In Bed With Lola and Gulnara

by craig on December 5, 2011 1:42 pm in Uncategorized

The Afghanistan conference in Bonn is a farce. There are no representatives of the Afghan resistance to the occupation, so it is not negotiating peace. Karzai’s corrupt and effete presidency, obtained by massive electoral fraud, expires in 2014. It is no coincidence that immediately after that the NATO troops will leave. Be guaranteed that none of the Karzai family will remain in Afghanistan, but will rather retire to Switzerland with the many billions of dollars they have looted from UK and US taxpayers’ funds, and made from the heroin trade.

Pakistan of course is not present at the conference. After approximately 6,000 Pakistanis were blown up by the USA on Pakistani soil, the next 25 were killed all at once and were all young soldiers, something that not even Pakistan’s complacent, corrupt government could gloss over. So for now all of NATO’s ground supplies are being shipped through Uzbekistan – the percentage of NATO supplies going that way was already increased to almost 50% and still rising fast as a matter of policy,

Lucky that Hillary has a new best friend in President Karimov

All of which explains why there has been not one single word of criticism of Uzbekistan’s human rights record by the co-alition government in the UK. There was not one single mention of human rights, of child slave labour, of political prisoners, of free elections, unbanning the opposition, of freedom of assembly, speech or religious belief, when the British government hosted official Uzbek parliamentary and trade delegations last month. There was not one word either in public or in private on any of these subjects.

The current British government loves Karimov. It has never issued even the mildest criticism. Boiling people alive and torturing political opponents to death is fine by them. We even deport him back extra dissidents to practice on. This British government succesfully pushed through the EU new preferential tariff access for Uzbek cotton picked by eight year old child slaves.
The love affair with the British establishment goes wider than just this government. New Labour’s chief financier, their own Lord Ashcroft, is a man named Andrew Rosenfeld. He has sold a house in Switzerland to Karimov’s daughter Lola for three times its market value. Such huge payments in excess of market value are, very often, a spot of money laundering with the extra money being in return for something else.

Money flows both way – as previously reported here, Karimov’s elder daughter Gulnara is getting a massive cut from the transport of all those NATO supplies through Uzbekistan.

But the latest bit of love-in with the Karimov family will astound you. William Hague is going to agree that Gulnara Karimova - the most hated person in Uzbekistan - can come and live in London as Uzbek Ambassador. The request for her to be accepted (“agrement” in diplomatic parlance, in French) – has been in for some time. The only obstacle remaining is to resolve how many of Gulnara’s seven bodyguards will be allowed to carry semi-automatic weapons on the streets of London.

Among our major political parties, the notion of morality appears virtually as dead as it is to the Karimov family.

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  1. Noor-e-Hira

    5 Dec, 2011 - 2:05 pm

    and this morality will never end from them or anybody in their sphere.

  2. My God. Or whoever.
    Could this atrocity (I can’t think of any other word) explain your sudden “blacklisting” – even by media who have interviewed or published you before?

  3. Britain regresses to the 18th century before Wilberforce. Slavery is once more acceptable to our government.

  4. Holy shit 6000 Pakistani soldiers killed, and still no one talks of war? Ambassador Gulnara, for sure will be partying long and hard.
    This is depressing.
    The morality has been long dead, only the news of its death has not been widely circulated. The bastards have their noses so far down into the trough, they have lost all sense of reality and cannot see the world tumbling down around them.

  5. That is disgusting! Hague should go! To have Gulnara Karimova as an ambassador from Uzbekistan, with her family record on human rights would be a despicable appointment. She is next in line to inherit her father’s presidency.
    A friend of mine recently brought back a leaflet from an exhibition in liverpool run by the Environmental Justice Foundation which shows a young boy, who can be no more than six years old, with a bag of cotton bolls strapped to his waist entitled “The Real Cost of Cotton”. He is bent double reaching for the lower bolls and looks like a little old stoop-backed man. Children have a daily quota to pick. They are bullied and threatened and get little or no pay for their work.

  6. larry Levin

    5 Dec, 2011 - 2:22 pm

    Who are we to judge any torturing tyrant? dont we send people to other countries to be tortured? I think in Karimov we have found a person just like us.

  7. Maybe we can write to Avaaz to start a campaign against Shitnara appointment?

  8. “US diplomats paint a harsh picture of overall life in Uzbekistan, largely corroborating allegations made by the former UK ambassador Craig Murray, who was forced out of his job in 2004 after denouncing the regime.”
    “Most Uzbeks see Karimova as a greedy, power-hungry individual who uses her father to crush business people or anyone else who stands in her way … She remains the single most hated person in the country.”
    from cables, and Mr “No-conspiracy theory here” himself
    She appears to much prefer stealing from her country than living in it.

  9. Following my last comment, I have written to Avaaz, suggesting a compaign, if the others write as well, maybe we can stop this.

  10. Sorry Craig Murray, did not realise my link was the same as yours.

  11. “Among our major political parties, the notion of morality appears virtually as dead as it is to the Karimov family”.

    I am impressed by your innocence in believing that politicians in any nation are influenced by considerations of morality. They certainly talk about it a lot, but only as a convenient tool for influencing and fooling the gullible.

    Politics has very rarely had anything to do with morality, a fact noticed about 500 years ago by Machiavelli – although it was already very well-established. An earlier source would be Thucydides, for example in his Melian Dialogue.

  12. I’ve written to AVAAZ too. The contact link is hard to find. It’s at the bottom of the page.

  13. Larry Lavin, I agree with you to some extent, but Karimov is the worst in the world for torture. It is known that he ordered to torture and kill his opponents by dropping them into boiling water. He and his family deserve to be hanged upside down and let to die slowly, I pray that his days are numbered.

  14. Your photograph shows two torturing, murdering shits. At least Karimov has the decency not to put a big ‘ho ho’ clown smile on his face.

  15. Quelcrime : You cannot mention Krimov and decency in one sentence! Yes both are murdering shits.. but there is no decency in either, maybe Krimov is pondering “I wonder when are you going to turn on me, same as you did with your friends in ME”!

  16. It’s the Great Game, chaps….these Central Asian johnnies will be OK when we’ve taught them cricket.
    Getting stuff into Afghanistan MIGHT be a slight logistical problem if anything were to happen in Georgia or Azerbaijan, though. And, now the tedious necessity for rigged
    elections has been crowned with glorious victory, I guess Putin will be pondering this one.

  17. Just did a quick search on The Guardian website; no mention of Rosenfeld anywhere in their online archives. It is a sad day when even the Mail is more informative.

  18. In one of those unusual Internet coincidences, this article popped up in my Google Reader just minutes before an email from about Uzbek cotton arrived in my Inbox.

    Sign the petition here:

  19. Those drinking soup shaking hand with the devil ought to have a very long spoon arm.
    Much to chagrin of the other thugs in chief, whom reliant on the beneficence of their “friends” had dreams of immortality, and now they are buried in unknown graves, post their execution. Karimov can smile all he wants, but that is not going to save his nuts, come the hour, he will get the treatment too.

