Paul Staines Grandstands for Blair and Murdoch

by craig on November 28, 2011 12:32 pm in Uncategorized

The neo-con Blair and Cameron regimes are very comfortable with each other. War criminal Alistair Campbell’s “evidence” to the Leveson inquiry is risible.

“Only a few people in number 10 knew Cherie was pregnant, so it must have been phone hacking that led the Mirror to it” is a statement that would not stand ten seconds thought, if it were not ramped by being given the status of a leak.

Campbell’s statement ignores the range of explanations as to how the Mirror could have learned from the “small number of people in No. 10″ that Cherie was pregnant. These include:

a) gossip
b) No 10’s motive to get the news out to boost Tony’s popularity
c) the hospital
d) phone hacking

Phone hacking is the least possible explanation. My money is on b)

No, this is a rather pathetic attempt by the Blair camp to divert attention from Murdoch onto Piers Morgan, who the war criminals have never forgiven for his opposition to the War in Iraq. It is so blatant a ploy that it needs an extra boost to the story as a daring “leak” by the Tory neo-con PR man Paul Staines, to be a succesful diversionary tactic.

Blairites and Tories get together to manufacture an incident to take the heat off Murdoch at Leveson Inquiry. That is the real story.

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  1. Dee Wilde-Walker

    28 Nov, 2011 - 12:37 pm

    Thank you for such clarity of thinking – you are a breath of fresh air in a smog-ridden environment

  2. Poor child.
    See the accompanying gushing stuff on the BBC page. Campbell is quoted several times.
    Just in time for the General Election June 2001.
    2001 (MPs) 7 June 2001 Tony Blair/Labour Maj 167

  3. Normally I would reject such conspiracy theorising. Here it looks spot on the money.

  4. Wildey – there are few blogs as clear and relevant to what is happening in Britain today.

    Craig – long may you continue!

  5. In the small villages in which I have lived, any pregnancy was widely known before the test strip had changed colour.
    “The Westminster Village”…I rest my case.

  6. Yes, yet again Craig Murray has figured it all out. Campbell and I are in cahoots to protect our respective paymasters.

  7. Ghastly Angus

    28 Nov, 2011 - 1:05 pm

    Here’s a test:
    Did Campbell say it?
    No –> It might be true
    Yes–> It’s a lie

    He lives up to his family’s name and reputation, unlike Cameron of whom all true Scots are ashamed.

  8. Craig: Tom Watson (Labour MP) posted it before Paul Staines. So the “Leak” is from the most anti-Murdoch man in the House….

  9. Altho I dont much like Piers Morgan (understatment) I would never ever let that blind me to the fact that the Mirror was incredibly outspoken and rightly so against Blair’s vile endeavours re IRAK. The Mirror coverage was totally unforgettable. Alistair Campbell fronts a mental health charity nowadays what a disgusting figuerhead – his vile lying warmongering endeavours have demented enough folk – period!

  10. I always thought the Morgan/Mirror opposition to the Iraq war was an establishment ploy to make it look that “democracy” and dissent were alive in broad church Britian.It was merely PR to promote the notion of a balanced press,illusory thought that is.

  11. At least Guido Fawkes is smart enough to read your blog. I can rarely make much sense of most of the stuff written on his, but some of the jokes are quite funny.


  12. Rated

    Guido published with no hat tip or acknowledgement to Watson, as a Guido scoop. AFTER Guido had his collar felt, he started squealing Watson had it first.

  13. Has everyone forgotten that Cherie recorded in her memoirs that New Tony’s sainted sprog, Leo, had been conceived at Sandringham, and how this had happened? Her claim to a right of privacy evaporated at that point, IMO.

  14. It seems feasible to me Guido (Staines) Fawkes. After all those slime-bags, Blair, Campbell &c are much closer to your camp than the decent commentators on this blog, which, incidentally, gets most things correct. Anyway I thought your paymaster died earlier this year?

  15. 2 days after posting on the David Mitchell Guardian thread about political lobbying i get bloody moderated! A reasonable comment,simply pointing a link to this site and Craig’s piece on Fox/Werrity. No swearing or ranting.A perfectly reasonable comment.The bastards really are rattled but,also,pathetically small minded.Interestingly it was one of the mos5t recommended comments until it was hooked.

    They don’t like it up ‘em.

  16. Wrong Craig, factually wrong.

  17. Paul

    What do you make of my analysis of Campbell’s tale of woe. Just because you published it doesn’t mean you buy into it?

  18. Hi Guido..

    Welcome to a real blog,with real scoops and opinion.Unlike the rabid,racist,schoolboy sniggering dick joke obsessed site of yours.

  19. Alistair Campell himself is the most likely source of the Cherie pregnancy story.It’s excatly how this odious little shit operates.

  20. Guido was played like a violin

  21. Mary, the photo could have made page three if she had been snapped breast feeding the nipper?
    The grinning Blair wondering who was responsible for this mega PR stunt, much more than the hidden hand of Alistair C pulling the strings behind the scenes ?

  22. And claiming it to be an exclusive when you’d filched it Guido . . . have you no shame?

  23. Right, Guido, factually right. Your post at 12.08 pm states:
    “Guido has obtained the text of Alastair Campbell’s evidence due to be delivered to the Leveson Inquiry this coming Wednesday”

    It does not make any mention of Tom Watson. Eight hours later you blogged that Warson had published it.

    I was concerned with the argument by Rated above, that this could not be pro-Murdoch because Watson not Guido was the original source. If you are saying you did publish before Watson, fair enough, but then Rated’s difficulty with my argument falls.

  24. OT, sorry…Jives, just posted this on the same Guardian thread:
    “First let me say that this post will be moderated.
    It will be moderated because I am linking to a contentious site.
    None of the assertions on this site have been contradicted, or credibly challenged.
    The story has been carried by a UK national newspaper, a UK national magazine and a major Israeli digital news outlet. It has been the subject of an incomplete Parliamentary enquiry and questions in the House by at least two MP’s.

    It is fundamentally a story about lobbying: by US and/or Israeli interests. Here is the link:
    Does “Comment is Free” actually have any basis in fact? Let’s see how long it lasts”
    We’ll see.

  25. genealogyGenie

    28 Nov, 2011 - 2:12 pm

    Paul Staines’ original family name was Stein. Am I wrong?

  26. @ Komodo.

    You’ll be lucky if it lasts half an hour.The Guardian really is rubbish.They’re so dumb they actually moderate a comment that’s been seen and recommended by a large number of posters long after the thread is in its twilight.
    Pathetic really.No wonder the MSM are failing.

  27. GenealogyGenie it is not what a person’s name is that’s as important as what he or she says and does. There is no doubt that Staines’ co-buddy and financier David Hart, was of Jewish descent, but that is neither here nor there. What is important is that both of them have proved by their actions and words that they are rabid racists to steal a couple of words from Jives.

  28. GenealogyGenie,

    Dunno, but Guido went to a Roman Catholic School, claims to be Irish and talks about inbred-German-toffs.


  29. GG
    Does he have any naval personnel in his family tree?

  30. Paula H Thanks! – as in seamen Staines?

    Keep ‘em coming.

  31. So on the one hand Campbell is telling us that there’s no such thing as a leak – information obtained without being officially released must have been hacked. On the other hand he’s telling us that this (not very exciting and rather stupid) submission to Leveson must have been leaked – how shocking!
    The thing about Campbell is not that he’s a pathological liar – it’s that his lies are so transparent. Like the dodgy dossier, which was never going to stand any sort of scrutiny. A pathetic little man who was given the opportunity to do great harm by the revolting Blair.

  32. Parky

    ‘The grinning Blair wondering who was responsible for this mega PR stunt’.

    The Holy Ghost perhaps?

  33. ROFL; Seamen Sta….
    Any attempt to spring the vile Murdoch lot out of any trap ought to be considered the lowest of the low. Campbell clearly fits that category, the evidence forwarded about “pregnancy” somehow does not entail the shock for any kind of an outrage, given the context of the Blairs the attention seeking money grabbers, why does Campbell not talk about Greenspan and the shenanigans thereof?
    Hey criminal does what criminals do!

  34. OT, sorry again. Last time.
    Jives – my comment’s been pulled from the Grauniad…from this day on I’m getting the Telegraph. I’ll just have to reverse my bullshit filter, and get my daily fix of Rowson online. Free.
    That’s £6 a week you’re not getting, Grauniad.
    I guess “Comment is Free” refers only to the revenue stream, then.

  35. Komodo, you’re going to get the Guardian into even more financial trouble pulling your 6 quid a week.

  36. I should have said, THAT comment wasn’t free, was it?
    The Irish Times says it all about Campbell.
    It seems as though no studio discussion on the hacking scandal is considered complete without an input from Tony Blair’s former media henchman, ex-journalist Alistair Campbell. Notorious as a ruthless media manipulator when he was Blair’s director of communications, Campbell assiduously courted Rupert Murdoch’s News International for years – building particularly close relationships with reporters from the Sun and the News of the World.

    Now we are led to believe that he despises everything that Murdoch has stood for. Among much else that happened on Campbell’s watch, we had the Blair government’s “dodgy dossiers” on Iraq and the subsequent suicide of media whistleblower, weapons expert Dr David Kelly, who rubbished the dossiers’ outlandish claims.

    Yet all is forgotten as Campbell, a newly minted paragon of journalistic integrity, pontificates at length on how the press should behave. As I recall, neither British Labour leader Ed Miliband nor former deputy prime minister John Prescott ever complained about their party’s cosy relationship with Murdoch during Labour’s halcyon years in power. Yet both have been conspicuously to the fore in recent weeks, expressing concern that the News Corp chief may not be a “fit and proper” custodian of satellite broadcaster BSkyB.

  37. The mention of

  38. Quelcrime, the thing that got me about Blair and Campbell was the campaigning and marathoning for a luekemia charity at the same time they were causing it by dropping depleted uranium in Iraq. It was just as cynical as Blair inviting a child to be treated in an English hospital for the loss of his arms and legs due to allied bombing.

  39. sorry.. the mention of Bliar on this thread coincides with a spambot from Louis Vuitton on the previous one. Bliar does of course have this connection to LVNH – Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesey.

  40. I would bet good money that that spambot has no more to do with LVMH than I have. Cheap knockoffs, for sure. Which brings us back neatly to Alastair Campbell.

  41. That photo in your link Mary is so fitting. It cearly shows the big W God planted on Blair’s forehead to show everybody what he is. Let him know if you see him Master Bates is the half-brother to Seaman Staines!

  42. Lord Stansted

    28 Nov, 2011 - 3:53 pm

    You are bonkers.

  43. TomBaldwinscoke

    28 Nov, 2011 - 4:05 pm

    Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist and complete idiot.

    Piers Morgan would be proud of you.

  44. genealogyGenie

    28 Nov, 2011 - 4:07 pm

    The ‘in-bred German toffs’ claim, of which I was not hitherto aware, would explain much of Staines’ inherently racist attachment to Germany-on-Sea.

