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by craig on November 21, 2012 7:23 pm in Uncategorized

I was trying to come up with a witty and apposite acronym for BBC to describe what I have just seen on TV, but all I could manage was Beyond Belief Cunts.

Watching BBC World News here in Accra, I have just seen forty minutes of intense and non-stop Israeli propaganda. A live press conference by Netanyahu and Ehud Barak followed by a long, long interview with Mark Regev in which the most searching BBC question could fairly be paraphrased as “How can you be certain that those dastardly Palestinians will not break the ceasefire and start firing rockets again?”

No attempt whatsoever to give a Palestinian a chance to put over their viewpoint. Now fifty minutes of solid coverage around the ceasefire without a single Palestinian view or pro-Palestinian or pro-peace view. And in that entire fifty minutes not one mention of Palestinian dead.

Beyond Belief Cunts. Actually, it’s not a bad effort.

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  1. Short, sweet and irrefutably correct Craig.

  2. 40 minutes of BBC News. I can’t even imagine what that must feel like (though something akin to having your brains pulled out through your nose I would imagine).

  3. Mark Regev is essentially the Mouth of Sauron (LOTR enthusiasts will get it right away).

  4. Westminster is the arsehole of the world, and the BBC is half-way up it.

  5. Harry Fear just reported that the ceasefire is holding so far.

  6. jonny 2 jons

    21 Nov, 2012 - 7:43 pm

    BBC changed on 9/11,it has never felt right since that day. Biased,hysterical with that ’embedded’ quality that marks most MSM these days. WTC7.

  7. jonny 2 jons

    21 Nov, 2012 - 7:43 pm

    Forgot to thank you Craig,well done.


    2m Harry Fear Harry Fear ‏@harryfear

    Gazans celebrate with fireworks, gunfire and chants :)

    They’d better be careful with the fireworks. Israel might decide they violate the ceasefire…

    Can you get RT in Accra?

  9. The BBC are beyond evil – they are the enemy!

  10. How did you survive such cruelty after what you’ve been through, shall we call a doctor?

    I’m sure that RT and Harry Fear,right or wrong name, young gifted and with style, he’s offered a large proportion of his RT salary to Gaza, will provide your suffering limbs and unruly guts, with some balm and eau de vivre, a life saving antidote.

    I think you have just started the first lines of a speech for the weekend, have you been invited, Craig?
    Some of us are going to meet up somewhere Phil is picking, before the demo, and maybe after.

    I think the BBC will do anything to please the Israeli propaganda machine for not having have to cover their thirty year cover up of a paedophile/ring, well, I say one, we shall see.

  11. Text of ceasefire agreement, source, Daily Star, Lebanon

    Text of Israel-Hamas ceasefire agreement
    November 21, 2012 08:29 PM
    Agence France Presse
    A Palestinian youth looks at Israeli troops during clashes in the West Bank city of Herbon November 21 2012. REUTERS/Mussa Qawasma (WEST BANK – Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)
    A Palestinian youth looks at Israeli troops during clashes in the West Bank city of Herbon November 21 2012. REUTERS/Mussa Qawasma (WEST BANK – Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)
    A+ A-

    CAIRO: Israel and Hamas agreed Wednesday to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire accord to end a week of violence in and around the Gaza Strip following days of marathon talks.

    Here is the text of the ceasefire agreement which is set to take effect at 1900 GMT:

    “Israel shall stop all hostilities in the Gaza Strip land sea and air, including incursions and targeting of individuals.

    “All Palestinian factions shall stop all hostilities from the Gaza Strip against Israel, including rocket attacks and all attacks along the border.

    “Opening the crossings and facilitating the movement of people and transfer of goods and refraining from restricting residents’ free movements and targeting residents in border areas. Procedures of implementation shall be dealt with after 24 hours from the start of the ceasefire.

    “Other matters as may be requested shall be addressed.”

    “Implementation mechanism.

    “Setting up the zero hour understanding to enter into effect.

    “Egypt shall receive assurances from each party that the party commits to what was agreed upon.

    “Each party shall commit itself not to perform any acts that would breach this understanding. In case of any observations, Egypt as a sponsor of this understanding, shall be informed to follow up.”

