Ex-head of CIA accuses Bush over rush to war 1

By Rupert Cornwell in The Independent

The row over how President Bush went to war in Iraq has re-erupted with a charge by George Tenet, the former director of the CIA, that a coterie of top officials pushed America into the conflict with no real debate as to whether Saddam Hussein actually posed an imminent threat to the US.

Mr Tenet’s angry indictment of his colleagues is the first of its kind from a top ranking member of Mr Bush’s once-vaunted national security team, and was instantly rebutted by the White House.

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One thought on “Ex-head of CIA accuses Bush over rush to war

  • NightWatch

    Saw Tenet's interview on CBS 60 Minutes.

    I saw a whining, bullying, arrogant, alcoholic, using a frat boy (a la Valley Girl) affectation. He exactly portrayed the type of characters that currently rule the world. He squirmed, wiggled and contorted in his chair. If my dog acted like that, I'd have him wormed. It was clearly his state of mind being manifested by his body. His outright, stare you dead in the eyes, protestations of innocence could have be better acted by a middle school drama student.

    Based on his performance, I don't know how anyone could place any trust in his book. And now all he associated with are even more suspect, in my opinion.

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