Evidence of Organised Zionist Trolling? 99

Statcounter has been throwing up some very curious statistics in the last few days. A large number of individuals are coming to the site and staying on it for perhaps four or five hours, hopping exclusively between recent articles about the Gaza convoy. Strangely, all the users with that profile use Firefox not IE, and if they come via a search engine usually arrive on the site via a Yahoo search not a google search.

Download file

Now this is from a significant sample – 500 – and the sample changes in real time, but Firefox has been ahead all the time for the last three days. I have never before seen Firefox even come close to overtake IE among readers of this blog in the five years it has been running – which makes sense if you consider IE has a three times larger market share.


I don’t think I have seen yahoo overtake google before in terms of search engine used to find us either.

All of which leads me to think that for two days we have been targeted by a substantial group of people using standard issue software. We have also been under continual spam attack – there were over 10,000 items of apparently random spam removed yesterday.

99 thoughts on “Evidence of Organised Zionist Trolling?

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  • Larry from St. Louis

    “Told you. Don’t worry, Craig. We will fight them on the beaches…”

    So are you saying you’ll be strapping on your explosive vest on a beach?

  • amk

    Actually the easiest safe way to test the Megaphone plugin is to boot to a Linux live CD (for example Puppy Linux) that includes Firefox and then load the plugin. A live CD won’t touch your HDD, so a malware plugin won’t persist and won’t have access to information on your HDD. Just don’t go accessing your bank with an untrusted plugin installed.


  • Larry from St. Louis

    See now, this is why I come to this blog ?” for the entertainment.

    Weren’t you boasting earlier this year about all the traffic you received? Perhaps you enjoyed a spike this week because recent events have caused people to want to read your amazing anti-Jew insights; perhaps you have some new fans among the Alex Jones crowd.

    In any event, what exactly are the JOOOOOO trollers doing? Are they leaving comments here? Recently I’ve only noticed two other persons here who take exception to the insane, ridiculous and hateful claims made by you and your nutjob followers. Hardly a conspiracy, huh?

    I fully admit to spending lots of time here. It clears my head between my work. And I also find it important to resist your anti-Jew hatred and the 911 nuttery of 90% of your commenters. I actually take some pride in the fact that I spend time opposing sick fucks like you and your commenters.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah real nice Im sure you have the answer to the 9/11 questions raised by AE911 (Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth) oh so great enlightend one

  • Zohan

    Ironic that Larry spouts off in a thread entitled “Evidence of Trolling”. It seems to be a just a hobby for him, all done for the thrill of upsetting people.

    How amusing … Larry calling Craig a “sick fuck” … kinda like a raven calling a dove a filthy black bastard.

  • Monty

    Well, I’m a Google man and clicking on your Statcounter download just produced a long page of HTML when viewed in Chrome.

    All is revealed in glorious colour bar charts when using IE.

    I had no idea that IE was still so dominant in the browser market. I just got fed up with IE crashing every fortnight.

    The above statcounter hiccup notwithstanding, Chrome is head and shoulders more reliable and better than IE, IMHO. I have 80 tabs open right now, some for more than a week.

    Shocking amount of spam, impressively dealt with.

    What are your unique visitor stats over the last few days? I would admit it has been a while since my last visit.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “Yeah real nice Im sure you have the answer to the 9/11 questions raised by AE911 (Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth) oh so great enlightend one”

    Every single “question” has been answered.

  • alexno

    “It clears my head between my work.”

    I thought it was your work, Loony. If you have another job, better watch out for it, ‘cos you don’t spend much time at it.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “I thought it was your work, Loony”

    Let’s count that as another one with narcissistic personality disorder who thinks he’s so important that he must be followed.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Israel murders humanitarian activists in international waters is the subject of all of these threads. And, underlying it, the gross and ongoing crimes against humanity being committed on a daily basis by Israel. State terrorism at its most obvious. No surfeit of automaton Uber-Zionist letter-writers, with their hot aired mendacity, will shift the very clear perception the world has of this basic political rubric.