  12. “A week is a long time in Gaza. Or, how the BBC covered 38 consecutive breaking news stories …”

  13. From the vomitariun just now.

    ‘How long will the truce last?’ one of the BBC harpies has just asked George Mitchell. ‘After all nothing has changed politically’, she added.

    They take the biscuit for their chutzpah. Almost longing for Gaza to get some more of the same.

    Her name is Sophie Long and she had a freebie to Israel not so long ago, courtesy of BICOM. Another dyed blonde like Maitlis and hard faced.

  14. “I have just seen forty minutes of intense and non-stop Israeli propaganda”

    Rear-guard action, camouflaging evident fact that Israel is militarily weak and fearful of all that Iranian hardware.

  15. Name(Required)

    21 Nov, 2012 - 8:50 pm

    biased british cunts

  16. No mention of reparations for the Gazan people I see. After Cast Lead, no building naterials were allowed in. That is why so many young children were employed to collect rubble and gravel near the ‘border’ and as they did so, provided target practice for the IDF.

    The methodical shooting of boys at work in Gaza by snipers of the Israeli Occupation Force

  17. cynicalHighlander

    21 Nov, 2012 - 9:00 pm

  18. Good piece at Spinwatch on one of the pro-Israel guests the BBC kept bringing in:

  19. cynicalHighlander

    21 Nov, 2012 - 9:19 pm

    Time for the BBC to go.

  20. Shall we all move to Auckland? Palestinian flag is raised above US Consulate,

    Occupy Auckland & Occupy New Zealand members attended the Global Peace & Justice Solidarity march to the U.S. Embassy in Auckland New Zealand, Saturday 17 November 2012. Many protesters showed their contempt for U.S. foreign policy by throwing their shoes at the consulate, and the consulate stars and stripes flag was lowered from the flagpole above the embassy and replaced by a Palestinian flag.

    The usual comments below the video.

  21. Mark Regev has just confirmed live on CNN that there have been no rockets fired from Gaza since ceasefire. Some reports said there had been but Regev said not the case and ceasefire still holding.

    Fingers crossed…

  22. I sympathise with your problem of not having a better acronym for the BBC. If only there was a Conspicuously Unpleasant & Negative Title we could use.

  23. We have the same sort of bias against Scotland and independence every day on the news here.

    Labour are allowed to dibble on with their lies without much in the way of counter argument, except to be fair, on Newsnight Scotland where, because the interviewers make an effort to be unbiased, that idiot of a man Ian Davidson calls then ‘Newsnat’.

    The BBC management (those who have not stood aside) obviously has connections to Israel, and no one in authority clearly gives a toss about the Palestinians.

    I’ve stopped watching or listening to the BBC, unfortunately, to be able to enjoy other channels I still have to pay them £140+ a year, so they can waste it on multi-layered incompetent management and whatever else these people do in the dark recesses of broadcasting House, with or without Mr Savile.

    Beyond Belief, Yes; Cunts, absolutely.

  24. ‘Mark Regev has just confirmed live on CNN that there have been no rockets fired from Gaza since ceasefire. Some reports said there had been but Regev said not the case and ceasefire still holding…’ If Regev said that it can’t possibly be true.

  25. Time for a political boycott of the licence fee by those who oppose the “B”BC’s bias (far too weak a word!) towards the Zionazis? We could probably fill a wing of a prison at least :-)

  26. Obviously the BBC have changed tack since Barbara Plett and the Balen Report.

    “How long will the ceasefire last?” A fair question looking back on what’s happened in the past. We’ve been through this so often (ceasefire-rockets-bombing-ceasefire-bombing-rockets etc etc) it’s a bit like watching a repaet of Dad’s Army.

  27. They are BiBi’s Cunts. Or maybe Bibi’s Bribed Cunts?

  28. BiBicom?

  29. Hamas leader, Khaled Mashal, on CNN “We are not claiming responsibility for the bus explosion. We don’t know who did it”

    Interesting that CNN just broadcast a lengthy interview with Khaled Mashal conducted by Amanpour.