  45. And when I wrote God I meant the real one, not the retiring civil servant.

  46. Hague is on his feet demonizing Syria and Iran. Behind him sits Keith Simpson Com Broadland, a Conservative Friend of Israel and a frequent visitor to such countries as Israel, Bahrain, UAE, etc. I note that his gut is so large that it rests on his thighs. Revolting.

  47. Billy fourteen pints aka Hague can be as miffed as he likes, Iran has just decided to kick out the British Ambassador, and downgrade the diplomatic mission. So much for the deft handling of the foreign policy! This guy is a liability, considering; this bunch of showers were sitting on the sidelines whilst Werrity, Fox and Tel Aviv Gould were busy plotting the “British Foreign Policy”. All that is left for Hague; is to stand up and drone on about bollocks as a face saving exercise.
    Anyone heard of Putin’s stump speech?

  48. “Yet all is forgotten as Campbell, a newly minted paragon of journalistic integrity, pontificates at length on how the press should behave.”

    This quote says it al about Campbell, unreconstructed, prone to whinging about personal afflictions to withdraw or divert arguments and/or facts.
    new range of Campbell soups just out for the xmas foodies: Fake Fawkes Suppe, mit extra Erbsen und viel Wind.

    What a hatchet job for the unmentionables from down under, leaves one to ask the paupers question, how much has this episode ondulated fawksies purse?
    And will his readers ever find out why Guido did it? would it be heard amongst the din of hobnail boots on his blog.

  49. Jives and Komodo

    Interestingly, my comment referring to Craig’s blog hasn’t yet been pulled – this surprises me much, since I made it about six hours ago. Perhaps therir filter isn’t working very well!

    But Komodo, you’re so right – Martin Rowson is the only person who keeps me looking at the Guardian. Sad death of a once-respected paper – but I must continue to wonder how it continues to publish, unless of course its backers are from the former Atlantic Bridge.

  50. (Tongue in cheek).Is Seaman Staines related to ‘the Campbells are coming …’

  51. “Tory neo-con PR man Paul Staines”
    Undeservedly charitable, Craig. He’s a fucking arsehole. Did you see his blog when he was encouraging his readers to send pizza to the Israeli troops in Operation Cast Lead? Filth.

  52. Paul, Ha! Too much ‘angel dust’ in the old days and too many flashbacks has clouded your thinking – on the other hand perhaps ‘Mrs Dale’s Diary’ has marooned you firmly ‘in the groove’ – either way you are still a twat in my book who rarely imagines or senses anything outside the box – what was the title of your forthcoming book? Oh yes “Revelations of a Nose Picker” – or am I being unkind?

  53. Btw, has anyone else heard from the survey voice, ‘Mrs Murray’, asking for their opinions on the British Army? What an odd thing to survey. Not: “What is your opinion of the potholes in the road?” Not: “What is your opinion on the existence of God?” Perhaps, Jives, she just likes chatting to jivers!

  54. Great article Mr Craig Murray

  55. Vronsky,

    The same applies to over 99% of people in any position of power or influence. This is mainly due to propaganda, being a psychopath, tribal group think or basically being thick.

    Even someone like Paul Flynn who is very rare for an MP in actually having a conscience, and has been very anti Iraq and Afghanistan Wars…even he bought the manufactured BS about Gaddafi committing genocide in Benghazi, and supported Nato bombing Libya to hell.

    I don’t like any of our Prime Ministers who have been committing mass genocide around the world since at least 1999. It doesn’t however mean that I want some “Freedom loving” nation to bomb my back garden to bits in order to free us of these tyrants.


  56. In the debate that followed Hague’s statement, entitled North Africa and the Middle East (how much broader could they make the title?) Richard Burden spoke very movingly and vehemently about the outrage of Palestinian children being tried in Israeli military courts, having their hands tied together with plastic tags and having leg shackles fitted. Journeys of up to 9 hours were endured without lavatory facilities whilst the prison transporter went from prison to prison collecting and discharging the chid prisoners. No adult is there to protect them or to speak for them. There are 154 in prison at the moment.
    There were just about 18 MPs in the chamber whilst Mr Burden Lab Birmingham Northfield was speaking. Jeremy Corbyn supported him. Mr Burden has recently visited Palestine.
    Most of the ‘crimes’ committed were throwing stones.

  57. @ Suhayl

    Yeah it was strange.It felt hmmm…spooky? It just seemed to sync in with a day of clicktivism by me on this and the Grauniad’s site.

    As usual they withhold their number.

    Bawbags,of course,is the suitable Glesca vernacular.

  58. deepgreenpuddock

    28 Nov, 2011 - 7:40 pm

    Going to avoid getting involved in the guido/cm stuff but was struck by the Charlotte church statement to effect that Murdoch made the offer of a god press in lieu of 100,000 quid fee. Very striking that that was the fee for a thirteen year old but also striking that Murdoch behaves exactly like the the rag and bone/ scrappie man in the village who always entered a deal and then tried to weasel out of it by offsetting it against some other thing/stuff/future favour. He was a notoriously cheap, sly and untrustworthy individual. Interesting that Murdoch is also a similarly cheap glorified tinker chiel.

  59. Tom Watson MP post ‘Alastair Campbell’s Evidence to the Leveson Inquiry’ has been ‘pulled’ but here is the penultimate paragraph:


    Finally, I feel I ought to elaborate on the statement to which you drew attention in the specific context in which I made it. It was about Iraq, and the reporting of the issues which led to the Hutton Inquiry into David Kelly’s death. This was a hugely controversial issue, and remains so. The Inquiry shone a microscopic light on both the process of communication in the run-up to war, and the circumstances surrounding Dr Kelly’s death. When Lord Hutton was putting government witnesses through their paces, and ministers and officials from the Prime Minister down were being questioned and cross-examined, day in and day out, media reporting was largely slanted to show the government in a bad light, and Lord Hutton in a good light because of the rigour of his inquiry. The moment he concluded that the central charges against the government were not borne out by the evidence, and that the BBC reporting had been false, he was condemned as Lord Whitewash. Hundreds if not thousands of reports have subsequently sought to convey the sense that the BBC report alleging that we – and particularly I – inserted false intelligence into a government dossier, knowing it to be untrue and against the wishes of the intelligence agencies – was essentially true. It was not, and as Lord Hutton said at the time, even if it emerged there were no WMD in Iraq, that would not make the reporting true. But a media which thought it was going to ‘get’ Blair and his team via that inquiry simply does not and will not reflect anything that fails to fit the agenda it has on that issue.

  60. From Peter Oborne and Simon Walters biography of Campbell

    The most astonishing example of Campbell’s boldness in handling the tabloid newspapers came when the Daily Mirror secured the mouth-watering exclusive that 45-year-old Cherie Blair was pregnant. The Mirror dutifully went to Downing Street for confirmation before it ran its story. When the first editions appeared it was flabbergasted and horrified to see that The Sun had been given the story as well. New Labour’s greatest triumph had been to persuade Rupert Murdoch to dedicate The Sun to its cause. Having got it there Campbell would do whatever was necessary to keep it there. Favours flooded in and this seemed another of them.

    A livid Piers Morgan, editor of the Daily Mirror, rang Campbell to protest furiously. Things became so desperate that at the other end of the line Campbell recruited Tony Blair to help cope with the furious Daily Mirror editor. An extraordinary three-way conversation followed, in which Campbell, hand on heart, explained that the whole thing was just a terrible mistake.

    He explained that The Sun had got the story thanks to an extraordinary coincidence. Alastair Campbell’s explanation went as follows: Sun deputy editor Rebekah Wade had happened to have rung Cherie Blair that very day. By a still greater chance, the Downing Street switchboard put Wade straight through to the Downing Street flat. As it happened Cherie Blair was passing as the phone rang, and she picked it up. Finding it was her old friend Rebekah at the other end of the phone, Cherie stopped for a chat, and felt “that she had no choice” but to tell her the happy news as well. The Prime Minister was silent while Campbell spun an incredulous Morgan this astonishing yarn, though he muttered assent from time to time.

    Two months later a seething Morgan expressed his utter outrage about the affair to Fiona Millar, Campbell’s partner and Cherie’s advisor, who told him the real story. It was nothing like the transparent fiction that Alastair Campbell had tried to fob him off with, with Tony Blair listening in without protesting. The Campbell-Millars were well aware that the Prime Minister’s wife never liked Piers Morgan, or the Daily Mirror. So they had waited till as late as possible before telling Cherie the news that the Mirror was onto the story. As they had predicted, she was furious, and started shouting at Fiona. Cherie was so angry that she promptly picked up the phone and rang Wade and told her the story as well.

  61. Jives – are you, or is someone in your household, Forces or ex-Forces? There’s some current concern about cold-selling payday loans to Servicemen and their families…that kind of approach could be used.

  62. Murdoch’s alleged offer to Charlotte Church was/is grotesque.I’ve no doubt implicit in the offer was a Mafiosi-type threat to what sort of press she’d get if she didn’t play along.It’s blackmail of a child,in effect.


  63. @ Komodo

    No,no forces connections in my family or household.

    As mentioned before,it felt spooky-in the institutional sense.

  64. Mary, re. the logic of spambots – yeah, now you’re in the groove! I’ve had some very interesting ‘spamversations’ with the botties, usally at the fag-ends of long threads. It is the cyber equivalent of the 3:30 am conversation in the kitchen at the tail-end of a party. However, they often are more entertaining and incpiently cosmic than the ‘Screaming Lord Sutch’ one-line trolls who cacophonise repeatedly that ‘Craig Murray is insane!!’ – that type of recyclable organic waste is very boring and quasi-Stalinist and fools absolutely no-one.


    Seems to be alot of explosions involving sensitive sites in Iran of late.

  66. Disgusting Mary, I remind myself Richard is Chair of the Britain-Palestine All Party Parliamentary Group which seeks to foster good relations and understanding between Britain and Palestine and to promote a just and durable peace in the Middle East.
    Worthy of note this honourable man voted against invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the 2005 anti-terror bill, which included provision to hold terrorist suspects for 90 days without trial.
    On another tack Richard was excluded from meeting Chinese premier Wen Jiabao while agent Cameron on the one hand sealed British deals with China worth nearly £2 billion and on the other, lumped China as a threat comparable to Iran – fucking hypocrite!

  67. Its building up. The latest: [Last week President Medvedev address to the Nation)
    Russia instructs defence ministry to place early warning missile radar on combat alert in Kaliningrad.
    Russia increases protection of its nuke arsenal (hardened)
    Currently fitting navy and army latest missiles Topol, Topol M, Buluva. with extremely advanced warheads to defeat U.S. missile defence.
    Instructs defense ministry to find ways to deal with missile defence data and jam its ability to work effectively
    Medvedev said they will condionally place Iskander tactical weapons in Kaliningrad to take out the missile defence.

    Latest, latest news.