  • amk

    “Well, I’m a Google man and clicking on your Statcounter download just produced a long page of HTML when viewed in Chrome.”

    Well, the first line of Craig’s file is:

    From: “Saved by Windows Internet Explorer 8”

    I switched from Firefox to Chrome myself recently. It’s much faster and now appears more stable (early betas were less stable).

  • Leo

    Larry, why can’t you stop trolling about 9/11 and Jews? You’re often (not always but often) the only person bringing them up in threads, yet you keep going on about how other people are obsessed with them. You’re the one who is obsessed and/or disingenuously trying to derail every thread.

    There hasn’t been anything anit-Jew in Craig’s posts that I’ve noticed. If there was I doubt I’d still be reading his site.

    (NEWSFLASH: Zionists are not the same as Jews. If you still haven’t grasped that then you’re as thick as an anti-Semite.)

    If your complaint isn’t about Craig but about what other commenters write then I find that odd as advocating the removal of stupid comments would have virtually every single thing you’ve ever written deleted.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Isn’t it funny how Jew baiters always have to attach themselves to other conspiracies? It’s probably ancillary symptom of the disease of anti-Semitism.

  • Jon

    Hmm. Regarding “everyone here” as 9/11 theorists and anti-semites is much like calling all Americans stupid. In each case it is either plain untrue or a crass generalisation. Have we seen anti-semitic comment here? Yes, from a minority of people. Does that mean everyone who posts here is an anti-semite? No, it does not.

    More to the point, if people coming here really want to convert people to supporting the state of Israel, shouting and being abusive is not the way to go about it. It’s rarely a good way to persuade anyone of the merits of anything, in fact.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Larry wrote “So are you saying you’ll be strapping on your explosive vest on a beach?”

    I’ve seen you post this same question to any poster with a Muslim sounding name repeatedly Larry, if they criticise the British, American or Israeli governments or thei actions in any way.

    If you think that’s a reasonable conclusion to take from anyone with a Muslim sounding name, or who’s a Muslim, criticising one of these governments, that they’re a potential terrorist then you either have no ability to reason whatsoever (i.e are not too bright), or else you’re a prejudiced bigot as bad as the worst anti-semite, or some combination of the two.

    It would be, for instance, like me taking any of your posts supporting the British, American or Israeli governments and asking, for instance:

    “Are you about to get your sniper rifle and shoot some Palestinian kids in the head as they walk home from school Larry?”

    “Are you about to get some of your pals to kidnap random people and work in shifts beating and kicking them over days and nights till some of them die? Larry?”

    “Are you about to make up lies about a terrorist organisation operating in a country it isn’t actually in, then organise an invasion that gets hundreds of thousands of civilians and thousands of our own troops killed for nothing Larry?”

    Well which of the above are you about to do Larry? Or would you prefer not to be such a pointless bigot in future so i don’t have to ask you these kinds of questions every time you post? – in which case drop the stupid bigotry

  • Ishmael

    They, The current occupants of Palestine have many groups ready to swing into action with mis information. I was going to post the most recent email from the ADL for your entertainment, unfortunately I killed it by mistake.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “If you think that’s a reasonable conclusion to take from anyone with a Muslim sounding name, or who’s a Muslim, criticising one of these governments, that they’re a potential terrorist”

    NO, asshole, I’m now calling Suhayl a terrorist only because he repeatedly called me a paid-for secret agent man. He was claiming from the get-go that I was a Jew spy.

    I’m perfectly willing to believe that someone from a country where Islam is the main religion might very well be a non-believer. But it took me just a few moments of reading about Suhayl to find out that he’s a Muslim.

    I’ve also called him a failed doctor, so you know.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Larry wrote “Can anyone spot the meaningful difference between the following two phrases?

    1. The Jews want the blood of your children on their faces.

    2. The Zionists want the blood of your children on their faces.

    (Hint: trick question)”

    Yes. Anyone with a dictionary can. A Jew is someone of the Jewish religion.

