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I was trying to come up with a witty and apposite acronym for BBC to describe what I have just seen on TV, but all I could manage was Beyond Belief Cunts.

Watching BBC World News here in Accra, I have just seen forty minutes of intense and non-stop Israeli propaganda. A live press conference by Netanyahu and Ehud Barak followed by a long, long interview with Mark Regev in which the most searching BBC question could fairly be paraphrased as “How can you be certain that those dastardly Palestinians will not break the ceasefire and start firing rockets again?”

No attempt whatsoever to give a Palestinian a chance to put over their viewpoint. Now fifty minutes of solid coverage around the ceasefire without a single Palestinian view or pro-Palestinian or pro-peace view. And in that entire fifty minutes not one mention of Palestinian dead.

Beyond Belief Cunts. Actually, it’s not a bad effort.

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  • Mary

    Clarissa Dickson-Wright has just been asked on the One Show what she would cook for the Queen. They were talking about the recent banquet. She said deer testicles but quickly changed it to kidneys. The prim welsh girl Alex Jones and the ubiquitous Matt Baker reacted sharply and tried to shut her up. She just got in that she had a recipe called Bollocks for Blair or it might have been Bollocks of Blair. It happened just now. 19.20pm I will see if they edit the iPlayer recording. Ms D-W will not be asked on again. Ha Ha LOL

    PS Remember her outing of Miranda?

    Lovely old girl. She survived a childhood with a cruel alcoholic father, the surgeon Prof Arthur Dickson Wright.

  • Buttons

    OT, but quick observation on some of the above: the vast majority of Scottish people feel British. End of story. Never mind pedantic analogies with Jersey or Ireland. Their feeling British means that in their hearts, they support the union.

    That includes most members of the SNP. As for those who it doesn’t include, they’re anti-English, however much they protest that they aren’t. They’re as xenophobic as fuck. That’s why some of ’em put ‘Ecosse’ on their car bumpers.

    Most people in Scotland feel British, and feel that Scotland is part of Britain and should remain so. The SNP is going to get thrashed in the referendum, and deservedly so. I’ll be surprised if they break 30%. They’ll go away muttering that they were stitched up. Good riddance.

  • nevermind

    I heard Mr. Webb as well, the BBC ensured that they relationship with Palestinian spokespeople will not be improved in future.

    I’m a big fan of Clarissa, that woman has got more spunk and gumption than Churchill, her biography speaks volumes and she has single handedly levelled the Bar and its perfidious characters to where they belong, the cellar.

    Today’s announcement of the Levenson inquiry did not rile the public as much as Ed Davey’s glib announcement of an extra £100 on our future household energy bills, that’s tomorrow that is. I say household bills, cause the libertarian streak within him has exempted large companies from this extortionate rise as it would mean less profits being siphoned off to the British Virgin Islands.

    Which swiftly connects us to the other wimpish blur of a mention that our major banks are short of 35 billion collateral, a hint that QE will continue to enrich the respective offshore paradise these shysters frequent, unless they have some other source to get this money from.

    One could imagine that if we all remove our savings, I ain’t got none, to the safety of a large stocking, rather than the rapacious regime’s they run, they’ll see nothing wrong in informing criminals to steal it from us.

  • nevermind

    But, Buttons, they killed your monarch once and just as the potato famine under British stiff upper lips, barely trembling over dead Irish limbs, will never be forgotten by them or us, someone with a Bratach na h-Alba tattoo once eulogised after a few whiskeys in one of Edinburgh finest dives, the Sandy Bells.

    But somehow I agree with you, time has moved on and those few dinosaurs still alive will eventually follow their ancestors and die, slowly, but definitely!

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Re; Assange and chronic lung ailment, this…….

