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I returned to the UK today to be astonished by private confirmation from within the FCO that the UK government has indeed decided – after immense pressure from the Obama administration – to enter the Ecuadorean Embassy and seize Julian Assange.

This will be, beyond any argument, a blatant breach of the Vienna Convention of 1961, to which the UK is one of the original parties and which encodes the centuries – arguably millennia – of practice which have enabled diplomatic relations to function. The Vienna Convention is the most subscribed single international treaty in the world.

The provisions of the Vienna Convention on the status of diplomatic premises are expressed in deliberately absolute terms. There is no modification or qualification elsewhere in the treaty.

Article 22

1.The premises of the mission shall be inviolable. The agents of the receiving State may not enter
them, except with the consent of the head of the mission.
2.The receiving State is under a special duty to take all appropriate steps to protect the premises
of the mission against any intrusion or damage and to prevent any disturbance of the peace of the
mission or impairment of its dignity.
3.The premises of the mission, their furnishings and other property thereon and the means of
transport of the mission shall be immune from search, requisition, attachment or execution.

Not even the Chinese government tried to enter the US Embassy to arrest the Chinese dissident Chen Guangchen. Even during the decades of the Cold War, defectors or dissidents were never seized from each other’s embassies. Murder in Samarkand relates in detail my attempts in the British Embassy to help Uzbek dissidents. This terrible breach of international law will result in British Embassies being subject to raids and harassment worldwide.

The government’s calculation is that, unlike Ecuador, Britain is a strong enough power to deter such intrusions. This is yet another symptom of the “might is right” principle in international relations, in the era of the neo-conservative abandonment of the idea of the rule of international law.

The British Government bases its argument on domestic British legislation. But the domestic legislation of a country cannot counter its obligations in international law, unless it chooses to withdraw from them. If the government does not wish to follow the obligations imposed on it by the Vienna Convention, it has the right to resile from it – which would leave British diplomats with no protection worldwide.

I hope to have more information soon on the threats used by the US administration. William Hague had been supporting the move against the concerted advice of his own officials; Ken Clarke has been opposing the move against the advice of his. I gather the decision to act has been taken in Number 10.

There appears to have been no input of any kind from the Liberal Democrats. That opens a wider question – there appears to be no “liberal” impact now in any question of coalition policy. It is amazing how government salaries and privileges and ministerial limousines are worth far more than any belief to these people. I cannot now conceive how I was a member of that party for over thirty years, deluded into a genuine belief that they had principles.

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  • Alcio Braz

    As a Brazilian and fellow Latin American, I feel Ecuador is giving a shining example of defense of freedom of speech and power of law. How far the US has gone to dishonour their own forefathers… On the other hand, we Latin Americans have tasted since old times the big stick of our Northern neighbours and the vassal behaviour of Britain… It`s so sad. Seems to me Prince John has won…

  • Lee

    It strikes me as pretty evident that there is a conspiracy between Obama and the Swedish government to send Assange to the US as soon as he lands in Stockholm. If there weren’t, why would the White House leakers strut up and down saying Murka has “on interest in Assange” (answering questions you havent been asked is always a clue to a lie) when a grand jury has already been assembled to charge him with capital offences. Why wouldnt Sweden simply say “we wont extradite him to the US”. Instead, Swedish government leaks are doing the same as the US government, strutting up and down saying “Extradite Assange to the US..ridiculous !” Why is the Obama White House behaving so similarly to the Swedish Government ? Bingo, Karl Rove is working for both of them. This, folks, is another Karl Rove Campaign. We know about the others. What I find interesting about this is it confirms to me how far Obama has travelled down the path to neo-conservatism. What a fraud this man is. The Nobel Committee must be having restless nights. Worst ever abuse of the Nobel Peace Prize ?

  • Mary

    Julian Assange is expected to make a public statement later on the diplomatic row that has engulfed him since being granted asylum by Ecuador. Wikileaks says its founder will speak outside the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he has taken refuge.

    Ecuador’s president has suggested Mr Assange could co-operate with Sweden if assurances are given that there would be no extradition to a third country.

    19.8.12 7.33am

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Alcio (3:52am 19 Aug 2012) – well said!! How ironic, indeed.
    Mark (12:18am 19 Aug 2012) – that’s really fascinating, thanks for the book recommendation. Yes, it seems to me that Ireland was a testing-ground for the UK for not only the straightforward colonialism of preceding centuries, but also, post-colonially, all the dirty tricks and covert ops in the book (and some more besides).