  30. Baby Banging Cretins

  31. One of my friends came up with Buggered By Cretins, given their general management fiasco. More to the point, if that plausible, cunning arsehole Mark Regev had been hired as spokesperson by Bliar (who is strangely silent, as a member of the Middle East Quartet)…

  32. Imagine Hamas fires a rocket that hits an Israeli primary school, killing 30 kids. Imagine the front pages of all our newspapers – massive photos and single word headlines that all scream ‘atrocity’, or some such. Imagine the sombre urgency with which the BBC and every other jaundiced spewhole views this event. How to view it? As horrific. Grotesque. As a crime against humanity.
    And so is killing 30 Palestinian kids, which has actually happened over the last week. Thirty little kids blown apart or crushed under falling buildings.
    How can we change this imbalance? What pressure can we bring to bear?

  33. Tony – “if Regev said that it can’t possibly be true.”

    On this occasion Regev was talking to Wolf Blitzer. He just seemed to give up and give a straight answer for a change. Wolf Blitzer started his mainstream career with the Jerusalem Post.

  34. Maybe the BBC could supply its sound experts to Israel. For some bizarre reason Israel’s drones sound like WW2 bombers. Clearly nobody wants that so some sound techs could be supplied as Israel obviously doesn’t have any. If other countries drones made that much noise they’d be easy to target and destroy. Poor Israel hasn’t mastered the art of silence.

    Drones remain overhead after the ceasefire of course.

  35. There was a coup at the BBC at the time of the Dr David Kelly ‘suicide’ when John Burt resined, since then it’s been run by Israel via BICOM. The BBC staff dont even agree with the shit they churn out, they say they live in fear of a call from Tel Aviv.

  36. Why does Shimon Peres seem so genuinely happy on CNN with Wolf Blitzer? Has he really won an internal argument against Netanyahu? Has he more wisdom at 89 years old?

    I’m confused. Can’t believe Netanyahu likes this outcome. Will wait to see what happens next.

  37. Craig, as a Palestinian, your words mean a lot. There’s something about when a British, American, or other “white” man/woman acknowledges the Palestinian people’s suffering and the injustices committed against it. You don’t have a reason to care yet you not only care but you write and speak out. You do so fully aware that it could mean you are jeopardizing your career. A heartfelt thank you and a plea that you never ever stop speaking out on behalf of the oppressed. Your words are valued a thousand times more than ours. Thank you, you give me hope:'(

  38. Bring Back Caring.

  39. Manal, thanks for coming here and peace be with you, we are all Palestinians now, due to the distortions that exist, but positivity, respect and responsibility for each other means that the world has a consciousness.

    Israel has just realised this.

  40. forgot to say goodnight all

  41. This looks like an interesting solution, as belief in current system and leadership declines

  42. Craig,

    What did you expect from the BBC!!!, we might as well hand it over to Murdoch, we wouldn’t notice any change in the propaganda.

    “A few powerful men have hijacked our economic, financial and political structure. They aren’t socialists or capitalists. They’re criminals.”

  43. “BBC changed on 9/11, it has never felt right since that day.”

    Quite right Jonny, yet this news kinder tickled the sixth sense:

    (Reuters) – United Airlines bears no responsibility for the collapse of a third World Trade Center building on September 11, 2001, stemming from suspected airport security lapses that allowed hijackers to crash an American Airlines plane into the complex, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday.

    U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein granted a request by United and its parent, United Continental Holdings Inc, to dismiss negligence claims by Larry Silverstein, the leaseholder of the World Trade Center property, over the destruction of 7 World Trade Center.

  44. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    22 Nov, 2012 - 1:23 am

    30 white children killed in one instance, is news. 30 brown kids killed, piece by piece…..not so much.

  45. The law on television licenses was changed some years ago. You no longer need a licence just because you own a television or a TV recorder. You only need a licence to watch or record television at the same time as it is being transmitted.

    The law was changed because of the Internet and the BBC iPlayer. You do not need a licence to watch programmes on iPlayer, because programmes are not released onto the Internet until after the programme has finished.

    I do not have a TV licence. I have a BT Vision TV recorder on my electronic junk pile; I may try to make it run Linux one day. I have a digital TV; I am using it right now as the monitor for my computer.

    Every two years or so, The “TV Licensing Authority” (actually outsourced to Capita) send me a trick questionnaire. There are three questions, with boxes that I must tick or leave blank. Two of the questions are straight-forward. The third is very strangely worded, to try to trick me into the wrong answer just because I possess a TV / recorder. Reading carefully, however, reveals that watching or recording at the time of transmission is the real issue. Correctly ticked / unticked boxes result in no further intimidating letters for two years.