    George HW Bush in Syrian waters from last wed. Just joined by three heavy missile cruisers & 5 guided missile destroyers

    Russia currently has three heavy warships located near Tartus. They have thrown an extremely advanced air defence and warning system around a large sector of Syrian territory.
    The Russian Federation aircraft carrier Kuznetzov and its as yet unidentified strike team are on the way. Arrival unconfirmed.
    They will park in the same Syrian waters as the HW Bush, and its strike group.
    What more can I say.

    This will not be Cuba. Both the Russian Leadership and the military have not been asked to stand down. The leadership have requested the military to defend Iran and Syria against outside interference. There will be no climbdown this time.

  68. Havantaclu – couldn’t find your comment. Giveusaclu, please…
    Mine went up, and was deleted without even the standard excuse:
    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs.
    I conclude that it abided by their community standards, and was just pulled.
    I also noted on another Grauniad blog that you can be as Islamophobic as you like. Double standards, given the recent homily from the readers’ editor on antisemitism.
    Suhayl – what I like about spambots is that when you have been creatively rude to one, another one will happen by and say ” I am very much to like yr excellent comments and told bunch of mine friends at Oxford University about you”. I prefer them to people.

  69. Vronsky,
    That guido fuckwit was sending pizza to the baby killing, grani bashing,land stealing, mass murdering ziobots?

  70. Forgive Paul, for he knows not what he did. Quite a lot of acid and MDMA, as it happens.

  71. Ishmael’s right:
    “Of course, the Russian naval forces in the Mediterranean will be incommensurate with those of the US 6th Fleet, which includes one or two aircraft carriers and several escort ships,” Admiral Kravchenko explained. “But today, no one talks about possible military clashes, since an attack on any Russian ship would be regarded as a declaration of war with all the consequences.”
    Operation Enduring Arms Sales may have run into a slight problem, then.

  72. Jives
    A lot of hot air, more like, evidently a house heater/boiler malfunctioning is now getting classified as an “explosions”, and the types of guardian run with it, along with Ynet, etc. Shows a kind of desperation.
    Have you had a look at the comments in the Ynet etc? Mostly composed of the calls for Nuking Tehran and killing the Muslim “verm..”! It is disgusting to see the levels of racism, which somehow does not cause any kind of reaction, imagine if someone somewhere calls for Jew “verm..” to be nuked in the shitty little strip of land?

  73. Well, Komodo, it’s not the Bay of Pigs, not yet, and it was planned but there are strong words. Perhaps Hague and his war-mongering Zionist cohorts will take note. The only trouble is they are mad enough to think “Bring it on!”

  74. Jives – re explosion
    Former CIA officer Robert Baer has confirmed the catastrophe of losing an entire CIA/MI6 intelligence station in Tehran. I believe this was the result of Iran using double agents who infiltrated a complicated espionage and sabotage network affiliated to MI6. A number of Iranian students and youths had been targeted by British intelligence (Werritty?) by offering different incentives such as acquiring a visa, residence permits, employment and education in the UK.

    This was somehow achieved by collective collaboration and nearly all students had payed little attention to the type of activities they were involved in.
    Over 75% of these post-graduates held masters and even higher education certificates which shows the scope of the investment of British intelligence and their care for educated Iranians as well as their abuse of naivity in that none of the students knew of the complexity of MI6 methodology.
    Interestingly those active in the spying network had complete fluency in the Farsi language, even to the extent of full familiarity with old Persian proverbs, as well as making contacts on the basis of Iranian culture and customs up to the point that those affiliated to this network were not informed whether their senior officials were Iranian or non-Iranian.
    The information required by intelligence was diverse but included measures taken by Iran to circumvent sanctions, energy transmission networks, urban transportation, financial institutions and communications into Iran from the UK.
    An Iranian student sent to Malaysia became suspicious after being offered a free scholarship in return for confidential information from a government science institution.

  75. Re. the Russian deployment: there are conflicting views on this. The Bush was reportedly in Marseilles for an extended visit on the 25th. The jolly tars were to be bussed inland to get some French culcha (badly needed), while the Russian fleet, according to Tass, is still in the Barents Sea – eight days away. And DEBKA, the Zionist disinformation agency, goes with the RT version…so if anyone’s playing silly buggers we know who it is, as usual. Relax, for the moment.

  76. The Bush will leave Marseilles tomorrow en route to Norfolk VA. I submit this as an instance of the need to check the facts where RT is concerned. Local source, agrees with USN press release from the ship.

  77. Mark Golding, that’s interesting, but a former CIA intelligence officer is just as likely to be giving misinformation to let the “enemy” believe they’ve got the lot. Though I suspect Iranian intelligence will remain vigilant. In a way I feel sorry for these students recruited by western intelligence services to be sent to their deaths for a few dollars more than they could earn from their degrees, and a lot less than they would earn over their lifetimes. Also with despotic regimes like Iran their families are likely to suffer too. This is what intelligence services do, they target people with little money, as in your earlier comment in which you had information that MI6 plan a ‘sting’ on Iranian asylum-seekers to create the UK’s 9/11 as an excuse to attack Iran. But it looks like Russia has had enough from the tone of that article posted by Komodo on the Russian aircraft carrier. And I suspect China has too.

  78. definitely Craig !! Tony the Stud and PM , God’s instrument,defender of the faith,,all fits in with the vanity of the man. If only she hadn’t been such a boot… or was it Booth ? Or was it in a booth ?

  79. Komodo. Both articles are dated today. Is this an emergency departure for the ‘Bush’ to avoid being accused of going home with its tail between its legs due to some of the strongest Russian talking I have heard in a long while? Russia was not happy with what NATO did in Libya.

  80. Komodo,
    ROFLMAO, You old Lizard, you made my day! Acid, ayyye?

    Robert Baer, is a tosser of first degree, and most of what he says is pure fiction. In the story the masters and PhD level students do not speak fluent English and are fooled by the “perfect Farsi speaking” agents, such as Werrity who is an Iran expert with the vocabulary of; salam, merci, halet chetoreh (how are you)! (this is a standard ziotactic, bigging up/puffing up everything about themselves, and their agents. Before D. Miliband was getting the job of the foreign secretary, the rags were filled with his linguistic abilities, only for him to later admit he did not have any language skills)
    The story is designed to portray these “lambkins” as dumb as the Red Indians falling for beads, and fire water tricks (visas, and work permits). Further, what goes unnoticed is the capture of the CIA asset; Abudl Malik Riggi, a vicious terrorist, who had 198 decapitations on his CV, and was tailed from the Bargam airbase, and caught in mid air, on a Qatar Airways jet. Incidentally, the first transmission of the Pilot was not addressed to the tower in Dubai, when it was intercepted (he was talking to some officials and getting orders as what he ought to do?).
    The eye witness account of the capture of Riggi and his entourage, included his body guards, entail the utter disbelief, at the time of his capture. Despite Riggi’s three differing Passports he had been captured.
    The fact is these daily snippets of “explosions” ad nauseum, are designed to keep the matter on the b oil sort of.

  81. “Interestingly those active in the spying network had complete fluency in the Farsi language, even to the extent of full familiarity with old Persian proverbs, as well as making contacts on the basis of Iranian culture and customs up to the point that those affiliated to this network were not informed whether their senior officials were Iranian or non-Iranian.” Mark Golding.
    I once – in the late 1980s – met an affable (British) gentleman who told me he’d worked in the UK Embassy in Teheran during the Shah’s time. He told me: “I’m not surprised they hate us. We had spies right through that society.”
    In the UK (and in France), Persian ‘hands’ are legion.

  82. Erica Blair’s extract from the Oborne and Walters book (2004) on Alastair Campbell made me dig out an even fuller extract: see . It’s worth reading to be reminded of New Labour’s manipulation of everyone, including the media. And also to be reminded that Campbell’s CV includes his time as a Mediterranean gigolo, good training for falsely sexing things up for a rich and influential paymistresses, or masters.


    I hope the team taking evidence from Campbell at the Leveson Inquiry will have read it (I will send it to them – “Please send any representations to generalenquiries”. Leo Blair will have no problem securing a job, with an impressive public CV starting in utero.

  83. Suhayl Saadi,
    You do realise that Farsi is not exactly Arabic? And fecking hard to learn, and even worst to speak! How these legion came to be, in UK and France, lest we forget the ex pats whom mostly speak the ancient Farsi dialects?

  84. John Goss:
    “Mark Golding, that’s interesting, but a former CIA intelligence officer is just as likely to be giving misinformation to let the “enemy” believe they’ve got the lot.”
    That may be true, but in his book “See No Evil” Robert Baer makes some pretty strong claims, and even stronger insinuations, about the real agenda of the CIA in the “war on terror”. I realise that we are living in a hall of mirrors, but I struggle to imagine what the CIA would have to gain by having one of its ex-members support widespread suspicions about the Neocons were up to.
    Who knows?

  85. Dick the Prick

    28 Nov, 2011 - 10:07 pm

    Dear Craig

    I can proper understand how this must look to a rational person who cares about politics and strategic power plays and stuff; that my enemy’s enemy is my friend and other FCO basic training but for us mad loon right wing motherfuckers – Campbell’s just a bog standard prick who could never have got passed middle management in the Tory Party. The left hate him a hell of a lot more than the right, same goes for Blair – if he were a Tory he could probably have got education or health maybe. I can understand your frustration that the left got bought but it ain’t us who made him but it is damn funny bringing them down.

    Now if the left had done their job in the 1st place…but that’s another ice cream sundae. Keep your pecker up lad.


  86. Fedup, how could you imagine that I don’t know that Persian and Arabic are two different langauges?? The UK was the imperial power of note in relation to Persia/Iran, so it had a large bank of ‘hands’ for many decades. That kind fo resource doesn’t just vanish, nor can it be constructed overnight. France has had a lot of interaction with Persians, many ex-pats/exiles are in France (as well as the USA).
    On another note, a few days ago I referred to the Speedo trunks photos of the Chief of the Security Service, when of course it should have been the Chief of the SIS, Sawyers. Sawyers, it was, in the Speedos – PR for MI6, according to Corinne Souza, who has a certain expertise in the aras of both PR and MI6.

  87. Franz, it is a Hall of Mirrors, and not just flat-faced mirrors. Nobody really knows. Sometimes our speculations are right, sometimes they’re not.
    Anyway bonfire night is long gones, and so is Guido Fawkes.

  88. As far as I can work out, John, the Bush passed S. through the Suez Canal on 18th June to join the 5th. Fleet (covering the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and coast off East Africa as far south as Kenya) , and returned, with the guided-missile cruiser USS Gettysburg (CG 64) and the Military Sealift Command dry cargo and ammunition ship USNS Sacagawea (T-AKE 2) on or about the 20th Nov, its tour having finished. It has as a result been assigned to the 6th Fleet (Mediterranean) until it gets back into the Atlantic. It could have been spotted recently off Syria – I have no knowledge of its course, but I don’t think that its plans will change from the publicised schedule absent a major conflict in the next 24 hours.

