Breaking News – Another US Terror Plot 6

We have all been saved again. Another deadly terror plot has been uncovered in its early stages, with plotters planning to blow up airliners/JFK/The NY Subway/Sears Tower (delete as appropriate). Doubtless Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed to it already.

Tell you what, you all run around being terrified, I need an afternoon nap. Maybe I’ll wake up to find we’ve invaded another country, or at the very least introduced the State of Emergency in the UK which Blair and Reid have been asking for.

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6 thoughts on “Breaking News – Another US Terror Plot

  • Sabretache

    Sunday 7:00 am BBC Radio 4 News. Headline item Gordon Brown wants to 'Strengthen anti-Terror laws'; next item the JFK thing. It seems 90 days detention without charge will be back on the table. When you consider the real risks to life and limb in this country (as for example 15,000 + road traffic fatalities against maybe 100 'terrorist' related since the 'war on terror was declared after 9/11 – ie 150+ :1) It is as plain as the nose on your face that their is another agenda here. No matter the party in power, it will make little difference either – a fearful population is a complaint population.

  • Mawi

    I refuse to be taken in by all this propaganda after the cross-atlantic "bomb plot" last summer, where planes were grounded due to the "imminent threat" posed by the "terrorists". As is now (hopefully) common knowledge, out of all the accused "hijackers" none of them had any plane tickets and only half possesed passports. The infomation about the supposed plot was almost certainly obtained under torture by the Pakistani ISI, and the alledged ringleader has recently been aquitted of all charges in that same country.

    This is just another story to scare the population into supporting the War between Terror (sorry i think i'm supposed to say War on Terror). As sabretache says above, "a fearful population is a complaint population."

  • Nyrone

    Praise the lord! I'm Free again! Og thank you agents of freedom!

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed! You naughty, naughty heathen!

  • David

    Please could someone answer the following questions for me?

    1. Why has there been only one islamic terrorist attack in New York (9/11/01) Madrid (11/3/04)and London (7/7/05) respectively?

    2. Why, when we are told that there are 'thousands' of Islamic terrorists in Britain busily plotting away, have they not successfully carried out any other attacks?

    3. Given that this is the case, why are these terrorists so different in this respect from every other terrorist organisation the world has ever known (e.g. the IRA, ETA, the Red Brigades, Baader Meinhof, etc.) who, with far smaller numbers, carried out attack after attack?

    4. How is it that our intelligence services are so successful in thwarting the 'hundreds' of plots that these terrorists have planned, so much so that, apart from the single, successful attack mentioned above, the intelligence services have an unprecedented 100% success rate?

    5. Does this mean that the Islamic terrorists in Britain are the most useless, incompetent, and stupid terrorists the world has ever known? And yet manage to tie up our entire intelligence services 24 hours a day?

    Yours puzzled,


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