    If you don’t want to pay for propaganda, you may find the following links helpful.

    Nearly all convictions for having no licence are secured through confessions. The testimony of a witness, such as an agent of TV Licensing or Capita looking through your window or listening through your letterbox could also be used as evidence. The “TV Detector Vans” are almost certainly a hoax, as a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that such evidence has never been presented in open court.

  46. This summed up the coverage pretty well:

    “Rockets have continued to be fired from both sides…” Then, to illustrate this, we saw a demolished building in Gaza in which 11 people had perished, and a woman in Israel standing next to her car with a smashed windscreen. Which goes to show everyone’s suffering, what with three generations of a family getting wiped out on one side, and a woman having to ring Autoglass on the other.

  47. I wonder if a slew of officially lodged complaints against the BBC for its biased reporting would do any good at all, given all complaints must be dealt with?

    When the BBC refused to allow DEC to put out any information on its appeal for the desperate people of Gaza in the “Cast Lead” crime in 2009, enough complaints were submitted to make it to the official review board (which decided that nothing was amiss, admittedly). Sigh. It was obvious then that the fix was most definitely in.

    That Europe, never mind the UK, can let these filthy crimes go by without comment is terribly dispiriting. That freak Hague, in his curiously warbling, nasally tones chiding anyone who might possibly be confused, that “We support the right of Israel to defend itself…” … that being the royal “we”, naturally.

    What will it take? Every last Arab dead or far, far away (preferably in a jail somewhere), before Israel is finally happy? Or will that paranoid, evil state of genocide start looking suspiciously at the rest of us then, and we can – too late – recall the warning of Pastor Niemoller.

    No wonder Israel is considered Amerika’s over-indulged child, that can simply do no wrong. They were both founded on stolen land, taken through genocide. Israel simply wants to complete the process so they too can get on with being a hideous blight on the rest of the world.

  48. Blatantly Biased Crap

    I used to listen to the BBC World Service in the wee hours when I couldn’t sleep but can no longer stand it and have turned to audiobooks.

    If enough people switched off they woiuld have to re-think.

  49. Big Brother Collaboration

  50. Oops to above, I meant to write …..

    Big Brother Conspiracy

  51. One hopes the BBC is set on a path of destruction simply because the BBC is blindly resolute in supporting a long deceased great power structure that has continued to extend the impossible by deception and war.

    That deception endeavors to manipulate our thinking by diversion and entertainment in much the same way an ancient Rome near to collapse staged gladiator gore in the arena’s of death.

    Yet this fondling of our cognitive map is finally emerging as bankrupt simply because the Internet, that great British HTTP invention called the ‘www’ has already begun to evolve our lives from people like Craig who speak the truth in the face of this collective delusion. We realise to understand something is to be liberated from it.

    We exist in an age of consequence. Too long have we endured a rapacious financial system, abject poverty for millions, escalating war, violence, torture and environmental fall-out.

    Government and religion have stalled. Our lives reside with war, conquest, poverty disparity and death.

    Those four Horsemen are active and real. The very trait that enabled us to survive is the very trait that has suppressed us.

    I believe we can no longer allow the gate-keepers to overwhelm our thoughts and obscure our reasoning.

    The power of intention forced Israel to cease fire with Hamas. It is that power in our blogs, tweets, websites, films, voice and boots on the ground that will free the people of Gaza from the blades of genocide; the blood of their children will stain Israel, putrefy her cause and render her leaders prostate and paralysed. The sequel is overdue.

  52. What is needed is a researcher to compare what was happening in Israel and Gaza with the headlines, reporting and commentary of the major news outlets. If it is as biased as many of us think, it would be quantified and the BBC would have to answer for it.

  53. Adriana.
    You’ve just described Media Lens.

  54. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with Media Lens, they analyse the mainstream media in just the way you describe, comparing the media’s treatment of a news story with reality.

    This week the topic is indeed Gaza, but other than the title “Gaza Blitz – Turmoil And Tragicomedy At The BBC “at the top of the home page, it’s not obvious that Gaza is the subject unless you click the “read more …” link.
    Then you’ll see that the authors were unhurriedly setting out the context before launching into a scathing criutique of th BBC’s handling of the story.