  89. Suhayl Saadi,
    Somehow for the last thirty two years, the bank of hands would have had sweet fa to do, how can this bank still exist? Further, Farsi a heck of lot more difficult than Arabic; its extended alphabet, and the irregular verbs that make German/Russian look positively easy languages to master.

  90. Heather Stroud will not conceal the fact that she has resided with Palestinians in the “West Bank” when she departs at Ben Gurion airport tomorrow at c. 15 hrs. Her cell phone number then is 0549758019 (Israel 00972)

    A friend Heather Stroud from Yorkshire will speak the truth which might cause her to be arrested. I do not know. This is her statement:

    “Israel has created a fiction around its existence, a fiction that even under minimal scrutiny lacks credibility. It is full of such extreme contradictions that only by adopting bully tactics can Israel claim a supportive audience at all. That our western leaders and media collude in this fiction should be of serious concern to all of us.
    On the public stage they smile and shake hands for the good photo opportunities with Israel’s leaders. It is only if we are willing to look closer that we notice that their eyes are closed.
    But it is not just our compromised leaders who collude in this way. All of us who want to visit Palestine are forced to join in the fiction to some degree. Israel holds the gaoler’s keys. From the airport to the checkpoints they determine who goes in and who goes out.
    My decision to stop participating in their fiction came slowly. It was more a creeping distaste at having to deny my support of Palestinian rights, and a disgust at my feigned respect for a colonial God-ordained project.
    Not colluding in their fiction will almost certainly gain me a place on their notorious ‘black list’ of those banned from re-entry into ‘Israel’.
    My individual act of defiance is insignificant but the message is not. If our world leaders and media acknowledged the truth that Israel is not the victim but the oppressor, and if they summoned the courage to challenge Israel to obey international law, Palestine might one day become free.”

    One fraction of the barbarity that moves Heather can be read here –

  91. Fedup, well, yes, granted, it was in the late 1980s, so already over 20 years ago. But I’m not sure your assumption that they have had little to do is necessarily accurate. On tghe contrary, there are always things to do! Iran has been an enemy of the UK since 1979, this means spying is de rigeur. Furthermore, people in a number other countries in the region speak Persian – Afghanistan being the most obvious example. The Persina is pronounced difefrently from that in Iran, and Iran itself has many regional variants, different accents and so on.
    But perhaps you have some inside knowledge to which I am not privy? If so, please share. Thanks.
    You do sound awfully like anno, btw. Perhaps you two ought to have a cup of tea, Persian-style.

  92. Didn’t realize that The Australian has a paywall.
    This is the complete piece

  93. @Mary

    The Australian is in the Murdoch stable – hence the paywall. So I’m amazed that this story was published there at all.

  94. Thanks Komodo.
    Craig, have a look at the previous blog please. I’ve posted four comments which may have some significance. They’re at the bottom of the feed. Off to bed now. ‘night.

  95. Suhayl Saadi,
    Afghan dialect is Dari, which is a variant, and not exactly Farsi. In fact there are a few Farsi Speaking countries in the area (south-west Asia/Mid-east). However the succinct enunciation, grammatical variance, and distinctive vocabularies, differentiate these from one another, despite their shared parametric/lingual heritage, ie as in English and variances thereof.
    Not digressing from the issues, in the current climate of poopy Pants Iran, which is an attempt to divert attention from the all out fuckups de jour in the form of the plethora of the failures and financial snafu, and calamities all around. Added into the, the ever opportunist ziofuckwits trying to muddy the already troubled waters for their own end, in a fashion as found in nature; Brainwashed by a parasite . This proving to be not to the advantage of the majorities concerned, who are already paying the price for the mistakes of the past (Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc), and being forced into bearing an even greater burden by the day.

  96. Professor the Baroness Haleh Afshar is pleading for Britain to stall the relentless push to war with Iran.
    I hope to confirm/rescind whether the Royal navy ships HMS Albion, HMS Ocean and RFA Fort Rosalie are off or stationed in Cyprus waiting for orders to commence an attack on Syria which I believe is intended to snare Iran into some conflict that can be exploited to justify a direct attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities (the Wests axiom of securing world peace?). November 30th I believe is a crucial date for this insane accord to consolidate or die from conjecture.

  97. Meanwhile back at the ranch:
    China’s freedom of navigation and other legal rights should not be obstructed
    Who said Chinese were not well pleased?

  98. The Lobby had called “Chilcot Inquiry” an old-fashioned anti-Semitism.

    Oliver Miles, former Ambassador to Libya, writing in the Independent on November 22, 2009 – raised the doubts that the presence of two pro-Israeli members on the 5-member Iraq Inquiry would most probably hide the pro-Israel Jewish Lobby’s role in Britain’s joining the invasion of Iraq. The Jewish-owned TIME magazine called Oliver Miles’ comment as “disgraceful”. On January 28, 2010 – BBC was quoted Martin Gilbert, whom it described as a “proud practicing Jew and Zionist” saying he feels “deep unease” at Oliver Miles comments.

  99. Thanks Craig, pertinent as ever. Bonkers or not is incidental.
    I just hope the Levenson enquiry manages to sift through these stories and get to the relevant facts. From the parade of “victims” we have seen so far, there are certainly some that have been unfairly treated and the public deserves some legal protection from the press gone wild for a story. However, there are also others appearing, such as Campbell here, that were themselves playing such devious games with the press that any claim to victimhood should be laughed off the stage.

  100. “Former defence secretary Liam Fox spent at least £65,000 flying around the world on Government business, it has been disclosed.

    A further £184,000 was spent on flights for his private office staff and special advisers, the current Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said in an answer to a written parliamentary question from Liverpool Walton Labour MP Steve Rotherham.

    The MP and his staff spent £17,100 on accommodation whilst abroad, Mr Hammond added.

    The costs only includetravel from May last year up until the end of August”

  101. Yes surprised they published it too Emma. Perhaps they realize the inevitability of the turning of the tide.
    Rehmat. That about Chilcot is hilarious. One of the members, Sir Martin Gilbert ‘describes himself as a proud practising Jew and a Zionist.’ and has since 2005, been married to the Holocaust historian Esther Gilbert, née Goldberg. Wikipedia.

  102. Additionally Sir Lawrence Freedland is Jewish and was a speechwriter for Bliar.
    [2010 Jan] The Chilcot Inquiry: Britain’s 9/11 Commission Michael Crick, pointed out, “Critics of the war might argue Sir Lawrence was himself one of the causes of the war!” Crick was referring to a Freedman memo which formed the basis of Tony Blair’s 1999 Chicago speech, “The Doctrine of the International Community.” In what became known as the “Blair Doctrine,” Freedman had offered an answer to the specious question: “When was military action justified for liberal, humanitarian reasons?”
    (Photo within of him receiving a medal from the Duke of Westminster, the bête noire of Roderick Russell who comments on this blog.)

  103. Re the speculation on the whereabouts of the remnants of the British ‘fleet’.
    It was ever thus. Always war. Always Britain.
    The Syrian War is the name generally given to the war of 1839-40 fought in the Middle East, also known as the Second Syrian War, mainly on territory that is now Lebanon, between the Allied Powers of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Austrian Empire, the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire against the expansionist designs of Muhammad Ali of Egypt, the Pasha of Egypt, tacitly supported by Spain and to a lesser extent July Monarchy France.

  104. This on Medialens
    The Story of Palestine
    Posted by The Editors on November 29, 2011, 8:38 am
    When the United Nations, in 1977, proclaimed 29 November of each year as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, it was a clear admission of guilt towards this people. It was recognition that the Palestinian people deserve international solidarity and support, in the name of justice and rights. This was merely one small event in a long story.
    The story of Palestine and its people is one that will go down in history. In fact it has already started to do just that. One might say that the victor is the one that writes history. The victor in this case will inevitably be justice, and justice is at the core of the Palestinian struggle against apartheid, colonialism and oppression. And as in every episode in history, everyone will be mentioned according to their positions, and more importantly their deeds with respect to each story.
    In the day of solidarity, let us remember that.
    . 2′ 57″

  105. Komodo my friend

    Comment has been ‘pulled’ now – usual ‘moderator’ guff. It was there last night at 6p.m., then I suspect someone read this blog, and went trawling …

    Comment so definitely not free …

    And there’s no democracy – looks like Eisenhower had it correct all those years ago. So whatever we say will be ignored. Only the tatters of our banners …

  106. Thanks for that reminder Mary, the guilt has cut a deep casmn into the UN, those who abstain and object to normalising Palestinian life’s have still not got an iota of humanity for these people.

    There is a plethora of stories and events which would make any human think, unless conditioned to think otherwise, brainwashed from a very young age to believe oneself special, for now three generations has this indoctrination promoted the status quo. It will take a long time to heal these divisions.

  107. Saddam H. Obama

    29 Nov, 2011 - 9:46 am

    Interesting thing about the Grauniad comment site – sometimes they replace censored comments with a note that they’ve been moderated, and sometimes the comment entirely disappears.
    I’m not sure how much the moderation is controlled by well-understood policy, and how much it’s done by dimbos who err on the side of caution.

  108. Suhyal, Fedup,
    Reading through the comments, remembered an Irnian writer friend of mine, her father during Shah’s time was a diplomat, so even after revolution she was invited to some of “the cocktail parties”. She told me that on several occasions she was approached and asked if she would work for one of the agencies in UK. I have another friend Irnian journalist who lives in Washington, she also was approached and asked to work for “one of the agencies”, I guess lot of these spies are of Irnian origin. I have no doubt every phone call made to Iran is tapped by security in both countries..

    Sorry to diappoint his fans, but Matthew Gould’s smiling mug is nowhere to be seen.

  110. Komodo,
    Gould of Tel Aviv is busy glad handing the ziobots, to send these on their way to bash the two dears standing next to the car. As well as demolishing some more of Gaza just for the sake of practice, in the way of keeping the bots sharp and focused on Ethnic Cleansing, and genocide.

  111. Passerby, why in the world would you think that? Israel only wants peace, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and the US to beat up Iran. Anyway, it can’t afford to defend itself against the civilians and what’s left of the infrastructure in Gaza –,7340,L-4154601,00.html

    …yeah, right.