  20. Craig, I don’t quite follow what exactly you are trying to say here in paragraph 2:
    “Numbers approximately 6,000 to 6,025 of Pakistanis blown up by the USA on Pakistani soil were killed all at once and were all young soldiers, something that not even Pakistan’s complacent, corrupt government could gloss over.”
    Maybe some words were accidentally chopped from the sentence, because as it reads it doesn’t make sense. I am not aware of any incident in which approximately 6,000 Pakistani soldiers were “killed all at once” by the US forces.

  21. More Great Americans of Our Time learning about freedom and democracy from the expert:

  22. Someone’s going to object to this comment. Guaranteed.

  23. Sam,

    It is plain to me, strangely. Of the approx 6,025 people blown up, numbers approx 6,000 to 6,025 were soldiers. The first 6,000 were all sorts of things, including a few soldiers. But I have now changed it to make it still more plain.

  24. Says it all, really:
    Hillary didn’t say why contact and influence were good for Karimov’s Uzbekistan, but not Gaddafi’s Libya.

  25. Hi Komodo,
    You have done it again. The gushing, and fawning about “Islom Karimov” [Sic] note, not “Islam” but hey we are talking Jewish Supremacy
    and for sure no doubts can be tolerated about who the enemy is, and a quick change of a vowel can come in handy.
    The rabbi doing his gloating about his discovery of Karimov the Islam bashing Knight of the Capitol Hill in Uzbekistan, and how he (the rabbi) helped Karimov, who is now helping the cause of the US, well how wise the rabbis has proven to be, typical subliminal bullshitcraft expected from his kind of rabbi.
    Islom Karimov deserves to honoured because; “Islom” likes Jews and that is good enough, and all that matters, so if he is killing/boiling/incarcerating Muslims, he is just helping the cause of the “only democracy in the middle east”, and huzzah to that then!
    I know there is a shabbos goy, but what kind of a goy is Islom Karimov then?

  26. I wonder why the “Coalition” hasn’t started “supporting” an armed revolution against Karimov the cruel tyrant. It would look a lot better than being seen to play along with him, plus they’d take over Uzbek resources, like they did in Lybia and, in future, Iran and Syria.

  27. The Bonn Conference was for the purpose of anointing India as the new US proxy rulers of Afghanistan. Pakistan knew this.
    The curious issue is that the US funded (and armed) the fall of the Soviets and its allies the Northern Alliance and India .. whilst today they are now bedfellows .
    The Uzbekistan transit route is important for the expansion of the war into Pakistan even though the cost of transport is two-fold in comparison. Though experts believe the route is open to greater attacks and unreliable.
    Pakistan has blocked the supply route it says permanently, we’ll see though currently it is day 7 of a blockade that would see the US reserve supplies fall to zero.

  28. Glad you said what you did about the vile Pakistani “government”.
    It so needed saying.

  29. @komodo
    except that the “massacring his own people” attributed to Gaddafi was faked for the purposes of regime change. Try looking for the evidence – helicopter gunships, aerial bombing, people being forced to jump to their doom off bridges,all the tripe served up by the Guardian & Co – it doesn’t exist.

  30. The UK’s support of Karimov and the slavery that goes on in Uzbekistan isn’t just about Nato supply convoys.
    Any ruler knee deep in innocent blood gets the nod of approval if he pledges his support to Israel and Zionism.

    The Labour/Liberal/Conservative friends of Israel, can’t pick and choose which human rights abusing friends of Israel they will support, because there aren’t so many of them.
    They have to accept them where ever they find them.
    Karimov can boil as much people alive as he wants, he can enslave also enslave who ever he wants, and to criticize him for any of that would be one step away from anti-semitism as far as our Zionist rulers are concerned as long as he continues to pledge his support to Israel.

  31. I am inclined to agree with Tom Welsh that it is naive to expect morality from our rulers.T’was ever thus. We can however keep each other better informed about their murderous misdeeds and it is getting harder for them not to be seen as they truly are.To give one brief example. Blair recently gave a talk to a gathering of Native American Indians and spoke for an hour on his plans for a carbon tax,afterwards he was presented with a plaque inscribed to “Walking Eagle” with which he was much chuffed.A reporter later asked the Indians why they had chosen this title and was told that was the name they gave to all birds who were so full of shit that they were unable to fly!
    A suitable name for Karimov and his progeny will soon be coined and will be known worldwide, possibly just as “boil in a bag karry” not to be confused with curry,anyone got a better notion?
    As for Clinton after her libyan performance who knows? By the way I have noticed a number of my posts to your blog seem to vanish very fast,am I boring you?

  32. $500 to anyone who finds evidence of intelligence inside Hillary Clinton’s brain. On another note, very good article.

  33. Off Topic but needs to be shared:
    “Police have angered Occupy London activists after listing the movement among terrorist groups in an advisory notice sent to the business community in the City.”

  34. [I am inclined to agree with Tom Welsh that it is naive to expect morality from our rulers]

    Nothing has changed,they were a bunch of c**ts in the 17th century,they were the same in the 18th/19th and 20th century and they are the same now.

  35. Avaaz is a bit worrying. I’ve seen criticism on Twitter, to the effect that there is nowhere on the site that anyone can propose petitions. Avaaz itself chooses them. And I’ve seen it said (but haven’t checked out) that it’s not possible to find out on the website who exactly is running it. Further, that it’s funded by Soros (?). I can’t back up any of this, I’m quoting tweets from Ali Abunimah and several others.
    My point about Craig being (recently and more thoroughly) blacklisted: Hague & Co are well aware of Craig, his connections to Uzbekistan, and why he is no longer an Ambassador. They must have known that when this story got out, he would be the first to jump on it and make a lot of ‘noise’. So did they recently put the word out to silence him in the “mainstream”. And could this explain why nobody would publish his previous article. Hague can easily twist the “need” into “national interest”.

  36. Sometimes I simply lose faith with humanity.

  37. “A reporter later asked the Indians why they had chosen this title and was told that was the name they gave to all birds who were so full of shit that they were unable to fly!”
    [Joke, right? They tell it about Obama too. They even told it about John Kerry. Pity.]

  38. Mon 5 Dec 2011 17:07:34 GMT
    Hillary Clinton is not an unintelligent woman by a very long way, nor is she weak. What’s quite baffling is her look of genuine delight at being photographed hand in hand with a monster. There really are monsters in the world, as children should be taught, and the worst part is that they look just like us most of the time. This Karimov doesn’t, his very visage announces “evil”.
    Clinton’s body language, with the slight lean in, shows no revulsion whatsoever. Presumably our own representatives feel the same, if the UK is rolling out the red carpet for his poisonous daughter. No mutterings about humanitarian intervention, hand-wringing about a lack of democracy, denunciations of dictators, nothing – that’s just for our Official Enemies. This makes any official complaints about genuinely bad people in power dismissible as mere political rhetoric, our word and standing as a country bankrupt.
    We’ve sold out to the US regime, ably personified by a delighted Clinton, thrilled to have made a deal with a monster, all in the furtherance of our wars of choice.

  39. Nuid , Avaaz is definitely not funded by anyone, its accounts are audited and I am sure with a bit of digging you can find that. It is funded purely by donation from members. I think as their influence has grown, the elements out there are trying to discredit them. You can definitely propose a campaign, the same with any other organization, whether they will pick it up or not, I suppose they are similar to any other organization. They fights battles which they think they have enough support for it or not as you can appreciate that there are hundreds of campaign proposed on any of this websites, they have to choose their battles therefore even if a campaign is important to me and you, it might not top priority for everyone else.

