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The Afghanistan conference in Bonn is a farce. There are no representatives of the Afghan resistance to the occupation, so it is not negotiating peace. Karzai’s corrupt and effete presidency, obtained by massive electoral fraud, expires in 2014. It is no coincidence that immediately after that the NATO troops will leave. Be guaranteed that none of the Karzai family will remain in Afghanistan, but will rather retire to Switzerland with the many billions of dollars they have looted from UK and US taxpayers’ funds, and made from the heroin trade.

Pakistan of course is not present at the conference. After approximately 6,000 Pakistanis were blown up by the USA on Pakistani soil, the next 25 were killed all at once and were all young soldiers, something that not even Pakistan’s complacent, corrupt government could gloss over. So for now all of NATO’s ground supplies are being shipped through Uzbekistan – the percentage of NATO supplies going that way was already increased to almost 50% and still rising fast as a matter of policy,

Lucky that Hillary has a new best friend in President Karimov

All of which explains why there has been not one single word of criticism of Uzbekistan’s human rights record by the co-alition government in the UK. There was not one single mention of human rights, of child slave labour, of political prisoners, of free elections, unbanning the opposition, of freedom of assembly, speech or religious belief, when the British government hosted official Uzbek parliamentary and trade delegations last month. There was not one word either in public or in private on any of these subjects.

The current British government loves Karimov. It has never issued even the mildest criticism. Boiling people alive and torturing political opponents to death is fine by them. We even deport him back extra dissidents to practice on. This British government succesfully pushed through the EU new preferential tariff access for Uzbek cotton picked by eight year old child slaves.
The love affair with the British establishment goes wider than just this government. New Labour’s chief financier, their own Lord Ashcroft, is a man named Andrew Rosenfeld. He has sold a house in Switzerland to Karimov’s daughter Lola for three times its market value. Such huge payments in excess of market value are, very often, a spot of money laundering with the extra money being in return for something else.

Money flows both way – as previously reported here, Karimov’s elder daughter Gulnara is getting a massive cut from the transport of all those NATO supplies through Uzbekistan.

But the latest bit of love-in with the Karimov family will astound you. William Hague is going to agree that Gulnara Karimova – the most hated person in Uzbekistan – can come and live in London as Uzbek Ambassador. The request for her to be accepted (“agrement” in diplomatic parlance, in French) – has been in for some time. The only obstacle remaining is to resolve how many of Gulnara’s seven bodyguards will be allowed to carry semi-automatic weapons on the streets of London.

Among our major political parties, the notion of morality appears virtually as dead as it is to the Karimov family.

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  • nuid

    My God. Or whoever.
    Could this atrocity (I can’t think of any other word) explain your sudden “blacklisting” – even by media who have interviewed or published you before?

  • Janus

    Britain regresses to the 18th century before Wilberforce. Slavery is once more acceptable to our government.

  • passerby

    Holy shit 6000 Pakistani soldiers killed, and still no one talks of war? Ambassador Gulnara, for sure will be partying long and hard.
    This is depressing.
    The morality has been long dead, only the news of its death has not been widely circulated. The bastards have their noses so far down into the trough, they have lost all sense of reality and cannot see the world tumbling down around them.

  • John Goss

    That is disgusting! Hague should go! To have Gulnara Karimova as an ambassador from Uzbekistan, with her family record on human rights would be a despicable appointment. She is next in line to inherit her father’s presidency.
    A friend of mine recently brought back a leaflet from an exhibition in liverpool run by the Environmental Justice Foundation which shows a young boy, who can be no more than six years old, with a bag of cotton bolls strapped to his waist entitled “The Real Cost of Cotton”. He is bent double reaching for the lower bolls and looks like a little old stoop-backed man. Children have a daily quota to pick. They are bullied and threatened and get little or no pay for their work.

  • larry Levin

    Who are we to judge any torturing tyrant? dont we send people to other countries to be tortured? I think in Karimov we have found a person just like us.

  • Herbie

    “US diplomats paint a harsh picture of overall life in Uzbekistan, largely corroborating allegations made by the former UK ambassador Craig Murray, who was forced out of his job in 2004 after denouncing the regime.”
    “Most Uzbeks see Karimova as a greedy, power-hungry individual who uses her father to crush business people or anyone else who stands in her way … She remains the single most hated person in the country.”
    from cables, and Mr “No-conspiracy theory here” himself
    She appears to much prefer stealing from her country than living in it.

  • Azra

    Following my last comment, I have written to Avaaz, suggesting a compaign, if the others write as well, maybe we can stop this.

  • Tom Welsh

    “Among our major political parties, the notion of morality appears virtually as dead as it is to the Karimov family”.

    I am impressed by your innocence in believing that politicians in any nation are influenced by considerations of morality. They certainly talk about it a lot, but only as a convenient tool for influencing and fooling the gullible.

    Politics has very rarely had anything to do with morality, a fact noticed about 500 years ago by Machiavelli – although it was already very well-established. An earlier source would be Thucydides, for example in his Melian Dialogue.