  • Mary

    O/T Putin is doling out an Audi to each Olympic gold medal winner. So like the US where medal winners are given a monetary prize by the government.

    Blogger “Sergeyuko” was disappointed with the “materialistic patriotism in contemporary Russia”, illustrated by the handsome federal payments that medal-winners receive (between $65,000 and $135,000 per medal, according to RIA Novosti news agency), and the other perks, such as cars and flats.

    The United States Olympic Committee pays its medal winners $25,000 to gold medal winners, $15,000 to those who take home a silver and $10,000 for a bronze. Some of the richer U.S. sport federations give additional prize money to their winners as well.

    How long before the UK follows suit?

  • Crptonym

    Suhayl, this is an interesting read on the NI testing ground idea:
    The site has some downright wacky items, don’t shoot the messenger etc.

    Mark, interesting though I don’t fully understand it about Egypt, I’ve come across before a number of websites which questioned the ancestry of the Saudi royal family and all might not be what it seems there.

    Think Assange is taking a chance in stepping outside, even if still on embassy grounds on the doorstep. This furore cannot be resultant from the chaff low grade Assange has so far released, it can only be assumed he has more …

  • John Goss

    Suhayl, Mark Golding

    ‘To be honest, though he – Assange – ought to be have been wise to it.’

    I am not sure you’re right. A single man who is enjoying celebrity status has every right to sow his wild oats with consensual adults. Even though he was warned by the Australian secret services of a ‘honey trap’ event it is still difficult to resist natural urges, and providing he does nothing improper he can be defended in his actions.

  • wtwu


    Duncan Campbell is still doing detailed investigative reporting and analysis, something which the mainstream media, the Twittersphere and also Wikileaks is incapable of these days e.g.

    How Terrorists Encrypt: Threatscape Overview

    Duncan Campbell British investigative journalist Duncan Campbell speaks at DeepSec Conference about the use of cryptography by terrorists and outlines the related threatscape.

  • Lee

    “A single man who is enjoying celebrity status has every right to sow his wild oats with consensual adults.”

    It seems quite likely that Obama set up a CIA sting operation… Assange’s accuser is a CIA agent. Obama has been desperate to get Assange for ages, partly to stop still further revelations. Now, with that he has won the heart of redneck Murkins with his assassinations, having Assange executed before the election would be a great boost for his prospects.

  • N_

    @Crptonym – the embassy is a flat. That front door you see isn’t the front door of the embassy. If something else doesn’t happen before 2pm (and it’s very possible that something will), I think there are 3 options. The first is that he speaks from the doorway into the corridor, provided the owners or managers of the building, presumably on ‘advice’ from the Brits, allow press-pack cameras in front of him. The second is that the cameras can be inside the embassy, i.e. he broadcasts from inside, although that’s very unlikely. The third and most likely option, because the crowd will be able to see him, assuming the Brits haven’t closed the street, is that he will speak from the window or balcony.

    PS Amnesty International – ha ha – the last time I looked, it was a Brit front…but now it seems the US have taken it over…which makes it not too dissimilar (am I doing OK with the litotes?) from the BBC and the FCO

  • Jonangus Mackay

    At least £50,000 a day. And ‘3x more police than yesterday.’ Estimated cost of #Assange siege so far: £1 million. A ‘rape’ case? #wikileaks

  • Suhayl Saadi

    N_, you are doing fine with the litotes! This is all great ‘FCO’/diplomatic info., btw, I’m certainly learning a lot of stuff about which I had little idea. Thanks, N_ (‘N_’ sounds a little like a character from a Mrs Craik novel).

  • nuid

    I don’t know why anyone imagines Assange is so stupid that he would “step outside the embassy” to make a statement.

    Mind you, Sky News seem to be waiting gleefully for exactly that to happen, as they try to do a hatchet job on Rafael Correa. I’d prefer to see them putting N_’s suggestion (diplomatic courier) to Wee Willie Hague or one of his mouthpieces, and making better use of their time.

    I was shocked at Clark’s reference to ‘death squads’, which is so extreme as to be ridiculous, frankly. I think he’s also forgetting that he may not be the only one who was upset on/by the previous thread. Maybe some of us just hide it better.

    Anyway, for the moment I’m reverting to my Kindle where I’m buried in rural France. I’ll be on read-only here for a little while.

