Forced Sterilisation in Uzbekistan 11

Many congratulations to The Times for giving us an article on the revitalised programme of compulsory sterilisation in Uzbekistan.

Karimov is increasingly crazed. The only disagreement I have with the article is that the population of Uzbekistan is only increasing in official statistics. In fact, about a fifth of the population (including nearly all the ethnic Russians) have emigrated since independence.

It is very worthwhile to see articles in the mainstream media which reveal something of the truth about the situation in the country. This is particularly chilling, and perfectly believable:

Activists say mass sterilisation began in 2003, but was eased after two years following an outcry. It is said to have restarted in February this year, when the health ministry ordered doctors to recommend sterilisation as an “effective contraceptive”. Critics claim every doctor was told to persuade “at least two women” a month to have the procedure. Doctors who failed faced reprisals and fines.

“We estimate that since February, about 5,000 women have been sterilised without consent,” said a local human rights campaigner who fears detention if she is named.

Remember, this is a country which is our “Ally” in the war on terror, whose ruling family personally have the overland supply contracts for allied forces in Uzbekistan, which the Home Office claims in asylum cases has no human rights problems. Miliband’s FCO offers not one word of criticism of perhaps the world’s most despotic regime.

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11 thoughts on “Forced Sterilisation in Uzbekistan

  • glenn

    This has been happening in China too, which appears to share some philosophies in governing practices with Uzbekistan.

    Some local Chinese authorities have been taking the elderly parents of a couple into custody, until the couple concerned agree to sterilisation.

    We certainly have some questionable partners in trading and security. Nobody’s doing any questioning or condemning at state level, unfortunately.

  • Nomad

    Secret court hearings started in Uzbekistan yesterday over the case of around 35 people accused of fabricated charges of participating/organizing religious groups. Amongst them journalists, some writers, radio presenters who were muslims and their guilt is they spoke about islamic characters, decency, chastity, fairness and justice.

  • writerman


    Ghastly, horrific, story. But one can’t expect consistancy in the UK’s foreign policy, surely not?

    We have official enemies, like Iran, who are open to all kinds of permitted criticisms, many of which are justified; then we have official friends, like Egypt, which is allowed a huge ammount of leeway and receives very little scrutiny, which is “odd” considering it’s arguably “worse” than Iran.

    Our concern for human rights, that is the government’s, is purely a propaganda tactic that we use as a weapon against official enemies, whilst worse abuses committed by friends are swept under the carpet.

  • uzbekistan

    Uzbekistan is a country with contrast. President Islam Karimov has provided stability to the Uzbek Nation. He has many problems and people criticizing him do not understand the problems of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is located at the border of Afghanistan and Tajikistan and has porous borders with all the central Asian Countries. Islamic Terrorism, Tajik Nationalism, Law and Order, Economic Problems and so on. I have been living in Uzbekistan since 18 years and have known Mr Craig Murray while he was the Ambassador. He honored me with his visit to my office and few times have been a guest in his house and Embassy. But I am of the view that problem is not President Islam Karimov but the Uzbek Culture and 500 Years of lawlessness. President Islam Karimov is slowly bringing the nation back to the progress and stability. I was myself detained by Uzbek Security agencies from 10th December 2009 till 12th April 2010 with out any charges and still do not know why 124 days of my life were stolen from me. I was not allowed Advocate, Access to my Embassy (although I am a Pakistani Citizen) and nor produced in front of any prosecutor or court. It was a case of Personal enmity regarding tourism. I am sure and feel confident that those responsible for my arrest will be brought to justice. As far as Sterilization is concerned I have never heard about that and I can assure you that it is only a propaganda with out any truth. Many people in Uzbekistan are misguiding Mr Craig Murray with Horrible stories but many are not true.

  • Uzbek refugee in the UK

    Reply to someone named ‘uzbekistan’

    ‘Uzbekistan is located at the border of Afghanistan and Tajikistan and has porous borders with all the central Asian Countries. Islamic Terrorism, Tajik Nationalism, Law and Order, Economic Problems and so on’.

    The main problem in Uzbekistan is dictator Karimov and system that he created which allows only small number of people to live like almighty kings who teat 27+ million of Uzbekistanies like slaves.