  112. …so they’ll have to do it with bulldozers, eh?,7340,L-4152502,00.html

  113. Tunnels, captive ghetto, remind you of anything?

    ….it proved in the course of the Grossaktion that the whole ghetto had been systematically provided with cellars, bunkers and passageways. The passages and bunkers all had access to the sewers. This enabled the Jews to move underground without interference. The Jews also used this network of sewers to escape underground into the Aryan part of the city of Warsaw. There were constant reports that Jews were attempting to escape through the sewer holes… How far the Jews’ precautions had gone was demonstrated by many instances of bunkers skillfully laid out with accommodation for entire families, facilities for washing and bathing, toilets, storage bins for arms and ammunition, and large food reserves sufficient for several months. There were different bunkers for poor and for rich Jews. It was extremely difficult for the task forces to discover the individual bunkers owing to camouflage, and in many cases it was made possible only through betrayal on the part of the Jews……The resistance offered by the Jews and bandits could be broken only by the energetic, tireless deployment of storm-patrols night and day. On April 23, 1943, the Reichsfuehrer SS, through the Higher SS and Police Fuehrer for the East, in Cracow, issued the order that the Warsaw ghetto be combed out with maximum severity and ruthless determination. I therefore decided to carry out the total destruction of the Jewish quarter by burning down all residential blocks, including the blocks attached to the armament factories. One by one the factories were systematically cleared and then destroyed by fire. Almost always the Jews then emerged from their hiding places and bunkers. Not rarely, the Jews stayed in the burning houses until the heat and fear of being burned to death caused them to jump from the upper floors after they had thrown mattresses and other upholstered objects from the burning houses to the street. With broken bones they would then try to crawl across the street into buildings which were not yet, or only partially, in flames. Often, too, Jews changed their hiding places during the night, by shifting into the ruins of buildings already burned out and taking refuge there until they were found by one of the shock troop units….

    Only as a result of the unceasing and untiring efforts of all forces did we succeed in capturing altogether 56,065 Jews, i.e., definitely destroying them. To this figure should be added Jews who lost their lives in explosions, fires, etc., the number of which could not be definitely established….

    Warsaw, May 16, 1943
    The SS and Police Leader
    in the Warsaw District
    SS Brigadefuehrer
    and Major General of Police

  114. In Saturday’s Weekend Guardian there was an Israeli Ministry of tourism advert and article which included a map which did not distinguish between Israel (within its pre 1967 borders) and the Occupied Territories (West Bank and Gaza) which are NOT part of Israel, and labels them as Samaria and Judea, as if they were in Israel. Within the Occupied Territories, the town of Nablus is labelled “Shechem”. This is not the correct name for this Palestinian town.
    Please complain to the Weekend Guardian and the Advertising Standards Authority – addresses below.
    weekend AT

  115. Off topic but important.
    Times 29th November 2011
    Frances Gibb Legal Editor
    A former surgeon is taking the Attorney-General to court next month to demand a fresh inquest into the weapons inspector David Kelly.
    David Halpin, a retired orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, is seeking a judicial review of a decision in June by Dominic Grieve, the Attorney-General, not to order an inquest into Dr Kelly’s death in 2003.
    An inquest was opened, then suspended when the Hutton Inquiry was set up to look into the circumstances of Dr Kelly’s death. The latest move marks the climax of a seven-year campaign by Dr Halpin who, with other doctors, is convinced that Dr Kelly could not have died from a small self-inflicted cut to his wrist. It will also air in public for the first time evidence that has emerged since Lord Hutton’s inquiry.
    Dr Halpin said: “This is the last opportunity to try to secure an inquest and allay widespread public suspicion and cynicism. If not, the issue will be buried until 2074 when the files that were secretly ‘classified’ by Lord Hutton are due to be released.
    “A vast amount of material has been uncovered which throws up legitimate questions about this death, and highlights the many inadequacies of Lord Hutton’s inquiry.”
    From Dr Halpin’s surgical experience, including repairing slashed wrists, he could not accept that the first cause of death was bleeding from a cut across the ulnar artery; and evidence “put into question” the second stated cause, an overdose of painkillers.
    He does not believe that “even the deepest cut into one wrist would cause such exsanguination that death resulted. The two arteries are of matchstick size and would have quickly shut down and clotted.
    “Furthermore, we have a man who was expert in lethal substances — he knew the biology of death. Yet he apparently chose a most uncertain method of suicide. It’s inconceivable.”
    Dr Halpin said he accepted that an inquest could still come to the same conclusion as Lord Hutton — namely suicide.
    But he said: “Dr Kelly is thought to be the only person in modern times who was found dead in suspicious circumstances and whose death has not been properly investigated.”
    His legal team, led by John Cooper, QC, will argue that the failure of the Attorney-General not to exercise his powers to seek an order for a new inquest is unlawful.
    ++Dr Kelly allegedly committed suicide after being named as the prime source of a BBC news report that accused Tony Blair’s Government of misleading the public in a way that allowed it to take Britain into the Iraq war. ++

    The content of the Frances Gibb’s last sentence is at the crux of the matter.

  116. @ Mary:
    Those have for some time been the official Israeli names for the places you mention . They are not internationally recognised. While if the Guardian used them in an article of its own, a complaint might succeed, I doubt that there will be much traction on an Israeli ad, particularly as the Guardian will now do absolutely anything for money. Still, worth a try, I suppose.

  117. Can’t help what they call the Palestinian land and places Komodo, this is letter to the Guardian –
    Dear Sir,
    I noticed that in the Weekend review of 26 November pages 23-25 are devoted to Northern Israel.
    This is to complain that:
    1. While the first page makes it (fairly) clear that this is an advert by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, the following 2 pages are NOT marked a being as advertising material coming from that Ministry.
    2. On p24 about Northern Israel a map of the region is shown which is an illegal map: it does not distinguish between Israel (within its pre 1967 borders) and the Occupied Territories (West Bank and Gaza) which are NOT part of Israel, and labels them as Samaria and Judea, as if they were in Israel.
    3. Within the Occupied Territories, the town of Nablus is labelled “Shechem”. This is not the correct name for this Palestinian town.
    These are serious misrepresentations of the facts.
    As you must be aware Israel has been gradually encroaching on the Occupied Territories through the land grab of illegal Jewish settlements and the construction of an illegal Wall for decades, and the misrepresentation of the legal position of these lands is an important element of Israeli propaganda.
    I should be grateful if you would publish a prominent apology and retraction for these errors and ensure such mistakes do not recur. I am also complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority.
    Yours sincerely,


  118. Fedup
    Thanks for that link. This is the event for which the Fox Werrity tittletattle is a smokescreen.
    A UK-manned conspiracy of active false-flag terror against the Syrian people to create civil war. William Hague is a man with his pants down and about to be exposed for creating a second Libya in one year.
    On a lighter note, for some reason your name calls up in my imagination a quote from Shakespeare: ‘ ‘Aroint thee, witch’ The rump-fed ronyon cries.’
    May Allah help the Syrian people and send William Hague to the ducking stool for devising, and signing for this devilish UK conspiracy in Syria.

  119. Komodo,
    Shocks, I am sorry I did not realize, and I stand corrected!
    Isreal wants piece, all it wants is piece; a piece of Gaza, a piece of west bank, a piece of Sudan, a piece of Syria, a piece of Lebanon, a piece of Iraq preferably in Kurdistan oil fields, a piece of Iran for being so cheeky, and a piece of US, and a piece of the US UK tax monies. Oh why no one understands the ever so pieceful Isreal, the only remaining apartheid in the world, you antisemitic pooopppy pants.

  120. I agree Mary – **IMPORTANT**
    Mr Justice Kenneth Parker, who is considering an application challenging the Government’s recent decision not to have a coroner’s inquest into Dr Kelly’s death, has requested the session in open court on December 19.
    More than 800 donors have contributed over £40,000 to cover Halpin’s lawyers’ fees. He is the sole claimant in the action.His barrister, John Cooper QC, tells me: “My client has said for many years that on the available evidence Dr Kelly did not commit suicide. He welcomes this first chance since Dr Kelly’s death to put before a court the kernel of his case.”
    I believe UKCollapse is organising a small group wearing ‘Justice for Dr David Kelly’ T-Shirts to assemble in London and walk to the High Court. Supporters are very welcome – Thank-you.

  121. A three-page advertising feature? Mary, that’s at £54 per single column centimetre, with £648 per brochure guide panel insert. Granted, the subeditor gets a free visit to Israel and the Guardian offices are now probably bursting at the seams with Dead Sea cosmetics, but that’s a nice little earner, and I don’t think the Apax board members will be objecting.

  122. …and we are wondering why our comments vanish from “Comment is Free”?

  123. James Murdoch survives bid to oust him from BSkyB board
    James Murdoch reappointed as chairman of the satellite broadcaster, despite a third of independent shareholders voting against his reappointment

    Mark Sweney, Tuesday 29 November 2011 13.25 GMT
    James Murdoch addresses the BSkyB annual general meeting, where he survived a row with investors to be re-elected as chairman. Photograph: Reuters
    James Murdoch has seen off a revolt by nearly a third of BSkyB’s independent shareholder to be reappointed as chairman of the satellite broadcaster at the company’s annual general meeting.

    Provisional figures announced at the meeting in London on Tuesday gave him 81.24% of the vote, with 18.76% against.

    About a third of independent shareholders voted against his reappointment, including Standard Life Investments, which manages more than 6m Sky shares.

    Murdoch is deputy chief operating officer of News Corporation, Sky’s largest shareholder, owning 39.1% of the company.

    There have been calls for him to resign his role as chairman amid fears that his links to the inquiry into phone hacking at News Corp’s UK newspaper business, News International, will damage BSkyB’s reputation. James Murdoch also oversees News International in his News Corp role.

    Guy Jubb, Standard Life Investments’ head of governance at stewardship, said: “In September, we wrote to [Nicholas] Ferguson, the deputy chairman and senior independent director, to advise him that we were concerned that James Murdoch remains chairman of the board and that we should like to see a new and independent chairman appointed.

    “We explained to [Nicholas] Ferguson that the unsuccessful bid approach from News Corporation had magnified the conflicts of interest which the independent non-executive directors have to deal with and, therefore, that it is inappropriate that the group’s board (or indeed the board of any company) is led by a representative of its largest shareholder and putative offeror.

    “We pointed out that our misgivings had been heightened by the revelations of stewardship short-comings at the News of the World, a title for which Mr Murdoch bore a measure of responsibility.”

    More details soon…

    Having halved its print sales, and ripped £100M out of it, Guardian and Apax are now looking at raising more money from Trader. It is truly profitable to be(commercially) in bed with Ronald Cohen. Anyone want a piece of Dave’s Big Society Bank (prop, R.Cohen)?

  125. Komodo:
    “…and we are wondering why our comments vanish from “Comment is Free”?”
    “Comment is free”… Orwell couldn’t have done better.

  126. 38Degrees had a campaign to stop Murdoch being re-elected with letters going to institutional investors so although not successful, had an effect. Next time…

    Thanks Komodo for your responses and Mark for yours. Had not heard of the support group. Perhaps you could guive further details nearer the time. 3 weeks to go.
    Osborne giving strangulated voice to his proposals for Plan B, Plan A having failed. It seems to consist of planned austerity and pain for us for years ahead, much greater borrowing also years ahead (£110 billion extra), lower growth, higher unemployment and reduced public sector pay and benefits. He and his colleagues have no answer to the crisis. The blame game now ongoing between him and Balls.