    “The alpha-radioactive polonium 210 (Po-210) is one of the most powerful carcinogenic agents of tobacco smoke and is responsible for the histotype shift of lung cancer from squamous cell type to adenocarcinoma. According to several studies, the principal source of Po-210 is the fertilizers used in tobacco plants, which are rich in polyphosphates containing radio (Ra-226) and its decay products, lead 210 (Pb-210) and Po-210. Tobacco leaves accumulate Pb-210 and Po-210 through their trichomes, and Pb-210 decays into Po-210 over time. With the combustion of the cigarette smoke becomes radioactive and Pb-210 and Po-210 reach the bronchopulmonary apparatus, especially in bifurcations of segmental bronchi. In this place, combined with other agents, it will manifest its carcinogenic activity, especially in patients with compromised mucous-ciliary clearance. Various studies have confirmed that the radiological risk from Po-210 in a smoker of 20 cigarettes per day for a year is equivalent to the one deriving from 300 chest X-rays, with an autonomous oncogenic capability of 4 lung cancers per 10000 smokers. Po-210 can also be found in passive smoke, since part of Po-210 spreads in the surrounding environment during tobacco combustion. Tobacco manufacturers have been aware of the alpha-”

    I’ve read he smokes cigars. Didn’t Arafat smoke cigarettes? The Turkish President?

    What a convenient, and plausibly deniable method. Since it is present in putatively small quantities in smoking tobacco, through the pesticide and fertilizer used, it seems ideal.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Updated 4:13 pm.

    “Syria has been largely cut off from the rest of the internet — just as rebel forces are making some of their biggest advances yet against the Assad regime.

    “From what we are seeing,” information security specialist Chris Ginley tells Danger Room, “Syria is offline.”

    The network monitoring group Renesys reported on Thursday that 77 networks — 92% of the country’s total — began experiencing outages at 10:26 Greenwich Mean Time.

    But Syria’s apparently systematic disconnection from the internet actually began at least a week earlier, according to research by the SecDev Group internet analytics firm. Around the middle of the month, Syria’s ordinary handful of daily requests to withdraw from Syria’s BGP [Border Gateway Protocol] routes started to grow to a few hundred per. These connections are what enables one national network to interface with the broader internet. On November 22, the withdrawals suddenly jumped to more than 2000. An even greater spike occurred on November 29.”

    Something BIG ?

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    “Unfortunately, irresponsible armed groups which receive support from foreigners have targeted human resources and the infrastructures of Syria” Amir-Abdollahian said in an interview on Thursday.

    He noted that militants in Syria make the country’s government, people and opponents, simultaneous targets of their attacks.

    The Iranian official further emphasized on the necessity of regional and international support for the people of Syria and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s reforms, adding that weakening Syria only benefits the United States and Israel while holding national talks is the best political solution to the Arabs state’s problems.

  • anon

    @ Buttons

    If you ask the vast majority of Scots what their nationality is ,they say Scottish, not British.
    And if the majority of Scots say No in 2014, it is because they wish to remain part of the Union, not because they feel British.

  • Mary

    Yes very big sadly. Rebel car bombs kill 100.

    See Finian Cunningham’s

    “What do they want from Jaramana? The town brings together people from all over Syria and welcomes everybody.” These were the anguished words of one distraught resident in the Syrian town of Jaramana that was devastated by multiple deadly explosions this week.

    The death toll has yet to be confirmed. Early reports on the blasts said 34 were killed. Later, the toll was put at more than 50, with over 120 injured, many critical. All of the victims were civilian.

    Over the past 20 months, Syria has witnessed dozens of massacres and horrific car bombings in its capital Damascus and in other cities and countless villages across the country. But the latest atrocity in Jaramana, located close to the capital, is distinguishable perhaps because it most clearly shows the vile Machiavellian mentality of the perpetrators in their broader strategy towards the Middle Eastern country.


  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)


    Bookmarked your archdruid. Nobody mentions Arnold Toynbee, anymore.

  • Clark

    If anyone is interested, I took some photo’s on the Gaza demonstration last Saturday. The set is in a 72MiByte .zip file on the following link. Not very good photo’s, the camera seems to have developed a problem with its autofocus and there is no manual override, but they gives you some impression of the number of people present.

    If you can share the photo’s through e-mail, please do, as my ISP-provided web-space only tolerates so many downloads. All copyleft; reuse as you wish.

  • Mary

    RT Breaking news Palestinian bid for statehood wins UN vote with overwhelming majority.

