Haaretz Claims Greek Bailout Used by Netanyahu to Block Gaza Flotilla 51

Haaretz is trumpeting that Netanyahu was able to use his support for the Greek bailout to block the Gaza flotilla. I don’t buy that Netanyahu had that much influence on the bailout, or could persuade Papandreou that he had. But the actions of the Greek government are disgraceful, and unlawful in preventing ships from sailing on politically motivated false pretences. Every Greek should be deeply ashamed of their government. Of course, they already are, for different reasons.

Some of my FCO sources tell me that the Israeli government has now been supplying the Greek government with emergency supplies of tear gas and other unspecified “anti-riot equipment”, as the Greek government ran out. Isn’t the Greek government lucky to have a friend like Natanyahu?

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  • Anon

    “…unlawful in preventing ships from sailing on politically motivated false pretences”

    There’s an interesting ambiguity here that is probably not meant.

  • mary

    Come on Aristidis. Tell Papandreou to let the people go.
    Embassy in London
    Address : 1a Holland Park, London W11 3TP
    Tel. : (004420) 72293850 – Fax : 72297221
    E-mail : political[at]greekembassy.org.uk
    The Greek Embassy website is completely dead. All entries lead back to the single page I posted on Craig’s earlier post Just One Little Palestinian Story
    Checking on the Google Street View image of 1a Holland Park, you can compare the sheer luxury of its surroundings to the very basic living conditions of the people in Gaza, some still living in tents following Cast Lead.
    Interestingly, further down Holland Park on the opposite side of the road, the image of a property has been blurred out. Wonder who the occupants are!

  • anno

    The people who have the political power to privatise the infrastructure of Greece are the same as those who are going to purchase it. Do as we say or western democracy gets bummed back into the stone age. Are there Craig?

  • angrysoba

    Alright, take this as an argument against interest:
    I say to Bibi that he can fuck off and that he is truly a CUNT and that Israel is woefully ill-served by his bigotted and disgusting behaviour.
    I’ll point this out one more time:
    I hate Bibi and frankly would wish upon him the same cancer afflicting Hugo Chavez right now if I wasn’t such a wishy washy kind of liberal person.
    My support is for the very reasonable Palestinians such as those whose economy I actively support and against the idiotic nihilists that some of the “liberal west” supports.

  • mary

    Off topic! The dreadful war criminal Condoleeza Rice is in the Royal Box at Wimbledon watching the fina along with the has beens and hangers on. The toady BBC commentator when pointing her out, referred to her as Dr Condoleeza Rice and said that she was in Prague yesterday, the home of one of the finalists, where there is a street named after Ronald Reagan. What bilge. As if he knew those irrelevancies. He was obviously reading off a script.

  • Pascvaks

    I know this isn’t a popular thing to say but states are really a lot like people. In fact, they’re more like people than most people are. Why they do the things they do is normally understandable. Sometimes they do stupid things that aren’t very bright. Go figure. Who would have thought it possible in this day and age? Aren’t states just terrible? There really ought to be a law…. What?… No! There already is? Call a cop!.. What?… NO Cops? Heck, that law doesn’t mean squat. It’s a jungle out there, I tell you, a real jungle!

  • angrysoba

    “I know this isn’t a popular thing to say but states are really a lot like people.”
    What you then went on to say was simply incomrehensible. If that happens to be unpopular then you only have yourself to blame.

  • Jonangus Mackay

    Too hasty with the send button. Above comment meant for preceding post. Possible, at all, to either zilch it, Craig, or shift to the right place? If so, thanks. Please forgive me. That’ll teach me to stop playing smart Alec from an iPod.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    Off toppic…

    Three months of NATO bombing and pro-Gadaffi demonstrators turn out in numbers comparable to the opposition demostrations over a few weeks before Mubarak was toppled.

    Common sense would suggest that with this level of support demonstrated, if there were a Western style democratic election tomorrow then Gadaffi would be back in power.

    But, the bombing of Libya by NATO is not about democracy – is it?


  • Suhayl Saadi

    Angrysoba, thanks for the clear and powerful statement about Netanyahu and the Palestinians – I agree, and good on you.

    Mary, on a similar note to angrysoba’s, I hope, at the very least, that Condoleeza Rice gets indigestion from eating maggoty strawberries and curdled cream! Serenade her with great farting choruses from here to West Point!