    Anyone who reads the article through can be left in no doubt that ” … it is as biased as many of us think …” and the authors have “quantified” the bias in an unarguable fashion, but as to whether the BBC will “have to answer” for it, …

    … I think they answer to no one except there Zionist controllers.

  55. Thanks A Node – another good site bookmarked!

  56. Sorry, no Ploody PC here

    22 Nov, 2012 - 5:43 am

    [Mod/Jon: references to “impregnantable dykes that keep out the truth” will just get you deleted here.]

  57. Debbie(Aussie)

    22 Nov, 2012 - 6:04 am

    Mark@2:10wonderful comment, so hope you are correct.

  58. The TV detector vans are a indeed a hoax. Capita work by assuming that everyone has a TV and then knocking on doors where there is no licence recorded at that address. Not for nothing does Private Eye describe them as ‘Crapita’. Their IT systems are unbelievably primitive. A young man knocked on my door and showed me a document.
    – Do you have a TV licence for this address?
    – No
    He was obviously delighted and filled out a lot of forms, eventually asking for a signature.
    – Sign? What for?
    – Because you don’t have a TV licence for this address.
    – I don’t live at that address.

    Their silly software couldn’t handle variants of flat addresses, like ‘G/1′, G/L’ and ‘1/1’ which all refer to the same home.

    I have heard that if you take a stand on non-payment of the licence fee and indicate that you want your day in court to explain your position, you will be left well alone. I don’t know if that’s true, but I think a mass (or at any rate large) co-ordinated movement to withhold payment would certainly avoid prosecution. However the corrupt power is so deeply entrenched that I can see little hope of change.

  59. Jonny 2 Jons 21 Nov, 2012 – 7:43 pm
    “BBC changed on 9/11,it has never felt right since that day.”

    The idea that the bbc was not propaganda before 9/11 lacks perspective.

    Modern propaganda techniques were developed in the US during/after ww1 and quickly spread thereafter.

  60. If I hear the question ‘Will the truce hold’ one more time on ZBC, I will scream.

    I heard that Israel have arrested over 20 ‘terror suspects’. Surely there are more than 20 in Mossad.

  61. Adriana 22 Nov, 2012 – 2:51 am
    “If it is as biased as many of us think, it would be quantified and the BBC would have to answer for it.”

    If only. One quick example: Two studies, one from cardiff university and another from a german research company, researched the bbc output in the run up to the iraq war. They found the bbc output was 93 – 95% pro war. The bbc simply ignored it.

  62. RE my comment above about bbc pre iraq war. Sorry it is not detailed. It is from memory and I don’t have time to dind the details now.

    I think the studies looked at bbc tv news output and both came up with pro war arguments at over 90%. I can’t recall the german company name.

  63. Blatant Bullshit Communication? No…they wouldn’t get away with that before the watershed, either. My request for information on Blair’s movements as Quartet representative has not yet been acknowledged. No doubt the staff of TOoTB* are too busy transferring funds between his 6 offshore accounts.

    *Tax Obscuration of Tony Bliar

  64. Pilger mentions the above studies here:

  65. How about British Brainwashing Corporation ?

  66. Good point Glenn UK. That bastard Mark Thompson has gone off with OUR money to New York with his Zionist wife, Jane Blumberg. The non transmission of the DEC appeal was a total disgrace as was the non broadcast of Caryl Churchill’s Seven Children on Radio 4 in 2009. His stooge Caroline Thomson (different surname) conspired in this with him and I was appalled to see that her name was in the hat before that pathetic Entwistle was chosen for the DG job. The latter went off with OUR money too of course. Lord Patten, with his multiple financial interests which necessitate his work at ZBC to be part time, should get the push.

    Mark Thompson should be hauled back to the UK to tell all that he knows, which must be considerable, about Savile.

    PS It is revealed today that Savile had ‘total’ access to Broadmoor Hospital.

  67. One interest of Patten’s is a place on the advisory board of Bridgepoint Capital. One of their many health sector holdings is Care UK currently one of the major asset strippers of OUR NHS and whose boss is a large donor to the Tories. See The Green Benches website.