  40. Whoo-hoo! We’ve all got timestamps now, nice one Mods! I won’t have to put mine in manually now after all :)

  41. I am reminded of Craig’s post:
    I think tonight at 6.30pm, the House of Commons will debate extradition reform. The motion calls on the government to introduce legislative proposals to enact the basic safeguards recommended by the Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR), rather than accept the ‘do nothing’ counsel of the Baker review.
    For those who believe in standing up for our core liberties and basic standards of British justice, extradition reform is another acid test for this inhuman coalition of war-mongers (Boris excluded). The European Arrest Warrant and the ONE SIDED arrangements under the UK-US treaty signed off by liar Blair needs a stern critical examination.
    It is a travesty that the government has been too feeble to help Mikel and Nina Malyshev, Gary McKinnon and others in similar positions, by ignoring its duty to protect the well-being of its citizens and others deported to certain torture and death. We need to bring to an end this brutal and absurd law.


    I also note the lazy bastard Hywel Francis MP voted against changing the text in the Prevention of Terrorism Bill from “The Secretary of State may make a control order against an individual” to “The Secretary of State may apply to the court for a control order…”.
    In June 2003, he voted against a motion that would have recalled Blair’s assertion that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that could be used at 45 minutes’ notice, and launching an independent inquiry into the intelligence received and the decisions that were based on it.
    In June 2007, he voted against a motion calling for an independent inquiry by a committee of Privy Counsellors into the Iraq War.
    Is this bastard a true Welshman? I don’t think so!

  42. It’s not only Taliban who have boycotted the conference – but also Afghanistan’s historic neighbors, Pakistan and Iran have also boycotted it.

    US-NATO has lost war in Afghanistan. Taliban have already recaptured 80% of Afghanistan. What Washington, UK and NATO are trying – is to find an ‘honorable way’ like the USSR to exit Aghanistan. This cannot be achieved without the help of Tehran and Islamabad which control Taliban and other resistance groups.

  43. Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton whose daughter is married to a zionist Jew – feel cosy with President Karimov – because as Jewish daily FORWARD put it: “The American Jewish groups have very cosy relationship with Karimov regime for its “positive attitude toward the local Jewish community and Israel as well as its hawkish stand against radical Islam”.

  44. Nuid, as I mentioned in an earlier post the Contact Us link is at the bottom of the page in purple on a blakc background. Easy to miss. But I contacted them and I think Azra did first. Can as many people as possible please contact AVAAZ to see if a petition can be raised to prevent Gulnara Karimova from becoming Uzbekistan’s ambassador to the UK please.
    She has already been ostracised by the fashion industry. France refused to remove the word “dictator” when referring to her father. The whole regime was built on torture and repression, slavery and privilege for the dictatorial family that runs the country.

  45. It looks like this toadying has been going on for more than 12 months. Craig Murray deservedly gets a mention in any context when Karimov is mentioned in a positive light.

  46. Gulnara Karimova has already been the main diplomatic representative to Spain (another neocon country that does everything the US says) and Geneva.

  47. There’s no morality with these types.Realpolitik is the game,in the sense that they’ll do anything to get what they want.Wrap yourself in the flag-any flag-and employ a vague theistic rhetoric as a fig leaf for untold crimes.

    But,one day,they’ll all have to pay the piper for their crimes.

  48. Glenn, when I look at the photograph I don’t see a woman shaking hands with a monster. I see two monsters shaking hands, of whom the woman is probably the worse.

    Not because she is chortling with glee, which is just normal PR, but because she is almost certainly responsible for killing, torturing, and maiming far more innocent people than Karimov. Whereas his police may deliberately boil the occasional victim, Hillary’s glorious armed forces drop bombs on their victims from a great height and are whizzing home before the flames do their hideous work. (If they don’t do it all from some air-conditioned trailer in the good ol’ USA).

  49. As my friend has told me Gulnara (Shitnara) had been planning to come to ambassadorial post in London long time ago. The mass killing in Andijan in 2005 and angry protests in front of the Uzbek Embassy at Holland Park came against her plans and for security reasons her father then sent her to Switzerland. You may wander why she wants London. Well she has got two sons, they are just around the age of 17-18. She wanted to get them into famous Eton school at that time. She even made necessary documents just before 2005. Then the mass killing took place. Now, it is just time, with the support of conservatives, Craig’s notes may well be right. If this is true, then you will expect bodyguards not just for Shitnara but for her shithole sons as well. Long live deRmocracy!

  50. Voila

    I think the sons are here at school already. I won’t say which one, because while I hate this murdering family they are still children.

  51. ” The only obstacle remaining is to resolve how many of Gulnara’s seven bodyguards will be allowed to carry semi-automatic weapons on the streets of London.”
    I’m sure she’ll get as many as she wants.One day monsters like this will realise they are in their own prison and all the billions and jewels mean nothing,nothing at all.Karma.
    No word,in this context,from the esteemed Dr.Fox about armed undesirables running around London i see…

  52. It’s funny Craig. First I heard about you was shortly after the Andijan massacre.
    It was denounced left right and centre by all.Grim pictures of innocent victims and the subsequent protests covered the screens for quite a few nights on the news.
    And yet now, all conveniently forgotten.Karimov’s OK.His daughter’s a socialite.
    The blood still flows and the torture has never stopped but our politicians are too busy sating their own thirst for blood that they hardly notice the inhumanity of the Karimov regime.Shukur must be turning in his grave to see the little upstartstill there.
    The same dictator,only many thousands of victims further down the road , joined by Hilary who strangely fits in quite well to the picture.The same human that squealed with delight when Bin Laden was murdered when he could easily have been taken alive,and the same Foreign Secretary that jumped for joy on hearing that Ghadafi who had been taken alive ,had been executed.
    Guess our Govt. has become a monster in its own right and enjoys the heat of the burning fires too.Still hard to believe that the Cons are managing all of this in a coalition of the willing Cleggs.
    Chris Rea’s “Road to Hell” does come to mind.How did we get here so soon.
    It is such a few short steps to a fascist regime. Clegg no doubt has a nice pair of jack boots already picked out to march in step.

  53. Azra and John,
    I’m a member of Avaaz myself and have signed dozens of their petitions. I only became aware of criticisms lately.
    I’ve been doing some reading.
    From the Avaaz website:
    “Each year, Avaaz sets overall priorities through all-member polls (See 2010 poll results here), and campaign ideas are polled and tested weekly to 10,000-member random samples—and only initiatives that find a strong response are taken to scale.”
    I’m sure it’s a good idea to email them about Karimova, but maybe it won’t be acted on unless there’s a “strong response” from a 10,000 member sample.
    Wikipedia has an Avaaz page here:
    The founders are given here:
    The funding and organisation section has a note on it saying “The neutrality of this article is disputed” and there’s a link to a discussion page here:
    {} (which seems to have halted in July 2011 without resolution).
    The reference to Soros seems to have come from a Canadian conservative:
    “In 2008, Canadian minister John Baird labeled Avaaz a “shadowy foreign organization” tied to billionaire activist George Soros.[46] Other conservative Canadians, such as Ezra Levant,[47] have identified Soros as an indirect supporter through MoveOn.[48][49]”
    [ were one of the founders]
    Many are still asking – since Avaaz was only founded in 2007 – how they can do such expensive campaigning with nothing more than donations from the ‘grassroots’. Me, I’m undecided.