    ‘But I am of the view that problem is not President Islam Karimov but the Uzbek Culture and 500 Years of lawlessness’

    Somewhat it is true, but again dictator Karimov is the main reason of current lawlessness in Uzbekistan. He is the one who ignored constitution of Uzbekistan when he elected himself to be president despite the fact that he has been ruling Uzbekistan for more than 20 years.

    ‘President Islam Karimov is slowly bringing the nation back to the progress and stability’.

    REALLY???? Since when?

    ‘I was myself detained by Uzbek Security agencies from 10th December 2009 till 12th April 2010 with out any charges and still do not know why 124 days of my life were stolen from me. I was not allowed Advocate, Access to my Embassy (although I am a Pakistani Citizen) and nor produced in front of any prosecutor or court’.

    This do you call ‘progress and stability’???

    ‘As far as Sterilization is concerned I have never heard about that and I can assure you that it is only a propaganda with out any truth’.

    I also presume that you have never heard about Jaslyk. Am I right?

    ‘Many people in Uzbekistan are misguiding Mr Craig Murray with Horrible stories but many are not true’.

    I think that Mr Murray does not need someone to tell him a ‘terribly’ story about Uzbekistan. Do not forget he was an Ambassador there for 3 years. He witnessed everything with his own eyes.

  • uzbekistan

    I do not remember any where in the world the problems were solved because of confrontation. Engagement and mutual understanding has always served the parties well. People knowing Uzbekistan will agree that there are definitely many improvements in Uzbekistan. If people expect Uzbekistan to achieve Standards which are ideal then ideals are only Ideals and do not exist on this earth. I am sure if America or Great Britain, or Europe will face the problems which Uzbekistan faces today they will not be different and even worse. Ambassador Craig Murray had an excellent record and very fine human being and his interest in bringing the Uzbek nation to high standards is commendable but I very strongly feel that the strategy should be engagement and not confrontation. I know he loves Uzbekistan as I do and friends who love should be more considerate about the practical issues of Terrorism and Islamic Fundamentalism. America had one 9/11 and Great Britain had also its share in 7/11 and Uzbekistan also had the February acts of terrorism. Readers should not forget that Uzbekistan is located at the border of Afghanistan and President Islam Karimov should be commended for the peaceful environments where even Ambassador Craig Murray had been sit out late night with out any fear of fear.

  • uzbekistan

    I would like to comment on my detention of 124 days from 10th December till 12th April-2010. I was detained and set free on 12th April 2010 and never asked any question. Is President Karimov responsible for that? The answer is no. Because every body knows in Uzbekistan that I have been agreat admirer of President Islam Karimov which is evident from my regular articles before 10th December 2009. So if I am a great admirer and every body knows in the Government circles till Prime Minister Shaukat Mirziev then how can I be detained?

    If President Islam Karimov is a dictator as many portray him then how can be a friend of the dictator be detained for 124 days?

    I can say under oath that I was never produced infront of a Public Prosecutor and never asked even one question except once about my education, family history.

    My blame for my detention and for others the present day Uzbek Culture.#

    Many in Tourism circles were afaraid of me because I was offering excellent services and best prices, so they campaigned against me and yes some Security officials were used or misused or even paid.

    If the Prosecutor will not issue the arrest warrant with out even seeing my face or asking me any question then the security officials will not be able to detain me. But in my case Prosecutor and some officials acted illegally to benefit from my detention. So how can I blame the president? If you want to study my posts before 9th December-2009 then study the Lonely Planet site where I defended the renovation of Amir Temur Square, where I defended the article of Mr Mehmood Ul Hassan “Tashkent Pradise on Earth”, Study (Pakistan most prestigious english newspaper) and you will understand I was always defending President Islam Karimov. So my friends I would stick to my statement that Problem is not President but actually the President is trying to bring the nation to the world standards in UZBEKWAY and what he is doing Uzbekistan will benefit and the whole world would benefit. Get Uzbekistan Visa, Fly to Tashkent and visit the cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and experience the hospitality of Uzbek nation

  • uzbekistan

    My story of Detention by Uzbek Security Agencies

    Name: Muhammad Haroon Choudhry

    Citizen of Pakistan

    Passport # AV 4197711

    Date Of Birth: 05-05-1956

    Day to day Glossary of my Detention:


    At approximately 22.00 Hours two Officers of Uzbek Security organs knocked at my door and asked me to show them my passport. One officer was Mr Farkhad from City Ovir office and the other from SNB. They took my passport, plus two documents e.g. One application for the extension of Visa and the other guarantee letter for registration. They asked me to Visit Ulugbek OVIR at 09.30 but I informed them it may not be possible and I can visit OVIR after lunch.