    A street in Prague named after Ronald Reagan? God, to replace ‘Lenin’s Bust’ with ‘Reagan’s Rump’ must be progress (?) What did they call it? ‘Cocaine Alley’…? ‘Mujaheddin Square?…’ Or perhaps just, ‘Beware: Contraflow’.

  • mark_golding

    Mary, I too saw Rice and had to reach for the anti-emetic!

    Rice is the progedy of Joseph Korbel, father of Marie Jana Korbelova, a.k.a. Madeleine Albright the destroyer of Iraqi children.

    Korbel, an ambassador in Yugoslavia was the key Zionist point man in the illegal weapons transfers to Zionist forces in Palestine. The people, such as Shimon Peres, who were involved in the illegal weapons smuggling to the Haganah and the Irgun terrorist gangs in Palestine have been at the top of the Zionist hierarchy since 1948.

    Korbel clearly played a key role in the Zionist-Israeli weapons pipeline from Czechoslovakia, which was the main supplier and base for the nascent Israeli Air Force. The Zionist air bridge from Czechoslovakia, known as Operation Balak, was the essential weapons supply line and is regarded as one of the Israeli Air Force’s most important achievements. Czechoslovakia provided weapons, ammunition, and the first fighter airplanes to the Zionist forces in Palestine.

    The disasterous American foreign policy becomes much clearer with minimum research and my information here is just a tip of a very ugly iceburg.

  • mary

    Suhayl You are particularly humorous there. Did you all meet up and did the physical reality match the imagined?
    Mark – fancy you watching spectator sport which is now an arm of Big Business inc HSBC and the like. I hear that the winner today received £700,000 and that Ms Sharapova receives $25m this year in sponsorship deals alone. Did you also spot the Cleggovers there? Mrs Miriam Gonzalez Clegg is a partner in the global law firm DLA Piper so no pension worries for the Cleggs.
    Sonia Karkar of Australians for Palestine sends these two films on the flotilla.
    AMAZING VIDEO showing Greek coast guard
    and commandos stopping US boat to Gaza
    http://australiansforpalestine.com/47443 (5 mins 54 secs)
    POWERFUL FILM CLIP “The Audacity to Love
    {http://australiansforpalestine.com/47415} (8 mins 52 secs)

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Thanks, Mary. Yeah, we had a super conversation! Outside, it was a lovely, sunny day, inside the restaurant was hospitable and I had a coffee, but the food there is always good. Yep, very pleasant – and thanks to ingo for coming along! Outside, beneath the beautiful architecture of the ‘Merchant City’ so redolent of multiple layers of history, the drum-beat and flutes of a March of the Orange Order. Hmn. Glasgow, in a nutshell.

  • mark_golding


    While I was on the phone to the Greek foreign office yesterday a dark coloured helicopter with two lit spot-lights on the front buzzed my house at about 500 feet. It made two passes coming in low over my garden.

  • craig Post author


    That would be too hard work. But that Cockburn article is absolute rubbish, in my view. Emotive nonsense. She was so horrified that she spat semen all over the room. Then she went and cleaned another room. Then she returned and cleaned up the room that a short time before she had spat semen all over, thus presumably removing some of the semen she had spat all over, and at the very least complicating the evidence by cleaning the room – despite the fact that she then went and reported it to the police. At which point she lied and claimed to have been hiding in a corridor, when she was cleaning rooms.

    Your concern that the disadvantaged in society get a fair hearing does you credit, but being disadvantaged should not shield you from the necessity of telling the truth, particularly when you are attempting to deprive another human being of their liberty – and discussing with a prison inmate how to make money out of that.

    Yes people might seek comfort in routine after a traumatic experience – but if the rape was really as violent as claimed, she would be in a great deal of discomfort after it and struggle to clean rooms. And why then lie to police about what she did when cleaning the rooms?

    I am sorry, and we don’t know what happened. But to me the scenario that she had (probably paid) sex with DSK, then went about her work, then thought she could make real money out of this by crying rape, is a great deal more believable. And it is believable because of her own lies.

    Cockburn is of course right that because she had lied to the authorities before does not mean she is lying now. But it is admitted she also lied to the authorities now, about what she did after the rape. That is a track record of lying – and all of those lies related to rape. Not to not doing her homework, not to cheques being in the post. Rape.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    @ Craig,

    Off topic yet again – but let us hear you soon on the mass demonstration of 1st July, 2011 in Tripoli.