  54. Hey, thanks for the timestamps Jon!

  55. Forgot to mention that I heard back from Amnesty again regarding the Malyshev case. Apparently on foot of Helena’s request, they’re not doing anything substantive at the moment, but will continue to monitor events. (Amnesty is not allowed into the country.)

  56. Nuid.[The funding and organisation section has a note on it saying “The neutrality of this article is disputed” and there’s a link to a discussion page here:
    {} (which seems to have halted in July 2011 without resolution).]

    Those disputed signs are all over wikipedia and really do not mean much. You will find a load on Israel/Palestine subject because somebody has written factual,sourced and linked to events that criticise Israel and then one Israeli supporter turns up and puts up that sign then talks a lot of rubbish on the discussion page so the sign does not get taken down.Well known tactic on that site. I gave being an editor on there because you cannot post the truth and I do not mean conspiracy theory, I mean factual,documented history.

  57. “@komodo
    except that the “massacring his own people” attributed to Gaddafi was faked for the purposes of regime change. Try looking for the evidence – helicopter gunships, aerial bombing, people being forced to jump to their doom off bridges,all the tripe served up by the Guardian & Co – it doesn’t exist.”
    Whether there was any truth in it or not, that was the reason we were given for bombing the shit out of him. And that is the reason for bombing the shit out of Karimov we are being asked to ignore.
    Anyway, I didn’t write the article. Tell the person who did.

  58. Nuid.. About that neutrality banner,it should not be there. Someone has put it up in September 2011 and has failed to start a discussion on the talk page related to it. Therefore it can be taken down. You are supposed to go to the talk page to discuss it but all the talk on that page is older than the banner.

  59. Craig – check the quote under the 5th picture

    Tomorrow’s Independent – “Caught on camera: top lobbyists boasting how they influence the PM”

  60. Agent Bob -respect.
    It takes us back to the close involvement of Bell Pottinger (and Fox, and Werritty) with Sri Lanka, doesn’t it?

  61. Retrospective: no doubt their good works in Uzbekistan will be revealed in due course…

  62. @nuid/Craig – regarding the Malyshevs, I wonder if low-level Amnesty actions would still be okay at the moment? I mean, if people were to write to the Uzbek Embassy in London, and protest at their treatment, could that harm their situation?

  63. John Pilger’s article on Truthseeker today makes a scathing attack on the Guardian and UK’s role in murder and torture.
    ‘The lawyer Phil Shiner, who has forced a public inquiry into British military’s criminal behaviour in Iraq, says that embedded journalism provides the cover for the killing of “the hundreds of civilians killed by British forces when they had custody of them, [often subjecting them] to the most extraordinary, brutal things, involving sexual acts… embedded journalism is never ever going to get close to hearing their story”. It is hardly surprising that the Ministry of Defence, in a 2000-page document leaked to WikiLeaks, describes investigative journalists -journalists who do their job – as a “threat” greater than terrorism.’

  64. That bed is a busy place, any which way the bedmates can turn, they will face some thoroughly distasteful and evil character. As in the long traditions of the “School of Americas”. In fact we can safely assume, there are plenty of perverts milling around under the bedsheets.
    No one in the “Media” is concerned with the repression and murderfest under way in the Saudi; demonstrations against those killed by Saudi forces in the city of Qatif The Saudi array of princes have for long been enjoying the fruits of their collective thuggery and are highly respected bedmates.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch, our “Media” are running with important stories; Boy, 9, suspended from school for sexual harassment after calling teacher ‘cute’ As seen in DM

  65. Political lobbying scandal seems to be brewing over coverage of Uzbekhistan and Belarus and Bell Pottingers very close contacts with Cameron. Front page of tomorrow’s Independent.

  66. Larger story on
    [Mod/Jon – full link added, as the front page usually changes very quickly]

  67. Strange how one link leads to another. Last week I was banging on, largely unnoticed, about Christian Sweeting, recently employed by Heritage Oil (prop, Tony Buckingham) to promote HE full time with our government. Heritage has no links I can discover with Uzbekistan (boo) but (hooray) Christian Sweeting has just set up a little company, based in Kensington, called “International Mineral Resources Ltd” Look out for the Ltd. There are several large firms called International Mineral Resources: this isn’t one of them.
    Christian’s partner in this enterprise is one Patrick Michael Newman. Newman has a number of small companies, though not yet IMR Ltd, listed at
    One, Green Energy Capital Ltd (dissolved), is listed at the same address as the one I found elsewhere for IMR.
    Another isn’t. It’s The “British Uzbek Society” (active), registered in Tonbridge, Kent, that hotbed of Uzbeki tradition and culture..
    And I don’t think it has many members yet.
    If this guy is following the Werritty model, he sets up little shell companies reflecting his current area of sleaze. Probably for the letterhead. And if he’s following the Sweeting model, as seems likely, he’s hoping to get someone an in with Hague on the subject of Uzbekistan.
    Watch this space.

  68. Hamid Karzai demanded $10 billion per year as bribe for the next ten years. Hillary Clinton told the present Zionist poodle that Karzai’s demand was a BARGAIN!!

  69. Pravda Forum not plugging your site hard enough, Rehmat?

  70. These foreign Johnnys are not all that bright, and don’ know what they need to do is; first pass a law in the aid of whichever repression campaign they want to run. Then they can perfectly and legally go about dealing with those breaking the said laws, ie deal with criminals, and not dissidents.
    This is how it should be done

  71. Rehmat,
    It is a bargain, what is the going price for the opium and derivatives? Never mind the minerals, the oil and gas reserves in Afghanistan?
    Ten billion is chicken feed, and it is designed to keep the war lords in a befitting life style, with the relevant troops of the dancing boys thrown in for good measures.
    Meanwhile back the ranch;
    Hilary Clinton in a confidential and closed meeting was thinking out aloud, not realising, when the thoughts are concerning Isreal there is no confidentiality, So she has infuriated the sacred ones by her concerns for democracy in that country

  72. “About that neutrality banner,it should not be there.”
    Someone has taken it down? (I wonder who that was? lol) Me, I stick to editing place names and the like, nothing historical or political, it’s too much hassle. I mainly just wanted to give people a link to the “talk” page.
    as far as I know, Helena has asked for campaigning to stop, which suggests the Malyshevs are under pressure. I’d write to Amnesty’s International Secretariat but not the Usbek embassy. But Craig would probably know better than me.

  73. Everyone should listen to ALL of this

  74. Nuid, thanks. If they only consider campaigns where there has been a substantial reponse from “members” perhaps we cannot get this campaign going. Still it’s worth us all trying. If nothing comes of it then we know what to do with AVAAZ and its other campaigns.

  75. Ruth, that’s what bothers me about journalists who do their job, proper journalists, not embedded journalists who are just fed the gumf the forces want to feed them, that their voices are quelled by the owners of the media. They are scary, with a big S.

  76. Just discovered this frightening piece of news.

  77. Jonangus Mackay

    6 Dec, 2011 - 1:53 am

    Rupert, your ethics-free successor in Tashkent, seems aptly named. Strength through Joy.

