Paranoia Relieved 3

Tiscali have now admitted to their email service not working. Not only that, but other email addresses have not been working through Tiscali as an ISP (if used through Outlook.) That is why I have not been able to communicate with anyone on either of my email addresses.

I am furious with Tiscali, who failed to warn their customers of the problem. I had been sending emails into oblivion for a week before I twigged. I missed appointments and lost work in consequence. What is more, the emails will not have been stored by Tiscali and resent once the system was up, and I had not saved all, as I regularly clean out my sent items.

The system is now allegedly working. Anyone awaiting a response from me on anything, please email me again.

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3 thoughts on “Paranoia Relieved

  • Ed

    Why do you ever delete e-mail? I never do except for spam which gets cleared out every few months – the rest stays on my disk ready to be searched for whenever I might need it. Compressed and encrypted my mail comes to about 600 megabytes now so a backup goes on a 1 Gb memory stick easily.

    When it grows over 1 Gb I'll get a bigger memory stick. Databases grow linearly, computer capacity grows exponentially – we're long past the point where there's any space saving reason to delete personal data.

    You might have concerns about the legal implications of storing some messages, but if it's something you really don't want read then e-mail is far from the best medium anyway.

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