Julian Assange Gets The Bog Standard Smear Technique 1895

The Russians call it Kompromat – the use by the state of sexual accusations to destroy a public figure. When I was attacked in this way by the government I worked for, Uzbek dissidents smiled at me, shook their heads and said “Kompromat“. They were used to it from the Soviet and Uzbek governments. They found it rather amusing to find that Western governments did it too.

Well, Julian Assange has been getting the bog standard Kompromat. I had imagined he would get something rather more spectacular, like being framed for murder and found hanging with an orange in his mouth. He deserves a better class of kompromat. If I am a whistleblower, then Julian is a veritable mighty pipe organ. Yet we just have the normal sex stuff, and very weak.

Bizarrely the offence for which Julian is wanted for questioning in Sweden was dropped from rape to sexual harassment, and then from sexual harassment to just harassment. The precise law in Swedish, as translated for me and other Sam Adams alumni by our colleague Major Frank Grevil, reads:

“He who lays hands on or by means of shooting from a firearm, throwing of stones, noise or in any other way harasses another person will be sentenced for harassment to fines or imprisonment for up to one year.”

So from rape to non-sexual something. Actually I rather like that law – if we had it here, I could have had Jack Straw locked up for a year.

Julian tells us that the first woman accuser and prime mover had worked in the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC and had been expelled from Cuba for anti-Cuban government activity, as well as the rather different persona of being a feminist lesbian who owns lesbian night clubs.

Scott Ritter and I are well known whistleblowers subsequently accused of sexual offences. A less well known whistleblower is James Cameron, another FCO employee. Almost simultaneous with my case, a number of the sexual allegations the FCO made against Cameron were identical even in wording to those the FCO initially threw at me.

Another fascinating point about kompromat is that being cleared of the allegations – as happens in virtually every case – doesn’t help, as the blackening of reputation has taken effect. In my own case I was formerly cleared of all allegations of both misconduct and gross misconduct, except for the Kafkaesque charge of having told defence witnesses of the existence of the allegations. The allegations were officially a state secret, even though it was the government who leaked them to the tabloids.

Yet, even to this day, the FCO has refused to acknowledge in public that I was in fact cleared of all charges. This is even true of the new government. A letter I wrote for my MP to pass to William Hague, complaining that the FCO was obscuring the fact that I was cleared on all charges, received a reply from a junior Conservative minister stating that the allegations were serious and had needed to be properly investigated – but still failing to acknowledge the result of the process. Nor has there been any official revelation of who originated these “serious allegations”.

Governments operate in the blackest of ways, especially when it comes to big war money and big oil money. I can see what they are doing to Julian Assange, I know what they did to me and others (another recent example – Brigadier Janis Karpinski was framed for shoplifting). In a very real sense, it makes little difference if they murdered David Kelly or terrified him into doing it himself. Telling the truth is hazardous in today’s Western political system.

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  • Suhayl Saadi

    Although I hardly think it necessary, I shall be obsessional in this instance. I re-post the two sets of “five consecutive posts” to which I think TM was referring here, just to bore everyone:

    Post 1:

    “ghuyjk, you are something even less credible than a routine spambot, and that is a shallow, silly and illiterate spambot.

    Buy tee-shirt, get dictionary, learn dictionary, become intelligent, do deal with tee-shirt company, eat prophets, eat prophets, make big profits! Hey!

    Posted by: Suhayl Saadi at August 26, 2010 7:39 PM

    Post 2:

    Pandemic, so, if Bradley Manning is sentenced to 500 years in prison, then you will believe the the leaks are genuine? But the information in the leaks will be the same, regardless of whether or not Manning gets convicted. So where’s the logic?

    Posted by: Suhayl Saadi at August 26, 2010 7:41 PM

    Post 3:

    John McNeil, I love what you’re saying and wish it were true. Let’s work for it, right. But I’m not going to hold my breath! Nonetheless, on a lighter note, I do wish I could some of whatever it is you’re on (!)

    Posted by: Suhayl Saadi at August 26, 2010 7:44 PM

    Post 4:

    cid, not necessarily – and it might still happen (though I hope not). Sometimes – usually, in fact – it is more effective to damage someone’s credibility. Unless, it seems, they work as a microbiologist.

    Posted by: Suhayl Saadi at August 26, 2010 8:28 PM

    And the other “consecutive” , later on the thread, were all questioning state’s actions wrt the GCHQ murder.