  78. Jonangus Mackay – According to Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – an insulting Rupert Murdoch is an ‘old fasioned anti-Semitism’.

    On October 13, 2010 – ADL had honored Murdoch for his “stalwart support of Israel and his commitment to promoting respect and speaking out against anti-Semitism”.

  79. Jonangus Mackay

    6 Dec, 2011 - 3:08 am

    @Rehmat: Shome mishstake, shurely. Wrong Rupe. This one is Rupert Joy, currently enjoying himself as Her Majesty’s ambassador to Uzbekistan, least of whose crimes (in my view) would appear to include, according to the Guardian’s investigator-in-chief David Leigh a couple of days ago, the following: ‘The British ambassador in Tashkent, Rupert Joy, was criticised by human rights groups in October when he helped boost Gulnara’s image by appearing with her on a fashion show platform.’ I presume His Excellency was merely ‘obeying orders.’ Such creeps will be the end of the world.

  80. Jonangus Mackay

    6 Dec, 2011 - 3:26 am

    Correction: My discalculia again. Suddenly occurred to me that, given his very recent spat here (see preceding post re Gould/Werrity) with Mr Joy’s successor, Leigh’s mention of Craig Murray in the piece in question seemed a tad incongruous. Checked the date. Turns out appeared a year ago. Plenty of time since then for Mr Joy to accommodate yet greater crimes which, if we’re lucky, we might get to find out about in 30 years time. By which time, should there be a just God, Mr Joy will be comfortably in his grave.

  81. Jonangus Mackay

    6 Dec, 2011 - 3:33 am

    Blimey. Not just discalculia. Must take more of the Omega 3s etc to get those neurotransmitters working properly. Meant of course ‘Mr Joy’s predecessor.’

  82. Jonangus Mackay

    6 Dec, 2011 - 3:53 am

    Can’t even spell it.

  83. Jonangus Mackay

    6 Dec, 2011 - 4:00 am

    They nameme the guilty men. The Swiss seem to get by with a woman.

  84. Jonangus Mackay

    6 Dec, 2011 - 4:07 am

    I notice from the preceding list that the US ambassador is even more aptly named than his British counterpart . . . a Mr Butcher.

  85. Jonangus Mackay

    6 Dec, 2011 - 4:38 am

    For those with a passing interest in the kinship between the shameful and the shameless, and the aetiology of the latter, Who’s Who furnishes the following:

    JOY, Rupert Hamilton Neville
    Born London, 5 Sept. 1963; s of Peter Joy , qv ; m 2004, Kirsteen Hall; two s one d

    HM Diplomatic Service; Ambassador to Uzbekistan, since 2009

    New Coll., Oxford (BA Modern Hist. 1985); Dijon Business Sch. (Master’s Dip. in Internat. Wine and Spirits Trade 2004)

    English teacher, British Council, Hong Kong, 1986–87; editor: Macmillan Publishers, Hong Kong, 1987–88; Mitchell Beazley Publishers, 1988–90; entered FCO, 1990; Soviet Dept, FCO, 1990–91; Arabic lang. trng, 1991–93; Second Sec., Sana’a, 1994–95; First Sec., Riyadh, 1995–96; Counter-Terrorism Dept, FCO, 1996–99; Kosovo Unit, FCO, 1999; Dep. Hd of Mission, Rabat, 2000–03; Dep. Consul-Gen., Basra, 2005; S America Team, FCO, 2005–08.

    contribs to UK wine mag., Decanter.

    Wine, archaeology, Islamic history, tennis.

    — — — — —

    I note in particular that Mr Joy appears to have spent three years in the FCO’s Counter-Terrorism Department. As is always the case with such moral cripples, his interest in terrorism clearly doesn’t extend to state terror. Except, presumably, when conniving in it.

  86. Jonangus Mackay

    6 Dec, 2011 - 5:17 am

    For those who may feel the urge to convey seasonal greetings to Her Majesty’s ambassador to Uzbekistan (I hesitate to say, Tidings of Discomfort to Joy), the following fax numbers will come in handy:
    Or, should you prefer Skype or some such:

  87. This is shocking news

    One point of fact – ground supplies in the Northern Route also go across the Turkmen border in addition to Uzbekistan. Fuel at least.

  88. Seeing photos, like the one of Karimov and Clinton, reminds me why they are forbidden in Islam. Only Allah knows our inner thoughts. Even if we captured one of these leaders, many of the components, similar to Mark Golding’s description of the electronics of a drone, would be standard Macchiavellian spec, and many would be designed to self-erase, enabling the inane Blair grin.
    Allah alone knows about our own hearts, the pointless grudges we bear against others, and the excuses we make for ourselves.
    The verses : ‘Lead us not into temptation’, and its equivalent in the Qur’an, ‘Do not make us a trial for the disbelievers’, remind us that most of us spend most of our time at he level of tabloid readers, pruriently scapegoating our own deficiencies of moral courage onto the public figures whose pictures are featured with a list of ‘crimes’. It’s as cheap as a free lift on a Rolls. How do we intend to start changing the world ourselves is the question we try very hard to avoid.
    What is the difference between for example blaming Zionism for trying to divide and rule in Syria between the competing national interests of powerful nations, and teenage Freudian speculation about how your parents are to blame for your problems? It’s a good diversion for a time.
    That’s why I’m a Muslim, because I believe that worship is a stronger currency than politics or gold, and will cross the consciousness membrane of death or the amniotic membrane of life unlike the other twain.

  89. Anno:
    I am all for that point of view. But I do not like my elected government (lol) making alliances with disgusting dictators in my name. It is not just Allah, with respect, who knows what is in Karimov’s heart. Many of Allah’s worshippers know only too painfully what that is.

  90. I’ve just put a link to this blog below the Independent’s article which is awaiting approval.

  91. Thanks for clarifying Jon and ta for the timeline on comments, greatly appreciated.
    Gulnara, seven armed bodyguards in londons Oxford Street? she would have to shop at night, because such a throng of people is easily picked out and spotted.
    Maybe that means she can feel safe here in the knowledge that this Condem government is well on track in their deportation programme, ensuring that those Uzbeks who live here get observed.
    Nothing will stop these criminals paying their way into Britain, proof of 100,000 pounds and a reference from x or y and you are in the country, regardless of your record. This is why we have a massive problem with organised crime gangs from here there and everywhere, some have legitamite businesses here and launder money on a massive scale, others are less engrained and out to corner one or other lucrative market, trafficking people and drugs are just two activities, Britain is a haven for them and it is a mistake to add to the scum thats already floated here.

  92. Distubing news from Uzbekistan. Police officers have tortured and raped a young woman who allegedly had contacted opposition members in Germany while she was studying there. The woman then committed a suicide leaving a note of what had happened to her.
    News on russian website of

  93. Hartley Booth: another name to watch. Sometime or current chair of British-Uzbek Society ( very much pro-Karimov). which is registered (as a company) by Patrick Newman. Also on board of London Global Energy ( another Newman creation). Rabid Thatcherite, and ex-MP for Finchley – her seat.
    Both Newman and Booth feature here: Newman as director of yet another company, Anglo Kino Films. Prince Michael of Kent’s private secretary also features:
    Who Newman? Please see earlier comment above.