    A Zionist is someone who (at minimum) believes the state of Israel has a right to exist (which is fair enough in my opinion, but something entirely different from being a Jew).

    If that was all being a Zionist meant i would have no problem with Zionists in general.

    However anyone with any knowledge of the history of the Middle East and current affairs also knows though that most people who say they are Zionists go far beyond believing Israel has a right to exist and into believing in a “greater Israel” encompassing all the land Israel was assigned by the UN, all that it’s annexed since and the whole of the West Bank, Gaza, southern Lebanon up to the Litani river and parts of Iraq (see e.g Israeli historian Benny Morris’ book ‘Righteous Victims’ and Avi Shlaim’s ‘The Iron Wall’ – and the 2009 election platform of the Likud party – the largest party in the current Israeli government)

    Most Zionists also believe that anything done by the Israeli government or military is justified and morally right, whatever it is – whether it’s torture, murder, war crimes, forcing people off their land at gunpoint and demolishing their houses, shooting children in the head for throwing stones, or shooting children in the head for no reason at all.

    So most people who say they are Zionists are no better than the worst and most extreme Palestinian terrorists.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Thanks, Duncan. Good on you for saying this.

    And as anyone who knows me or my work knows, I’m as far from the stereotype painted by the aggressive Uber-Zionist bloggers as anyone can imagine and am completely opposed to religious extremism of any kind.

    In fact, as it happens, I have a great interest in Sephardic culture and have penned long pieces of fiction exploring such themes and people. I also have a large number of wonderful Jewish colleagues, mentors, advocates and pals, some of whom have lived in Israel/ on kibbutzes, etc. It’s hilariously amusing for anyone to pretend otherwise and is a reflection of their ongoing and very profound ignorance. I think it important that this is made clear by me here (again). On one hand, it ought not to be necessary, but I think that it is required.

    So, it is important that the comedic yet disingenuous Uber-Zionists be countered and ignored in equal measure and that the discourse constantly be returned to the central themes: mass murder by Israel in international waters; the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands; multiple illegal wars of aggression by Israel; and the inhuman treatment being dished-out by Israel to Palestinians on a daily basis for decades.

    Much appreciated.

    Regards, Suhayl.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    p.s I agree that most Zionists do not want the blood of anyones’ children on their faces though.

    They’re mostly just totally unconcerned with who many Palestinians live in hunger and fear, or are killed, or forced to live as refugees, or are shot in the head by snipers, or slowly starved to death, or bombed, or buried alive in their houses by tanks fitted with bulldozer blades, or shot as families as they walk along the street carrying white flags, or killed by missiles, bombs and tank fire.

  • arsalan

    Craig how long did it take you to work out that their were Zionist trols here?

  • anno

    Larry and Mark Regev have one thing in common. They both seem to be observers of completely different events to the rest of the world. What the world sees as murderous piracy, they see as self-defence. What the world sees as a curious piece of evidence, that Jewish people did not go to work at the twin towers on 9.11.2001, they see as an irrelevance. What the world sees as an aggressive, unstable, armed state in the Middle East, Israel, they see as the front line of the West’s War on Islam.

    Their conclusion in all cases is that the means justifies the ends in the battle against Islam, and that the whole of the West, its politicians, its peoples and its protestors, will eventually come round to the obvious necessity of curtailing or destroying Islam. Well, sorry, Mark and Larry, the things that are obvious to fanatical racist Zionists are not always obvious to the rest of us.

  • Mr M

    lol, thanks for making me happy. I normally use FireFox but knew what was going on, so changed it to IE hoping to assist anyone willing to investigate suspicious activities.

    You can’t blame them cos they are paid $$$. They are not aliens, just the average Ben attending a university near you with a contract for extra curricular activities.

  • Jon

    Duncan, Suhayl et al – Larry’s aggression and abuse, has, I think, stepped up a mark or two recently. In a difficult spot, perhaps? I am in favour of limited time spent patiently asking people to make discourse civil, but don’t let it sap too much of your time.

    Now, who’s going to London tomorrow? 🙂

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