    So, in the first set of four (not five) consecutive posts, there are two which question/ develop Pandemic’s and cid’s assertions on Assange. In the one to cid, I suggest that the state may have assassinated microbiologists – a suggestion which is hardly supportive of the state! The rest attack Islamophobic spambots/ trolls and relate to other matters entirely, such as the quest for utopias, etc.

    The point I’m making here is not to degrade what TM is saying in general or on Assange/ Wikileaks, not at all, but is simple that it is very easy to drop in on a conversation and then to put two and two together and make five.

  • dreoilin

    Yikes! A gazillion more comments have arrived since I hit Preview!

    “If you are a male and have sex you will face the risk not only to be accused for rape but maybe even sentenced. Virtually no hard evidence is requiered in those cases.”


    Very hard to believe, in those terms. In that case every vindictive woman in Sweden could put a man behind bars just by making a claim against him. It’s bad enough in Ireland and the UK where women often won’t come forward because of the ordeal involved, and when they do, it’s one person’s word against another, regarding consent. But the above is the other extreme and sounds a bit insane.

    “there is the possibility that your computer is part of the vast child pornography network”.”

    — Clark

    Clark, bot-nets worry the heck out of me, but I’m very security conscious, which comes from having a son in that business. But I know you’re right! He’s always advising me to get off Windows. Yep, I’m easy to persuade that Ubuntu Linux is the way to go.

    “He is off to Ireland next week on a book flogging execise.”

    Talk of a citizen’s arrest going on here, but I don’t know if anything will get off the ground. Wouldn’t it be marvellous … But the Irish Government would never allow it. Blair has too many weighty connections.

    On Wikileaks, I am currently split exactly 50/50 on whether Assange is legit or whether he’s a CIA ‘asset’. I’m in the wait and see camp.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    One sees that Roderick Russell and Craig Murray appear to feel that Assange/ Wikileaks is genuine, while Courtney Barnett raises doubts. All three, by their own accounts, have experienced the power and malevolence of various aspects of the transnational MI Complex. What this suggests is not that any/ all of the three are really MI-Complex assets (or complex MI assets), an assertion which in the semiotic sense would be self-contradictory, but that, as dreoilin astutely puts it, overall there is a lack of certainty on this subject.

    I think, therefore I am.

    I disagree, therefore I blog.

    Okay, end of riposte.

  • dreoilin

    “I make the point that, if the Muslims have their fundamentalists ?” then ?” surely too do the Jews”

    and those wonderful “Christians” in the United States.

  • Ruth


    I’ve ‘experienced the power and malevolence of various aspects of the transnational MI Complex’ and come down on the side of Courtney Barnett

  • dreoilin

    “Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef denounced upcoming peace talks with the Palestinians, which are set to start September 2 in Washington, and called for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to “perish from this world,” Army Radio reported overnight Saturday.

    “Abu Mazen and all these evil people should perish from this world,” Rabbi Ovadia was quoted as saying during his weekly sermon at a synagogue near his Jerusalem home. “God should strike them with a plague, them and these Palestinians.”

    “The Shas spiritual leader also called the Palestinians “evil, bitter enemies of Israel” during his speech, which is not the rabbi’s first sermon to spark controversy.”



  • Ruth

    Regarding the death of Gareth Williams, this comment I found on aangirfan makes sense:

    ‘I’m guessing the guy had a conscience and learnt something while at the Pentagon he shouldn’t have, then mentioned this to the wrong person.

    When they murder as blatantly as this without even trying to cover it up, it’s a warning to others.’

  • Anonymous

    Suhayl – puzzlement is good. People who have all the answers don’t ask questions; people who know everything have stopped learning.

    “It was much simpler – though not easier – in the days of the Inquisition!”

    I doubt it. Or there’d have been no need for such a drastic attempt to abolish complexity ?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Richard, here’s Barry ‘The Fish’ Melton:


    Ruth, thanks, as always. Yes, that’s my concern as well wrt the Gareth Williams. They seem to have allowed details of it to emerge but seem also to be blocking the proper criminal investigation of the murder. Apart from possibly being an attempt to conceal certain dynamics in relation to his work, this might suggest both complicity and propaganda (the “warning to others” to which you allude) with respect to his death. We don’t know yet exactly why he might have been killed, though. Let’s see what emerges – and more importantly, perhaps, what doesn’t.

  • mike cobley

    To quote GK Chesterton, “The world will never be safe for democracy – it is a dangerous trade.”