  94. It is not inconceivable that Craig is aware of Dr. Booth:
    Dr Hartley Booth
    Barrister in practice 1970-1984. Senior Advisor in Margaret Thatcher’s Prime Minister’s Policy Unit. Former Chief Executive of British Urban Development and Member of Parliament for Finchley 1991-1997.
    He was a Minister of State, and part of ministerial team in the Foreign Office with special responsibility for Central Asia.
    Since 1998 Chairman of the Uzbek-British Trade & Industry Council and founder director of Rosehill Energy. PhD, Cambridge University
    Senior Advisor at Denton Wilde Sapte London
    (Source, LGE website.)

  95. ….and HM Trade Envoy to Uzbekistan.
    Speech by Joy about some other country – or planet – here:

  96. Do you really think our Queen will have to be so debased as to have this bitch karimova presented to her should her plans to become Uzbek Ambo to the Court of St. James become a reality. I hope that Cameron has some respect for our noble country. Or has Eton also become so dumbed down as well.

  97. A comment with a link to this blog was approved and posted below the following article.
    It has since been removed. I am awaiting another in response to Anna Lomako’s comment about how good life is in Uzbekistan. It links AntiDespot’s fergana article about suspected police rape and torture leading to suicide, and another Fergana article which talks about police torture, rape with batons, enemas with hot pepper, and the usual stuff these nasty people resort to.

  98. There is also a connection to Vladimir Bogdanov. Let me know if interested.

  99. This link is really more relevant to the previous thread! but I though it is interesting (by Y Riddley in FPJ), Ken : this is what I was talking about re Iran, masses, etc.

  100. On December 4, several Jewish groups and two GOP presidential candidates, Islamophobe Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney have demanded that Barack Obama axe, Howard Gutman, his Jewish ambassador to Belgium. Why? Because, Howard claims that Muslims don’t hate Jews for being Jewish and blames the Zionist regime for creating ‘anti-Semitism’ among Muslims and the Westerners.

  101. Back to the very big thick point; Human Rights are not at issue, or its promulgation is not sought after. Human rights are used as a tool to make acceptable the condescension of the Western Politicians, on the developing countries (racism lite). In fact Human Rights weapon was pretty regularly used when the cold war was at its coldest, and apparently Human Rights is the weapon lite now, judging by the denouncements of the target country, in the run up to liberation of that joint by bombing the shit out of it, and wholesale mass killing of the dictatorship out of the joint under liberation.
    The fat harridan in the photo, graining akin to a Cheshire cat, whilst clasping the hand that has evidently, and without any shadows of any doubts, that has sealed the fate of many thousands of human beings, condemning these to be killed, or tortured and killed. This fact is made common knowledge no thanks to Craig Murray (establishment’s view). The same Craig Murray who lost his job over highlighting the evils of this evildoer Karmiov. In fact poor Craig got the shaft, and was made the target of the usual smear campaigns, whilst the Evil bastard Karimov went onto become the best friend of the so many champions of the Human rights in the West.
    The smiles, are attempts in making an outright thug, to become acceptable, are all telling of the fact that no one gives a shit about Human Rights in the corridors of power in the West. Further these sharp operators, use the Human Rights weapon, only as a tool to beat the enemy of the moment on the head, whilst playing to their own gallery, and manipulating the good faith of their often ill informed punters. This is done with a view to stealing the said punters funds/monies from the allocated monies for; social services, pensions, health service, civilian infrastructure, etc. and instead spend the “saved monies” on provisions for killing more innocent civilians. The ultimate aim being; to install a vetted and approved despotic thug, to run the newly liberated democracyated country as per the wishes of the Champions of the Human rights, who are all too willing to embrace their own hand picked thugs with an open arm and a warm smile.

    What connections to Vladimir Bogdanov are you alluding to?

  102. Just a little overlap, involving someone called Nat Moser. Russian energy specialist, also on LGE’s board. But drifting away from the topic.

  103. Azra,
    You are wasting your time, the “state sponsored” phraseology is to reiterate the; “poor down trodden Iranian masses held hostages at the gun point by Mullahs in Tehran and made to do things, and stuff, against their will”, kind of story.

    Whilst not mentioned anywhere in the our press; attack on the Russian ambassador by customs officers at Doha airport.

    The plain fact is no one in Power wants to admit that, the constant barrage of threats and promises of destruction of Iranian industry, and a stream of sanctions unilaterally and arbitrarily levied on Iranian economy, has pissed off the Iranians to the extent which they come out and get on with dishing out some street justice. Fact is any move in this direction would be admittance to a total failure of policies adopted in dealing with Iran.

    Although this affair has been a god sent (or has it?) for the US, that has got away with keeping their troop withdrawal (ie near defeat) from Iraq absolutely secret, and no scenes of dejected and failed troops streaming out of Iraq.

  104. “Komodo,
    What connections to Vladimir Bogdanov are you alluding to?”
    Just vague ones, involving another member of the LGE board, Nat Moser. But I’m really getting offtopic and speculating here. It may be that the sole extent of Newman’s invention of the Anglo-Uzbek Society was to get Booth into Uzbek business circles…or it may go deeper.

  105. Fergana News says:
    ‘The State Department’s own human rights report on Uzbekistan for 2010 noted that “torture and abuse were common” and cited allegations involving a range of sadistic methods: “Guards routinely raped the prisoners with a club, subjected prisoners to enemas with red pepper solutions, and beat their heels until they bled.”’

  106. A young Uzbek woman’s name who committed suicide after 4 days of torture and rape at the hands of Uzbek police henchmen in Andijan region is Gulsumoy Abdujalilova. She died on 04/12/11. Apparently, in the note, that she left, she says she was tortured because she did not agree to kill the leader of opposition movement when she returns back to Germany for studies. What a mad world we are living!

  107. If an AVAAZ petition cannot be generated to stop this nonsense then there should be a mass demonstration outside the Uzbekistan Embassy.

  108. AntiDespot thanks. The link to the article you mention (in Russian) is:

  109. Sorry. That’s Dr Vernon Edward Hartley Booth. Chairman, Uzbek-British Trade and Investment Council and chairman of the British-Uzbek Society.. For services to self UK-Uzbek commercial interests. (awarded 2010)

  110. Passerby, I agree with you totally, but when quite reasonable people form an opinion by what is spread by government controled media in UK, then I think articles like might give them some food for thoughts. I am one of the opponents of present government of Iran, but my God in comparison to the Devilov of Uzbekistan, they are angels! yet Devilov has been feted by all the western government and Iran is demonised…

  111. Sorry again. Bit cold today, reptilian brain, you get the picture…Dr Vernon Edward Hartley Booth OBE.
    I will now go and hibernate.

