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81 thoughts on “Fascinated to see how the Zionists justify this

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  • warey

    Well they also banned pasta, and honey but apparently there was a hoo haa by Mercy Corps who said you can’t make bombs out of pasta.

    craig, as the aid the israeli president said. we are going to put them “on a diet”

    Another interesting point is that all those talk about hamas rockets. In June 2008 israel and hamas signed a ceasefire. Up until Nov 2008 when israel broke the ceasefire by raiding Gaza and executing hamas activists, israel concedes that No hamas rockets where fired.

    So Israel could have continued the ceasefire but instead choose to execute 9 aid workers on a humanitarian ship

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Well, donkeys and newspapers – a very dangerous combination, you know. Can’t be allowed. Jesus rode on a donkey, they say. Nasiruddin Hodja, too. You can think very deeply while riding a donkey.

    Isn’t it a little akin to the prohibited lists in former ‘Communist’ countries? Doesn’t it carry the same ludicrous quality? The Warsaw Ghetto, a re-run. German shepherd-dogs.

    Musical instruments. Well, there you go, Vronsky and the Jives, the gentleman bassist from Acoustic Butterfly. You are banned.

  • StefZ

    from the comments underneath the article…

    “The Economist forgets how easily chickens can be weaponized in this day and age.”

  • Mr M

    They prohibit fabrics for clothing because they want Gazans to purchase the over priced clothes made in Israel. it is not security but pure blackmail to purchase goods which the rest of the world said NO to.

  • Tony

    Does no-one get the message? The US and Israel see no need to justify anything to anyone else. They just want war.

  • StefZ

    bizarely, chemical fertiliser, something you can actually make weapons out of, has been permitted

    got to be careful with those chickens though

  • Randal

    Do they have even the most superficial of pretexts for interfering with exports and people leaving the Strip?

  • Philip

    Does anyone who matters to them require even the most superficial of pretexts for interfering with exports and people leaving the Strip?

    Chickens could also be trained to carry secret messages between bantustans, thus putting dozens of innocent checkpoints at risk of becoming chickpoints.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Well, if you eat too much coriander in hot weather, you know, it ends up coming out in your sweat. Which, if you’re sitting on a bus… So it’s really just a pro-social measure. Yes, that’s it. “Israel bans coriander in Gaza because it loves social interaction in an olfactorily benificent environment,” I hear the Vice-President of the USA intone.

    And nutmeg, well, as an acid-head knows…

    So they say.

    But what about smoking banana-skins…? Clark… Richard Robinson… Vronsky…? Technicolour, come on, Technicolour, you’ve GOT to be an expert on these things, no?

    How about haggis? You can get hallal haggis, you know. And of course, veggie haggis, too.

  • Mae

    From the comments:

    “No coriander. Gazan’s favorite national dishes? Molokhiya (ironically Jew’s Mallow) and Okra which both require lots of dried Coriander as the main spice. Talk about psychological warfare!”

    Looks like there is reason behind the madness, after all.

  • Ian M

    Yes, funny and absurd though it is, if you read both lists bearing in mind that Israel has long had a policy of smashing the West Bank and Gaza economy to pieces, it makes a lunatic and grotesque sense. Raw materials for Gaza’s own economy are denied, while Israeli pre=packaged junk is let in – just enough to stop them dying though. The Israeli govmt calculated the exact calorie requirement by gender and age that Gazans would need in order to just survive and no more (shades of fascism – they keep such a detailed register of every inhabitant). This is also why fishermen have been restricted to a measly strip of sea for years, despite there being no good (military) reason. The calculated cruelty, sadism and desire to punish collectively everybody including 800,000 children is surely taking barbarism to new heights – second world war stories about ghettos should surely ring a bell with decent Israelis. But the bureaucratic tallying of life and death in such minute, utterly faceless, uncaring detail has a repulsive echo of fanatical, repressive regimes of the past.

  • Michael Petek

    I live without just about everything on the banned list on the left, except for seeds and nuts. I certainly don’t eat musical instruments except on special occasions.

  • Madam Miaow

    Looks to me like a cynical attempt to starve them. Yes, allow in fresh and frozen food when they’re living in the stone-age with limited or no means to preserve their food, especially with power cuts. And then ban canned, dried food and livestock.

  • KingofWelshNoir

    Bizarre, but no more so than the items we and the US embargoed in the blockade against Iraq during the 90s and which led to the deaths of 500,000 children.

  • Mae

    Don’t understand why they’re still banning fishing rods, though. Given that millions of litres of raw sewage have polluted the sea off Gaza since last year’s bombing raids on the treatment plants, it would make sense to let them go fish and get ill from eating their by now very polluted catch. Besides, the IDF is so fond of shooting at those little fishing boats, I’m sure they’d welcome more choice for target practice.

  • Anonymous

    “I live without just about everything on the banned list on the left, except for seeds and nuts”

    then maybe you could think about living in Gaza for a bit then

    you could keep a diary

  • Anonymous

    I think you miss the bigger picture here craig.

    Israel is aware of this, and so should you….the A-Team had the biggest following in Gaza and the West Bank.

    Now we dont was those pesky people thinking about ingenious ways of making the next WMD out of musical instruments and chickens do we?

    maybe there should be a boycott to Israel of similar goods

  • Mae

    Madam Miaow – that way they can also be sure that Gazans cannot store food – perfect if you plan to cut off all supplies should you wish to punish them even further at any time in the future. Allows for maximum effect within the shortest possible time.

  • writerman

    I’ve studied my family tree way back. The first Jewish member was, I suppose one would call him a ‘financial consultant’ to a minor German prince in the 18th century. Did a pretty good job too, for a while, seemingly able to ‘conjure’ money out of thin air. Then it dawned on them that they’ed be safer if they allied themselves with a powerful gentile family with a strong military background, so they ‘converted’ to Christianity and became assimilated. Money and power like two strong hands rubbing together, at least until the Second World War when things really got out of control, and distant branches paid the ultimate price, killed by the same bloody war-machine many of them had become part of and paid for. There is ghastly irony there, which probably means something profound.

    Anyway, to see ‘my people’, who aren’t ‘my people’ anymore, as I choose not to have a people, turing Gaza into a gigantic ghetto and punishing an entire people in a fashion that reminds one of the ghettos we escaped from centuries ago, is very painful indeed.

    It’s like we’ve learned and remember nothing of real value from our past, and what we have learned and remember are the wrong things. All our suffering hasn’t led us towards understanding and wisdom, but has blinded us to reality, the reality of what really makes one safe and secure. Being feared and hated, doesn’t, in the end, make one safe. It’s like being the fastest gun in the west. Somewhere, someday, there is always someone just that little bit faster.

  • Craig

    I can only think this is a tricky one and the zionist trolls have had to go back for instructions

  • Anonymous

    “got to be careful with those chickens though”

    Chickens are antisemites!

  • Dave

    I think the trolls were called away, to deal with the Helen Thomas issue.

    After all, they prefer to attack, not defend.

  • Arsalan

    They did make one silly comment here:

    “I live without just about everything on the banned list on the left, except for seeds and nuts. I certainly don’t eat musical instruments except on special occasions.

    Posted by: Michael Petek at June 7, 2010 9:58 PM

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