YouGov: A Clarification 7

Before the debate starts, I wish to make one thing crystal clear.

The CEO of YouGov PLC, “Stalwart Stephan” Shakespeare (whom I may have earlier called “Sleazy Stephan” by typographical error), is a business associate, close personal friend and former campaign manager of Mr Jeffrey (formerly trading as “Lord”) Archer.

Any suggestion that “Stalwart Stephan” would ever have any truck with anything dodgy would therefore plainly not be worth wasting time to weigh the merits.

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7 thoughts on “YouGov: A Clarification

  • Hugh Kerr

    Craig I am a YOUGOV panellist and I am writing to them telling them that I will withdraw from their panel and advise all others to withdraw if they persist in their legal action against you.

  • Hugh Kerr

    Craig have now written to YOUGOV and copied it to you at your Tiscali email feel free to post it Hugh

  • Owen Lee Hugh-Mann

    Have YouGove denied the authenticity of the extracts published in comments showing their tendentious anti-LibDem question, or the timing of their poll during Cameron’s closing speech but before the others? If these are genuine, there is no doubt that the ‘allegations’ saying they are guilty of push-polling and bias are true and they have no credibiliy as a polling agency. I didn’t see any denial in their ‘Not for publication’ threatening letter. Obviously the bastards hoped to close you down on the sly with nobody being any the wiser about the reason for the site’s disappearance. Stephan Shakespeare a cunt? Fair comment. Does associating with Archer, a notorious convicted liar, make him one too? No more than hanging around with the Mafia necessarily makes you a hood.

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