    As for Assange and Wikileaks, I go by the maxim, Trust But Verify. If possible in this case.

  • MJ

    “Trust But Verify. If possible in this case”.

    It may not be possible to verify in this case.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    I think that the likelihood that Assange was framed by the CIA is exactly the likelihood that Roderick Russell was ever been on the radar of the “MI Complex”.

    You people simply have delusions of grandeur.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    It does seem like hypothecation. I surmise that because Her Majesty’s Government is complicit in the Misick administration corruption, there is a desire to dominate and curtail local political power. How better to do it than to increase the debt burden then having protected same by way of collateral for the loan(s), then tax the local population to the hilt, then use this as the pretext why local democracy is not feasible and the Constitution with democracy cannot be restored. What a hypocritical and corrupt world we really do live in.

    You might find interesting to note that I now have the first case from TCI before the European Court of Human Rights. It is a case for the former head of the civil service, and the “beloved British Governor” is in the mix, so we really do need an adjudicative body outside the British loop to get a chance at justice. As a former Chief Justice said to me in the heat of a case, ” You really don’t understand that this is a colony” ( read: I guess, we can do what the fuck we want in th4e colony and Westminster covers up all our wrongdoing).

    Anyway life goes on, and sometimes, just sometimes, justice does prevail.

    Aluta continua!

  • Jaded.

    Lamby, you seem to be increasingly off your rocker and losing the plot of late. Delusions of grandeur? That is one of the truest traits which one could apply to you. You have to be the most arrogant, warped and deluded individual that has ever appeared on Craig’s blog. Moreover, I would say you are the biggest moron I have ever had the misfortune to encounter online. I actually felt a bit sorry for you after what you admitted to last night. And now you reappear after only a matter of hours and start making more inane, worthless and unintelligent comments? Give it a rest. In a nutshell, I would advise handing in your resignation like you intended to and getting a good sponsor through Alcoholics Anonymous. Only then can you be free from the shackles of ‘Establishment Twoofdom’.

  • Clark


    I used to worry about PC security until I ditched Windows. Ubuntu is relaxing. There are no sudden bursts of unexplained hard disk activity, and my software never changes unless I deliberately change it. I can post you a CD if you like.

    I was looking for a recent comment about secrecy vs. openness, but I can’t find it. Suhayl Saadi; I think you replied to it? Openness is a very reassuring attribute in my opinion. Of course, some secrecy is unavoidable – WikiLeaks, for instance, have to protect their sources. But a ‘culture’ of secrecy seems always to be a bad sign.

    The workings of Microsoft’s software is a trade secret; by using it you you accept their terms and conditions, which stipulate that you must not even attempt to understand or analyse its operation.

    WikiLeaks have published their methods, and use Open Source software, subject to public scrutiny. Assange is a writer and contributor of Open Source software.

  • Clark


    no, we can’t verify the Afghan War Diaries immediately. However, at his Frontline Club appearance, Assange appealed for witnesses to add detail to the events recorded in the leaked reports. Also, the Collateral Murder video looks pretty unfakeable to me.

  • tony_opmoc

    I haven’t looked on here for months, having purposefully banned myself, whilst I started learning how to become a rockstar.

    I haven’t quite mastered the electric violin yet, but that’s because it only arrived from China on Friday and I immediately bust a string.

    I see nothing much has changed over the last 6 months.

    The best contributions today have of course been from Major General Albert Stubblebine and Qark. The rest of you aren’t really in the same league except of course dreoilin who is as wonderful as ever.

    There is another explanation with regards to the speculation that Assange must be a CIA asset, otherwise he would be dead.

    Maybe elements within the CIA themselves are changing. Its possible that some of the members of the CIA are actually human, and it could be that they are starting to recognise, that the policies of mass assassinations, political destabilization, and generally being really horrible is counter-productive to the interests of the United States and the Queen.

    I recently saw a pretty convincing interview of Assange, and he definitely gave a strong impression that not only was he a real human being, but also a bit of a hero.

    However, I was also quite impressed with Tony Blair in 1997, so I am obviously not a good judge of character.

    I was hoping that Craig might have written something really horrible about David Miliband in response to his words today in the Sunday rags.


  • Jaded.