  112. Komodo, excellent sleuthing recently. I wonder, are you aware of LittleSis? They are building a map of influence between companies, people, politicians, etc – and I suspect your love for digging would come in very handy for them. See and

  113. Russian in China

    6 Dec, 2011 - 3:58 pm

    you may wanna do some digging about Shirin Akiner of SOAS, UL, as well. If Dr Vernon Hartley Booth OBE is a physical lobbyst of the Karimov regime with his conservative links in London, Shirin Akiner is Karimov’s brain stormer in the West. She even managed to deny mass killings in Andijan city, 2005, by apparently, as she puts it “visiting the Andijan city straight after the shooting and talking to the ordinary people”. However, a friend of mine, who worked in Andijan at that time, said she was talking rubbish. By the way, that year the British Ambassador, (I don’t remember his name but he replaced Craig) was attacked in Andijan city when he visited the city well after Shirin Akiner had visited. I guess he wanted to see if Akiner was telling the truth. But, a mob of local gypsy women, attacked him and his aid for “interfering to disturb fantastic life under the leadership of Karimov”. The British envoy was forced to leave the city as soon as possible.
    I am not sure if Craig is aware of this incident.

  114. larry Levin

    6 Dec, 2011 - 4:25 pm

    How do you blow up 6000 Pakistanis ?

  115. What’s the point .I post replies and they vanish.Weird blog Craig Murray, if one was being paranoid one might call it censorship

  116. @Michael – Craig is very keen that as little as possible gets deleted here. In the main, if something hasn’t appeared, it has been put into a moderation state by the anti-spam thing (which, to be frank, isn’t very effective). However there is nothing in the queue.
    In any case, your post above ^ appeared, so it’s not like you are being censored! Try again.

  117. Larry Levin,
    They have been blown to bits with an array of miracles of technology; hell fire missiles each priced at $500,000, artillery flechette shells as well as HE shells costing anywhere from $11,000 to $25,000, rockets of all manner and sizes costing anywhere from $8,000 to $186,000, bombs strating from $30,000 to sky is your $limit. So you see that is how it is possible to mangle and mince human beings, all because some fuckwit has been investing in the killing technologies and wants to make “unusual returns”.
    Of course the costs of the soldiers, ie wages dependent on rank, food, medicine, hospitalisation, post service disabilities, fuel, equipment depreciation and losses, rifles, vehicles, crafts, bullets, the supply chain costs, and ancillary services not getting any mention of.
    Hence the six thousand head count can explain away the above costs, and make these somewhat more readily acceptable, that is in combination with the other scalps collected, those of; women, children, infants, and young teenagers. Although we don’t do body counts!
    Funny that we are told about how many people will be dead due to inhalation of second hand smoke? However, evidently we have no idea what are the yields in the numbers of the dead and injured resulting from the use of the weapons and equipment deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. Apparently no one in the know can fathom out; the resulting body count of the bangs. Hence war is as seen as in the A Team, on TV; lots of bangs, and smoke, and no dead, and at end of the day all the participants go home/trenches/barracks/bases to rest, so they can all come back and play again next day!

  118. ‘I note in particular that Mr Joy appears to have spent three years in the FCO’s Counter-Terrorism Department.’

    Our Man in Tashkent does indeed have an interesting CV; his next move (after the bombing campaign, presumably) was to the ‘FCO Kosovo Unit’, where he must have cosied up to guys who previously were top dogs in the KLA (until 1998 considered by the US, and thus also the FCO, a ‘terrorist group’).

    To get ahead in the FCO, ‘flexibility’ about whom you categorise as terrorists, or abusers of human rights, is clearly advantageous.

  119. At the time, the KLA was very much involved with Al Qaeda, which had already at that point bombed the U.S. embassies in East Africa. So Joy, with this former counterterrorism involvement, undoubtedly had dealings with Al Qaeda people.

  120. @ Jon;
    Thanks for the LittleSis links – very interesting, and I’ll see if I can contribute. Russian in China: thank you too. Though I think that the murky networks based in the UK are more than enough work for me! Shirin Akiner is also a member of the B-US…more details here:
    This is the third newsletter (2009) of the B-US, and it is quite clear that it loves Karimov like a brother. The address of the society was then Stubbs Hill Farm, Besthorpe, Norfolk, NR17 2LS.

    Which is not the company registration address. Interestingly, another of Newman’s business enterprises, Sea Kinetics Ltd, now dissolved, is registered at the Old Hall Barnham Broom, near Norwich.It’s a long way from the sea. I wonder who else lives at these rather private and secluded addresses? They don’t look like maildrops.

  121. @Russian in China
    Does this one ring any bells?
    Also SOAS, and director of Fornax Health Limited,198 HIGH STREET TONBRIDGE KENT TN9 1BE… co-directors Hartley Booth and one MAJ Gurney, incorporated last year.
    The address is the same as the B-US’s registered address.

  122. Denton Wilde Sapke is a name to conjure with. Hartley Booth is or was recently a senior advisor to this idiosyncratic law firm, which, before it merged with Sonnenschein, Nath and Rosenthal last year to form SNR Denton, had offices or associated local firms in Uzbekistan and Uganda, for instance, but not continental Europe or the US. A weird portfolio. Some have questioned what it is/was up to:

    “It’s hard to know what Dentons stands for,” adds another critic. “What’s going on there?”

  123. Nothing surprising here. This is the nation that is proud of Temur, the ‘megalomaniac’s megalomaniac’ and his towers of skulls. They love a scourge, always have. Unless Karimov starts some serious butchering, he is in danger of losing all respect from Uzbeks.

  124. Isn’t it time the towns and cities of Uzbekistan had additional statues of Temur mounted with Gulnara? He looks so lonely.

  125. And I learn from Debrett’s, in which Hartley Vernon Booth (aka Vernon Hartley Booth) appears, that this Karimov supplicant has written a book on…..extradition law.
    I don’t suppose we will be getting his opinion any time soon on recent Uzbek deportees.

  126. Kerim Islamov

    7 Dec, 2011 - 3:28 pm

    Uzbek Shenanigans

    Metal-Tech Ltd.

    (“Metal-Tech” or “the Company”)

    Update on arbitration case against the Republic of Uzbekistan

    The Company provides an update on its ongoing arbitration case before a Tribunal of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (the “Tribunal”) against the Republic of Uzbekistan (the “Respondent”).

    As stated previously, Metal-Tech filed a Request for Arbitration against the Republic of Uzbekistan asserting that country’s unlawful treatment of Metal-Tech’s 50% investment in UzMetal-Technology, a joint venture to produce high-quality molybdenum products. The Request for Arbitration, filed with the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) based in Washington, D.C., asserted Uzbekistan’s breach of the Israel-Uzbekistan Bilateral Investment Treaty, as well as violations of various standards of treatment under international law and Uzbek legislation.

    The Respondent has requested that the Tribunal defer the hearing currently scheduled to begin on 23 January 2012. The Respondent alleges that it has recently become aware of details concerning a criminal investigation by the Prosecutor General’s Office of several companies and individuals involved in unlawful activities in which Uzbek Government officials, Metal-Tech and Uzmetal have been implicated. The Respondent acknowledges that the full scope of the investigation (which could take several months to complete) and the targets are not known at this time.

    The Company will not only strongly oppose the Respondent’s application to delay the opening of the hearing but will also defend itself vigorously against any such actions if brought.

    As part of its request to delay the hearing, the Respondent alleges that the investigation has uncovered a criminal enterprise involved in kickback payments to individuals that included Government officials and individuals affiliated with Metal-Tech and Uzmetal. The Respondent argues that the Tribunal hearing should be deferred until it has analysed any evidence received from the Prosecutor General’s Office and both parties have had an opportunity to make written submissions.

