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157 thoughts on “Hiatus

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  • Kempe

    ” As for flu vaccines – see the WSJ article entitled, “Italy Investigates Novartis Flu Vaccine After 13 Deaths are Reported”: ”

    From that article:-

    “Most of the deaths have been among people who are more than 80 years old, ”

    The cause of the problem, if there is one, seems to be quality control problems in Italy and a bad batch; not a problem with flu vaccines overall. We wouldn’t all stop driving if one manufacturer produced a car with dodgy brakes. Even taking these deaths into account the chances of dying of flu are still far greater than the chances of dying from a reaction to the vaccine.

    Mercola is a quack and a dangerous one at that.

  • Resident Dissident


    Fail again when it comes to selective quotation I’m afraid. You do understand that means I presume e.g. the bits about olive leaf clinical tests being inconclusive – not that they stop you from concluding. Do you understand the point about the individual Echinacea tests not being individually conclusive and the dangers of combining the results of different tests?

  • Resident Dissident

    Scouse Billy

    No one is arguing against the benefits of vitamins – but perhaps it is best not to supplement at all and use natural sources such as diet and sunshine first?

  • Resident Dissident

    My advice would be the next time the sun shines to get out for a healthy walk and if you wish take along a tuna or smoked salmon sandwich (preferably on wholemeal) and a couple of tangerines. It may even help you sort out any muddled thinking. But colds and flu still happen – the best (and probably) only cure is time and rest and there are a variety of painkillers to relieve the suffering if taken in moderation.

  • Scouse Billy

    RD, I agree sunshine is best but in these northern latitudes at this time of year, the sun’s angle of incidence is too shallow for the UVB (necessary for production of Vitamin D). Safe tanning beds might be an idea but I am not convinced by them.

  • Resident Dissident

    Safe tanning beds might be an idea but I am not convinced by them.

    Neither am I – store up in the summer and eat the right foods in winter. The exercise will be good for you anyway. Walking the new wonder drug – and I mean the countryside not to Holland and Barretts or similar.

  • Enoch

    Flu my arse. You don’t know the difference between flu and a runny nose.
    Btw, where’s the 4pm link?

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