Evidence of Organised Zionist Trolling? 99

Statcounter has been throwing up some very curious statistics in the last few days. A large number of individuals are coming to the site and staying on it for perhaps four or five hours, hopping exclusively between recent articles about the Gaza convoy. Strangely, all the users with that profile use Firefox not IE, and if they come via a search engine usually arrive on the site via a Yahoo search not a google search.

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Now this is from a significant sample – 500 – and the sample changes in real time, but Firefox has been ahead all the time for the last three days. I have never before seen Firefox even come close to overtake IE among readers of this blog in the five years it has been running – which makes sense if you consider IE has a three times larger market share.


I don’t think I have seen yahoo overtake google before in terms of search engine used to find us either.

All of which leads me to think that for two days we have been targeted by a substantial group of people using standard issue software. We have also been under continual spam attack – there were over 10,000 items of apparently random spam removed yesterday.

99 thoughts on “Evidence of Organised Zionist Trolling?

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  • Stan

    I wouldn’t bother feeding the sad troll on here. Although you have given perfectly reasonable answers to his childish taunts, he doesn’t engage with any discussion. He’s just here to bait. Don’t waste your time rising to it, that’s what gives him his little kicks.

  • Anonymous

    The suggestion re ‘explosive vests on beaches’ is intriguing. Did Churchill really regard this as a useful tactic, Larry ?

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “What the world sees as a curious piece of evidence, that Jewish people did not go to work at the twin towers on 9.11.2001, they see as an irrelevance.”

    Well, anno, I thought you weren’t a truther – I thought you were quite proud of that act of Muslim terrorism. So now you’re telling me that the Jews it.

    I’ve revised my estimate. Now it’s more appropriate to suggest that 95% of the commenters here are 911 nuts.

    Heh – Suhayl – do you believe that all the Jews skipped work that day?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Israel-mass murder-in-international-waters-crushing-to-death-of-young-woman-using-a-bulldozer-twice-over-her-abdomen-and-chest-illegal-occupation-denial-of-human-rights-aggressive-wars-nuclear-weapons (WMD).

  • Jon

    And… deep breath 🙂

    Who’s for a nice cup of tea? I have some lemon and ginger tea, Twinings I think, and it is very good. Refreshing, and clears the head.

  • glenn

    Craig – it would be jolly useful if you would produce a sample page of IPs against posters’ names. We could knock up a cross-reference list very easily, seeing (for example) how many other aliases St. Loony had used. We could see where these posters are coming from.

    The whole business speaks for itself, though. If Israel had been even slightly justified in what they were doing, why would they need an army of belligerent new posters rushing to make every last justification they could think of?

    Talk about trying to distract from the point! Whenever you see multiple posts doing _anything_ except talking about the subject of the thread, we have a clear indication that the game is up, and they are scared about the truth being aired.

  • Dave

    Oh man, I’m been caught. I use Firefox, and just started visiting these pages a few days ago. But I didn’t think I’d been here that many times. Sorry about that.

    Can’t blame me for the spam though.

    Seriously though, I found this site from a link on another site, as a place that was explaining the (il)legality of the boarding, and Craig’s summation of it really cleared it up for me.

    So even though I’m currently involved in fighting the Trolls from Tel Aviv on many other sites, I’ll sign on here to tell Larry what a hack he is. Must be pretty frustrating to have the old stand-by propaganda go limp on you. Well, try harder, It might come up.

    Lastly, I’ll say how proud I am that two of my four grandparents were from Ireland. What an example that country is for us here, in the supposed “land of the free, home of the brave.”

    Great site, Craig.

  • alan campbell

    FOR NEDA reveals the true story of Neda Agha-Soltan, who became another tragic casualty of Iran’s violent crackdown on post-election protests on June 20, 2009. Unlike many unknown victims, however, she instantly became an international symbol of the struggle: Within hours of Agha-Soltan’s death, cell phone photographs of her blood-stained face were held aloft by crowds protesting in Tehran and across the world. With exclusive access to her family inside Iran, the documentary goes to the heart of who Neda was and what she stood for, illuminating the larger Iranian struggle for democratic freedoms through her powerful story. Directed by Antony Thomas.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll say it twice as it is such distressing news.