    Metal-Tech first became aware of the allegations when the Respondent made its request for the hearing to be deferred. Metal-Tech has not been approached by the Prosecutor General’s Office in relation to such allegations. Metal-Tech firmly believes that the Respondent is using delaying tactics and any such allegations may be linked to its bringing of the arbitration proceedings before the Tribunal.

    Further updates will be provided in due course.

  127. Well done Craig.

    Having been in Tashkent the same time as you – and sometimes in the same place (and we are not talking about the Ragu here) I thankfully managed to avoid GooGoosha’s papas tentacles via a judicious usage of naivety and bullshit that I might not get away with today (being older and perhaps wiser).

    Every time you publish you are supporting those who cannot support themselves – they are a fine people the Uzbeks.

    You are a better man than I, Gunga Din.

    Keep up the good work. It does not go unnoticed.


  128. Good old Hillary – On Monday she told the 56-nation ministerial meeting of OSCE: “Russian elections were Fraud”.

  129. Uzbek in the UK

    9 Dec, 2011 - 11:09 am

    Well, well. I have just been off for few days with sick with cold and nearly missed heated and so close to my heart debate about west-Uzbekistan relationship.
    As very masterly spotted by Mr Murray, west (US-UK-Germany) have realised that Uzbekistan (and by this I mean Karimov and his gang of murderers and not Uzbekistanis) is more important to them as a friend and not an enemy. The very fact that Karimov survived after the Andijan and kicking out of US forces from K2 and easily shifted his sympathy towards China-Russia demonstrates that he (Karimov) is in stronger position. And as rule of jungle dictates it is not up to the weaker to press any demands. So the West (US-UK) did not put forward any significant demands as they were not in the position to do so. They (West) badly needed a corridor, Karimov was not in badly need of western friendship. He so far was managing to be just fine under Putin/Hu protectorate.
    On the other hand it was naive and somewhat stupid to expect from current US administration or from current UK government to have any kind of slight respect for Human Rights in such far and to many unknown place like Uzbekistan. It is all about neo-colonialism nowadays. Exploitation of Human and natural resources, money laundering, making billions out of financial bubles that what current western democracy is all about.

  130. Uzbek in the UK

    9 Dec, 2011 - 11:27 am

    @ John Goss
    It is believed that neither of Karimov’s daughters will inherit his presidency. If only he had a son like Syrian Assad or Azeri Aliev, but God blessed current Karimov’s marriage with only two daughters. Some sources point out that he has a son but from his previous marriage and his son currently lives n Russia and has no relations whatsoever with politics in Uzbekistan.
    Also looking at the history of Soviet dictators and their children it is unlikely that any of Karimov’s daughters will be as successful as their father. Although Uzbekistan is run by Karimov’s brutal force but it is also a conglomerate of ethnic and regional elites. Throughout the history of Uzbek people there have always been a struggle of different regional elites for supremacy or at least for enrichment. It is unlikely that either of Karimov’s daughters with their love to luxury and glamour who by some sources have managed to secure few billion dollars/euros in offshore account around the world will be willing to step in into complicated and somewhat dirty water of Uzbek politics. They are good daughters of their father who ruthlessly exploit Uzbekistan under the protection of their all powerful father BUT as soon as Karimov is out with his legs forward (I think that this is the only way he will leave Uzbek politics) they will be eaten by those who are at present kiss their hands.

  131. Uzbek in the UK

    9 Dec, 2011 - 11:33 am

    @ Quelcrime
    Yes, Karimov does not smile on the photo but only because in the Central Asia it is a sign of stupidity (when smile is seen on the face of a leader) and weakness. Leaders in Central Asia should be seen as strong and somewhat tyrannical. Smile contradicts this image.
    But does this make Karimov less brutal, less tyrannical? If you think yes, then it is interesting logic you are following.

  132. Uzbek in the UK

    9 Dec, 2011 - 11:45 am

    To those of you engaged in discussion about his name is actually Islom when read in Uzbek but it is Islam when read in English of Russian. In Uzbek name Islom is spelled with ‘o’ in order to differentiate it from religion. But it is all getting mixed up when the name is spelled in other languages.
    And to make it clear, although there have been some conspiracy theories about him being a Jew, he is actually not. He is a product of Soviet bureaucratic aparat. Until Uzbekistan’s independence he was not even able to speak Uzbek. If you look at his first few years interviews you will realise they all are in either Russian or in Uzbek with Russian accent. He learned Uzbek in order to promote his policy of national determination, but in reality his policy of being independent from Moscow in order to establish his own brutal and unchallenged rule over Uzbekistan.

  133. Uzbek in the UK

    9 Dec, 2011 - 11:53 am

    @ Turnesol
    To answer your question you need to open a map of Euroasia and find Uzbekistan’s place on it. It will explain you why coalition prefers to sweeten Karimov and not displace him like Gaddafi.
    Uzbekistan is in between Russia and China. Both have claims over Central Asia as their backyard. To make you understand it better here is one good example. When Russia has bitten two regions off Georgia (state in Caucasus) US was not able to do anything to defend Georgia’s territorial integrity, although at that point Georgia was the most pro-American among all post soviet states with exception of Baltic states.

  134. Uzbek in the UK

    9 Dec, 2011 - 12:02 pm

    @ Voila
    As far as I know Gulnara has son Islom Jr and daughter Iman. She has no other son’s but Islom Jr. And as far as I know they both are (or at least were) studying in Switzerland in a very expensive, closed, and elite private school. Although it will not surprise me much if Islom Jr is now at Eton. There he will just be among him alike.
    Mr Murray I agree that they are just children but being 19 Islom Jr is now old enough to understand where are all these money to buy him luxury are coming from. I bet that in either Swiss school or in Eton he has full access to the internet and can read wverything about his mother and granddad.

  135. Uzbek in the UK

    9 Dec, 2011 - 12:18 pm

    @ Jon
    Writing to Uzbek Embassy in London will be as useless as writing to Santa. They do not do anything with any sort of complaints from either Uzbeks or foreigners. The only pressure that would be some use should be from the foreign Embassy or NGO in Uzbekistan or via governmental channels. I know that Amnesty does not have any offices in Uzbekistan but can they at least pressure British government or MPs to raise Malyshev’s case with Uzbek government?

  136. Uzbek in the UK

    9 Dec, 2011 - 12:31 pm

    @ Giles
    You are mistaking. Uzbeks are NOT proud of Temur. Karimov is proud of Temur. Karimov has ordered historians in Uzbekistan to portrait Temur in only positive colours. Children from early ages at school learn about great and enlightened empire of Temur about his great rule of law and order. As for absolute majority of these children there is no other information apart from what is written by Uzbek historians on order of Karimov, these children grew up with the view of great hero and father of all Uzbeks Temur.
    Communists in Russia and then USSR used the same methods to promote their own heroes and fathers of the nation.

  137. Uzbek in the UK

    9 Dec, 2011 - 12:42 pm

    Those of you who can understand Russian and who is willing to hear about horror in Uzbekistan are welcome to visit this web link

    It is a confession of a criminal who was used by Uzbek police and SNB (former KGB) in order to torture and execute political prisoners, mostly imprisoned on the grounds of religious extremism.

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