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13 thoughts on “Henry Sheilds

  • Rocki

    Sorry for crashing your blog Craig. Mark if you return I am trying to get together all info on Fallujah and the secret chemical weapon the U.S. and Israel appear to have. I am sharing links with Lizzie Phelan as I believe the same weapon was used in Libya, so, we can expect the same birth defects in years to come as we now have in Iraq and Syria the way things are going.

  • David Turner

    Craig, i find the photo you have chosen is very misleadingf and inaccurate. I have never been in a room with you and where there’s a botle of whiskey with more than half left !!

  • Frazer

    @David…I quite agree…to put a half bottle anywhere near Craig, or myself as well, tempts fate !

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq Association

    I cannot comment on the ‘secret’ weapon America (and Israel) have right now because such a weapon or device was used to create the enormous release of energy in the form of heat that resulted in molecular dissociation within the World Trade Center complex as well as the enormous ground hugging pyroclastic debris flows. Such information would undermine ongoing research.
    I am happy to discuss birth defects and hospital reports from Iraq, also medical examiner results of autopsy from deaths associated with the massacres in Fallujah.

  • David Carraher

    I am grateful to have seen One Turbulent Ambassador during my short stay in London. It is a powerful, eloquent, and inspiring story and the acting was gripping. A shame that It must close tomorrow. I wonder if there will be a filmed version of the play that it might be available for viewers, particularly students, who were not able to see it. An important work well worth preserving and discussing. Congratulations to all who brought it to life on the stage.

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