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To cut through the enormous wave of rubbish that swept the net for 48 hours about Amanda Knox, I wanted to publish the text of the statement she made to police trying to frame Patrick Lumumba. It is evidence of how appalling the media coverage is that I can’t track down through the gush this actual factual text, which the media plainly would want us to forget. Can anyone point me to it?

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54 thoughts on “Meredith Kercher Case

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  • larry Levin

    what is the truth of this story? why would the first person “guedde” implicated knox and her boyfriend?

  • Gary Hay

    The minute anyone changes their statement so deliberately is the moment they become an unreliable witness. I wasn’t three that night – but I’m not convinced that she wasn’t.

  • craig Post author

    The one I am looking for is the one quoted quite extensively in the Times link posted by Gary. She withdrew the first statement posted by John Goss saying it was made under duress while in custody, but then made the second more detailed statement accusing Lumumba. But while the Times gives substantial excerpts, I am looking for the simple undeited text.

    Unsurprisingly it is not there amongst all the “evidence” on the numerous Amanda Knox websites.

  • craig Post author


    I didn’t like the style of that overblown quote and I don’t want yet to divert from the narrow question I am asking, so I trashed it.

  • craig Post author


    Pretty amazing that, with all the coverage of this murder, we can’t find the text of that crucial statement.

  • John Goss

    When I tried the above link it did not work. This is what it said.

    From the Daily Telegraph, Nov. 8th

    Police said that Knox, when confronted by police with her boyfriend’s evidence, admitted she had lied in previous interviews.

    She maintains she played a “minimal role” in what happened, Corriere della Sera reported.

    The newspaper said Knox appeared “confused” in interviews, repeatedly putting her head in her hands and shaking it, and that detectives believe she is still not telling the whole truth.

    She reportedly told them during interviews on Tuesday: “I want to talk about what happened because the incident has left me really upset and I am really scared of Patrick (Lumumba), the African man who owns the pub Le Chic where I work sometimes.

    “I met him on the evening of November 1 after having replied to a message he sent me, with the words ‘Let’s meet up’.

    “We met at around 9.00pm at a basketball court in Piazza Grimana and we went to my house. I don’t remember if my friend Meredith was already at home or if she came in later. All I can say is that they went off together.

    “Patrick and Meredith went off into Meredith’s room while I stayed in the kitchen. I can’t remember how long they were in there together – I can only say that at one point I heard Meredith screaming and I was so frightened I blocked my ears.

    “I don’t remember anything after that – my head’s all confused. I don’t remember if Meredith screamed and I heard thuds too because I was upset, but I guessed what might have happened.

    “I found Patrick this morning (Nov 5) in front of the language school and he asked me some questions. He wanted to know what the police had been asking me. I think he also asked me if I wanted to meet some journalists, maybe to find out if I know anything about Meredith’s death.”

    Of Sollecito, she said: “I don’t know for sure if Raffaele was there that night, but I do remember very well waking up at my boyfriend’s house, in his bed, and I went back to my house in the morning where I found the door open.”

    PS. This too is a stopgap. I shall delete it when a more complete and more reliable version becomes available.

  • John Goss

    Agree Craig. There’s a lot of stuff in support of Amanda Knox, things they want you to see, that don’t seem to incriminate her.

  • anno

    I like ‘undeited text’. presumably that means everything outside the Qur’an and hadeeth of our prophet Muhammad SAW.
    Why all the speculation about what American bitches do in their spare time? QED forensic addiction? Berlusconi mafia-style porn?
    Laisa ba’ada al-kufri thanb. The worst of their crimes is their rejection of God, worse than daily massacres by US UK forces in Muslim countries, worse than US UK hijacking the world economy.
    In Islam their worst crime is disbelief in God, and whatever they have in their hearts instead, automatically follows at their hands.

  • craig Post author


    Whether people reject God or not is their own private business and the whole world is not subject to your belief system. Killing another person is something quite different.

  • writerman

    Once the nationalist US media juggernaut begins to roll, best to get out of the way, as virtually no power on earth can stop it.

    American exceptionalism seems to cover murderers as well these days.

    I’m slightly concerned about the role of the UK media in this sordid case. How come they haven’t fought as vigourously for the murdered British girl as the US media has for their countryman?

    Considering the copious ammount of phorensic evidence linking Knox to the place the killing was carried out and her attempts to hide the evidence of her presence, it seems odd the Italian judge and jury overturned the first verdict.

    Also the obscene ammount of money she’s going to earn from this affair makes one sick. Perhaps Kirchner’s family could launch a civil case in the United States and demand a large chunk of her loyalties in compensation?

  • Quelcrime

    Approx 650 people are murdered in Italy every year (just under two per day). There are approx 70,000 people in jail in Italy.

    For context.

  • John Goss

    This statement in full is not going to turn up Craig. I don’t know why but, having searched using extracts from the Telegraph report, I find five sites. They are the original Telegraph report, two other sites that quote from that report, and two sites that have been removed. ( and ( – United States). My suspicions are that the full statement was, either never published in full or removed from the public domain.
    Why? It could be the police extracted the statement under severe physical and psychological duress – and therefore it is useless in court. The Telegraph misreported from it in the first place, or made things up (nothing would surprise me after the Mail published a story that Knox was found guilty this week with all kinds of made-up reactions from her to the verdict). Or some authority with power has bowed to the “Free Amanda Knox” lobby and blocked it because it discredits her.
    Whatever, there is something disturbing about this case. I would not want Amanda Knox as a sister, wife or friend. She is scary. There is a lot of scary stuff in the first statement.

  • anno

    Well, I can imagine that Mr Cameron et al. might well argue that the world is also not subject to yours.
    The difference is that my belief system is delivered in quad sound
    with testimony from prophets David, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad peace be upon them all. All repeating the same thing, that the world is subject to the monotheistic revealed belief system.
    Block your ears as much as you like, but don’t forget that the people whose injustices you criticise are also continuously blocking their ears.

  • mary

    Agree with your last sentence John.
    Off topic but I have just seen this. Amazing. Can we all some of the funny money?
    6 October 2011 Last updated at 13:00

    Bank of England injects further £75bn into economy
    Interest rate decision
    Continue reading the main story
    UK Economy
    UK economic growth revised down
    Drivers ‘cut petrol use by 15%’
    UK construction activity ‘stalls’
    UK’s AAA rating confirmed by S&P
    The Bank of England has said it will inject a further £75bn into the economy through quantitative easing (QE).
    The Bank has already pumped £200bn into the economy by buying assets such as government bonds, in an attempt to boost lending by commercial banks.
    But this is the first time it has added to its QE programme since 2009. There have been recent calls for it to step in again to aid the fragile recovery.
    BBC website

  • Quelcrime

    Don’t forget that Ms Knox was convicted for what she did to Mr Lumumba, and sentenced to three years imprisonment, which she served in full.

  • larry Levin

    could there be legal reasons for the statement not being around, since legally she is innocent?

  • Max

    I’m pretty sure that at the bottom of this page is a genuine transcript of her handwritten statement on 6th Nov:

    I can identify parts of it from various news websites and at the bottom is the link to the daily telegraph site posted previously that can’t be accessed. But as i mentioned the site itself is heavily biased so the text could possibly have been edited

  • craig Post author


    But actually she was found guilty of criminal slander for this statement and given a three year jail sentence for it, but released as she had served the time.

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