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5 thoughts on “Painstakingly scrupulously nuanced political analysis

  • BristleKRS

    Heh, a fruity post with plenty of pith and not a little *ahem* peal of truth about it 😉

    Still, playing devil's advocate, in the plus column Staines did have this to say about his ex-boss David Hart:

    "He's completely charming and can charm senior people like Thatcher and appear sane for a while. But any close proximity to him for a prolonged period of time, you know he's completely off his f@*king head."

  • Chuck Unsworth


    I disagree, but you perhaps know both individuals quite well.

    From where I stand 'pioneering' political blogging is not necessarily an indication of personal sanctity. And Guido may well be a muck-raker of the highest order, but then so was Hogarth. As to his masturbatory tendencies – I'd rather take your word than personally seek out any evidence.

    Frankly there's nowt wrong with a bit of shit. Let's not be too fastidious, eh? Staines has chosen a particular style and approach which seems to be rather popular. You may dislike it, but so what? There are many worse things than his blog, not the least of which is the insidious influence of such people as Murdoch or Branson. And you have to admit that some of Staines' digging has unearthed matters which many would have preferred to be hidden from public scrutiny and accountability.

  • Manic

    Heh. Thank you, Craig.

    Chuck: I have unearthed matters which Paul Staines would have preferred to be hidden from public scrutiny and accountability.


  • angels in marble

    Guido is interesting and often funny; he also has Stanislaw. We never understand what the other chap is going on about.

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