    Very droll Lamby. You had a drunken binge and a sudden moment of clarity in your sad life. A cry for help? Now you are trying to cover it up with a weak attempt at humour. Pitiful…

  • Abe Rene

    Jaded: What evidence have you that Muhammad ever engaged in sexually immoral behaviour such as you describe? I am neither Muslim nor Islamologist, but I have read Karen Armstrong’s biography which portrays Muhammad as a good man by Old Testament standards. Rulers in that culture could have a number of wives, and he was effectively ruler of Arabia by the end of his life.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    @ Roderick,

    Maybe this article brings the point home. The foreign events in the far off Caribbean colony, are very much intertwined with the home events in the UK:-

    “Lord Michael Ashcroft’s Nikki Beach Resort.

    There has been compelling evidence that the UK’s presence in Turks and Caicos is a vast conspiracy to bring down UK multi-millioniare and power house Lord Michael Ashcroft.

    Lord Ashcroft of the UK Conservative Party has long been criticized for funding his Conservative party (to the tune of several Million Pounds) while declaring in part “Non-Dom” (Non domicile) status for tax purposes. This has earned him the nickname “Cashcoft” in the UK. Lord Ashcroft is now writing a memoir that promises to be a scathing attack on the Labour Party tactics, as well as his blame of David Cameron for squandering a Conservative party lead in the last election.

    Lord Ashcroft had long resided in Belize where he grew up as a boy. He once owned Belize Bank as well as many other ventures across the Caribbean, where he made his millions.

    Lord Ashcroft certainly dabbled in the luxury resort development market in Turks & Caicos, his most notable development being the Nikki Beach Resort.

    In 2008, Lord Ashcroft became the target of a political opposition party in Turks and Caicos for reasons not fully known. This is rumored to have been linked to a financing dispute involving Lord Ashcroft and the Ritz Carlton project in the islands. However, we now know it runs much deeper than the Ritz Carlton bickering and bad blood between Ashcroft and local developer and opposition friend, David “Jumpy” Hartshorn. This attack on Lord Ashcroft is said to have originated from Gordon Brown’s office, designed to ensnare Ashcroft in corruption charges.

    The origins of TCI Journal, the propaganda website in Turks & Caicos dedicated to assisting the UK to take over the islands, began with an angry press release against the former Premier Michael Misick and Lord Ashcroft.

    Many people in Turks and Caicos and abroad believe that this UK take over in the islands is nothing more than a vast conspiracy to take down Lord Ashcroft by the former UK Labour Party. The Ritz Carlton financing quarrel might just be a decoy, as well as the allegations of corruption in the islands.

    How else could TCI Journal have had so much pull with the UK. If you ask anyone on the streets of Turks & Caicos how TCI Journal editor, Shaun Malcolm, has so much protection and pull with the UK, they shrug in disbelief. Shaun Malcolm hails himself as the former opposition party leader, and technically that’s only half the story. Shaun Malcolm has been giving the UK testimony for which he is not under oath and the UK fails to consider his bias or motivation to make such uncorroborated claims. This is highly suspicious to many people.

    Shaun Malcolm has a long line of problems with his credibility. He has been called a con-artist by many people in Turks & Caicos. He was accused of thievery resulting from money he allegedly embezzled from the mass choir, a group in which he once belonged. He’s been accused of fathering children outside of his marriage. He quarrels and bickers with every group for which he belongs and he is eventually asked to leave. Some call him “manic” while others call him a “sociopath”. When the UK invaded Turks & Caicos, the UK asked Shaun Malcolm to serve on an advisory committee. This did not occur because nobody would serve with him. Yet the UK confers with this man and takes his word for all of their evidence of corruption, all hearsay and circumstantial evidence. The people are outraged.

    To hear that Shaun Malcolm has been working side-by-side with the British to cause the fall of Lord Ashcroft from UK politics, almost makes sense. After all, if you look at the core of all of Mr. Malcolm’s targets, they somehow trace back to Lord Ashcroft’s holdings, including Leeward, Nikki Beach, Health Care board, and funding of any infrastructure project in Turks and Caicos. Lord Ashcroft and TCI Journal have had several show downs in the last couple of years, including Ashcroft obtaining a court order to shut down TCI Journal for slander and libel. TCI Journal subsequently was able to get the site up and running.

    I think that the other developers who were targeted in the islands were pawns unwittingly ensnared in this conspiracy so that the UK could make a pretense of going after all developers.

    This has caused a collapse of the Turks and Caicos economy, an UK feat one year in the making.

