Timothy Hampton Death Update 11

I received this rather exasperated response from Annika Thunborg, spokesperson at CTBTO:

there was no professional connection or areas of interaction whatsoever between the two persons who died eleven months apart in two completely different buildings at the UN in Vienna at which about 7000 people in total work and visit every day. For questions about the other death, please contact the IAEA.

So while I still don’t have the name of the other dead UN scientist, that seems at least to dispel the wide internet reports that they both jumped down the same stiarwell. Indeed I am left not sure whether the first IAEA scientist fell down a stairwell or died in another way. But plainly there remain a great many unanswered questions here.

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11 thoughts on “Timothy Hampton Death Update

  • technicolour

    The Guardian reported in September that 23 employees of France Telecom had killed themselves in the previous 18 months, and a further 13 had tried.

    Having said that, it was a rotten press release. To follow:

    “we would like to underline that there is no connection between the death of the staff member and the Iran talks”


    “The staff member, whose death is now being investigated”

    for heaven’s sake. Also, why insert the word ‘death’? ‘There is no connection between the staff member and the Iran talks’ would have been much better. The person who wrote it should go back to PR school.

    Having said that, there is a nasty thing crawling up the sides of the internet at the moment: the idea that Iran already has nuclear weapons, and in fact has just tested one. Perhaps not so far fetched in itself, but the reports as of yesterday were confined to the websites of the Israeli Insider and the Examiner. The first (30.10) quoted an ‘Iranian Nuke scientist’, attributed the recent earthquake to underground tests, and added that there were already 2 warheads pointed at Israel. The second (earlier this month) quoted the IAEA as having just presented Iran with evidence of a nuclear test. Again unattributed.

    It will be ‘interesting’ to see whether such baseless excuses for journalism end up producing the kind of national headlines we previously enjoyed (they can attack us in 45 minutes! get the tanks to heathrow! etc.)

  • George Dutton

    “Gary Webb, America’s leading investigative journalist, has apparently committed suicide. He is the first person to have shot himself twice in the head. He is the fourth journalist to commit suicide while working on Bush scandals.”…


    A lot of people have committed suicide who were linked to the Bush family…See link in above post.

  • WebWatcher

    In his website http://www.briansdreams.com, Brian records a dream in which he is told the CIA murdered Hampton. Brian’s dreams have an uncanny way of turning out to be true. If this one is true, the most likely reason would be Hampton refuses to fudge facts to help get us into a war with Iran.

  • David Moncoeur

    I sent a detailed response to Annika Thunborg, she was making much of Timothy’s WIFE being who was going to attend the Iran talks the day after his death, plus she asserted that her colleagues are always very hard worked, as if to suggest this may relate to the desire to jump down the stairwell….I pointed out that there was another description of workers in that building, particularly in the area where Timothy Hampton worked, describing them as having virtually nothing to do all the time, frequently going upstairs to some canteen to smoke and drink coffee for very much more money than they should be getting – given that their job is to simply watch for seismic quakes that would seem to be what one would expect – she did not answer.

  • pagee

    11/2/09 story on T. Hampton’s death

    11/2/09 story on Fred Hampton Jr.’s speaking tour commemorating the 30th anniversary of the FBI assassination of his father, Fred Hampton.

    News cycle management through keywords.

    It’s been done for decades.

    No doubt a plus-plus to chill T. Hampton’s co-workers and displace an old national security state crime at the same time.

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