Obama’s Central Asian Policy Worse than George Bush 10

This is a very important documentary from the ever excellent Michael Andersen. It requires some patience and concentration, but it is essential to get away from the banalities of the mainstream media and understand the sheer scale of the disaster to which a purblind concentration on the disastrous Afghan war is leading.

Please watch.

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10 thoughts on “Obama’s Central Asian Policy Worse than George Bush

  • Monty

    Thanks, Craig.

    I’m going to Kyrgyzstan for the first time later in the year to deliver a training program for an aid organisation so I found the video particularly interesting.

  • MikeD

    Thanks Craig – the lessons seem so obvious for anyone with an open mind …

  • Sam

    Craig – as a reply to an earlier posting about the re-flagging of the aid ship. This article points out that, unlike Turkey, Comoros is a party of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which has jurisdiction over war crimes committed on vessels of member states. Not that the international criminal court has ever meant anything to Israel.

  • Anonymous

    Sam no statute, agreement, assurance, contract, law or alliance has ever meant anything to Israel and it never will.

    They consider themselves above all laws including their own, and so does the worlds leading nations.

    If there is no consequences for it to break laws or agreements why would follow and law or agreement.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    In July 2007, David Cameron asked the then new Prime Minister Gordon Brown why the organisation had not been banned from the United Kingdom, arguing it was an extremist group.

    Gordon Brown responded that more evidence would be needed before banning a group and, when pressed further, John Reid the previous home secretary stepped in arguing that there had already been two reviews of the group with insufficient evidence to justify a ban.

    In November 2009, Mr Cameron again questioned the Government over Hizb ut-Tahrir, claiming that government Pathfinder fund aimed at combating violent extremism was being used to fund schools run by an organisation with links to extremism. He later acknowledged that this statement was an error as another government fund was perceived.


  • arsalan

    The fact that the dictators are going to be removed is inevitable.

    I think the dictators understand that now, so exporting all the money they can out of the countries while they still can.

    They no longer care about the long term, they just want to maximise their times in power to maximise the money they can transfer out of the countries before they apply for and get political asylum in the UK or in America.

    What is going to replace them has become a certainty to, it would be an Islamic government. Because that is the only opposition left.

    What isn’t for certain is the form it will take and its relationship with the West.

    Europe and America seem to be doing what ever they can to make sure the Islamic government that replaces the dictators will be as anti-west as possible.

  • anno

    The beauty of Islam portrayed in this film has only one enemy, U.S. Zionism.

  • anno

    This film presents dictatorship and Western support of dictatorship as causing an escalation of Islamic extremism. There are so many current and historical injustices against Muslims that if this theory were true, there would be much more jihad than there now is in the world. Muslims tend to respond to injustice with patience and devotion, and injustice tends to increase these qualities.

    The trouble is, for the Zionists, that it is increasingly difficult to portray Islam as violent and extreme, when they endure megabombs, torture in prison, economic vandalism, and standard hazards of war, with patience and humility. Film is the tool of Zionism. The Western public have only to see the congregational prayer on film to realise that their own way of life is meaningless and empty compared with the warmth and solidity of Islam. Islam is an unwelcome witness to their slavery.

    This film stirs up feelings of frustration in the Western heart, that we are all running around trying to pay our council tax or Porsche instalments while other human beings are enjoying the benefit of living human existences, tranquillity and confidence in the world to come. The film portrays myopic leaders who oppress and deny, while dressing in the trappings of global capitalism.

    It was precisely this tension that arch-devil Tony Blair utilised to launch his devastating invasions on Muslim countries. ‘ I am a spiritual thinking man, who thinks deeply about what is best for the human beings and the rest of the world, and I have come to the conclusion that bombing the fuck out of all Muslim countries is the best solution. Vote Zionism.’

    Watching this film, I will draw my conclusions about beauty of Islam from it. But the larger audience, the audience intended by the commissioners of the film, will convert the painfulness to their own souls which this film generates, and a good dose of guilt, into backing ultra-devil Obama and mega-lie-in-your-face-we’re-back-eat-your-heart-out-super-devil-David-Cameron, in saying that if the first round of War on Terra didn’t teach the rag-head bastards of Islam enough of a lesson, the West should now escalate its global aggression.

    Obama has commissioned supercharged bomb delivery machines like minis with lorry engines inside them to drop ever bigger bombs at will to any GPS location. Cameron is grovelling in worship to Obama, promising to remove the Communist UK welfare state, and no excuses this time. The Milibands are green with jealousy that Cameron can get so much closer to the bosom of U.S. Zionism than their own pseudo-socialism allowed them.

    Three cheers for John McDonnell for joking that his only regret was not killing Mrs Thatcher at the time. Well, she’s back. David Cameron is a Thatcher Clone, whatever Clegg says. Take a lesson from Derek Bird. He cracked because a tart in Thailand took his money and spoiled his dream. Same way, when this bunch of murderers who commissioned the War on Islam show you through this film about the resurgence of Islamic resistance, in spite of the trillions of dollars spent on devastating them, they will respond in the Derek Bird model, because you spiked their dream.

    In spite of the fact that the aims of the War on Islam were pure fantasy from the warped minds of Zionists who detest Islam, when the fantasy bursts, like Derek Bird, it will be killing time. As Cameron so rightly said, ‘ you can’t legislate to stop someone flipping.’ We couldn’t stop Blair and Bush, and we will not be able to stop psycho-trash Obama and Cameron.

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