Evidence of Organised Zionist Trolling? 99

Statcounter has been throwing up some very curious statistics in the last few days. A large number of individuals are coming to the site and staying on it for perhaps four or five hours, hopping exclusively between recent articles about the Gaza convoy. Strangely, all the users with that profile use Firefox not IE, and if they come via a search engine usually arrive on the site via a Yahoo search not a google search.

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Now this is from a significant sample – 500 – and the sample changes in real time, but Firefox has been ahead all the time for the last three days. I have never before seen Firefox even come close to overtake IE among readers of this blog in the five years it has been running – which makes sense if you consider IE has a three times larger market share.


I don’t think I have seen yahoo overtake google before in terms of search engine used to find us either.

All of which leads me to think that for two days we have been targeted by a substantial group of people using standard issue software. We have also been under continual spam attack – there were over 10,000 items of apparently random spam removed yesterday.

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99 thoughts on “Evidence of Organised Zionist Trolling?

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  • Arsalan

    Duncan McFarlane and Amk The religious Zionists with rare exception are people who call on others to fight their wars and pay taxes for their benefits.

    you are right, their numbers are growing, and this has caused problems for the Zionist regimes. So they invented the knitted cap sect, religious zionists whose men do a little bit of millitry service here and there.

    but they are a tiny minority.

    Religious Zionists are a funny lot, on the one hand they reject the state due to its contradiction with their texts, on the other hand they support it due to the benefits they milk from it.

    A very funny lot.

  • Dave

    I’m new to this site, so I can’t say I’m familiar with it’s troll history, but in general I think trolls serve a useful purpose. They demonstrate how empty is the opposition. I have followed the plight of the Palestinians for perhaps 15 years, but in the beginning, when there was little/no Internet, I worried that there were perhaps good counter-arguments Israelis could make that I was unaware of.

    But once these issues began to be debated online, the trolls did their best to make counter-arguments, and failed. The trolls proved to me that their arguments were empty, and often ridiculous, and so reassured me I was on the right side.

    So I would not discourage the trolls like Larry. Let them waste as much time here as they like. They’re not going to change the mind of anyone with a full brain, whereas those who come to this site undecided about the issues, will see how nasty and ridiculous they are. Either way, we win.

  • Larry from St Looney

    Israel is just a poor wee mite trying to protect itself from all the bad people out there.

    If we appear paranoid, psychotic and psycho it’s just because everyone hates us.

    And we didn’t do anything to deserve such hatred.

    We’re the most oppressed people ever.

    We’re good and everyone else is bad.

    And if you don’t agree with us we’ll kill you.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Marcus, those people were cocaine traffickers. Cocaine-trafficking is part of global organised crime.

    The charitable Gaza flotilla was carrying children’s toys, books, cement in an attempt to help people under blokade.

    Come on, man. Yours is a very poor analogy. This kind of thing really does emphasise that there are no arguments left on behalf of Israeli state terror.

  • Syd Walker

    Firefox is my preferred browser Craig. And I ain’t no Zionist.

    Maybe Zionists can be right about something occasionally – like the stuck clock twice a day?

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