YouGov Libel Lawyers Try To Shut Down This Website Today 49

YouGov have asked my webhost, under threat of libel proceedings, to take down this website today. Their letter from libel lawyers Olswang – amusingly headed Private and Confidential, Not For Publication – is available here.

Download file

Now why whould Rupert Murdoch’s favourite pollster attempt to take this little blog down on the day of the final leaders’ debate?

I hope I shall be liveblogging the final debate here again, presuming YouGov don’t manage to threaten someone in the technical line to pull the plug.

Last night’s talk for Swansea Amnesty International was a really good event, with over 90 people. Amnesty made some good new contacts and I hope made money on the event. Very many thanks to Swansea Rugby Club for the free use of their premises and help of their staff.

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49 thoughts on “YouGov Libel Lawyers Try To Shut Down This Website Today

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  • ScouseBilly

    Fuckin’ brilliant Craig.

    Have forwarded the pdf to my distrib. list.

    What would be the collective noun for a bunch of cunts?

    Oh yeah, an olswang.


  • MJ

    “…the host doesn’t have editing facilities”

    I see. So they’re trying to drive a wedge between you and the host. YouGov may have a lot a Murdoch cash to splash but I doubt they really want their shady practices aired in open court, which could have a disastrous effect on credibility and therefore future income.

  • Ron

    re Olswang/Baldry

    I figured that was what had happened but wondered if I’d missed a development. Craig, you do appear to be a one man sorter outer of the libel laws. If others were not so spineless in the face of lawyers’ letters the laws might fall into disuse. Problem effectively solved!

  • geomannie

    So, is

    CJ2 Hosting & Development

    Postbus 1546

    9701 BM Groningen

    subject to English law?

  • mary

    I see the name of the Olswang partner who issued the threat was Dan Tench. Shouldn’t that be Stench?

  • Craig


    Our current crazy libel laws would claim yes – whether they can enforce it on them is of course another question.

  • Macy

    I tried to complete yougov survey, but got error messages after I’d voted for Nick Clegg tonight !

  • Courtenay Barnett

    What was the name of that law firm again?

    “Oh wankers” – debasing them in the minds of “right thinking members of society generally” – Sym v Stretch or whatever defamation case.

    Oh you arse holes…give it a break and let the debate continue!

  • Rumpole

    I’ve lost count of the number of cowardly whining scumbags you’ve seen off so far, in their lawyerly threats.

    But always nice to see another idiot have a go.

    What they all really fear of course is that even though the libel law is weighted in their favour, bloggers like you have the whole world as an audience, pro bono legal advocacy waiting in the wings and a potential for huge donations to cover all angles.

    And of course they don’t want to be exposed for the lying scumbags they are.

  • paula


    It is obvious from poll results that polls are skewed and unreliable. No person in their right mind would rely on polls. Anyone can see that polls reflect the wishes of the pollsters and their paymasters.

    Best of luck

  • Dani

    Craig keep the pressure up, you have more respect than you can ever imagine. They close you down, open up again somewhere else and you will take with you more followers.

    Carter Ruck tried the same thing with a BLOG named ‘Pamalam’..Pams host is in the States and they could not touch her. The information Pam has on her Blog is gold dust.

  • Paul Dettmann

    Well done Craig! Not sure why most of that PDF is displaying at right angles to my screen, nor why Olswank couldn’t find anyone to put their name (or real signature) on their letters, but Shakespeare clearly is a cunt and I am hopeful you will refer them to the precedent set by Arkell v. Pressdram in 1971. Best, Paul.

  • Cardinal Fang

    I’d get on to the Libel Reform Campaign ( ASAP.

    They might be able to provide extra support and will certainly get the word out – there’s already a network of peeps primed and ready on the issue, thanks to the British Chiropractic Association’s bogus action against Dr. Simon Singh.

    (There’s also a petion calling for Libel Reform on the site, to try and stop this kind of intimidation using libel laws to suppress free speech).

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