Daily archives: May 28, 2012

Rolling Stone

Genuinely sad to be leaving Florianapolis. Wonderful place and lovely people. I haven’t liked a new place so much in a long time. I found my ideas very well received indeed. That seems increasingly to be the case in places as diverse as Brazil, Germany, South Africa and India. There genuinely seems a renewed interest in radicalism among young people. Wars of resource grab, state transfers of money to the bankers and the general lack of genuine democratic choice or deep media inquiry are bound to produce this kind of reaction. Otherwise the human spirit is dead.

It isn’t.

Signed hundreds of books. The publisher sold all the new copies brought down to Florianapolis, despite the fact that most of the copies I signed were brought along by the owners, already bought and evidently much read. It seems they get handed around, which is great. At book signings everyone wants a photo, which actually I find rather nice. It is always good to have an excuse to put a photo of a pretty girl on the blog to cheer everyone up!!

Off to Sao Paolo next, then home which I am really looking forward to. It is lovely here but I miss my family. One great advantage of being here is that I don’t have to see the war criminal Blair and his smarmy self-justification at the Leveson Inquiry.

I don’t think that there is a video record of my main speech in Florianapolis, but I will check.

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