    A staggeringly long list. And a definite conflict of interest for Patten in view of the exceedingly small amount of information on the implications of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 given to the public by the state broadcaster. Instead we get pap like Stricly Come Dancing to fill the screens.

  68. A Node 22 Nov, 2012 – 3:28 am
    “I think they [bbc] answer to no one except there Zionist controllers.”

    No, no, no. FFS propaganda exists beyond israel’s behaviour. The world is not controlled by zionists. Zionism is just another part of the problem. Not the problem.

  69. @Vronsky. I don’t watch TV, and when I get hassled by Capita, I write back (to the freepost address, and getting proof of posting) using the most ridiculous assumed name I can think of at the time, telling them

    1) I don’t watch TV or have any TV receiving equipment at the property

    2) I’m issuing an order removing their ‘implied right’ to walk up my front path or otherwise enter the property

    3) if they do come up my front path, I’ll photograph the person and their ID, publish the photos and their identity, and treat them as the trespasser that they are, and

    4) if they keep writing to me, I’ll consider issuing proceedings under the Protection from Harassment Act.

    That’s always done the trick. They’re all mouth and trousers.

  70. Sorry but anyone who thinks getting specialist analysts to prove on paper that the BBC is biased in favour of the Zionists – i.e. proving the bleeding obvious – will get us much further forward, is deluding themselves about the sheer darkness of the times we live in, and about the utter ruthlessness and hypocrisy of the criminals who rule us.

    @Phil – the BBC is obviously controlled by Zionists; that doesn’t mean Beijing is controlled by Zionists.

  71. The form of BBC propaganda was very similar during the Irish Troubles in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

    One of the major features, when discussing bombs and killings etc., was this business of “who started it”.

    Thus invariably Republican violence was discussed as if it existed in a vacuum, whilst Loyalist or British violence was always a response to something.

    I have to say though that the BBC was a far far better organisation during the 1970s and 80s up to 1987 than it is today.

  72. In 2009 when Israel’s 22-day blitzkrieg was over, nearly 1,400 Palestinians had been wiped off the planet of whom four-fifths were civilians and 350 children, and over 5,000 wounded.

    Israel had destroyed or damaged 58,000 homes, 280 schools, 1,500 factories, water and sewage installations and 80 percent of agricultural crops. The cost to Gaza’s civilian infrastructure was estimated at $660 to 900 million while the total economic cost was put at $3 to 3.5 billion.

    It was really a non-war, said Norman Finkelstein in his book This Time We Went Too Far, and testimonies of Israeli soldiers included remarks like: “There was nothing there… nothing moved”; “No real resistance”; “Everyone was disappointed about not engaging anyone”.


  73. there is an e-petition to boycott the TV licence because of savile child molesting and possible abduction murder, PressTV was removed from the airwaves, we have “free speech” in the UK how proud we all are. Murdoch/BBC are happy to break the law to find out which celebrity is sleeping with who, but when it comes to paedophiles eyes wide shit, they see nothing and know nothing, can anyone figure this out, the old newspaper maxim “if it bleeds it leads” has to have the phrase “unless it is an arab who bleeds or a child in the UK being brutalized by some new labour pervert councillor” then it must not lead and not be reported.

  74. A week is a long time in Gaza or how the BBC covered 38 consecutive breaking news stories

    Analysis by Kevin Williamson

    The BBC’s reporting on the current conflict in Gaza has been subject to claim and counter-claim of bias from pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli camps. Surely they can’t both be right. I decided to take a closer look at the BBC Breaking News twitter feed to try and determine whether there was any substance to the claims.

    Over the last seven days @BBCBreaking have flagged up 38 breaking news stories related to the current crisis in Gaza. I’ve made copies of them all and present all of them here, in chronological order, added my own commentary above each one. (The final one is from around 10am this morning). Many of these stories have disappeared now or have been amalgamated into other commentary. The headlines give an insight into how the BBC is weighting its coverage. Feel free to disregard my comments and draw your own conclusions.

  75. Captain Eytan Buchman of the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) Spokesperson’s Unit speaks. Buchman is the Israeli military’s main representative to the North America press. I wonder who the IDF have allocated to control the output on the UK social media.

