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Statcounter has been throwing up some very curious statistics in the last few days. A large number of individuals are coming to the site and staying on it for perhaps four or five hours, hopping exclusively between recent articles about the Gaza convoy. Strangely, all the users with that profile use Firefox not IE, and if they come via a search engine usually arrive on the site via a Yahoo search not a google search.

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Now this is from a significant sample – 500 – and the sample changes in real time, but Firefox has been ahead all the time for the last three days. I have never before seen Firefox even come close to overtake IE among readers of this blog in the five years it has been running – which makes sense if you consider IE has a three times larger market share.


I don’t think I have seen yahoo overtake google before in terms of search engine used to find us either.

All of which leads me to think that for two days we have been targeted by a substantial group of people using standard issue software. We have also been under continual spam attack – there were over 10,000 items of apparently random spam removed yesterday.

99 thoughts on “Evidence of Organised Zionist Trolling?

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  • Duncan McFarlane

    I don’t think that’s entirely true Arsalan.

    The Ultra-Orthodox Jews certainly refuse to do military service and say that Israel should not exist as the requirements for the state of Israel to be reconstituted are ones not yet met by their interpretation of the Torah or Talmud.

    However there are a lot of Israelis who are Jewish fundamentalists and extreme in both their religion and their politics who aren’t Ultra-Orthodox and do serve in the military – and the proportion of religious fundamentalist Israelis to secular/agnostic/

    I do agree with you though that many Israelis who are extreme nationalist Zionists in their politics are atheists, agnostics, or not religious though – although the proportion of secular Israelis is falling.

  • amk

    “The religious ones in Israel do not do millitry service”

    Some Orthodox Jews do not do military service. They are not the only practising Jews in Israel.

    Israel has conscription. Everyone else gets to serve.

  • amk

    “The Ultra-Orthodox Jews certainly refuse to do military service and say that Israel should not exist as the requirements for the state of Israel to be reconstituted are ones not yet met”

    That is true of some Ultra-Orthodox sects. Others disagree, and some sects that do not oppose Zionism are also exempt from military service.

    Like most religions Judaism is diverse and complex.

  • glenn

    Sandcrab: You’re obviously not taking into account the devil-like fiendishness of the Arab. Don’t forget “dual-use” considerations, which stopped Iraq receiving even a vacuum flask under the Sanctions. (Flasks could be used to hatch deadly bio-warfare agents!). I’m sure any right-minded person would agree that your list contains the most deadly dual-use weapon parts. Let’s look at it:

    Various Prohibited:

    Coriander, ginger, nutmeg

    – Could be used in a poisoned meal attack. Anyway, a terrorist might eat a meal from this and then carry out an attack.

    Canned fruit, dried fruit

    Fresh meat

    Seeds and Nuts

    – All as above. Note that the protean from some of these foods would give a terrorist strength, which would allow all the more ferocious an attack.

    Fishing rods, ropes for fishing

    – Rods could be used to beat someone! Ropes could be used to string someone up!

    Fabric for clothing

    – A terrorist might wear these clothes while carrying out an attack.

    Chicken hatcheries, chickens

    – Terrorists might hide in the chicken hatcheries, and leap out disguised by a chicken outfit.

    Donkeys, horses, goats, cattle

    – Any of these creature could be used in the transportation of terrorists and their weapons.

    Musical instruments

    – These might lull an Israeli guard into failing to see an on-coming terrorist attack. After all, Israeli guards like to force Palestinians to perform for them, should they see such an instrument.


    – Terrorists might have written propaganda in the newspaper.

    Wood for construction

    – They might construct a catapult with which to carry out terrorist atrocities!


    I hope you realise just how naive you have been, and henceforth look with a more critical eye at supposedly innocent items.

  • Silverfish

    I think that maybe Larry is a Hollowco$t survivor selling bars of Jewish soap as a sideline to his regular day job of bagging pork rinds.

  • Clark

    It was me that posted the duplicate of Larry’s comment, originally on the 9/11 thread at March 1, 2010 8:15 PM. I did not wish to post it in a comment of mine.

  • glenn

    That’s not the first time St. Loony has called a female poster the C-word. That’s a pretty strong term for referring to a lady. I’d say anyone who does that is a sad, weak nobody crying out for attention, or a bitter and twisted whack-job, just itching to go postal, if only they were not such a snivelling coward.


    St. Loony – get help, pal, seriously. You’ve got a lot worse since you began your unwelcome presence here, and clearly you needed considerable help back then. Whatever assignment you’re on, it’s made you paranoid, bitter, racist, misogynistic and even more stupid – boosting your strongest underlying traits.


    True to my word, I promised to address you directly once a month. This is your June shot. Don’t say I never give you anything 😉

  • CheebaCow

    Revealing IP’s is a terrible idea, as others have pointed out it could have serious repercussions for those posting from work or an authoritarian state. Although I would suggest that posting from work is a bad idea to begin with.

    I love Firefox (it’s the only browser that actually blocks ads from being downloaded, unlike Chrome which only hides them). However if you want to use Chrome, I recommend using SRWare Iron (www.srware.net/en/software_srware_iron.php), it uses the Chrome source code but strips out the data mining functions.

    *cough* setup a mod system *cough*

  • Clark

    Yes, the big increase seems to be a single version of Firefox, version 3.6. It could also be automated software, robots or crawlers for instance, claiming to be Firefox 3.6.

