Paul Staines Grandstands for Blair and Murdoch 297

The neo-con Blair and Cameron regimes are very comfortable with each other. War criminal Alistair Campbell’s “evidence” to the Leveson inquiry is risible.

“Only a few people in number 10 knew Cherie was pregnant, so it must have been phone hacking that led the Mirror to it” is a statement that would not stand ten seconds thought, if it were not ramped by being given the status of a leak.

Campbell’s statement ignores the range of explanations as to how the Mirror could have learned from the “small number of people in No. 10” that Cherie was pregnant. These include:

a) gossip
b) No 10’s motive to get the news out to boost Tony’s popularity
c) the hospital
d) phone hacking

Phone hacking is the least possible explanation. My money is on b)

No, this is a rather pathetic attempt by the Blair camp to divert attention from Murdoch onto Piers Morgan, who the war criminals have never forgiven for his opposition to the War in Iraq. It is so blatant a ploy that it needs an extra boost to the story as a daring “leak” by the Tory neo-con PR man Paul Staines, to be a succesful diversionary tactic.

Blairites and Tories get together to manufacture an incident to take the heat off Murdoch at Leveson Inquiry. That is the real story.

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297 thoughts on “Paul Staines Grandstands for Blair and Murdoch

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  • ingo

    What sort of tea would that be Suhayl. MMmmhh, is it the smooth malty vigour of a 2 minute Assam I can smell? Its a little late but just fine before supper.

    Looks like Hague is making a meal of this tit for tat, and guess who has joined in? The Germans, it says a lot about the CDU/CSU, a sad day, I shall drown myself tonight, what a bunch of lunatics, does she not know where Germany’s place is?

    GI Ursula, she’d better watch out, not many people are buying this crap of a nuclear weapons development, whoever plausible, guess what we told you so, just look at the arms we have surrounded you with….
    Just as the west approaches its annual artificiality, glutony and utter brain numbness galore, with our never tiring our obscene juletidal excesses tilting upwards into merrymerry hights, our jingle jangle boom fandangoed Friends of Rogues let chaos death and fire rain down, like white snow, the ultimate insult, something special for us all this xmas.

    It will be a FoI war, another country cut to shreds, with millions fleeing, thousands loosing their life’s needlessly, so we can drive from A to B, cheap.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    I give up

    I’m too old to tweet.

    Perhaps someone can explain how to upload my avatar.

    I have registered on Twitter and uploaded my avatar there and reluctantly tweeted against my better judgement.



  • Sunflower

    @Tony, “I’m too old to tweet.” “Too young to Die” . Think your avatar looks fine btw.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Sunflower, I’ve done that and sent one Tweet. It seemed to work O.K., including my avatar, but I have no idea where my tweet went. I have never tweeted before, and I really do not like the concept of communicating with 140 byte message lengths. Its like grunting at people.

    If we can work out how to do this, I have some really nice photos of Sunflowers. You can have them for Free.


  • Sunflower

    I tell you, us older ppl should stay away from those social drugs. I do see the benefits but its just too much for myself. FB is the same kind of hallucinogen. I prefer ecologic, more natural.

  • tony_opmoc


    I have actually been looking through a large number of photos and videos of sunflowers I have taken over the last few years.

    But none of them do you justice

    I prefer taking photos and videos of people


  • Michael Stephenson

    Tony think of twitter as like sending a text, but it doesn’t go to everyone in your contact list.
    It goes to everyone who has YOU in THEIR contact list.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    What I want to know is how to upload my avatar to Craig Murray’s website.

    Yes, I can understand the concept of Twitter, but what I want to know is not how to upload my avatar to Twitter and validate it by email (I have already managed that)

    I repeat

    All, I want to know is how to upload my avatar to Craig Murray’s website.

    Surely it can’t be that difficult.

    I will go away and annoy the Americans, once I have found out.


  • Fedup

    I can see your Avatar, both your monikers are linked to your avatar too, so it has worked, congratulations. It is not you who is stupid, it is the limited capability computing that is at fault, but that is another debate. So far as secret handshakes go, I am the last guy to ask from, because I am of the firm belief that secrecy is for criminals, and ne’er-do-wells, transparency is the only way forward for human beings.

  • wenyd

    “UK shuts down Iran’s embassy in London and kicks out Iranian diplomats
    Posted by gabriele on November 30, 2011, 2:34 pm
    Now, is this a rational answer to what happened the other day in Tehran or is the UK government taking that as a pretext to escalate the confrontation aiming at a all out war against Iran?”
    beyond the above, germany , france have also recalled their people. this is way ott for any normal recall after a diplomatic spat.
    the usa tried to get pakistan involved in a fire-fight so that it could move in there too, instead pakistan closed down the nato supply routes and shamsi airbase
    looks as if the neo cons have got their green light.

  • Fedup

    Don’t fall for the sinister plots of ziofuckwits. You have noted that Pakistanis were in a fire-fight. It was the NATO ie US attacks on Pakistani forces lasting about two and one half of one hour, during which numerous calls were made to NATO for the attacks to stop.
    US has almost lost the war in Afghanistan, and is in no position to carry on its aggressive path. So far as the Germany, France, Holland, Norway calling their ambassadors back; these have been called back for “consultation”. Neocon can have all the green lights but US, UK, NATO are not in any position to go to any more wars.
    Moreover ex Mossad chief; Meir Dagan is on record; “Israel attacking Iran is a stupid Idea”, further clarifying that in the event of such a stupid act, life in Israel would be paralysed. He should know, during the 33 days war with Lebanon hundreds of thousands of Israelis were made refugees, and the cost of displacement ran into millions of dollars, with grim sights of Israeli families being kept in tents on the beaches living off from charitable food/clothing hand outs. Israel is in no way capable of any kind of war with Iran.

  • angrysoba

    looks as if the neo cons have got their green light.

    As Passerby (?) said above it is more likely that the closing of the Iranian embassy in Tehran is to make the UK look a bit tough and save a bit of face after Iran had already voted to downgrade UK-Iranian ties. In other words this diplomatic downgrade was initiated by Tehran who have always seen the UK as one of the main countries plotting against it (Heaven knows why!). There is a novel by an Iranian writer, Iraj Pezeshkzad, called My Uncle Napoleon in which the uncle of the title always regales the family with the times in which he was fighting against the evil British and how ever since then the British have been trying to get him back. The novel makes it very clear that the uncle is a fantasist who may never have fought at all in the provincial wars and most of his misfortunes are caused by himself. Good book and quite funny.

  • Ying Tong Yiddle I Po

    So you can only have an avatar if you use Twitter? But Twitter is blocked in China. But then the Chinese all look alike, is that the idea? The internet is run, in part, by morons

  • nuid

    Ok, Dec, it’s forgotten.
    Tony, thanks for enquiring about the avatar. I might get mine to work now.

  • Mary

    Suhayl I added this earlier:

    ‘Probably not as I have muddled Iran with the UK economy. It must have been:
    The Foreign Office is withdrawing diplomatic staff from Iran after the storming by protesters of two British compounds in Tehran. Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi, Professor of American Studies at the University of Tehran, reflects on how Iranians feel about the attacks

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