    At 15.00 Hours there was a call from OVIR asking me the reason for not visiting OVIR office and I offered them that I can come at 18.00 Hours. They told me not to come.

    At 22.00 Hours when I reached my House located at 3a Sairam St. Ulugbek District 3 Security officers were waiting. Farkhad from City OVIR, Bukhtiar from Ulugbek OVIR, and SNB person in two cars. Farkhad asked me that he wants to return me the Passport so I should accompany him to RVD Ulugbek District for collecting my passport.

    When I reached RVD Farkhad wrote an application on white paper and asked me to sign for collecting my passport. Then he asked me to deposit all my belongings to a police man e.g. Laptop, Cellular Phone, 449400 Sums, 20 USD, Belt, Pen, Eyesight Glasses, and belt and locked me in a cell and left. I asked him the reason but he told me that he does not know and he has been advised and doing only what he has been advised.


    May be 09.00 or 10.00 in the morning Farkhad came again along with Bukhtiar and took me to Rehabilitation Centre (Pannelne) Located at Chashma 3, Hamzinski District.

    He asked me to sign one paper written in Uzbek language and told me that security organ wants to investigate me.

    I was locked in Cell Number 4 along with 7 or 8 persons. One was Zahidov Musharaf, another Utkur from Bukhara.

    11-12-2009 to 16-12-2009:

    I was requesting for advocate, access to my embassy, and the reasons for my detention.

    No body was responding to my requests and only telling me that they are not allowed to fulfill my requests.


    Mukhtar Aka working as duty officer on that day asked me to accompany him to the Head of Rehabilitation Centre Mr Rustumov Hafiz. Another Security Person Mr Shafqat informed me that one advocate is sitting and requesting access to me.

    I was called by Hafiz and Mr Aliev Yaqoob (Deputy Head) was also present and Hafiz asked me where I was living previously and when informed in Younasabad District he told me that he was the head of OVIR 1n 1994-95 and 1998-99 and he knows me.

    I again requested Mr Hafiz access to telephone to call my Embassy and appoint advocate. I also requested him to inform me the reasons for my detention but he told me that he is a small person and he is not allowed. By that Time I had developed serious infection in Lungs, was not eating because of Horrible food served once daily and requested him to allow food products from home or allow me to use my money to buy food products. He informed me that he will ask the people controlling my detention and only then will allow.

    I also told him that he is acting against the constitution of Uzbekistan and I have every right to sue him for not allowing my to use my legal right.

    He said he is a very small person and doing what he is being advised.


    I was shifted to cell number one.

    I was allowed to purchase food products but the exact date I do not remember. Food Products were being purchased at exorbitant prices and naturally every body involved was benefiting and getting some part of my money.

    I was daily asking the duty officer and Mr Aliev Yaqoob the reasons for my arrest, access to my Embassy, access to advocate, and to Miss Karina Trubnikova (Director of my Company Freedom Holidays), but constantly refused.


    I wrote a message for H.E. Usmanov Ibek Orifvich the Ambassador of Uzbekistan in Pakistan, requesting him of my illegal detention and help and gave to one detainee who was being released.


    I was taken to Mr Yaqoob Office and where another person which I am confident was from SNB was sitting. Aliev Yaqoob asked about my health, and why I am not taking food. I requested for medicine and professional medical help. While I was there Hafiz also came for 5 minutes. SNB person was just watching me and listening. I feel he came to see my physical health condition.

    Another Russian looking Person left with him when the SNB person went down.


    I wrote a letter to Mr Hafiz informing him of serious health problem, and warning him to not to act against the constitution of Uzbekistan by not allowing me access to advocate, My Embassy, and by not informing of the reasons of my detention.


    I was shifted to Cell number 6 at 22.00 Hours in the night.


    During the early morning attendance I asked the duty officer of my detention and he told me that my detention orders were issued by Prosecutor on 04-12-2009 for 30 days.

