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  • Neil

    Vitamin C, take Vitamin C.

    Has kept me very nearly cold- and flu-free for years – I used to suffer very badly from colds when I was younger.

    Be careful not to take too much, as it will loosen your bowels – you’ll need to experiment to find the right dose. (I take 500mg-1500mg/day in the summer, about twice that in the winter.)

    Get well soon!

  • Apostoli

    “This is not a tactical break, this is flu. Twice this year already. Aaagh!” Choo?
    Bless you

    Speedy recovery.
    Lot’s of whiskey infused tea and sleep.

  • glenn_uk

    There’s a lot of a heavy 3-day cold going around, with some flu-type symptoms.

    Whatever it is, count yourself lucky you don’t have what I had at the start of the year. It lasted months, and prevented attendance at a 1/2 marathon (having spent months in training). At the end of it, my training had to start from scratch. Reckon it knocked a couple of Dan off my black belt, too 😉

  • nevermind

    Quiet amazing how a brazen cold gets hold of you. I had three weeks of it and felt like I was coughing up horses, hoofs first.

    hope you get better soon.

  • KingOfWelshNoir

    John Goss

    just got back from the real world and read on the tail of the last thread that you are not well? I hope it’s nothing serious mate and you bounce back very quickly. All the best

  • giyane

    Craig, hope you get better soon. You don’t have time to get it the rest of the year. Take it as practise for your eighties and take as much rest as you need.

  • conallboyle

    ‘Flu jab? I’ve been told that they normally select 3 likely strains for the up-coming year, but this time they’ve blundered. The virulent strain that’s attacked poor Craig was not in this year’s cocktail!

    Anyone else heard this?

  • CanSpeccy

    Speaking of The Rise of Putinism, Patrick Buchanan writes:

    [T]o the Hungarian prime minister [Victor Orban], liberal values today embody “corruption, sex and violence,” and Western Europe has become a land of “freeloaders on the backs of welfare systems.”

    Seems a fair assessment.

  • glenn_uk

    @Conallboyle: It’s not so much “blundered”, as got unlucky. “They”, the epidemiologists, look for the most recent outbreaks, where they occur, the virulence, transmissibility, and try to work out the most likely targets to hit – given they can only hit a few, at best. It takes time to produce the number of vaccinations needed. New information might arise in the meantime.

    It’s a numbers game, working according to the best data available, and probabilities. To say they “blundered”, i.e. made a stupid or careless mistake, is rather unfair.

  • Jives

    To all the Targeted Individuals,Gangstalked and MK-Ultra/Zerzetsen targets.

    I wish you all the strength in the world.

    The dam is breaking.

    Have faith.

    Something so wrong cant sustain.

  • nevermind

    get better John Goss, otherwise you miss these in future…

    Rare Bird Network @rbnUK · 11h 11 hours ago

    Glos: GREAT GREY SHRIKE 1 again today at Crabtree Hill. #rbnGLS via @GlosterBirder
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    Rare Bird Network @rbnUK · 11h 11 hours ago

    Devon: GREAT GREY SHRIKE 1 again this afternoon at Aylesbeare Common. Along the gas pipeline. #rbnDEV via web

    @youknowmyname Her face says it all. His missis is busy with trying to work the pockets of rich democrats for her campaign and he has a carte Blanche/ entertains their spouses/daughters.

  • Sofia

    Craig, John, Mary et Al

    A Karmic Excercise or all you poorly ones. 🙂

    Take a sea-salt gargle, stand clear of others and say this fast three times

    “Anything that affects an effect is a factor of that effect. A direct factor is a factor that affects an effect directly.”

    You will now have detoxed. Well done!

    Now wipe up, rest and recover.

    More at, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causality

  • Robert Crawford


    I told you what to do the last time you had flu. You obviously did not listen.
    Great news this morning, YES SCOTLAND sent me an e-mail to-day. We are bck in business, yyiipppeeee!!!

    Get well soon and a Merry Ghristmas and a Happy New Year.(To you all).


    Thanks for the wish of strength. I need it.

    Another round of abuse has started.



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