    The Western media for quite some time has utilised Gaddafi’s eccentricities to portray him as mad.
    In reflecting on how this war in Libya has progressed, I, however, have reason to doubt the sanity of some Western leaders.
    The war has been advanced by mainly three NATO nations, America, France and Britain.
    Obama, while bombing Libya has professed that this is not a “war”. With stunning linguistic gymnastics, the war has somersaulted from the feet first “war” to a head over heels “support” mission and merely an “intervention”. I must now conclude that if I dislike my neighbour and start throwing Molotov cocktails on his roof and stones into his windows, I am not at war with him, but in an effort to have him remove from the neighbourhood, I am involved in a support mission and have merely intervened across the fence into his property. Sounds like a defence, then once I run it, I would have provided the Judge a good reason to order a psychiatric examination.
    Sarkozy, for his part, is faced with a UN Resolution which prohibits the supply of arms to Libya. He then in seeking to enforce the UN Resolution supplies arms to the rebels, while professing to be upholding that UN Resolution. Candidate number two for mental status assessment.
    In Britain, by parity of reason, one must assume that if a community took up arms, set up its own central bank, professed itself the new legitimate government of the UK, then for consistency, David Cameron, would simply fold his arms and direct that the British army not suppress the rebellion? Absolutely, because, no doubt, he would have to be politically consistent with his conduct in Libya – now, would he? On the 1st of July, and after 3 months of bombardment of Libya by NATO, several thousand people have marched in the streets of Tirpoli in support of Gadaffi, yet in the words of Cameron:-
    “As I’ve said, we will help fulfil the UN Security Council [resolution] – it is for the Libyan people to determine their government and their destiny. But our view is clear – there is no decent future for Libya with Colonel Gaddafi remaining in power. [The world cannot] stand aside while this dictator murders his own people.”
    So, there are no equivalent public mass rallies in Behghazi of any size, and yet Gadaffi’s own people come out in mass support of their leader, but we cannot forget what Obama said:-
    “Muammar Gaddafi has lost the legitimacy to lead and he must leave,”
    and that Cameron and Obama are of one mind.
    All three leaders are, of course, on a “humanitarian mission”. And to implement same, one drops bombs relentlessly on the Libyan people, who then come out in mass support of their leader and demand that the NATO bombing stops. But, as we know, Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron are all great humanitarians and thus they shall not relent from the humanitarian bombing for accomplishment of the noble humanitarian mission of removing the leader who over a million people want, while insisting that a leadership that no one ever heard of before – is installed in power to uphold the democratic wishes of the Libyan people.
    Who really needs to consult the psychiatrist, Gadaffi, Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron or the masses of Libyans who marched in Tripoli ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHVDIMP-l80)?
    P.S. I note now that you tube is busy, yet again, blocking the videos showing the size of the pro-Gadaffi demonstrations. Of course, we have freedom of expression here in the West.

  • ingo

    Well said Craig, someone has turned the fan towards the brown matter so it seems and netanyahu, bereft of any positive publicity to crow about, has taken to fleddering a Greek Government which has had its economic spine ripped out.
    They should all leave now, seconds in command can sail ships if allowed by captain and owners, thats what they are trained for and bugger the fine, this is preposterous harrasment on hearsay of third persons unknown, I would set sail, quietly, at dusk.

    After a pleasant morn shifting weight through the excellent kelvingrove gallery we had a lovely meal and a delightfull afternoons encounter with Suhayl, my dearest commiserations to Vronsky on his bikers mishap, I know ;)been there, get better soon and look after your brakes when you start a tour, test them, you need your hands mate. It was great to meet the face of many a novels, stories, plays and articles.

    Is it not surprising that these internationally renown war criminals, alledgedly, can come here and sit through a game of tennis with no worries in the world, a citizens arrest would have at least embarassed her and put her on the news, with a slightly distroted face, not that any journalist would have challeneged her, by god, that would mean Xmas and easter on the same day. Condolezza always struck me as the pictorial eloquence of a doghouse, a bone on every corner, no wonder that woman hasn’t got a life, although very well educated she’s sold her soul to the devil.
    Please slap me down if I’m too hard on her, but thats exactly what she needs, humbly spoken.
    Can I just say thanks to the mods for their superb work.

  • KingofWelshNoir

    No I haven’t seen it, is it good? From a cursory glance it looks like it’s not a ‘Pro Official Narrative’ type of movie, so I guess I might:)

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