  76. At risk of being roundly abused, can I point out that the BBC is under fire from both sides? Take this for instance:–moral-country-deserves-support.html
    Some people are never satisfied.

    But an honourable mention for the BBC’s John Donnison, who was reporting from Gaza, and, when he was allowed on-air, did so objectively and at some risk to his life, phoney jump-cuts to sirens in Tel Aviv (inserted editorially) notwithstanding.

  77. Personally I am too enamoured of the female genitals to (fully) appreciate your acronym but for the rest I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    However, I still have the inescapable impression that you (all) persist in ignoring the animal in (the middle of) the room, to wit the one with the trunk as represented in your neck of the woods by your choice between the prime minister and the leader of her majesty’s opposition and by the candidates in the last presidential election in France.

  78. …sirens in Tel Aviv…on reflection, did it occur to any media production using these emotive sounds to point out that in Gaza there are:
    (a) no sirens
    (b) no early warning system and
    (c) no public shelters?

    I think not.

  79. No, Petrus. We are all aware of the pachyderm. He appears frequently in the context of merchant banking, too. Read some of the archive.

  80. Israel and its acolytes routinely complain of bias, even when the outlet is favouring them.

    All the analysis, academic and otherwise, that’s been done, including the BBCs own commissioned report show overwhelming bias in favour of Israel.

    Common sense tells us this too.

  81. I think you are being a little too even handed there Komodo. Sometimes you puzzle me.

    Yes Donnison has mellowed. Perhaps that it is because several of a group of friends have written to him personally over a period (and to other BBC ME personnel) pointing out the inhumanities of the Palestinians’ situation in Gaza.

  82. Here’s an interesting example of someone, a Blairite Labour supporter apparently, who complains of BBC bias against Israel, and it’s quite simply a case of their misrepresenting the facts.

    It’s depressing that Labour ended up with such supporters. They’re the total antithesis of what Labour was up to the 1980s.

  83. Thanks Komodo, spread my egg yellow all over my wrist pad now….
    I suppose we will see, by means of publications and whining for the next two weeks, how much Israel has suffered from the bad coverage, how overwhelmed they were by the cyber attacks and how difficult it was to get one’s windscreen replaced in Asqualan.

    I suppose the demo is still on and so is our meeting up.

    Have you identified a suitable corner near to the empirical centre? Phil

  84. Mary: There is no excuse whatever for the World Service doing what Craig describes above. But I think it’s helpful to point up the way in which the Zionist lobby is doing its best to push the bias as far as possible towards Israel’s propaganda objectives. And I am happy to acknowledge honest reporting when it occurs – no matter who, or what their history. Stick and carrot.

    Scaremongering tabloids like the Mail are handy for the Zionists, and very difficult to correct. I don’t think your friends, whatever their influence on Donnison, would get very far in convincing Mel Phillips’ mentors that lying for Israel was an undesirable activity. Or in convincing the BBC that the Mail’s op-eds did not represent a sector of public opinion which also needs to be represented. Because having got the Zionist narrative into the fishwrappers, the hasbara crew can actually claim that it does represent a sector of public opinion.

    Maybe that will puzzle you more. Good. At least it promotes thought…

  85. Nevermind – glad you took that in the spirit intended, but sorry about the ?paint spill?. Yes. We can look forward to weeks of obfuscation from our beacon of democracy and champion of peace. And once it’s all calmed down, no-one will do anything about the underlying problem, and it will all happen again in 2-4 years. Let’s keep this issue live.

  86. Thanks for your polite reply Komodo.

  87. Weasel words from a Guglielmo Verdirame, Professor of Internationa Law, Dept of War Studies at King’s College London

    His provenance. {}

  88. Mary you are not right at that point , there are isnt anything interesant on your link .

    [Mod/Jon: looks like a spambot, link deleted!]

  89. Mary, Sebi wants some nice picture’s to look at, without pictures he cannot read the stories on medialense….

    Es gibt reichlich interessante Fakten in Mary’s link, Sebi, lesen, junger mann lesen…

    Now for the final call for Saturdays meeting and possible demo.
    Phil is still looking for a suitable site/pub/cafe to meet and anybody who is able to leave their screens for some real live communicating is welcome to meet up.

    This song surely must encompass the cease fire mood.

