Now That’s Real Blogging – Tim Ireland Screws The BNP! 19

The Telegraph has republished Tim Ireland’s brilliant detective wrok in proving that the photogenic people endorsing the BNP on their leaflet are not supporters at all, but stock photos of models. Hilariously given the BNP’s message, they are not even British models!

Many congrats to Stephen Paulger as well, on this site which is new to me

This is what the BNP pretended to look like


This is what the BNP actually look like


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19 thoughts on “Now That’s Real Blogging – Tim Ireland Screws The BNP!

  • Jives


    Merry lads all,protectors in chief of Ole Engerlund,love their darts,warm pints of bitter and their Mums…Bless!

    I see few opposable thumbs.

  • dreoilin

    I love it. Brilliant.

    Go bloggers!

    To think that when the Damien McBride scandal broke, Stephen Pound was on Sky News ‘expounding’ on blogs, as if they were produced somewhere in a cave in Eurasia. Wrinkling his nose and attempting to drag the spotlight away from the real story.

    I texted them and said that if he was suggesting that Guido was lying – let him tell us what the lies were. Or else shove it where the sun don’t shine. I enjoyed that.

  • technicolour

    Thanks for post, and photos. Have sent it around with a guilty feeling that I am disturbing the happiness of people’s saturday mornings, but then again..

  • BristleKRS

    I did wonder why the doctor dude on the leaflet stuffed through my letterbox the other day looked so familiar – then I saw him again yesterday, illustrating ‘You Are A Consultant’ in a ‘What Kind Of Doctor Are You?’ quiz on Facebook 😀

  • technicolour

    Seriously, this leaflet went to 29 million households? Can this be true? How did they get the money?

    Quite a few of those 29 million households won’t have seen this in the Telegraph, or on the net. They will just have seen the leaflet.

    Muslims and immigration, you note from the text. Poor Muslims and immigrants.

    (I wish playing into this game by discussing the “Muslim” problem is something this board would seem less happy to do, by the way. )

    Anyway. I can remember, in the past, thinking the best thing to do with the BNP was ignore them. Small groups are desperate for publicity, any publicity.

    But perhaps the BNP have already got the publicity (Oxford Union, BBC reports etc). And if (and it’s a big “if”: it could be a lie) they really have the funds to distribute 29 million leaflets, they are no longer a small group.

    Do we need to stand against them?

    In my experience, the best thing about Mr Murray’s campaign in Blackburn was that it allowed desperate people who were being sold down the BNP line to vote for the decent option. It wasn’t just that he got around the same number of votes as the BNP there. They had been campaigning there for years. He had had, what, six months? The fact was there were enough decent people to be brave enough to go with his platform despite the lack of any guarantee of a long term presence. They were brave. The BNP are bullying and threatening people.

  • Jason

    If NuLabour are going to have imaginary people postal voting at the next election, then why shouldn’t the BNP muscle in on the game and recruit a few imaginary supporters for its PR?

    I have another idea for them – a BNP Babes calendar, all participants culled from the lingerie section of the Kays catalogue…

  • Davide

    Haha come on this time

    did anyone really believe any of the leaflets with such pretty pictures contain actual people with real quotes?

  • Jason

    “did anyone really believe any of the leaflets with such pretty pictures contain actual people with real quotes?”

    A fair point, but the generic doctor, soldier, nurse, etc, might not be so keen on the unsolicited association with a bunch of Neo-Nazis.

    For me, the giveaway was that none of the people pictured had skinheads and/or tatoos, along with their ability to form coherent sentences.

  • avatar singh

    there is one place I would like americans to attack.

    but it won’t happen because two thieves-london and usa-are in this together.…s_get_it_back/

    A Lot of Our Money Is Buried in the Cayman Islands — Let’s Get It Back

    By David Cay Johnston, The Nation. Posted May 16, 2009.

    Obama and Congress must get tougher on offshore tax cheats — prosecute them as criminals and require full payment.

    The Cayman Islands are well known to those seeking sun, sand and sea–and for their hospitality to US corporations seeking to escape taxes, launder money and use other discreet financial services. The islands’ tax dodgers help multinational corporations move jobs offshore; they also give aid and comfort to terrorists, drug dealers and divorcing spouses trying to hide money. Honest taxpayers have to make up for the revenues lost through this offshore cheating in three ways: we pay more in taxes, we get fewer government services and we incur rising government debt. Interest on that debt, which doubled under the Bush administration, now equals all the individual income taxes paid from New Year’s to around June 10. And that cost means less government investment in research, education and the infrastructure on which commerce depends. Untaxed money hiding in the Caymans and other tax havens means the rest of us pay a higher price for less civilization.

    In short, the Caymans, and other tax havens, are parasites that weaken the United States and other developed nations.

    President Obama proposed on May 4 to crack down on offshore tax cheating; that proposal does not go nearly far enough. Instead of settling for a dime on the dollar, as Obama’s plan would do, let’s get serious about offshore tax cheating, both legalized and criminal. Let’s do what we did to halt the imagined threats of communists in Grenada, depose a drug-dealing president in Panama and find those imaginary weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Let’s invade the Caymans!