  127. Mark Golding
    Shame on you for fiddling with history while war unfolds in Syria.
    Neither US nor Russia nor UK nor Israel wiil ever drop one missile on their own pet pit-bull Iran. You have always stood squarely shoulder to shoulder with the Shi’a in Iraq and constantly cried Wolf about war against Iran. Enough is enough.
    The Syrian people are gathered en masse to reject the coalition of the entire world, who worship at the altar of Zionism, imposing regime change on them to suit their gods and masters from Israel who hold the world’s economies in their Fagin grasp. You will see them force Syria to an orthodox Muslim Taliban- style theocracy, brokered in London with fat, state-kept asylum seekers from all around the Muslim world.
    People who live on UK military pensions ought to be banned from commenting here, because they know 100% the side their bread is buttered on. Maybe you will go and distribute leaflets in Syria with your live contacts and inside information.
    I want to put it on the record, that I am not afraid to speak against the Islamists who collaborate with the enemies of Islam, because they really really don’t know how devious the West is.
    No good will ever come from this collaboration. This is a statement for which I am prepared to hang. No good for Islam will ever come from this collaboration. Amen.

  128. Azra, yes, naturally, most of the agents will be Iranian, or of Iranian origin. The officers who run them will be Persian-fluent British, French, American (though some of those too will be of Iranian origin).
    Fedup, let me emphasise that these divisions – Dari, etc. – are somewhat artificial, even though they seem to have become accepted by many people. The Persian spoken and written in Afghanistan is the same language as the Persian spoken in Iran; there are words which the Shah removed and the mullahs added (in Iran, for political reasons), but it’s the same language. Indeed, it might be argued that the Persian spoken in Afghanistan in many ways is actually closer to Classical Persian than that spoken in Iran. So, there are differences right across the Iranian plateau, within and outwith Iran, but it’s the same language. The writer, Shusha Guppy, who was Iranian, always maintained that these divisions were simply Western tactics to split people up: divide-and-rule. The language is ‘Persian’ – when speaking or writing in English, we do not refer to ‘Francais’ or ‘Deutsch’, so why, when speaking or writing in English, would we refer to ‘Persian’ as ‘Farsi’ or ‘Dari’?
    In any case, what precisely are you trying to argue here? That there are not lots of spies, spying on Iran? I think that is naive and pointless. Regardless of views on linguistics, I would sugggest that there are likely to be many people spying on Iran (and many others, spying for the Iranian regime, and some, working for both).

  129. Suhayl
    Nearly all working for both and more besides

  130. Absolutely spot on Suhyal. There have always been spies in Iran (or any other country for that matter). I know that my own Great uncle was working for CIA during Shah’s regime (I found that out purely by chance and never spoke to him after that, an absolute traitor), regarding Dari and Farsi, etc… you are again right, Afghanis speak Persian with a different accent, the same applies to various regions of Iran. We all speak Persian, understand each other, but there is a very slight variation and might have few but very few regional “slang/words” .

  131. Protesters in the Iranian capital, Tehran, have broken into the UK embassy compound during an anti-British demonstration.

    Militant students are said to have removed the British flag, burnt it and replaced it with Iran’s flag. State TV showed youths smashing embassy windows …

    The UK’s Foreign Office said it was “outraged” by the actions …


  132. “Students were reported to be ransacking offices inside the building, and one protester was said to be waving a framed picture of Queen Elizabeth II.
    “Iran’s semi-official Mehr news agency said embassy documents had been set alight. Embassy staff fled by the back door, the agency added.”
    Wow, this’ll cause high jinks

  133. As we thought they would say, Breivik is declared insane. A Norwegian cover-up.
    Norway massacre: Breivik declared insane
    This composite image shows Breivik after (left) and before the attacks
    Norway Attacks
    The victims
    How attacks happened
    Breivik profile
    Test of justice
    Psychiatrists assessing self-confessed Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik have concluded that he is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.
    They believe he was in a psychotic state both during and after the twin attacks on 22 July that led to the deaths of 77 people and injured 151.
    Their report must still be reviewed by a panel of forensic psychiatrists.
    Breivik will still be tried in April but it seems likely he will be placed in psychiatric care rather than prison.
    Breivik admits carrying out the attacks but has pleaded not guilty to charges, arguing that that the attacks were atrocious but necessary for his campaign to defend Europe against a Muslim invasion.
    The two psychiatrists who interviewed him on 13 occasions concluded that he lived in his “own delusional universe where all his thoughts and acts are guided by his delusions”, prosecutors told reporters.

  134. “The UK’s Foreign Office said it was “outraged” by the actions …”

    But not surprised, I hope? WTF did it expect?

  135. Re Iran/UK embassy.

    Splashed all over the Grauniads’ front page,a live update piece.

    Cui bono?

    Maybe Werrity’s seedlings have sprouted?

  136. It’s eerie, the synchronicity betwee the BBC and the Grauniad. Almost as if they share a newsdesk.

  137. “@AlArabiya_Eng: Iran police secure release of 6 British embassy staff taken hostage by hard-line students: Fars news agency AlArabiya”
    Not a peep on Sky News? Not the first time I read something on Twitter *more than an hour* before there was a word on Sky News. amazing.

  138. Well, well, well, well, now suddenly there is a law against that!!!
    UK foreign policy hijacked by the unholy trinity of rats knackers; Werrity, Fox, Gould of Tel Aviv bent on starting a war no less. UK unilaterally sanctions the Iranian banks, and then some, etc. evidently all perfectly within the law!
    Whence Johnny foreigner has had enough and kicks up an unholy fuss, then suddenly eureka, and the discovery; there is law against that!
    “Under international law , including the Vienna Convention, the Iranian Government have a clear duty to protect diplomats and Embassies in their country and expect them to act urgently to bring the situation under control and ensure the safety of our staff and security of our property.” ,
    las leyes son buenas para el enemigo, “laws are good for the enemy”.
    What will Billy fourteen pints do now?

  139. How the hell did Atlantic Bridge ever acquire charitable status in the first place?

    A small cabal fomenting wars running almost parallel,possibly, to FCO policy?

    Very strange indeed.

  140. On this blog, if anything threatens Sunni populations, the commentators stay silent, sniggering up their sleeves.
    This blog is anti-Islam, and pro-anything which is bad for Islam.

  141. Anno,
    put a sock in it! What is this sectarian cock-and-bull?

  142. @ Anno

    “On this blog, if anything threatens Sunni populations, the commentators stay silent, sniggering up their sleeves.
    This blog is anti-Islam, and pro-anything which is bad for Islam.”

    I couldn’t even tell you what a Sunni is or believes.Or are you just goading everyone into denial of your rant so that this site gets labelled a “pro-terrorist site.”

    Just go away you silly sockpuppet.

  143. Anno,

    I suspect most people who comment here, won’t really have a clue, or be able to recognise the difference between the “Christians” from Northern Ireland – ie the Catholics and the Protestants or what their differences really are. They look the same, talk with the same accent and presumably believe in the same Jesus. Yet they’ve been fighting each other for years.

    If you think most of us are any more wised up about the differences between different flavours of Islam, then I think you are mistaken.

    We do however realise that most of these divisions and problems are the fault of us bloody Anglo-Saxons and Americans and our history of causing division and chaos in order to control, plunder and steal. The divisions themselves we don’t really understand.


  144. Silly, yes in the old meaning of the word – simple.
    I see things in black and white, and ignorance of what a Sunni is after a decade of war against Islam, could be interpreted as indifference. I will settle for the kinder word bigotry.

  145. Not really ‘fiddling’ Anno, I am trying to modulate the power of intention by composing a number of feeble paths into the purist form and then Insha’llah draw people to it in the hope it will prevent war. I have been doing this since the Iraq war – just my belief that we can influence each other.

  146. Guys I am in stitches here, just been reading the DM comments, and came across this;
    The hysterical DM article, and the comments thereof.

    thats terrible and once they get control off the embasy back they need identify those involved and deport them back to iran
    – Sue Previsor, Doncaster, 29/11/2011 13:51

    Mind someone else had noticed it too; advising her of the geographical location of the would be deportees.!!!! (there is room for hope)
    We spend all the money on education to keep the great unwashed dumb, so that Murdoch can do the thinking for them.

  147. @ Anno

    “Silly, yes in the old meaning of the word – simple.
    I see things in black and white, and ignorance of what a Sunni is after a decade of war against Islam, could be interpreted as indifference. I will settle for the kinder word bigotry.”

    You’re so black and white it blinkers you from nuanced understanding.You have no idea of my beliefs or who iam so,to accuse me of bigotry is rude,wrong and,frankly,ignorant.

    You are,of course,entitled to your views but FYI I was/am totally opposed to US/UK led wars in Iraq,Afghanistan/Libya.I am not religious in the slightest.To me these wars are largely about(illegal and despicable)profits and resources.The fact that i dont know about Sunnis reflects the fact that i am not religious and have no interest in such matters.

    It seems your black and white purview enables you to call someone a bigot,but it merely reveals shallowness and petty judgementalism on your part.

    You should maybe consider other colours than black and white sometimes-if only to reject them after consideration.

  148. @anno, you’re talking tosh again. Regular readers will have already seen I’ve tried to reason with you when it comes to your religious zealotry, but you won’t ever budge an inch. If you can’t see that this blog is predominantly on your side, then you are politically self-sabotaging.
    The problem is *not* that the world has not converted to Islam. The problem, is, and always has been, that there is greed in the world, and it is difficult to ameliorate. Both the greedy and the propagandised are opposed to the vision of people who want a better society.

  149. “If the Security Service, like the court, had rigorously analysed the available evidence, they would never have concluded that she was a Russian spy and we would not be here today. Their case was built entirely on speculation, prejudice and conjecture. It was amateur, poorly researched and compared very unfavourably to the counter-espionage work conducted by the FBI in recent years.”
    Yeah, MI5. Incompetent fuckwits, in search of a headline. That sounds about right.
    Useless, plodding, fucking plods.
    God help us, and all who sail in us.

  150. Really fiddling. The Titanic was built as they say by professionals. The war in Libya was conducted by professionals. The war in Syria will be conducted by professionals.
    I remain human. When I see thousands of humans rally against the fixed intention of the soul-less united powers of the world, in collaboration with their control-freak Frankinstein monsters from the War on terror torture chambers, I can’t see any help coming from anywhere.
    The occupiers of this blog seem blind, the ordinary people of the UK seem blind, the UK Muslims are blind, the freemason Muslims of Turkey etc all blind.
    The only people who seem to be prepared to stand as witnesses against the atrocity that is about to happen, is the far-Eastern countries like China, who know that the monopoly of licence to the moral high ground by the West is broken a bit more every time it happens.
    Ownership of the moral high ground is shifting from ourselves to them. And thank God, they are still amateurs.

  151. Well said, Jon. And btw, anno, Jives is a decent person who cares about what happens to people; they’ve been contributing to this blog, on and off, for years. I would suggest that it is unnecessary to know details of theological distinctions in order to argue against the mass murder of human beings. I don’t know what on earth might have stimulated that outburst of yours, anno – nothing that went before on this thread seems to have been related to it. Please chill.

