build ships for? Selex, BAe, Boeing will all leave. Oil’s done in the North Sea for quite a while now, especially as it’s onshore in England.
          This is typical posturing and bluster from the Scottish Nazi Party, who supported Hitler and have links to the IRA. It’s time Westminster called your bluff and May is the one to do it!

  • Carl Jones

    Every UK defense job is subsidised to the tune of £40,000 by the UK tax payers.

  • DrNobby

    Why do you want a referendum? You call it for Scottish Independence, but transferring your allegiance from one party (the UK) to another (the EU) really doesn’t make for an independent Scotland, does it.
    The other issue is how you are going to afford it. It is now well known that if you had had your independence a couple of years ago you would bankrupt. But, you would have been in the EU, so you would have got a bail out, at EU taxpayers expense. There would have been a number of strings attached to the bail out, see Greece for details.

    I don’t care what you do, independent, EU, UK or whatever allegiance you would like to make. Your country is too small, with too few people and not enough trade to make it on it’s own, and you know it and so do many in people in Scotland.
    However, if, somehow, you do get your EU independence, would England have a manned border, preventing the Scots from entering England? And of course vice versa.
    Further, once the EU has stripped Scotland of anything of any value, regulated and licenced that which cannot actually be physically moved away from Scotland, reduced earnings through massive migration (there’s lots of wide open spaces for refugee camps) and taken over all your institutions and parliament, will you be happy with your independence? I mean really happy?

    • Rob Royston

      You don’t sound very happy yourself. The UK has already led us all into bankruptcy and done everything that you say the EU would do to us. As an independent country we can Scotexit the EU if push comes to shove.

      • Nigel

        I suppose I aren’t very happy at the moment.

        The whole of the Britain had a referendum, and there was a result. But some people want to undermine that result, claiming that the result wasn’t, somehow, democratic or legal because of some perceived unfair representation amongst the voting population.
        Now, Scotland had a referendum of it’s own a couple of years ago, and there also was a result. But some people want to undermine that result too, because they are of the opinion that the people who voted didn’t really mean to vote the way they did, and given another chance they would vote differently.

        I’m astonished at how many people who would describe themselves as good, upstanding people promoting democratic values, consistently and continually act to do quite the opposite. I am also astounded as to why they are not called out on this, but are instead encouraged and supported to undermine democracy, democratic values and the law, and this is done because those people think that everyone else is wrong and they’re right.

        Is this the future, General Election results (and all other elections from Town Councillors to City Mayors) continually legally challenged by “injured” parties?

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