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77 thoughts on “The EU Is Lost

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  • giyane

    “Saudi’s wells have been flagging”

    The Saudi regime have bankrupted the religion of Islam by their haram/forbidden alliances with the enemies of Islam, the West and Israel. They were monumentally stupid to trust USUKIS in Syria. USUKIS have been secretly propping up Assad, not as Peter Hitchens mistakenly suggests through Russia, but through direct deliveries of oil from Basra to Syria organised by Israel.

    as custodians of the Arabic Language of the Qur’an they should know better and the reason they don’t is that they behead anyone who criticises them. The latest plan to run nuclear power stations instead of solar banks for power in Saudi Arabia demonstrates that they are beyond stupidity and will follow the West like slaves whatever lizard’s hole they lead them to.

    There is now a vast army of non-Muslim teachers of English Language, but in reality teachers of English varlues, contaminating Saudi Muslim culture. The country is sick. Human beings are unable to live without expressing political opinion, so the population has become alcohol and drug dependant, marriages constantly failing.

    I will hold Saudi Arabia to account for wrecking Syria for nothing. For sending criminals from the prisons to rape the Syrian population. The Saudi regime are certainly the most stupid, if not the most cruel regime on earth. As keepers of the Holy Cities, and the Arabic tongue they ought to be a good example to everyone. Instead they have adopted British Takfirism, the opposite of the teachings of the Qur’an

  • MBC

    Anon. Swings and roundabouts. UK is a net importer of oil. If the oil price falls so too does the cost of importing oil and thus everything becomes cheaper. There’s a consumer boom. As people have more money to spend. It’s by no means bad news. Plus, note, gas is not affected, just oil.

  • OldMark

    ‘Diane Abbott. £600,000 off the taxpayer since 2007 and a handsome £12k spanked on a not very flattering portrait of herself. Very good at spending other people’s money so definitely a hopeful for a cushy EU job there.’

    Anon, Abbott’s trougher tendencies even extend to obtaining four figure fees for delivering 50 minute speeches to university students-

    She would clearly revel in a political afterlife as an EU Commissioner should the opportunity present itself.

  • Kempe

    ” Could this be one of the reasons oil is at a low price right now? ”

    No, it’s nonsense. Large quantities of salt water are always found in crude oil deposits, not surprising considering it’s origin, and the oil industry has water/gas/oil separators to separate it from the stuff they want.

    Geting rid of it is a bit more of a headache though.

  • Mary

    The US is lost. Apocalypse any time soon. They are as mad as ever.

    US Families Prepare For ‘Modern Day Apocalypse’
    Thousands of families are hoarding food and weapons in anticipation of an impending catastrophe

    There’s an entrepreneur on hand to provide the rich with accommodation in converted nuclear missile silos, $3m per floor.

    The requisite guns and ammunition are on hand of course.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Mutual congratulation society at work again (by no means for the first time):

    Three cut-and-pastes from RoS, commented on by yours truly.

    Mary : “Good posts RoS. Informative unlike the trolls’ garbage.”

    RoS : “Thanks Mary, I enjoy reading your posts as well”


    “Sofia” (Middle Aged Man disturbingly posing as a Young Girl) : long ramble

    Mary : “LOL It’s the way you tell them!”


  • Mary

    Trolls’ mutual admiration society. 21.12.14. 8.01 pm above

    ‘I see that “Republicofscotland”, perhaps jealous of Resident Dissident’s three-in- a -row, has decided to show that he can do the same.

    Except that his three are tripe (non-edible variety) whereas Resident Dissident’s are hard-hitting, to the point, succinct, non-cut and paste and – most importantly – true.’

  • Sofia

    German MP Sahra Wagenknecht speaking truth to power.

    “We finally again need a German foreign policy in which security and peace in Europe is more important than the instructions from Washington.”

    “You are warning us of fire, Mrs Merkel, but you are among those who are running around with lighted matches.”

    Look at Merkel’s body language.

  • Resident Dissident


    To be fair I did find Sofia’s ramble quite funny – but then humour is in pretty short supply here. I cannot stand Pimms by the way – a sweet sickly drink favoured by the immature IMHO.