    The islands, which belong to Britain, have no military and just 300 or so police. An invasion force composed of tax lawyers, forensic auditors and a handful of computer technicians could execute a hostile takeover without firing a shot.

    The Caymans are not really a country; they are a law firm p

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Mmn… interesting faces… it reminds me a little of one of those Peter Hewson paintings, kind of vaguely homoerotic, except these ones look like they’ve lived in cellars for decades, pulling along their tails behind them, not unlike prime Norwegian Black… and are positively bristling with… uhm, fat. Someone must love them, though.

  • Dithers

    Almost everything written on this page comes under the heading of ‘hate speech’ and if transferred to any other organisation, would result in legal action.

    Somehow, in crazy fascist UK, its OK to say anything about the BNP.

    You Brits should be careful – you WILL get the kind of totalitarian Fascism that an undemocratic society of ‘subjects’, not Citizens, so richly deserves.

    Its the Queen and all the hereditary ruling classes you need to attack, not this bunch of frustrated, not-very-bright BNP nitwits.

    (Who, incidentally, hit upon real issues that seem to appeal to ‘ordinary’ Brits)

    An ‘ordinary’ Brit is a Serf or Peasant, of course, so according to UK custom, doesnt matter.

    Wake up Brits, you DONT have a democracy!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Why would it be incompatible to be an avowed anti-fascist and also anti-the class system/ anti-New labour/ anti-corporate hegemony and pro-real-democracy? Indeed, I would have thought that it went without saying – but clearly it needs to said, again and again and again. Dithers is right about the lack of democracy, but Dithers obviously got very worked-up at the attacks on the BNP. The NF used to appeal to masses of people in the UK even when the Labour Party was less attenuated and compromised than it is today. How does one explain that by Dithers’s simple monovalent hypothesis? I entirely agree, the deficit in real, grassroots democracy opens up a dangerous lacuna for extremist groups of all shades, but this is a very complex issue. Which doesn’t need to stop anyone from drawing parallels between the BNP and other fascists/ racists/ Nazis/ supremacists and various types of unpleasant planetary species. Hate-speech and hate action is what these dangerous fools deal in and to make scurrilous comments in opposition to their rank reality is not only valid, but absolutely essential.

  • George Laird

    Dear Craig

    The BNP don’t stop at photos; I highlighted in the Spectator their use of stock text by people posing as ordinary members of the public.

    The same text word for word appears all over the web on newspapers and blogs.

    Here it is;

    “Adam Walker BNP teacher has a Japanese wife, Richard Barnbrook (BNP GLA member) his partner Simone Clarke (BNP member)are bringing up Simones mixed race young child”.

    I noticed this on the Scotsman in April 2009.

    Funnily enough the BNP crowd never came back with a reply to me.

    I put it down to my lack of popularity when exposing people as frauds.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Well done, Mr Laird!! Good on you.

    I’m thinking that it is possible that offence may have been taken to my comments in relation to Norwegian black rats. If so, I take full responsibility and offer my unreserved apologies to Norwegian black rats.

  • Dithers

    For crying out loud!


    It isnt the BNP that is the problem, its the total class system in the UK that makes every kind of debate a poisoned well.

    Of course the BNP are a bunch of loonies who want to cleanse the country in some kind of insane copy of Hitler et al – but thats NOT the point.

    By getting worked up over the BNP, a pathetic crowd who will never be in power, you lose sight of the real issue.

    The UK can not be a REAL country until it has a constitution, its people are Citizens, and all traces of privilege and class is wiped out.

    Either touch the forelock or get real – which is it going to be?

    THE BNP is a RED HERRING – the more you have a reaction to this pathetic mob of sad fools, the more you will be blinded.

    It goes without saying that easy targets attract lazy people – try a real target, its a bit more difficult, but a lot more satisfying.

    Then again, they took all your guns didnt they?

    And you saps let them, under the guise of stopping crime!

    Maybe the UK will get exactly what the fearful populace deserves…..

    For the record, whatever racial mix exists in the UK today is the population of Citizens that will make up the country in a real democracy.

    You may wish that it was all brown, all black, all white or all fat old ladies – but get used to the people in your world – THEY ARE YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS, like it or not.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    It’s not me who’s worked-up. I just made a jibe about rodents. I completely agree about the class system and indeed have written of the lack of discourse (post-1980s) about this central issue. I’m also aware that successive govts uand the security state use the far-Right to further their hegemony over society. I don’t have a personally preference for fat old ladies… but hey, whatever gets you through the night. Chill, man. The revolution will arrive. Sadly, not in our lifetimes.

  • Jaded

    Is it me or do they all sort of look the same in that picture? I don’t mean racially either. Scary…

  • Chris

    Excellent assessment by Jives. I’ll bet there’s a lot of knuckles dragging along the ground at that rally (apart from the one on the thugs sholder at the front). Also have you noticed how little hair there is amongst them? I guess it’s all been lost worrying about those “bogus asylum seekers.” Wouldn’t like to be amongst them on a sunny day, you be blinded by the reflections from the sun!!

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