    Before that date there was never any mention of my detention order.


    Nobody had the courtesy of even visiting the cell and wish happy new year. All the officers were drunk in the night celebrating new year and hundreds of detainees sitting and thinking of their families and cursing the Government for all their misfortunes.


    Very quite day because every officer had a hang over.


    In the Morning Security guards came to every cell and starting collecting the cotton mattresses. They told the detainees that Winters are over and thus the detainees should sleep on the floor with out mattress.

    I was informed by Mr Aliev Yaqoob that my detention period will expire on 04-01-2010 and if it will not be extended then I will be released.


    When insisted for release Mr Aliev Yaqoob refused to acknowledge his previous statement and told me that my detention period will expire on 11th January.

    05-01-2010 to 10-01-2010

    I donot remember the exact date when I was called in Mr Aliev Yaqoob Office in the presence of Mr Botirov Odil and asked who will buy the ticket if I will be deported. I was also asked about my financial situation and could sense that they were giving me hints for possibilities of release against bribe and waiting for my request and offer. At that time I had already decided that I will pursue the matter till the logical end and was ready to suffer the consequences.


    In the Morning Mr. Botirov Odil the Senior OPER saw me near Duty Officer cabin and greeted me and told me in low voice that Tomorrow there will be a good news for me.

    In the evening Mr Aliev Yaqoob came to my cell number 6 and told me in front of all the detainees in a loud voice that I will be released on 12th January.


    I kept on insisting the whole day for my release as promised and at 20.00 Hours I was informed by security guard to take my belongings and accompany him to Duty officer’s cabin. A Nice Human Being and a Fine Son of Uzbek land Mr Alisher (Not Khaldar) was the Duty Officer (Dezhurnic) and another Person in uniform (Which I later knew was the Driver of the Prisoners transfer Van) asked me to accompany him. When I asked that I have to take my belongings deposited at the time of arrest the person in Uniform informed me that they will remain in Rehabilitation Centre.

    I was locked in a van and shifted to one basement detention place which I afterward got to Know was the GVD. I was asked to undress fully so that they may be able to inspect my belongings and body and then locked in cell number 4. There was Toilette inside the cell and 7 more persons were present. Cell had allot of blood sucker and whole night it was catching and killing game.


    At Approximately 08.30 in the morning I was asked to accompany a polite person speaking excellent English, to the 4th Floor.

    3 or 4 persons were present in the room and started asking me information about my family, life history, brothers, sisters, children, their ages, date of births, my education, employment and asked had I ever visited Wana City of Dera Ismail Khan District.

    One person arrived and asked me to look in to his eyes and asked me what is my opinion of Najib Ullah (the ex President of Afghanistan). He asked my why the Pakistani forces are killing Uzbeks? He told me that Uzbeks are not the Problem but Afghans are real Bastards. I told him that if Uzbeks are involved in Terrorists activities in Pakistan then our forces have every right to take action against them.

    One officer showed me a recording from his mobile. A lecture by some Russian Speaking person for the American plan of ensuring dominance of 1 billion People over the rest of the world. They asked me my opinion about the video recording and I told them I agree 90% and this lecture is based on a documentary showed on BBC Panorama Program in Year 2005 or 2006 and it is just one theory.

    Then the officers started asking me about Amitabh Bachan, Mithan Chakarvati, Indian Films, and which film I liked. I told them I was a fan of Rekha, and Amitabh, Plus Sharukh Devdas and Amitabh’s Akhri Rasta are my favorites. I could sense that they were deliberately asking me the questions to assess my leanings about life. Then they asked me about Uzbek food and I told them about the best places of having Kazan Kabob. They were very polite and addressing me respectfully. I asked Mr Yousaf who was recording my information on computer the reasons for my detention and he started smiling and told me that he does not know.

    At 12.30 they decided to have Kazan Kabob and I was again locked in Cell # 4.


    I asked the duty officer to get me Mr Yousaf at 4th Floor. He came back and informed me that Mr Yousaf will come at 20.00 Hours.

    At 20.30 Hours my name was called and asked to take my belongings and shifted again back to Rehabilitation centre by the same van and driver.

