Bent Cops on Parade 72

The great airline bomb plot was a totally impractical idea in the minds of a very small number (four) of isolated extremists, penetrated from the start by the state, who never did make their liquid bomb cocktail work, never did blow anything up, never did buy plane tickets and for the most part hadn’t actually got round to applying for passports yet. However, these deluded fantasists provided the excuse for billions of taxpayers’ money to be pumped to the security industry, and made air travel even more annoying with the crazy war on shampoo.

They also proved an invaluable bogeyman of last resort for bent Met cops, who could not chase real harmful monsters like Rupert Murdoch because they were too busy colluding with Murdoch in pumping out propaganda about the fantasy monsters – sorry, saving us all from terrorists.

An invaluable analysis on the bent cops from Nick Davies here – although even he feels he has to genuflect to “the terrorist threat”.

Aren’t members of parliament amazing? Suddenly they all have noticed that the Murdoch influence is a cancer in society, which is something the rest of us have known for 30 years. Equally suddenly they have noticed that Andy Hayman is a lying buffoon, whereas before they took him as a great bastion against terrorism whose every word must be treated with respect. This blog and other blogs have been telling them he was a lying buffoon for years, most indisputably over the appalling lies he spread in the media about Jean Charles De Menezes.

Good work on Hayman here. I had missed the fact that Murdoch employed him after he left the cops.

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