  152. And why does all that require you to attack the people who contribute to this blog, anno? We all are angry about what is happenning – you have no monopoly on rage. No need to attack one another.

  153. I feel pretty upset by Anno’s remark. My concern for those who are attacked, killed and wounded by the USUKIsNATO alliance is what drives me.

  154. “We” haven’t got any moral high ground. That is the problem, but you are ranting in the wrong place at the wrong people.

    I suggest you try


    Fairly recently Guido was campaigning for and getting mass support for UK Arms companies to build even more weapons to kill people in foreign lands.

    He was ridiculing anyone who thought building all these weapons was not a particularly bright idea.

    Although he’s probably brainwashed and propagandised like most people, he does allow opposing views, though you will probably find most of the language there rather offensive.


  155. Anno, you’re seriously out of line.
    US/UK/NATO may have been/be attacking, overtly or covertly, ~6 countries in recent times, but don’t forget that there are people of other religions living in these countries too. I’m concerned about PEOPLE being bombed and maimed and slaughtered — differences between various strands of Islam are utterly irrelevant to me.

  156. Edit: “US/UK/NATO may have been/be attacking, overtly or covertly, ~6 Muslim countries in recent times.”

  157. I have to agree with Mary and Suhayl – it doesn’t matter (or shouldn’t) what religion people have – they still deserve our protests about the way the US/UK/NATO behave.

    Anno – I think you don’t realise how counter-productive some of your remarks have been. Please try to understand that ‘the soul-less united powers of the world, in collaboration with their control-freak Frankinstein monsters from the War on terror torture chambers’ are our enemies as much as yours and your fellow Moslems.

  158. Anno:
    “The only people who seem to be prepared to stand as witnesses against the atrocity that is about to happen, is the far-Eastern countries like China, who know that the monopoly of licence to the moral high ground by the West is broken a bit more every time it happens.
    Ownership of the moral high ground is shifting from ourselves to them. And thank God, they are still amateurs.”
    You are mistaken if you think that China cares any more about human rights than the West. It has supported murderous regimes all over Africa so that it can plunder that continent of precious metals.
    If China is opposing the West’s actions in the Middle East now, it is purely because these actions represents a threat to its own security. China wants Middle Eastern oil and gas as much as the West does, but unlike the West it doesn’t have the military means to assert itself.
    That said, I acknowledge that in any competition for bad karma over the past 20 years, the West would win hands down. But the motivation of power-seekers is largely the same everywhere.
    Don’t forget that China is pretty f**ked as well, since most of its investment is in worthless US bonds.
    If (and it’s a big “if”) there will be a winner in the coming global conflagration, it will be Russia, the sleeping giant, which is looking on while the other great powers drive themselves off a cliff.

  159. “One protester seemed to forget his disgust at Western culture when he emerged from the British embassy with a poster of the U.S. film Pulp Fiction”
    What was that framed poster doing in the British embassy? What’s his name and the other what’s his name with guns drawn? Was it “We is seriously gung-ho peeps here”?

  160. Meanwhile, back on topic, Watson has admitted he lifted his blog piece from Guido Fawkes and has been let off by Leveson.

    It also appears Guido / Staines thinks he hasn’t broken any rules anyway, but he seems loth to test this idea to destruction.

    Getting stranger by the day.

  161. Anyway, the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins MEP of the Conservative party’s Middle East Council recently visited the Gaza Strip and reported back to his colleagues on what he found there:
    He is not at all impressed with the inhuman conditions suffered by the Palestinians at the hands of their Israeli oppressors.
    Worth a read:
    Hat tip to Medialens

  162. The watchword on the evening news broadcasts is A U S T E R I T Y
    Hear the deep voice on the pronunciation icon.

  163. Thanks Herbie. I got it earlier. This is the sender’s comment to the media.
    A visit to Gaza
    Posted by The Editors on November 29, 2011, 5:27 pm
    From: Ted Clement-Evans
    Sent: 29 November 2011 11:15
    To: BBC comment; BBC Information; Dominic Groves; Helen Boaden; Jeremy Bowen; Lord Patten BBC Trust; Mark Thompson; Steve Herrmann; Today Complaints; Ed Stourton; Evan Davis; James Naughtie; John Humphrys; Sarah Montague
    Cc: Channel 4 News; Daily Mail; Daily Post; Editor Independent; Guardian News Desk; Independent on Sunday; Liverpool Echo; Mirror Kevin Maguire; Today; Yasmin Alibhai-Brown; Donald Macintyre; Harriet Sherwood; Jon Donnison; Jonathon Freedland; Manchester Evening News; Matthew Bayley; Media Lens; Peter Oborne; Redress Information & Analysis
    Subject: A visit to Gaza
    Dear BBC,
    Sir Robert Atkins has just returned from a visit to Gaza. He has had a Damascene experience and tells of what he has learnt. His report and recommendations have been sent out by the Conservative Middle East Council, whose President is Sir Nicholas Soames.
    These two eminent politicians have given their names to reveal unequivocally the evil that Israel is perpetrating upon Gaza. There is no longer reason for anyone to conceal the truth – that every facet of the life of every man, woman and child is being callously and very deliberately blighted.
    The BBC and its reporters are as well aware of the situation as Sir Robert now is and have been so aware for many years. No longer must they suppress the truth in deference to the Israeli lobby (eg Bicom).
    The catalogue of inhumanities and illegalities must now be revealed in all its horror – to do otherwise will be to continue to condone and connive at this evil. The supreme irony of history – there is the heel of a jackboot on the neck of each person of Gaza.
    Sir Robert closes his report with the words shown immediately below – please let the BBC make a clarion call for all of us in the UK to take up the banner he requests.
    Ted from Liverpool
    End the Occupation, then there will be Peace.

    1. The blockade is illegal, inhuman and designed to bleed the life out of Gaza. It must be lifted.

    2. Israel, the USA, the ineffective Quartet and EU must include HAMAS in any negotiations. They are too influential and powerful to ignore and they are not going away.

    3. Even in this most difficult economic climate, UNRWA funding for the poorest, sickest and most-deprived citizens of Gaza must be restored or alternatives found. Otherwise people will starve next year, children will not be educated and violent unrest, inevitably, will ensue.

    4. Pressure must be exerted on Israel and her diaspora to realise that what they are doing in Palestine generally, and Gaza specifically, is not only illegal under international law but is also inhumane. It is reminiscent of the treatment experienced by Jews in Europe during parts of the last century.

    5. There is incomprehension and dismay at the continual failure by Western nations to support Palestine in its campaign for nationhood, exacerbated by the complete refusal of Israel, supported by the US Congress, to negotiate on equal terms or to cease the construction of new settlements on Palestinian land.


    The core question is really quite simple. How much longer can Israel continue to get away with it? Given her reliance on a fickle and uncritical US Administration and the purblind support of the US Congress, when will anyone stand up to her? With our historic and economic links to Palestine and the Arab world, and our traditions of justice and fair play, why does Britain not take up the challenge? Given a proper lead, most of Europe would follow and it would begin to resolve this intractable issue once and for all.


    The Rt. Hon. Robert Atkins is a Conservative Member of the European Parliament for the North West Region.

  164. Mary

    A U S T E R I T Y?

    Not for The Bullingdon Boys though.

    Interesting to hear Boris Johnson smear the Occupy St.Paul’s crowd as “fornicating hippies” and “druggies”.

    I’ve never bought the version Of BJ as bumbling,tousled and slightly otherly.

    Beneath his well-cultivated front he’s a nasty,arrogant and calculating piece of work.


    Hey Craig you have closed your comments section on Werritty, no matter another disturbing British move today in Iran, get yourself a few activists together, storm the British Embassy and threaten the Goverment…it is the little niggles working to irritate Iran for a response !

  166. Yes amazing Jives that our future appears to be controlled by this fivesome whose connections extend to banking (Santander and the Bank of England), private equity, academe, the IMF, corporate business, the Treasury civil service and financial journalism. All bases covered and there are even some US connections for good measure.
    Osborne is sheltering behind the pronouncements of this Orwellian named grouping. And who appointed them? The ConDems of course one year ago.

    The Office of Budget Responsibility
    The letter appointing Robert Chote, the Chairman
    Your fee is determined by HM Treasury and paid by the OBR, and will be £11,833.33 per month, less statutory deductions as mentioned below. In addition the OBR will pay a sum equal to 20% of your monthly fee into your personal pension scheme each month, less statutory deductions if appropriate.
    OK for some?

  167. @ Mary.

    Yep,a jolly little wheeze for some.

    ” OBR will pay” = Taxpayers,naturally.

    And the figure of £11.833.33? A nice little brotherly 33 occurring twice,no doubt arranged down thr lodge.Trebles all round.

    That monthly salary,plus pension contributions,is what i live on over 30 months,more or less.

    And they wonder why people are angry?

  168. Imminent. No fly zone being imposed on Syria by US, Arab and possible Turkish forces.

  169. Forget Werrity and Gould, lets have more dirt on Paul Staines! He’s looks like a James Bond villain for a start.. Now with Harry Cole carrying his water they have twice as many sock puppets to spread their filth.

  170. Oh dear you go away from this blog for a couple of days, and when you come back everyone is still saying absolutely the same things regardless of whatever the topic is meant to be. Is everyone playing some sort of perverse version of Mornington Crescent where you have to get back to subject of Israel and Jews by some devious route or others?

    But getting back to the topic. Saying that Campbell and Guido are in league together to protect Murdoch, and have somehow got Tom Watson involved is bizarre in the extreme considering that Guido has never missed an opportunity to show how much he detests Watson and Campbell, ans all indications are that the feeling is pretty mutual. As with so much here all this relies on one of the old conspioracy theory standby – that you can state whatever supports you own views because it is impossible (or extremely difficult top be precise) to prove a negative.

    And of course trusty Mary is on hand with her latest dose of conspiracy logic:

    “As we thought they would say, Breivik is declared insane. A Norwegian cover-up.”

    Well it could just be that the rational explanation was that he is insane. I’m really not sure what or why the Norwegians would want to cover up any thing – but my guess is that a quick look at few anti semitic conspiracy websites would give me all clues we need. Anyone know the theoretically correct position on Gary Speed?

  171. @rocki

    “British move today in Iran, get yourself a few activists together, storm the British Embassy and threaten the Goverment…it is the little niggles working to irritate Iran for a response !”

    Yes and we even got those nice Iranian policemen to stand aside and refrain from their usual practice of murdering protestors against the Iranian Govt, which of course has no history at all of taking hostages from foreign embassies. Craig will be able to confirm this is how it usually works in diplomatice circles.

  172. Stephen.

    Considering there’s only been 2 topics on this blog in the last 2 days it’s ahrdly surprising people are still talking about those 2 topics now is it?

