Paul Staines Grandstands for Blair and Murdoch 297

The neo-con Blair and Cameron regimes are very comfortable with each other. War criminal Alistair Campbell’s “evidence” to the Leveson inquiry is risible.

“Only a few people in number 10 knew Cherie was pregnant, so it must have been phone hacking that led the Mirror to it” is a statement that would not stand ten seconds thought, if it were not ramped by being given the status of a leak.

Campbell’s statement ignores the range of explanations as to how the Mirror could have learned from the “small number of people in No. 10” that Cherie was pregnant. These include:

a) gossip
b) No 10’s motive to get the news out to boost Tony’s popularity
c) the hospital
d) phone hacking

Phone hacking is the least possible explanation. My money is on b)

No, this is a rather pathetic attempt by the Blair camp to divert attention from Murdoch onto Piers Morgan, who the war criminals have never forgiven for his opposition to the War in Iraq. It is so blatant a ploy that it needs an extra boost to the story as a daring “leak” by the Tory neo-con PR man Paul Staines, to be a succesful diversionary tactic.

Blairites and Tories get together to manufacture an incident to take the heat off Murdoch at Leveson Inquiry. That is the real story.

297 thoughts on “Paul Staines Grandstands for Blair and Murdoch

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  • Dee Wilde-Walker

    Thank you for such clarity of thinking – you are a breath of fresh air in a smog-ridden environment

  • Komodo

    In the small villages in which I have lived, any pregnancy was widely known before the test strip had changed colour.
    “The Westminster Village”…I rest my case.

  • Ghastly Angus

    Here’s a test:
    Did Campbell say it?
    No –> It might be true
    Yes–> It’s a lie

    He lives up to his family’s name and reputation, unlike Cameron of whom all true Scots are ashamed.

  • Rated

    Craig: Tom Watson (Labour MP) posted it before Paul Staines. So the “Leak” is from the most anti-Murdoch man in the House….


    Altho I dont much like Piers Morgan (understatment) I would never ever let that blind me to the fact that the Mirror was incredibly outspoken and rightly so against Blair’s vile endeavours re IRAK. The Mirror coverage was totally unforgettable. Alistair Campbell fronts a mental health charity nowadays what a disgusting figuerhead – his vile lying warmongering endeavours have demented enough folk – period!

  • Jives

    I always thought the Morgan/Mirror opposition to the Iraq war was an establishment ploy to make it look that “democracy” and dissent were alive in broad church Britian.It was merely PR to promote the notion of a balanced press,illusory thought that is.

  • tony_opmoc

    At least Guido Fawkes is smart enough to read your blog. I can rarely make much sense of most of the stuff written on his, but some of the jokes are quite funny.


  • craig Post author


    Guido published with no hat tip or acknowledgement to Watson, as a Guido scoop. AFTER Guido had his collar felt, he started squealing Watson had it first.

  • Komodo

    Has everyone forgotten that Cherie recorded in her memoirs that New Tony’s sainted sprog, Leo, had been conceived at Sandringham, and how this had happened? Her claim to a right of privacy evaporated at that point, IMO.

  • John Goss

    It seems feasible to me Guido (Staines) Fawkes. After all those slime-bags, Blair, Campbell &c are much closer to your camp than the decent commentators on this blog, which, incidentally, gets most things correct. Anyway I thought your paymaster died earlier this year?

  • Jives

    2 days after posting on the David Mitchell Guardian thread about political lobbying i get bloody moderated! A reasonable comment,simply pointing a link to this site and Craig’s piece on Fox/Werrity. No swearing or ranting.A perfectly reasonable comment.The bastards really are rattled but,also,pathetically small minded.Interestingly it was one of the mos5t recommended comments until it was hooked.

    They don’t like it up ’em.

  • craig Post author


    What do you make of my analysis of Campbell’s tale of woe. Just because you published it doesn’t mean you buy into it?

  • Jives

    Hi Guido..

    Welcome to a real blog,with real scoops and opinion.Unlike the rabid,racist,schoolboy sniggering dick joke obsessed site of yours.

  • Jives

    Alistair Campell himself is the most likely source of the Cherie pregnancy story.It’s excatly how this odious little shit operates.

  • Parky

    Mary, the photo could have made page three if she had been snapped breast feeding the nipper?
    The grinning Blair wondering who was responsible for this mega PR stunt, much more than the hidden hand of Alistair C pulling the strings behind the scenes ?

  • craig Post author

    Right, Guido, factually right. Your post at 12.08 pm states:
    “Guido has obtained the text of Alastair Campbell’s evidence due to be delivered to the Leveson Inquiry this coming Wednesday”

    It does not make any mention of Tom Watson. Eight hours later you blogged that Warson had published it.

    I was concerned with the argument by Rated above, that this could not be pro-Murdoch because Watson not Guido was the original source. If you are saying you did publish before Watson, fair enough, but then Rated’s difficulty with my argument falls.

  • Komodo

    OT, sorry…Jives, just posted this on the same Guardian thread:
    “First let me say that this post will be moderated.
    It will be moderated because I am linking to a contentious site.
    None of the assertions on this site have been contradicted, or credibly challenged.
    The story has been carried by a UK national newspaper, a UK national magazine and a major Israeli digital news outlet. It has been the subject of an incomplete Parliamentary enquiry and questions in the House by at least two MP’s.

    It is fundamentally a story about lobbying: by US and/or Israeli interests. Here is the link:
    Does “Comment is Free” actually have any basis in fact? Let’s see how long it lasts”
    We’ll see.

  • Jives

    @ Komodo.

    You’ll be lucky if it lasts half an hour.The Guardian really is rubbish.They’re so dumb they actually moderate a comment that’s been seen and recommended by a large number of posters long after the thread is in its twilight.
    Pathetic really.No wonder the MSM are failing.

  • John Goss

    GenealogyGenie it is not what a person’s name is that’s as important as what he or she says and does. There is no doubt that Staines’ co-buddy and financier David Hart, was of Jewish descent, but that is neither here nor there. What is important is that both of them have proved by their actions and words that they are rabid racists to steal a couple of words from Jives.

  • tony_opmoc


    Dunno, but Guido went to a Roman Catholic School, claims to be Irish and talks about inbred-German-toffs.


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