Labour MP Hypocrisy 1

Tartan Hero tallies the Labour MPs most responsible for the defeat of last weeks call for an Iraq war enquiry:

A quick glance of Hansard shows that the following EDM1088 signatures, voted against the SNP/Plaid Cymru debate with an almost identical text wording:

The Roll of Shame:

Colin Challen (very disappointing as I admired him for his Climate Change agenda)

Ronnie Campbell

Michael Clapham

Jim Cousins (Labour Scot)

Ann Cryer

Jim Devine (Livingston MP)

Neil Gerrard

Ian Gibson (Labour Scot)

Jim McGovern (Dundee West MP)

Austin Mitchell

Linda Riordan

Jon Trickett

The rush of Scottish, or Scottish-born but representing an English seat, Labour MPs who have rallied to support Blair this time even though they have publicly campaigned against the war on Iraq is galling. Michael Connarty. Ann McKechin. And Joan Ruddock? I used to admire her for her leadership of CND in the 1980s.

Congratulations to Dr Gavin Strang for having the integrity to vote according to his beliefs and previous support for EDM 1088.

It’s very clear that because it was a Nationalist motion they couldn’t bring themselves to support the motion. Talk about putting your party prejudices before your own beliefs, and your own country’s interests, disgraceful. But we wont forget.

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One thought on “Labour MP Hypocrisy

  • Sabretache

    "…. I always voted at my Party's call and I never thought of thinking for myself at all".

    Some things just do not change do they? – just the addition of crass sanctimonious hypocricy in this case.

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