    Shot in the head at close range


    Gaza flotilla activists were shot in head at close range

    Exclusive: Nine Turkish men on board Mavi Marmara were shot a total of 30 times, autopsy results reveal


    Shot in the head at close range


    Gaza flotilla activists were shot in head at close range

    Exclusive: Nine Turkish men on board Mavi Marmara were shot a total of 30 times, autopsy results reveal

  • Anonymous

    The suggestion re ‘explosive vests on beaches’ is intriguing. Did Churchill really regard this as a useful tactic, Larry ?

  • amk

    “produce a sample page of IPs against posters’ names”

    I do NOT want my IP published, thanks.

    It is a potential security risk.

  • Dave

    Yes, shot at close range. I believe it was the American-Turk who was shot four times in the head. I guess he was such a threat to them after being shot once or twice in the head, that it was necessary to shoot him a couple more times.

  • arsalan

    Larry, I don’t think Jews did 911, and that is because I do not regard Zionists as Jews.

    They are all a bunch of pork munching atheists.

    True Jews are AntiZionists.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Good point Glenn – the IP addresses and referring links (if any) would be eh – interesting – esp. international IP’s which of course can be related to the service provider. Even a dynamic IP can be traced back to origin with a date/time stamp.

  • Abe Rene

    I wonder why Zionists should find this website threatening at all. If I were a Zionist, I would simply ignore it. Mossad might of course take notes of any sympathy to Israel’s enemies, but why waste time posting nonsense? In any case, I don’t see how even good Zionists could rationally defend the blockade against Gaza. Israel will never find long-term stability and peace by making the lives of Palestinians more difficult. The only way for Israel to have long term security will be by seeking harmony with its Arab neighbours, most immediately the Palestinians. That means the blockade against Gaza must be lifted.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    While i would like to catch and embarass the Hasbarat if any are involved here, the down side to publishing everyone’s IP address is that you would risk revealing posters living under authoritarian governments – like people posting from Uzbekistan or Egypt or China for instance, who have criticised their own governments, might well be put at risk, so overall i think it’s probably not a good idea.

  • doug scorgie

    Duncan McFarlane, you have raised some good points but can I correct you on the following:

    “A Zionist is someone who (at minimum) believes the state of Israel has a right to exist (which is fair enough in my opinion, but something entirely different from being a Jew).”

    A Zionist is someone who believes in a Jewish state called Israel. It is well documented that Israel was created through illegality and terrorism, so there are those that deny its right to exist in the first place; and they, I suggest, have a reasonable argument. However, Zionists (Jewish and Christian) when defining themselves generally, say: we support the state of Israel and its right to exist, which sounds quite fair-minded. They leave out the Jewish part. A Jewish state, by definition, is a state run by Jews for the benefit of Jews. Non-Jews, again by definition, have to be second class citizens. Also; many Zionists, and we have plenty in the UK Parliament, pretend that Israel is a democracy but it is, in reality, only a democracy for Jews. At the moment in Israel, there is absolutely no possibility of an Israeli-Arab party forming a government. However, they, the Zionists, have a demographic “time-bomb” on their hands – with the Arab-Israelis breeding faster than the Jews. So ethnic cleansing (what a horrible phrase that is) of the Arab population is a necessity for a Jewish state to remain Jewish. So I do not believe that Israel has a right to exist (as a Jewish state).

  • amk


    “They are all a bunch of pork munching atheists.”

    Read the fucking Book of Joshua already. How did the ancient Israelites establish Israel? Divinely ordered and aided genocide.

    It’s bullshit of course. There is no archaeological evidence of anything from the Exodus from Egypt to the kingdom of Solomon and David. Events of that scale would have left a ton of evidence.

    You better be grateful that Israel’s leadership is mostly secular. The religious Zionists are far worse.

