The Absolutely Horrible Michael White 17

Britain’s most disgusting journalist, New Labour creep and Jack Straw cheerleader Michael White, is on Sky News trying to justify his New Labour chums. He has just let us know that a middle ranking minister, a “Good Chap”, has told him that he was actively encouraged to put in a claim he knew to be ineligible, by the Fees Office.

That information comes from two sources both of which I trust not at all – White and a New Labour minister. He then went on to imply that New Labour MPs are contrite and have learnt their lesson “Unlike Sir Anthony Steen”, and then wound up by warning of the danger that all this fuss will let the BNP in.

White has gone on to say that the Brits are always angry about something, and a poll has shown us to be “the angriest people in Europe”. He then said it was all parties, not just New Labour, called Cameron “Hysterical”, and rattled off the names of four MPs whose cases he thought were “Serious”, all of them Tory.

Why this odious New Labour creep is allowed so much airtime for his government propaganda hidden behind a thin veil of hearty good nature, I do not know. It is bad enough that he gets to bully everyone on the Guardian who criticises New Labour. White is Associate Editor of the Guardian and he regularly hints to other journalists that his friend the City Minister, Lord Myners, Chairman of the Guardian Media Group, will be most unhappy with their anti New Labour stories.

White is the most disgusting reptile in the British media, which is saying a lot. He is on a salary of £182,000 at the Guardian, incidentally.

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17 thoughts on “The Absolutely Horrible Michael White

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Pity there is no chance of his expense claims being leaked to the media, then.

    Getting used to sleepless nights yet?

  • Craig


    Wise up. Did you also see him denounce the disgusting Derek Draper? White is a simple paid party loyalist.

  • JimmyGiro

    You can surmise what your enemy fears, from their methods they deploy to frighten us:

    BNP, a real and present danger!?

    Foreign girls are sex slaves!?

    Children are abused by their fathers!?

    Feral kids roaming the streets!?

    Benefits fraudsters costing millions!?

    …etc etc etc!

    What our bureaucracy is fearful of is truth and reality. They hang onto the control of the media like the whore of Babylon holding the reigns of the Beast; they dare not let go!

  • AuldCurmudgeon

    Now, I really do think you are being most unfair to disgusting reptiles by comparing them with Michael White. If you were a regular contributor to the Guardian’s “Comment is Free” you would know that it is considered good form to refer to him as Sir Michael White, in expectation of his forthcoming ennoblement (still unannounced – is there no injustice in the world?) and because of the buttock-clenching jealously he occasionally lets slip towards Sir Simon Jenkins’ little gongette.

    Although Michael (never knowingly under-grovelled) White is indeed a sperm of the little devil of propaganda, he’s slowly but surely losing it. Every now and again the crust of urbane hypocrisy gives way to reveal an absolutely seething magma of rage directed towards his keepers and Gordon Brown in particular. Mention of Rusbridger’s wig has a similar effect.

    I have tried, in vain, to entice the CiF community to refer to government announcements as ‘a right load of Michael’, but alas the fashion for rhyming slang is not what it once was.

  • Anonymous

    “all this fuss will let the BNP in.”

    In a way he might have a point:

    They are after all fielding about 650 candidates. They indulge in corrupt practices to enrich their party and individual members. Zionism is their chosen bedfellow. It’s members are mostly scum. They have members of the police force that are sympathetic to them. They manipulate so called Islamic terrorism for their own ends. And they will not let the prospect of a 4th term go without a fight.

  • lwtc247

    My comment was specific to Stains getting a much deserved slap (the only time hitting a woman is OK).

    Outside that, I don’t have much disagreement with you.


  • Jason

    The Guardian has undergone the NuLabour shapeshift in spades, under his watch.

