YouGov Libel Lawyers Try To Shut Down This Website Today 49

YouGov have asked my webhost, under threat of libel proceedings, to take down this website today. Their letter from libel lawyers Olswang – amusingly headed Private and Confidential, Not For Publication – is available here.

Download file

Now why whould Rupert Murdoch’s favourite pollster attempt to take this little blog down on the day of the final leaders’ debate?

I hope I shall be liveblogging the final debate here again, presuming YouGov don’t manage to threaten someone in the technical line to pull the plug.

Last night’s talk for Swansea Amnesty International was a really good event, with over 90 people. Amnesty made some good new contacts and I hope made money on the event. Very many thanks to Swansea Rugby Club for the free use of their premises and help of their staff.

49 thoughts on “YouGov Libel Lawyers Try To Shut Down This Website Today

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  • Mr Angry


    I’m loving your pdf naming conventions!!

    Don’t let the bastards get / shut you down.

    Mr Angry

  • Ruth

    You’re doing a brilliant job. It’s so obvious all the pre-election events are being manipulated so that all the parties are on a par to bring in a coalition government which will rapidly turn into a government of National Unity and then we’ll be stuffed or almost stuffed with CCTV, the spy satellites watching our every move and if we protest, we’ll be stuck in jail for 28 days.

    All these restrictions weren’t really ever planned for Muslim ‘terrorists’ but to subdue the whole of the UK population when a totaliterian government took over.

  • an lusan

    Great work craig.

    simple solution send your article out to everyone you know, along with the letter and ask them to publish the contents.

    That will keep murdoc’s lawyers busy for a little while, at least until the elections are over 🙂

  • Sam

    Keep up the excellent work Craig. I fear that your ISP may crumble, in which case you may want to have a backup plan in reserve. I suspect YouGov are only interested in shutting you up for a few days so they can broadcast their post-poll results unchallenged.

  • CraigE

    Great one Craig!

    Was missing you for several days. Most disapointed that you have not commented on the goings on between the BBC and SNP though? Freedom Democracy and all that!

    ‘nil carborundum illegitimi’


  • Dan

    Mate, this is not on. this is not right. I fucking hate the libel laws in this country!

    I’m going to try and help you. I am going to try make this disgrace viral.

    Good luck. I admire you greatly for this, and I’m sure the Private Eye do too.

  • glenn

    Craig – last night’s event at Swansea for Amnesty went down a storm. A packed house, with a fully attentive crowd. A very good mixture too, with ages all the way between teenagers and the elderly.

    You could have carried on speaking for four hours, the audience could not get enough of it.

    A very impressive talk indeed – I hope you left Swansea with a positive impression.

  • Olschlong

    Olswang = tossers.

    Not sure they can sue for that as I’ quite sure they do masturbate.

  • Jon Rigg

    Your link to the letter no longer works … presumably it has been removed after legal advice, but if not, please try and fix the link or re-publish.

  • MJ

    “I fear that your ISP may crumble, in which case you may want to have a backup plan in reserve”

    To be fair they’re only demanding that the offending posts be removed, not that the site be shut down.

  • Craig


    They are asking the Webhost to remove the offenidng articles or take the site down. In practice it would have to be the latter as the host doesn’t have editing facilities. This is what Usmanov did, as you recall.

  • abc

    Kind of them to archive the site, saved me the bother of surfing through all the posts. 🙂

  • Mr M

    Actually, these televised “debates” have made people realise how same all parties are, hence the deadlock. Nobody is fixing, it is just the reality.

  • Ron


    What happened when Olswang asked you to remove the Tony Baldry stuff a couple of months back? Has that al blown over?


  • Craig


    sorry i twigged eventually. senior moment.


    I told them to get knotted and it seems they dropped it. Obviously Olswang the Tory libel lawyers!

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