    Phiiiiiihil, were are we meeting up?

  90. I didn’t go to his link as I assumed it was a spambot judging from the title!

  91. Establishment and ex BBC type for new DG. :)

  92. Granted, it might be a German or French bot which can’t spell, Nevermind, but it might also be a Polish one which can…

    …bloody Poles, taking our jobs….

  93. @Jonny 2 Jons
    21 Nov, 2012 – 7:43 pm

    You’re dead right there, Jonny!

    Whatever did happen to Jane Standley?

    And Gilligan and Greg Dyke should have stood up to those other beyond belief cunts Bliar and Campbell. They should have remembered the days when R4’s Today could bring down governments.

  94. Hall is ex director of BBC ‘news’.

    Placeperson appointed.,_Baron_Hall_of_Birkenhead

  95. PPE, Oxford. Now where have I seen that before?

  96. Another CBE gate-keeper Mary. His wife Cynthia is best buddy to Sam Cameron, a former pupil of the haughty and snotty school of St Helen & St Katharine.

  97. Just had a giggle at some of the comments about the DG job on Guido Fawkes. Some of the posters’ handles are quite funny too.

    Someone has even put up a video of the finale of Gotterdammerung! The immolation. Ha! Likely a dig at the current state of the BBC and a hat tip to Hall’s opera luvvy connection.


  98. I googled ‘Cynthia Hall images’ Mark to see what she looked like and got a surprise. Her photo is among whatever the collective noun is for breasts.

    I think the same applies to Teresa May’s image from memory.

  99. Here’s the rather excitable Robin Shepherd attacking poor old Jeremy Bowen. The article is hilarious in its absurdity. Total cobblers!

    Bowen was very good back in the day, so it’s orders from above and producer guidelines which are the problem at the BBC. If they’d just let their good reporters do their job, without political interference, they’d be a much better organisation than the joke they are today.

  100. Hi Everyone – completely O/T, I’m sorry, but important new info about Julian Assange/Wikileaks I think many in this community are interested in.

    The Flashback folk have unearthed potentially explosive news. English speakers will need to use Google translate on the links below, and likewise with the links within the Flashback posts.

    Brief summary is that a 7 September 2010 raid in Sweden on a network of “elite” file-sharers – misleadingly described as co-ordinated by the Belgian authorities and as “nothing to do with Wikileaks” in the Swedish MSM at the time – was in fact a smokescreen for a CIA op to link two particular IP addresses: one was Bradley Manning’s aunt’s house, the other was to Wikileaks’ server at Swedish host at the time of Cablegate, PRQ.

    Here are the best Flashback posts giving the details:

    And here’s the “smokescreen” story as it appeared on Sveriges Radio’s site on 7 September 2010:

    PRQ, of course, is the company founded by Gottfrid Svartholm – @Anakata – also co-founder of The Pirate Bay and friend of Julian Assange, who is currently 11 weeks into detention in solitary confinement for various reasons:

    – serving the one-year prison sentence he was given in absentia for his role in the Pirate Bay

    – “suspicions” (ie not yet charges) allegedly relating to a hack of Logica, contractor to the Swedish tax authorities and Defence systems. These were slapped on him following the extremely dodgy (and possibly illegal) manoeuvres by the Swedish authorities to get him deported back to Sweden from Cambodia

    – new “suspicions” (ie not yet charges) of “aggravated fraud” which the Swedish prosecutor refuses to go into any detail about. Very vague.

    I can’t help feeling that the third item here is really the crux of everything, and that Svartholm’s detention in Stockholm is part of the bigger picture of getting Assange extradited to the US via Sweden to face the espionage indictment that’s currently under seal with the Grand Jury in Virginia. I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if Svartholm’s name is on one of the other sealed indictments discovered by accident by Birgitta Jonsdottir’s US lawyers, ie Svartholm is one of the “seven civilians” it’s been confirmed the Grand Jury is investigating. In this scenario, perhaps Svartholm’s pre-charge detention is simply a holding mechanism pending the successful extradition of Assange from the UK to Sweden, then they both get shipped off together to the US.

    I wonder if one of our Flashback visitors could do an English translation of the Flashback posts and links above, to help get this important info out into the English-speaking blogosphere?

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