    When I reached cell number 6, I was informed by the detainees that they were told that I was freed and cell was white washed to hide any marks of my stay in that cell. I was constantly signing the cell walls with dates and signature but some informers sitting in the cell was informing the officers because of which they had white washed the cell.

    Mr Aliev Yaqoob called me at 23.00 hours and told me that with in a day or two I will be released after getting clearance from the OVIR.


    Mr Aliev Yaqoob called me and Khaldar Alisher was also present. They informed me that from onward Mr Khaldar will be my DAZNAVATEL. Mr Khaldar informed me that my detention orders have been extended till 15th February. I asked him about the clause of the law? He told me under the same clause when I was arrested. I told him that nobody has informed me about the reasons and he also refused.

    I told him that he should be aware that he is acting against the constitution of Uzbekistan by not informing me, not allowing me access to advocate, and my embassy. He kept quite.


    Mr Aliev Yaqoob came to the cell and informed me on the presence of other detainees that my investigation has been completed and every thing will be OK.

    From 11-02-2010 till 13-03-2010 Mr Aliev Yaqoob was on leave.


    I kept on insisting for my release and at 15.00 Hours informed by Dezhurnic (mr Rustam) that my detention has been extended by one month. I declared Hunger Strike and for 5 Days did not eat any thing unless I am allowed to appoint my advocate, get access to my Embassy, and meet Karina Trubnikova (Director of Freedom Holidays)


    As I was not allowed to use my Eye sight glasses and was facing problems so again I asked Mr Khaldar to give me my Eye Glasses. He told me that soon I will be released and then I can get my plastic glasses. I asked him when that SOON will be? He told be very soon.

    From 27-02-2010 till 15-03-2010 Mr Khaldar was on leave.

    27-02-2010 till 16-03-2010:

    Mr Botirov Odil was Incharge in the absence of Mr Aliev and Mr Khaldar. He refused me to allow food products inspite of daily requests and even pleadings. He told me that either I will eat the food served for other prisoners or he does not care if I will die And I will be responsible for my own death. I told him that according to the manual of Rehabilitation centre I have every legal right to buy or get food products but he told me that he does not care and there is no such manual.


    I was shifted to cell number 7 and had to sleep on floor. As I had previously serious kidney problems and two times operated by Urology Centre in Nove Tash Me so because of cold I got Serious pain in my Kidney, and had my Prostate Swelling. On 7th Morning I pleaded with the Duty Officer of my serious health Condition and requested him professional medical care. For two days I could not urine because of prostate swelling.

    I was given two Ampiciline (Anti Biotic) tablets by the doctor in the Centre. I informed the doctor that I should take full course of Medicine other wise they will aggravate my situation. She told me that she is not allowed to issued more than two tablets.

    After that she gave another two tablets on 12th January. I tried to cure my self with the help of Honey, which was given to me by another detainee. Mr Alisher (Dezhrnic, a fine human being and a worthy son of great land) was kind enough to provide me mattress at 23.00 on 7th March. Because of malnutrition and health problem and deliberate victimization by Botirov Odil the period was really horrible and I had serious apprehensions about permanent damage to my health and even life. Thanks to the other fine human beings detained in the center they were providing me some food products by even getting hungry themselves. Mr Zahidov Musharaf (A Tajik National) who is in the centre since last 16 months was my main savior.


    I was informed by Mr Khaldar that my Detention has been extended. I told him that according to Uzbek law I can not be detained for more than 90 days and they are all working against the constitution and laws of Uzbekistan. He told me there is no such law and I can be detained for as many months as Mr Zahidov Musharaf (A Tajik). I told him that I will bring him in to the court and then ask this specific question and would his reply be the same? He told me yes.


    I was again refused to allow to buy food products and till 12th April had to pass through hungry days and nights. Mr Khaldar was all the time promising and then acting very rudely and once sent me to ???????????. I told him that I will bring him in to the court.


    At 19.00 Hours I was asked to take my belongings and shifted to the airport by Mr Farkhod. I asked him under what law I am being deported? He told me that I am not being deported and can come back again. He left me at the Immigration booth and left.

    I arrived in Pakistan on 13th April at 01.00 hours.

    Illegal Acts during the 124 days of detention:

    According to the Uzbekistan Constitution the following illegal acts were performed:

  • uzbekistan

    All the information about my detention can be confirmed from Pakistan Embassy in Tashkent. Tel: +998-71-2482173.