  • nevermind

    Great choices, but the choice of Diane Abbott would give me palpitations, how about a young whipper-snapper such as Owen Jones. I’m fine with Caroline Lucas, I know from personal experience that she is highly principled and fair.

    But what to reform and where to start. The CAP needs scrapping and a more simple fraud proof system installed that reflects the realities of a global market, one that is not focussed on the internal, is not fiercely protective and which shows more flexibility.

    Then there is the commission and lobbying. Commissioners should be elected at the same time as MEP’s,imho and lobbying should only be allowed to a board of MEP’s and commissioners alike, a board that changes every year and which does not allow serving members to sit on it for longer than one term.

    Decentralising some of its functions and powers down to the regions, rather then central Governments is most likely to go down well with everyone.

  • Phil

    “Alex Salmond, Caroline Lucas and Diane Abbott.”

    Hilarious. Abbott’s accent is as Hackney as Murray’s is Scottish.

    Abbott is the epitome of a Westminster troughing hypocrite. Her occasional lapse into “controversial” identity politics keeps her in office and threatens the neo-liberal consensus not one bit.

    Here’s a question for you to ponder: why is this “maverick” so feted by the the BBC and the right wing press?

  • giyane

    Diane Abbott and Clare Short turned their backs on the mainstream torture mongers of New Labour.

    So many survivors of the Caribbean story when they arrive like Obama on the respected gravy train want to keep the story simple:
    We (black) survivors have overthrown those (white) oppressors and here the story ends, with me.

    The story is much more complicated. These white oppressors in the form of neo-cons Democrat/ New Labour or Republican/Tory are continuing to mercilessly oppress both white and black Muslim populations with a furious modern savagery.

    They use the power-hungry amongst the Muslim populations against their target. Muslims being funded by Saudi and Qatar to shoot up the Syrian and Libyan people with worse savagery and ruthlessness that the incumbent dictators.

    This is the lesson of history. Colonialism was always executed by political Muslims against ordinary Muslims, for power and greed. The Diane Abbotts of this world, and there are millions of them, do not want to lose the simplicity of us good they bad
    psychological phenomenon of projection.

    They refuse to attack the neo-cons directly for their torture policies because if they did they would have to admit the uncomfortable truth that the slavery story was originally perpetrated by some of their own political Muslims.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “German MP Sahra Wagenknecht speaking truth to power.

    “We finally again need a German foreign policy in which security and peace in Europe is more important than the instructions from Washington.”

    “You are warning us of fire, Mrs Merkel, but you are among those who are running around with lighted matches.””

    Bottom of barrel scraping there, I fear.

    Mssss Wagenknecht is of course a member of the German “Left Party”, having been – only shortly before the collapse of the German “Democratic” Republic – a member of the Free German Youth (FDJ) and the Socialist Unity Party (SED).

    She is apparently also *very* friendly with the dotty Oskar Lafontaine (“Dotty’s totty”, so to speak).


    But she is quite attractive, I must admit, and I would not at all mind giving her a couple of hours personal tuition in the fundamentals of capitalism…

  • Tim

    You’re a bit behind the times. She has been living with him since 2012, at least according to Wikipedia. If you were being fair you would also have pointed out that she went on hunger strike in the DDR against compulsory military trying in schools, as a result of which the Stasi refused to let her go to university. She might fit in your bed, but not in a neat box.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    1/. Why “behind the times”? Did my post claim that her relationship with Oskar was either new or then only recently reported on? No? So what do you mezan by “you’re a bit behind the times”, Tim?

    2/. So she couldn’t go to university in the German “Democratic” Republic but she was allowed into the Party’s youth organisation (FDJ) and into the Party “SED)???

    Slight inconsistency there, I think.

    3/. Re the reference to bed, I bet you fancy her as well, right? ‘Fess up!

  • Tim

    It was your use of “apparently friendly” which seemed to imply that this was somehow a bit clandestine. For the rest check out her Wiki entry

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