    Back shift tonight is it?

  173. well, off topic,
    despots die and their childrn die as well.

  174. @passerby – heh, like the DM comment! Priceless. Deport them all! But Iran might be tricky… how about Britain? :-)
    If you’re ever in the mood for similar humour, check “spEak You’re bRanes” ( – it’s great as a pick-me-up.

  175. Stephen,

    What are your views on co-incidence theory, the coincidences of terrorist drills being run at the same time as the real events?

    Ring any bells?

    “The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reports today police sources have confirmed that hours before Anders Behring Breivik launched his deadly attack at a political summer camp on Utøya island on July 22, police had conducted a drill for a “practically identical scenario.”
    “Sources within the top level management of the police in Oslo have confirmed to Aftenposten that the drill finished at 15:00 that same Friday,” the newspaper reports. “All of the officers from the anti-terror unit that later took part at the bombsite at the government buildings and went out to Utøya to apprehend Anders Behring Breivik had been training on the exact same scenario earlier the same day and in the days preceding,” writes Andreas Bakke Foss.
    The bomb attributed to Breivik went off only 26 minutes after the anti-terror drill finished, according to officials.”


  176. @John Goss (& Jives) – SPOOKS & PHONES

    Your comment Nov 28 on an earlier thread on spooks mucking around with your telephones is very familiar to me and reminds me of my own experiences …..Yesterday, I published another article in Indymedia (US) about my most recent attempt to hold CSIS (Canada’s Spy Agency) accountable.

    Intimidation, Harassment, Threats — Canada’s Spy Watchdog Covers-it-up

    Such is the contempt that Canada’s Spy Agency has for its so-called watchdog that, while I was complaining about CSIS to the SIRC, I was being intimidated just for complaining. Part of this intimidation was messing around with my telephones as you can see if you look on page 5 of the attachment to my article.

  177. Good catch, Herbie. I’ll just repeat the link for Stephen to see (he doesn’t usually look at earlier posts when he weighs in with his invariable complaint about what everybody is talking about and will we please talk about what interests him, whatever that is)
    The core question is really quite simple. How much longer can Israel continue to get
    away with it? Given her reliance on a fickle and uncritical US Administration and the purblind support of the US Congress, when will anyone stand up to her? With our historic and economic links to Palestine and the Arab world, and our traditions of justice and fair play, why does Britain not take up the challenge? Given a proper lead, most of Europe would follow and it would begin to resolve this intractable issue once and for all.


    The Rt. Hon. Robert Atkins is a Conservative Member of the European Parliament for the North West Region.
    I make no apology for reposting this. Anyone who has visited Gaza will agree with these conclusions. This is what the aid agencies have been saying for years, without embellishment.
    Time to stop cosying up to the people who have done this,

  178. Why oh why doesn’t ‘Stephen’ just f off. I thought he was barred anyway.

  179. In new pinkwashing recruitment campaign, Israel offers free travel for propaganda services
    By Asa Winstanley, 24 November 2011
    The story of the floundering “Brand Israel” advertising
    campaign continues. An Israeli government ministry has
    established a propaganda website called – a
    Hebrew word often translated as “propaganda”. A notice was
    recently published on the site asking for volunteer
    “candidates eligible to conduct public diplomacy
    activities abroad”. The volunteers “will not be eligible
    for any remuneration” apart from “costs of travel, daily
    expenses and insurance”.

  180. Guys,
    Why do you rise to bait? Ignore it, and it will vanish. Noting the other day it arrived, and did the usual shitting up the place, and no one took any notice, offsky it was gone for a few days lying down in its bed and crying its eyes out.
    On the other hand you may intend to rip the piss out of shit, then carry on by all means, but remember be funny so we all can have a good laugh at the fool. This kind of cyber settler can only prove effective, if anyone reacts.

  181. ‘Yes and we even got those nice Iranian policemen to stand aside and refrain from their usual practice of murdering protestors against the Iranian Govt, which of course has no history at all of taking hostages from foreign embassies.’

    Of course, Stephen, here in the UK we have no history of killing an innocent bystander in a demonstration or of course smashing kids’ skulls in.

    And of course we have no history of supplying brutal dictators including Gaddafi with weapons to kill peaceful demonstrators.

  182. “On this blog, if anything threatens Sunni populations, the commentators stay silent, sniggering up their sleeves.
    This blog is anti-Islam, and pro-anything which is bad for Islam.”
    No it isn’t, and, speaking personally, no, I’m not. I even considered converting once, but I couldn’t honestly say I believe in what I would be required to believe in. Islamic communities, where they are permitted to work, and the zealots don’t get a hold (I’m not talking about British ones, btw, though it’s true for them as well) are as good a social model as I’ve seen. What is your opinion of the extreme Sunnis running Saudi Arabia, though? Or Saddam’s Sunni minority when it was running Iraq? There were villains on both sides of that divide, and still are.
    Are you for intervention in Syria? Shrapnel will gut a (minority)Shi’a as readily as a (majority)Sunni child. Now that’s what I call bad for Islam.

  183. newyorkstateofmind

    29 Nov, 2011 - 9:27 pm

  184. NYmentalcondition is a spambot
    Name changed to defeat Google hitcounter.

  185. John Goss,
    As predicted America is prepared and poised to orchestrate the collapse of Syria and render the highly strategic Golan Heights, annexed by Israel since 1967, unchallenged and in Israel’s hands. Golan is Israel’s primary source of ground water.

    Despite a splintered Syria being a catastrophe for the central Mideast, the US and and Britain, blinded by their anti-Iran passion, are ready to destroy Syria and force Iran into conflict. Britain’s Navy are ‘watching the skies for a star-burst’ – I believe all the lights are on in the West’s war rooms and NATO pilots are in the briefing room awaiting the ‘no fly zone’ order to scramble. A false-flag Syrian attack on Turkey tomorrow (30th) is the catalyst. Turkey is on the same page as America and HAS BEEN PROMISED control of the area backed by massive American aid.

  186. I think we all need some light, er, relief:
    In Marseilles yesterday for sure as several local pages show, with pix. Scheduled to leave today. Possibly (my French may have let me down) via a joint exercise with the RN’s remaining two kayaks and a shotgun, between Plymouth and the Solent.

  187. What was anno’s outburst about?
    I fail to see the connections.


    Meanwhile back at the ranch,
    A fate worse than worse than worse than ……
    Cameron and Billy fourteen pints are threatening fire and brimstone as seen in Telegraph, and Guardian, both waxing lyrical about all manner of misdeeds of Iranians, however going missing is the jump in Oil prices, which is a welcome news in the midst of the current depression!
    Way to go boys, contracting out the Foreign Policy to ziofuckwits has such a wonderful outcome. Humpty Dumpty has been dumped on epic.

  188. Oh don’t worry about it, Fedup – Anno likes to fire off his accusation- blunderbus now and then, for reasons best known to himself.

  189. Billy fourteen pints, fedup? Surely Halfpint Wullie? If that bugger drank fourteen pints of anything it was Kaliber, to top up his wind and piss levels.
    No, seriously. Not sure where Anno is coming from, he’s getting a bit self-contradictory IMO.

  190. Komodo,
    thanks for the laugh, the name sake George Bu$h suffers from the same syndrome as the original; full of shitness.
    Can’t get the heads working yet these cretins’ bluster seems to have no end in threatening the world with destruction.
    The prize goes to Herbie;
    Yeah, MI5. Incompetent fuckwits, in search of a headline. That sounds about right.
    Useless, plodding, fucking plods.
    God help us, and all who sail in us.

  191. Komodo,
    Recollecting his interview in one of the rags; claiming he drank fourteen pints! I take him at his word!!!

  192. So Ruth you’re not denying what I’m saying but justifying it by the bad behaviour of others – but then the ends justify the means in your book don’t they?


    Coincidences happen – but Norwegian Police regularly practicising handling situations where terrorist run amok shooting people doesn’t sound too extraordinary to me. Perhaps a more interesting coincidnce is how several conspiracy nut web sites all appear to have picked up excatly the same paras from the Norwegian newspaper and translated them exactly the same (just Google the words) – but somewhat peculiarly have missed out the paras about unconfirmed souces.


    Why don’t you learn some manners – it’s one of the nice things about democracies people can have different views and put different arguments and can find ways around censorship.

  193. I remember him as boy wonder of the year addressing a Tory conference at age 16. He has said nothing new since. I once drank 14 pints. It was Watney’s Red Barrel, and I’ve had more effect breathing deeply at a filling station… (Ah, youth. I was 17)

  194. Let’s hope that the cooling water supply to the two nuclear reactors on Geo H W Bush are not similarly affected by plumbing problems.

  195. Stephen,

    At the start of the reporting of the Norwegian atrocity, I was convinced that some of the initial photography of the victims of the bomb blast had been faked. Then I thought I was nuts, and of course it happenned just as described.

    However, I know that the Telegraph does not always tell the truth. Why should Aftenposten?

    Then I saw a video of the bombings and the victims. It looked staged to me – like unreal. Then I thought I was nuts, and of course it happenned just as described.

    Now I don’t really care, cos I think we are all totally fucked, by every means possible.

    The human race comprises such a bunch of tosspots, it deserves what is coming.


  196. Stephen – perhaps you need to learn some manners too. You were told by this blog’s host that you’re not welcome, but you come swaggering back in anyway, and rudely set about denouncing people here. For someone who puts stock in manners, you have the remarkable air of a thug and a troublemaker, albeit one with a refined accent.

    Pray tell – because your sort of behaviour has often puzzled me. What’s keeping you, given your contempt for us, the blog host, the general conversation and so on. Something must surely be fascinating you!

  197. Glenn,
    The cringe factor is in the notion of being unwanted, uninvited, and in fact shunned, yet to return, and settle in. This is an indicator; highlighting a distinct lack of pride, and self worth. However in the world of the Jewish supremacist these facets are turned upside down and projected onto goyem, hence the swagger: “there are ways around it”, just like rapists thinking “no” means “yes”.
    “The human race comprises such a bunch of tosspots, it deserves what is coming.”
    Don’t give up and join the long lines of the misanthropes. Human beings are wonderful, their capacity for goodness not easily surpassed. Alas the conditions and the deprivations are at the root of all evils, it is the artificial constructs and the environment thereof, not the species.

  198. Oh, go on. Oblige the guy with something he can really resent. Stephen, this one’s for you. And please note, I didn’t say it, the rest of the site is right up your street, and Kissinger’s a respected neocon.

  199. Fedup,

    The human race consists of 4% psychopaths who are in control of all major institutions and can’t be shifted. 85% living in gross poverty or rapidly approaching it. 0.5% who have a clue what is going on but are powerless to change anything and 10.5% who a comfortably numb.


    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me.
    Is there anyone at home?
    Come on, now,
    I hear you’re feeling down.
    Well I can ease your pain
    And get you on your feet again.
    I need some information first.
    Just the basic facts
    Can you show me where it hurts?

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