    Three cheers!

  • Mary

    Sorry Lysias. Overlapped. RT carrying many live interviews and comments. I just saw Norman Finkelstein and I think I saw Harry Fear. The BBC are still droning on about Leveson and their website just has this dreary message.

    BREAKING NEWS:Motion to make Palestine ‘non-member observer state’ at UN passes by 138 votes to nine

    Not very celebratory is it?

    Thanks too Clark. I will look at them in the morning. Well done to you three for going up.

  • lysias

    Arnold Toynbee’s Hannibal’s Legacy is a great book. I read it when I was studying ancient history at Oxford in the early 1970’s. My college library happened to have a copy of it.

    I don’t understand why it went out of print so quickly.

    I would love to have a copy of it now, but the few used copies that are available are extremely expensive. I sure hope somebody eventually republishes it (or that it becomes available on line).

  • Komodo

    Mary, I see a large poisonous reptile managed to leave its tracks on a thread about a cartoon…but he had to tone it down very slightly and leave out the names. A pretty positive reaction all round. CiFWatch will be up to high doh.

    BBC R4 headlines mentioned Palestine had gained non-member observer state status, but failed to mention whether we had voted against or abstained. We abstained. And Danny Alexander thinks this was not a good idea. It’s a start.

  • arsalan

    The BBC is the states mouth piece. They take their orders from the government. We have a Tory Government, and 80% of MPs in that are members of Conservative Friends of Israel. Israel gives them the orders, they give the BBC the orders.

  • English Knight

    The amply rewarded Coulson relaying all the in box messages of Gordon Brown & Co election strategies to Conservative Party Headquarters (aka Cameron) prior to the General Election, wot won it for the Tories. Rupert Mordechai had to shut down NOTW as a distancing tactic to prevent this chicanery from surfacing, at the loss of many millions. Cameron appointed ilk Leveson & party have buried that whole issue under “Press Reform” quite nicely, thank you very much – and us dumb goyim are none the wiser !! Sick !

  • Dreoilin

    I see ‘English Knight’ is back, despite Craig emailing him and telling him not to post here again.

    Lots of celebrations on Twitter about Palestine. Flicked on Sky News who were “reviewing the papers” and not one word. Flicked it off again.


  • N_

    Three guesses for one concern the new press regulatory body may have, when it conscientiously ensures that none of the bullshit strays too far from what is desired?

  • Martin

    And the news from Palestine (never mind New York) (Palestine Information Centre):

    OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage said the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) intends to build soon a huge synagogue called the Jewel of Israel in the heart of the old city of occupied Jerusalem.

    In a press release on Thursday, the foundation said the IOA would build this synagogue about 200 meters away from the western side of the Aqsa Mosque at the pretext of renovating an ancient synagogue.

    It noted that this synagogue would be the third of its kind in recent years after the IOA had built the synagogues of hurva and Issac tent, affirming that all the three synagogues were built on the ruins of endowed Islamic holy sites.

    The foundation affirmed that the restoration of this synagogue is aimed at Judaizing the general Arab scene in Jerusalem and minimizing the greatness of the Palestinian Islamic and Christian holy monuments, especially, the Aqsa Mosque and its Dome of Rock.

  • macky

    “Bookmarked your archdruid. Nobody mentions Arnold Toynbee, anymore.”

    For history fans, I recommend the Archdruid’s previous post titled “In the Twilight of Empires”;

    I find historical parallels fascinating, and am amazed that the apt comparison made there between the Crusader Kingdoms & present day Israel, had not occurred to anybody before, at least that I know about.

    My own twinning is that of the trapped & hunted Palestinians during Cast Lead, with the trapped & hunted Greeks & Armenians of Smyrna in 1922; both cases of unarmed civilians at mercy of the armed forces acting out ethnic hatreds, both cases of the World watching for weeks in sly acquiescence by refusing to act.

    As the Smyrna history is little known, I recommend this book :

  • lysias

    I just read Shlomo Sand’s new book The Invention of Israel, now out in English translation, and he regards the alleged events at Masada as mythical, or at any rate so poorly attested as to be very doubtful.

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