    “True Jews are AntiZionists.”

    This is a No True Scotsman fallacy.


    You appear to be using “atheist” as an insult. Fuck you too.

  • Parky

    I think we have more of an insight into the circumstances and predicament of Larry the Loon. When he is having a turn for the worse his doctors increase his medication for a time and he is zonked out of it, explaining his absence. When the drugs start to wear off and he is allowed internet access once more, his anger and frustration come to the fore but are more intense until it’s out of his system. Part of his ongoing therapy is the use of the web to gain a sense of the outside world and hopefully one day become part of it again. In the meantime sadly we have to bear the brunt of his outbursts. One day though his release will come through and he will be with us. Get well Larry, you are always in our hearts.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Remember Duncan an IP address is assigned to a computer and is usually dynamic and re-allocated. ISP’s can only reveal personally identifiable information with a court order. If the IP address is static then it is similar to a telephone number or a domain name and *owned* by a person or entity but the same disclosure rules apply (in theory) unless of course you allow public disclosure.

  • Anonymous

    If the suggestion really is that this site is under attack, it would be worth noting that a list of IP addresses for the posters here would enable anybody browsing the site to launch similar attacks on those posters. DOS, etc. At the moment it doesn’t even publish email addresses for us – IP octets woud be more intrusive. Yes, there are things that could be learnt from an analysis of them, but I reckon it should be left as it is now, privileged info.

  • arsalan

    amk: “You appear to be using “atheist” as an insult. Fuck you too.”

    I meant it as a statement of fact not an insult. Eat as much pork as you like, I don’t give a shit.

    The founder of Zionism was Theodor hertzel, he was an open athiest.

    This is not an insult and it is not a complement. it is a statement of fact.

    Zionist are people who follow him.

    Both he and them decided to do what they do because of their beliefs in their racial superiority and the inferiority of all others.

    So they are not Jews, they are just racial supremacists and racists.

    Yes there are people who believe in judaism who would do worse if they had the chance. but that is not relivant because they are not the ones doing the killing. the ones doing the killing have no belief in any religion including judaism.

  • sandcrab

    Shouldn’t publish IPs on a blog without prior warning, its a web privacy principle, people have gotten in trouble posting from work etc. The blogsphere would look on it very badly.


    Gaza blockade – Selected List of permitted and prohibited goods

    Various Prohibited:

    Coriander, ginger, nutmeg

    Canned fruit, dried fruit

    Fresh meat

    Seeds and Nuts

    Fishing rods, ropes for fishing

    Fabric for clothing

    Chicken hatcheries, chickens

    Donkeys, horses, goats, cattle

    Musical instruments


    Wood for construction


    “Ninety miles from Gaza. Rachel Corrie should be there by 10:00 am.” (5th June)

    BBC newscast reports (without irony) – “Rachel Corrie is approaching Gaza… presenting Israel with another difficult choice… spokesperson says they will not be allowed to land.. but boarding forces have been instructed to be polite”

    be polite! aye -promise not to shoot another dozen cheeky activists in the face this time? unfucking-believable!

    How can people not condemn this? I have friends who dont see through the media bullshit – its disturbing.

    * Respect to you all

  • Neil Barker

    Organised Zionist trolling? Get a grip, Craig.

    Is a poor man who asks a rich man for a free copy of the rich man’s book an organised Zionist troll?

  • Ruth

    In my view Israel is a serious threat to the security of the world. How can a country be left in possession of nuclear weapons when it steps beyond the boundaries of humanity?

  • amk

    “Organised Zionist trolling? Get a grip, Craig.”

    Hardly implausible. All it would take is a link from a large Zionist blog to here.

    Craig should be able to see the HTTP referers in the log though.

  • arsalan

    The Rabbis give those justifications to people who have no belief in God.

    The religious ones in Israel do not do millitry service or even pay taxes, they just take money from the Zionist government, trying to milk it for everything it has got the same way Israel milks America for everything it has got.

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