    I despise his cheerfulness, but he is yet one over-verbalising member of the chattering classes, a man who thinks everything is finally, just a matter of words and ‘all rather jolly’…

    Also, never see him and Roger McGough together…

  • Leo Davidson

    If — and this is an incredibly big if — the BNP get in because New Labour are shit then that’s New Labour’s fault, not the voters’.

  • John D. Monkey

    AuldCurmudgeon is right. You really should stop comparing innocent reptiles with Michael Shite.

    Ditto all the people who go on about pigs and troughs. Pigs are kind, gentle creatures who would never claim for their moats to be cleaned or “flip” their stye…

    I’ve now stopped reading White’s “column” in the Grauniad, ditto Polly Toynbee. Neither of them gets it, because they have no connection with or understanding of the views of the people who pay their wages. They probably genuinely think that MPS are underpaid and erred only slightly in their greedy claims.

    Odds on a manufactured “emergency” so Brown can play the terrorism card?

  • KevinB

    Cannot disagree about White or the sleazebag culture that The Telegraph have recently exposed.

    ……however, there’s a persistent niggling question…..’why is all this happening?’

    …….Why would The Telegraph, of all establishment propagandists, trash the reputation of parliament in this extreme manner?

    I don’t get it.

    Is this a message to sitting or would-be MP’s….”Take note. We can do what we like to you. Read the signs and take your orders”?

    Is it a further exercise in socially engineered conditioned-helplessness perpetrated against the public at large?

    (In a few months time when this scandal has passed away and nothing meaningful has changed then even more people will give up on the very idea that they can bring any influence to bear over their own lives)

    Is it a distraction to divert attention away from financial issues and corporate/banking skulduggery that are much more serious? The sums involved in MP’s expenses fiddles really are quite trivial in relation to many issues related to the corporate takeover of state functions…..the ‘Private Finance Initiative’ for instance. A friend of mine is a deputy head at a school having work done through the PFI scheme. Here’s just a detail. The government have written into contracts that when work is completed the PFI contracter will employ the IT systems manager (and others). PFI would not be driven below £650 per day for this employee, as the ‘going rate’. Currently the school employs their own man at £100 per day including PAYE. You can be sure that the PFI company will pay their man no more than the school would. This is one atom of a racket that can be multiplied by an extremely large number across the country and in many areas besides education.

    The ‘Quango’/consultancy racket is the gravy train of gravy trains….

    ….but dwarfing even these obscenities is the new bubble being created by the Bank of England (and moreso in the USA by its cousin, the Federal Reserve) whereby money is being ‘printed’ and thrown at the (literally) bankrupt criminal zombie banks to keep them afloat in the short term.

    When this bubble bursts, as it must, currencies will completely collapse and the only way the financial establishment will be able to save themselves will be to find someone else to blame and start a very big war.

    Maybe the rage against MP’s today will be maintained as a simmering bubbling discontent for some months to come and it will appear, in retrospect, that our emotions have been misdirected.

    …..only guessing.

  • Jon

    KevinB, I have asked myself the same question. Why would the heart of the capitalist establishment seek to undermine itself? My suggestion is that the elite believes that the corruption of capitalism has gone too far (signified by the disastrous state of the economy, with the expenses story the icing on the cake) and that eventually a breaking point will be reached where the system is discredited irrevocably.

    So, the establishment reveals some minor corruption (and although I detest the expense abuses in the Commons, it is minor compared to tax avoidance) and the system then looks clean to a gullible public, with an apparently honest media keeping it that way.

  • Merkin

    Michael White?

    This would be the same odious cunt who said :


    ‘One goal of the invasion was to end the loss of Iraqi civilian life – 500,000 on some estimates – caused by the UN sanctions imposed to stop Saddam…’

    PS don’t ever remind anyone of what he said – you will just get moderated off The Graun.

    The slaughter we caused in Iraq was Humanitarian Intervention?

    Mr White’s poetic license puts the ode into odious.

  • Jim Grant

    Now, now, Craig – let’s not forget that this is a world that contains Martin Kettle.

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