    This begs the question, why are all of the people of Turks & Caicos suffering so that the UK can bring down one man? I knew that Lord Ashcroft was a VIP, but this is ridiculous.”

  • Courtenay Barnett

    @ Roderick,

    Think again, if you think home is clean:-

    “In an interview with the Independent, Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow accused the Tory party deputy chairman and chief fundraiser of monopoly practices relating to the Central American nations’ telecom service and of trying to obscure his interests through a complex web of subsidiaries and trusts.

    Barrow has promised to unpick a series of commercial deals that he says Ashcroft has used to “soak” the country in the manner of a colonial overlord.

    “This sense of Lord Ashcroft’s, that he can pretty much call all the shots, and that national governments must simply allow him to have his way ?” that’s colonialism,” said Barrow. “I first met him in the 80s when he said he was interested in helping Belize. We actually – silly us – thought he was talking about being philanthropic more than anything else. But he was certainly not a knight in shining armour.”

    Barrow had a stark warning for David Cameron heading into the election campaign: “You would think that government in the UK is so powerful and so diverse that he could not exercise the kind of influence he has been able to here. But there must be a warning in this: if he can he will. Based on my experience, he fully expects that he who pays the piper plays the tune.”

    Read more: http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/55402,business,oleg-deripaska-and-michael-ashcroft-a-tale-of-two-billionaires#ixzz0y0wLRZbf

  • Jaded

    None i’m afraid Abe. Sorry to disappoint you. 🙁 I think Lamby was being an immature kid trying to imitate other posters. He has shown worrying signs of becoming increasingly unhinged of late.

  • Jaded

    Unknown – ‘who is this jaded and why are they saying this – is it not illegal?’

    It’s some wally called Lamby. Go easy on him, as I think he’s going through a rough patch… 🙁

  • tony_opmoc

    A couple of years ago, I actually thought about going to the Turks & Caicos, and also more seriously the British Virgin Islands. Having previously been to Cayo Largo in an old WWII Russian plane before it crashed, I was aware of the potential delights of the Caribbean.

    However, I thought that not only would the place be crawling with rich fat Americans, who didn’t have much respect for coral, but I might also bump into people like Cliff Richard and throw up whilst snokeling.

    So I gave it a miss, went to the Maldives instead and read Craig’s book cos it rained a lot.

    Is it all oily now?

    Is Craig’s film in production?


  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Jaded – random?

    Tony – Hi!

    Blair in 1997 was the family man next door, attractively rebellious, later to become an actor, hypnotised by fame, who eventually sold his soul for the lure of wealth. A second-class man, neither rock star or humanitarian, one willing to clasp his hands in prayer for the sake of an image, reaching out to false religion for redemption, a fraud who admitted he relinquished ‘caring’ and eventually obeyed and regressed to murder, maiming and disfiguring the pure who knew no evil.

  • Jaded.

    Yes, with an immature, little kiddy like Lamby around posters can be ‘random’. I thought that someone with his professed intelligence would have better things to do than clone other posters. It seems not… His childishness really does know no bounds. No one took him seriously anyway. :-0

  • Roderick Russell

    Courtenay – Your second last paragraph says it all – BVI is a Crown Colony; so London had oversight responsibilities. It might be interesting to see if the terms of the loans that are being repaid are as much a hammer as the new loan. I worked a couple of times with Caribbean projects and very much enjoyed. it and the people; you can seems to exist. Throw the involvement of MI6 into this mix, with their reputation for deception and threats, and people will say what they have to say to survive. I don’t know anything about your case, but you will probably be expecting them to spin a web of deception to scapegoat your client if they can.

    As for Larry the Liar – he is on again. In fact, he is on immediately following myself; just like clockwork. Larry is paid troll, paid to slander and smear me and others – something he has been doing for 9 months now. And Larry, don’t flatter your client too much, I wouldn’t use words like grandeur in relation to the seedy MI6.

    Click on my name and you can see my story on the enclosed Wiki. Click on the 2nd Chapter and you will see a list of other innocent victims of MI5 / MI6. Google on them and check the facts out for yourselves on the internet. You will also note that there are multiple witnesses to many of my statements, recorded death threats in police hands, and a proven history of a government cover-up. As for proof of the involvement of the intelligence services, look on Chapter 7 – Role of MI5, MI6, and CSIS in Zerzetsen and see a list. Backing up this list (not on the wiki) is a very detailed point by point summary of the evidence – which the police have, so no doubt your client has got hold of it as well..

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