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81 thoughts on “Fascinated to see how the Zionists justify this

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  • Michael Petek

    I heard a rumour that the following items for children have also been banned:

    Military fatigue uniforms.

    Imitation rifles, child-sized.

    Toy reproductions of Farfour the Mouse.

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion picture-book version.

    And for adults:

    DVDs of the motion pictures Der Ewige Jude and Jud Suss (1940 versions).

  • Anonymous

    can we make sure that when we talk about this particular set of Jewish citizens that we correctly refer to them as Jewish Extremists.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that there are more supportive Jews out there who similarly abhor what’s going on in the West Bank and Gaza. Lets not taint the all from the same brush.

    Better still if someone could come up with an acronym JE… (Jewish Extremist…, EJ… Extremist Jewish

  • Ranaan

    Watch the dirty filthy Israeli animals in one of their routine terrorist ops.

    They didn’t want you to see this one:

    How can scum like these conduct their own investigation into their criminality?

    Has the world gone mad that it allows evil shit like this to murder, slaughter, starve and humiliate with total impunity?

  • Steelback

    I wonder how closely the list of embargoed goods resembles the UN sanctions regime against Iraq.

    You know the cosy old UN that killed a million or so infant Iraqis?

    The sanctions regime preceded the cull implemented through occupation,instigated civil war and Negroponte-run assassination campaigns against Iraqi professionals.

    Underestimating the evil against which humanity is up against has gone on for far too long.

    With engineered economic meltdown and WW3 round the corner we are going to be forming the next queue of chickens for slaughter.

    Don’t think you guys are getting it yet.

  • Freeborn

    Notwithstanding all the vituperation lashed down on poor little Israel by comment board contributors here-many seem quite ready to buy into BBC/Israeli propaganda re-the fatality figure for flotilla massacre victims.

    As Kawther Salam points out the actual figure is actually 19.The German Parliamentarian, Inge Hoege, told a large Berlin demo Sunday that Israel was witholding the names of the missing 10 victims.

    Salam also rports that there is evidence that the Israelis stole passports from the activists.


  • Apostate

    Comment boards at left-gatekeeper sites will link to mainstream corporate or other left-gatekeeper media.

    Real independent research is a little frightening for these sources because they are terrified of having their misconceptions and credibility shattered.This is why they are research-averse and generally believe that if they supplement knowledge they have gleaned from the corporate media with the left-gatekeeper sources they know all that it’s necessary to know!

    They are only ready for the truth in very small doses.

    Because they prefer the world served up for them on a plate and have never sat down and thought for themselves they simply never even start asking the right questions.

    Posed over the last week has been the unmissable resemblances between Zionism and Nazism.Exactly this parallel was raised with the Gaza massacre in 2009.

    Who started Reform Judaism?

    What did the “ZI” in NAZI stand for?

    Why were there so many Jews in the Nazi leadership?

    Was Hitler a Jew?

    Who were the sonderkommandos?

    Who was Trebitsch-Lincoln?

    Let’s help you with the last question.The last man was a double agent.A former Liberal MP in the British Parliament.It was Trebitsch-Lincoln who, over a few beers naturlich, put the idea into Hitler’s head to unite his party with the National Zionists.

    Now why haven’t you heard of Trebitsch-Lincoln?

    Why are there no streets named after him in Israel?

    Are you ready to start asking the right questions?

    I doubt it!

    Do it before they start WW3 anyway-if you get time that is!


    Waiting for the man with the scissors to stop you discovering what the internet is actually for…..

  • Steelback


    Ziofascism ran a post earlier this month on how it was Zionists who actually ran the Nazi concentration camps.

    These were the sonderkommando,jawohl?

    There’s also a link to Grodzinski’s book In The Shadow of the Holocaust that describes the level of violence brought by Zionists against Jewish DPs post-war who despite all they’d suffered still did not want to go to Palestine.

    Moses Hesse started Reform Judaism.

    Do I get full marks for doing my homework?

  • technicolour

    Shame the nuances get lost. Terrible regime; some killers: all Israelis bcomes ‘dirty filthy animals’; Hitler was a Jew; Jews were responsible for their own holocaust. Really tragic, Apostate/Steelback et al. Do you think all Burmese are military dictators? Do you think all British people are Iraqi killers? Do you know any Jewish people?

  • Anonymous

    [email protected] – “dirty filthy Israeli animals”.

    Saw the video you posted about; true, awful beyond belief, but your comment above is hysterical and unfocussed. If you said ‘murderous troops’ well that would be accurate. So – dial it back to about 2, okay?

  • Jon

    @Apostate – I think I have mentioned before that, if you look for a conspiracy in everything, you might find one.

    But, let us put on hold your theories for the time being, whilst I ask these questions. Do you support peace and justice for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples? Are you opposed to racism directed at Palestinian people, at Israeli people, and indeed anyone because of their race? Do you agree that a huge number of people were put to death by the Nazi regime, and that a sizeable proportion of that number were killed for their Jewish background?

    There’s no left-gatekeeper questions there that I can make out! No offence, but just making sure you are not motivated by racism.

  • Jon

    Freeborn – it would be interesting if the number gets “revised” back to 19, the number originally quoted. If true, this will have to come out eventually.

  • Mae

    I strongly disagree with the comments that pop up on these threads sometimes equating all Israelis with the actions of their government.

    First, it’s too much like the Israeli state equating all Gazans with terrorists because Hamas won the election. In actual fact, if you do the math – ca 44% allowed to vote, 44% of those chosing Hamas – that means less than one in five of all Gazans voted for Hamas, but all of them are labelled terrorist supporters.

    Second, because a sizeable percentage of Israelis are actually Palestinians who took Israeli citizenship, who most definitely do not agree with incidents like last week.

    And third, because a great many other Israelis do not agree with their government’s policy either, but they have no voice anymore – not through the press or any other way – which is hardly surprising given the government’s crackdown on dissent, whether it’s expressed in legal form or not.

    An astute assessment of this is presented in the following post on the Israeli public.

    “Consider the following: About two-thirds of Israelis support the evacuation of most settlements as part of a peace agreement with the Palestinians. Yet at the same time, only 30 percent believe that this is the opinion held by the majority. (For the full polls mentioned in this article and other relevant surveys, please see

    Thus, a majority that supports the evacuation of most settlements as part of a peace agreement sees itself as a minority, while, perversely, a small but vocal minority that is against the evacuation acts as if it represents the general will.”

  • Louise Gallagher

    And another ‘well said, Mae.’

    I’m finding many of the posts on these boards deeply depressing.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Michael, that’s hilarious.

    Louise, please don’t be depressed about the threads – just continue to write rational ones like you, Jon, Mae, Clark and many others do. They shine through.

    Allan Green, your post beautifully illustrated one of the satirical points I’d made earlier. You will be happy to learn that you are now the Vice-President of the United States of America.

  • Garrett

    A great way to introduce the concept of immigration to kids is to read them childrens books written by Nicole Wilson about her immigration experience.

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