    After being deported from Tashkent I have been told by my Relatives and people who wanted to help me and members of Pakistani Embassy Officials that when ever they approached the security agencies regarding my detention, they were told that I am not under detention and might have left for Pakistan. Official Diplomatic Notes of Pakistani Embassy were never replied.

    I have a House located at Maxim Gorky worth about 50,000 USD, I have my company registered in Tashkent by the name of Freedom Holidays.

    If a Foreigner can be detained and deported like me what type of message Uzbek security agencies are giving to the Foreign Investors and businessmen.

    They are working against President Islam karimov, they are working against the constitution of Uzbekistan, they are the enemies of the Uzbek nation and they are the enemies of their own children.

    While I was in detention I came across so many stories of bribery, extortions, corruption, discrimination, Torture, sexual harassment and above all corruption going on Tashkent rehabilitation center. Where millions of Dollars of Government Money is being pocketed at the cost of the prisoners.

  • uzbekistan

    Tashkent Rehabilitation Center Chashma-3, Hamzinski District, Tashkent, uzbekistan.

    I was detained in Tashkent Rehabilitation centre for 121 Days out of my detention of 124 days and for 3 days locked in a cell of GVD.

    The name may mislead the reader to assume that Tashkent Rehabilitation centre is a place where suspects are rehabilitated to stable life.

    But on the contrary I do not know what to call that place?

    A Prison, A Gulag, A forced Labor Camp, an Incubator of Diseases, a place owned by a slaves master under the cover of constitution, or a place ripe with corruption and prosperity of the officers on the misfortunes of their detainees.

    I can not believe that any manual will specify that the detainees should be fed once in 24 hours. Human body need regular supply of energy and Human digestion system can not function well if it will be fed once in 24 hours. And even more unfortunately some times 2 days old Bread and some times three days old bread with a bowl full of water, 2 pieces of potatoes, 3 pieces of Shulgam, and traces of Meat collected from the left over of the meat bought for dogs.

    But even that was not OK and some times full bread was not even given.

    Detainees having Tuberculoses and other infectious diseases were locked with the healthy detainees. In winters detainees had to sleep on bare floor, windows closed in a cell of 3×4 meters having 10, 12, and some times 14 detainees.

    Doctors were giving 2 antibiotic (Ampiciline) tablets for every infectious disease. Doctors are taught to cure but the doctors in Rehabilitation centre were acting contrary to every medical advice and knowingly damaging the health of the detainees. I am sure a complete inquiry in to the affair will highlight gross financial corruption and abuse of power.

    Uzbekistan Government spend allot of its financial resources from the budget to maintain Rehabilitation centre.

    As all the officials are corrupt, not missing any opportunity of making financial gains from the misery of the detainees and in return bringing a bad repute to the leadership and the government of Uzbekistan. The officials are the enemies of the nation and working to un do what President Islam Karimov, and his Government is endeavoring to achieve.

    All these enemies of the great Uzbek nation should be brought to Justice because they are not only corrupt, but also bad human beings and very bad sons of the great land, we call Uzbekistan.

    I can provide tangible proofs of Financial, legal and personal corruption.

    How Sirilankans detainees were robbed of their Money. 3500 USD by Major Alisher Khaldar?

    How an Israeli national was robbed of 600 USD?

    How the detainees are released after getting some payment from their relatives. (names, dates)?

    How the prisoners are kept with out any remand issued by Procratura.



    Detainees working free in the houses of Officials.

    Detainees sold to the private people for labor.

    Women sexually harassed and forced to have sex.

    I very strongly feel that while doing any thing we should always think of our parents, our country because we owe allot to them.

    But officials in rehabilitation Centre were always thinking of their pockets and were driven by their animal nature.

    Thousands of detainees were blaming the government and its leader and I was explaining to them it is not the fault of the leader but a nexus of interest between Security organ and Prokratura.

    If today Prokrarore will start performing his duties independently all the problems will be solved. It is not the system but failure of the system.

    I wanted to go out any meet the Republikanski Prokrarore and request him to issue only one advice to all the Prokrarores of Uzbekistan. They will not work under the advice of Security Organs but will work to check the powers of Security organs.

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