    I remind various people that it was not Craig who suggested publishing IP addresses; I expect that he understands the privacy implications.

    However, a geographical analysis of IP addresses by browser type could prove interesting; I wonder if a lot of these accesses could be coming from a particular locality or from particular proxy addresses. Also, time spent on site could be revealing. Various length visits would indicate people, whereas very short visits of mostly similar times would indicate web crawler software.

    I think that Larry may be trying to make certain regular posters leave the site. He chooses a person to abuse, and picks on them for a while. I deplore his mistreatment of Suhayl Saadi, whom I respect.

  • Clark


    thanks. I suspected Chrome was up to something like that, because it comes from Google, data miners extrodinaire.


    I thought you were a Firefox user. You’re a great proponent of Free Speech, so you should use Free Software! Besides, IE has a bad reputation for security.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    What a delusional world you people live in.

    95% of the commenters here are 911 truth nuts. This is what we can expect from vicious hateful anti-Semites.

  • Fulano

    Loser Larry: If this is an anti-semitic website, then why are you allowed to post? Why does no one bother to censor you? Or is it because your razor-sharp “arguments” strike fear in no one?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Alan Campbell, I am very interested in the documentary on Neda, the Iranian girl who was gunned-down during the protests in Tehran last year. Thank you for providing the information on that. As I have stated many times, I have no sympathy with the brutal regime in Iran. I also have many Iranian friends, both inside and outside Iran.

    Perhaps now someone will also make a documentary on the American lad who had his face blown away by Israeli soldiers this week – do we know his name yet? Why aren’t he and his face all over ‘Twitter’ and the TV networks? Why aren’t the US networks up in arms about this? A US citizen had his face blown away by Israel, and it seems there’s no MSM outrage in the USA. Stunning. Shameful.

    Here’s something from the UK, though. Perhaps the Israeli… ‘soldiers’ (I hesitate to call them that; the real terms ought to be… ‘mass murderers’ or ‘terrorists’) took their cue from our very own Metropolitan Police, who one day in Stockwell Tube, shot a Brazilian electrician seven times in the head, just to make sure he was well and truly dead.


  • Suhayl Saadi

    Thank you, Clark, I’m very grateful to you. You can be fully assured that the nonsense one finds in some posts will have no effect whatsoever on my cyber-presence. I see it really as a sign of the vacuity of their argumentation. With every insult, they simply dig ever-deeper holes for themselves and render themselves unintentionally comedic.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Suhayl, you don’t think it’s comical that you think I’m a secret agent Joooo?

  • mrjohn

    First, don’t feed the trolls

    Second, I guess the increase in traffic is a combination of individuals, activists, organised groups and a part time job for new recruits.

    Look at it this way, they are going to a great deal of effort, all of which is wasted.

  • Craig


    Yes. Maybe I should reconsider my veto on advertising. Then I could make money from the trolls!

  • Ruth

    ‘Israel has committed mass murder on the high seas. An international crime. The Big Lie no longer works.’

    Absolutely. Israel must be immediately stripped of nuclear weapons. It’s an unpredictable, an aggressive and a terrorist state bent on destruction.

  • Larry's Dad

    Larry? Dont you know its well past yore bedtime? Gonna paddle yer behind, sonny!

  • suraci

    I know you haven’t the time Craig, but you need to get someone blocking the obvious spam messages. Dissent is fine of course, but the obvious vermin like Larry etc need to be fitlered out. These agents of Zion infest the internet and they try to sway the opinion of decent neutral readers who visit sites like this one.

  • Anonymous

    If the Israelis let cement in, water purifiers so that anaemia in children is reduced after the posionong of the locval supply, and stopped banning dangerous items like canned fruit and fresh meat, then things would improve.

    The aim is for hardship, you vote for your democratic choice and we starve you. others may call it terorism. It is certainly the actions of sadistic fiends.

    I read in astonishment on ABC TV in Oz that Israel limits food into Gaza so that calorie limits are lessened. As government policy. Israel called it using “levers”.

    I seem to remember that was the approach 70 years ago in camps in Germany, how little these fools have learned.

    I think Israel as an entity has a right to exist, but no wonder they are hated, and not just by arab extemists.

    If they did not have the (nuclear?) weaponry supplied from the States supplied after strong Isreali lobbying then they would be wiped off the face off the earth.

    A sad outcome, but one positive would be that there would be a lot less wars in the middle east in future.

  • Mae

    Glenn –

    “Canned fruit, dried fruit

    Fresh meat

    Seeds and Nuts

    – All as above. Note that the protean from some of these foods would give a terrorist strength, which would allow all the more ferocious an attack.”

    You are not looking hard enough for the reasons. Here’s a much more sinister theory: anemia, esp iron deficiency anemia in infants and small children can lead to neurological damage, specifically slow social development, low educational performance, stunted growth, decreased libido and permanently lowered numbers of dopamine receptors and serotonin levels. For some reason, if small children are anemic early enough even iron therapy cannot alleviate the symptoms. I’ll leave it to you to imagine the longterm outcome given that almost half of all Gazan children under five are now said to be suffering from anemia with many babies born anemic, having inherited the condition from their malnourished mothers.

    Re Larry – I’m a fairly regular reader, haven’t commented much until now, but I am familiar with Larry’s comments. They got boring very quickly, so I started just scanning not reading them, but once I read too many 9/11 accusations and the unwarranted swearing at other commenters I started scrolling through them. He is way too obvious and too clumsy to be a truly effective troll.

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