  • John Goss

    I’ve written to AVAAZ too. The contact link is hard to find. It’s at the bottom of the page.

  • Azra

    Larry Lavin, I agree with you to some extent, but Karimov is the worst in the world for torture. It is known that he ordered to torture and kill his opponents by dropping them into boiling water. He and his family deserve to be hanged upside down and let to die slowly, I pray that his days are numbered.

  • Quelcrime

    Your photograph shows two torturing, murdering shits. At least Karimov has the decency not to put a big ‘ho ho’ clown smile on his face.

  • Azra

    Quelcrime : You cannot mention Krimov and decency in one sentence! Yes both are murdering shits.. but there is no decency in either, maybe Krimov is pondering “I wonder when are you going to turn on me, same as you did with your friends in ME”!

  • Komodo

    It’s the Great Game, chaps….these Central Asian johnnies will be OK when we’ve taught them cricket.
    Getting stuff into Afghanistan MIGHT be a slight logistical problem if anything were to happen in Georgia or Azerbaijan, though. And, now the tedious necessity for rigged
    elections has been crowned with glorious victory, I guess Putin will be pondering this one.

  • Clanger

    Just did a quick search on The Guardian website; no mention of Rosenfeld anywhere in their online archives. It is a sad day when even the Mail is more informative.

  • passerby

    Those drinking soup shaking hand with the devil ought to have a very long spoon arm.
    Much to chagrin of the other thugs in chief, whom reliant on the beneficence of their “friends” had dreams of immortality, and now they are buried in unknown graves, post their execution. Karimov can smile all he wants, but that is not going to save his nuts, come the hour, he will get the treatment too.

  • Sam Spade

    Craig, I don’t quite follow what exactly you are trying to say here in paragraph 2:
    “Numbers approximately 6,000 to 6,025 of Pakistanis blown up by the USA on Pakistani soil were killed all at once and were all young soldiers, something that not even Pakistan’s complacent, corrupt government could gloss over.”
    Maybe some words were accidentally chopped from the sentence, because as it reads it doesn’t make sense. I am not aware of any incident in which approximately 6,000 Pakistani soldiers were “killed all at once” by the US forces.

  • craig Post author


    It is plain to me, strangely. Of the approx 6,025 people blown up, numbers approx 6,000 to 6,025 were soldiers. The first 6,000 were all sorts of things, including a few soldiers. But I have now changed it to make it still more plain.

  • passerby

    Hi Komodo,
    You have done it again. The gushing, and fawning about “Islom Karimov” [Sic] note, not “Islam” but hey we are talking Jewish Supremacy
    and for sure no doubts can be tolerated about who the enemy is, and a quick change of a vowel can come in handy.
    The rabbi doing his gloating about his discovery of Karimov the Islam bashing Knight of the Capitol Hill in Uzbekistan, and how he (the rabbi) helped Karimov, who is now helping the cause of the US, well how wise the rabbis has proven to be, typical subliminal bullshitcraft expected from his kind of rabbi.
    Islom Karimov deserves to honoured because; “Islom” likes Jews and that is good enough, and all that matters, so if he is killing/boiling/incarcerating Muslims, he is just helping the cause of the “only democracy in the middle east”, and huzzah to that then!
    I know there is a shabbos goy, but what kind of a goy is Islom Karimov then?

  • Tournesol

    I wonder why the “Coalition” hasn’t started “supporting” an armed revolution against Karimov the cruel tyrant. It would look a lot better than being seen to play along with him, plus they’d take over Uzbek resources, like they did in Lybia and, in future, Iran and Syria.

  • wendy

    The Bonn Conference was for the purpose of anointing India as the new US proxy rulers of Afghanistan. Pakistan knew this.
    The curious issue is that the US funded (and armed) the fall of the Soviets and its allies the Northern Alliance and India .. whilst today they are now bedfellows .
    The Uzbekistan transit route is important for the expansion of the war into Pakistan even though the cost of transport is two-fold in comparison. Though experts believe the route is open to greater attacks and unreliable.
    Pakistan has blocked the supply route it says permanently, we’ll see though currently it is day 7 of a blockade that would see the US reserve supplies fall to zero.

  • felix

    except that the “massacring his own people” attributed to Gaddafi was faked for the purposes of regime change. Try looking for the evidence – helicopter gunships, aerial bombing, people being forced to jump to their doom off bridges,all the tripe served up by the Guardian & Co – it doesn’t exist.

  • Arsalan

    The UK’s support of Karimov and the slavery that goes on in Uzbekistan isn’t just about Nato supply convoys.
    Any ruler knee deep in innocent blood gets the nod of approval if he pledges his support to Israel and Zionism.

    The Labour/Liberal/Conservative friends of Israel, can’t pick and choose which human rights abusing friends of Israel they will support, because there aren’t so many of them.
    They have to accept them where ever they find them.
    Karimov can boil as much people alive as he wants, he can enslave also enslave who ever he wants, and to criticize him for any of that would be one step away from anti-semitism as far as our Zionist rulers are concerned as long as he continues to pledge his support to Israel.

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