  • Gordon

    Here are a few FACTS, a little longwinded, but you’ll get a better Picture and join a few dots.

    You and your readers should Focus, expose and call for an open Government/ Parliament inquiry into the real Political Government Scandal surrounds the true Identity and Family History of the other person holed up with Julian Assange by the Ecuador Government.
    Part of which is covered in:

    She is not an AUSTRALIAN, she is British and on the run from a criminal conviction sentence.

    I am the person/researcher who recovered over 400 personal Documents from the web site of Ms Andrea Davison in July 2010 following her arrest and Police raid on her corporate “Boiler Room” at Manchester House. 32 Bangor Street. Y-Felinheli. Gwynedd. LL56 4JD
    I provided some of them to Mr Eyre who published them in his blog under a series of 10 named as I called it: PANDORAS BOX.

    Ms Davison published them on her soon removed website:
    She did so to blackmail those in Government to get her off the hook in her criminal prosecution. It backfired. I had been on her trail since 2006 and I copied and duplicated over 400 of those toxic Government scandal Documents before the site was removed by the Security Services / Authorities

    Some of these Documents were and continue to be published in Peter Eyres Blog Site eyreinternational. The Publication and exposure of the identity, circumstances, Government employment and family history of Ms Tara Andrea Davison should, if justice is served, bring many Prime Ministers, MP’s Lords, Ladies and VIP’s before the criminal Courts.

    David Cameron, the Conservatives and those in the Labour Party,Ed Miliband,Baroness Scotland, Valerie Amos, Blair, Brown, Lord Doug Hoyle, Margaret Beckett, Chris Williamson, Neil Kinnock, Peter Hain etc are and have been covering up this Scandal for over 20 years. I have those Government Documents and copies of their personal correspondence letters.

    Ms Tara Andrea Davison circ 1989-1994 recruited by a known Colonel acting for MI5 / MI6, Tara was then fronting the Conservative Party, helped by her “Daddy” employed she claims, as an Arms to Iraq Investigator, then moved on to a trusted position she claims, the Intelligence Advisor to the Select Committee of the DTI under Sir Kenneth Warren and MP Peter Lilley, all confirmed in her Affidavit statement I recovered. She had direct access to the Prime Minister and was the Document “runner” between the DTI and the Prime Ministers office, Number 10.Between both, she stopped via a Photo-Copy machine and used a Micro Dot Camera.

    I have researched in depth and published via Mr Eyre’s web blog all the “Virtual” Mail Drop Box cash Shell Companies and common “Musical Chairs” ex Intelligence/ Military officers who were German, Russian, South African, Italian, Australian, American Directors Ms Tara Andrea Davison ran through her Bangor “Boiler Room” Address since led there in 2006. As a “Duty of Care” I forwarded the forensic document evidence to the Derby Police in date recorded interview / statement to DC Darren Hunt and others.

    Ms Davisons Corporation registered in Vancouver Canada BC, Rhodes-Greek Islands, Gibraltar, Cacos Islands,London and other “Boiler Room” North Wales addresses.

    Actually short for:

    Although I continued to make regular reports and provide Document evidence, Over 4 years, up till January 2010 the Derby/Met Police failed to close down this massive International Multi Million Pound money Laundering MI5/6 Fronted “Boiler Rooms”
    They lead here:
    1075 FINCHLEY Rd. London
    1033 FINCHLEY Rd. London
    923 FINCHLEY Rd. London
    788-790 FINCHLEY Rd. London
    665 FINCHLEY Rd. London
    26-28 FINCHLEY Rd. London
    22-26 FINCHLEY Rd. London

    If anyone runs an Internet Search Engine cover of: 788 – 790 FINCHLEY Rd. London they will recover the massive International fraud reports that front out of this and it’s interlocked FINCHLEY Rd “Boiler Room” Addresses named above.
    Including one of those I have exposed and explained via Mr Eyre:The USA Senate Inquiry $US Billion Scam involving Phantom Fuel deliveries to the MANA US/NATO Air base by 2 BRITISH Scam Companies

    WHY? the answer: Ms Tara Andrea Davison companies routed through the same addresses as did those fronted by the Husband of MP Tessa Jowell. DAVID MACKENZIE DONALD MILLS, who set up Dummy Cash Shell laundering Fronts for Italian PM,the MAFIA and a network of Jewish MOSAD Money Laundereing “Boiler Rooms”

    From my extensive research Ms TARA ANDREA DAVISON is non other than, one of 4 daughters of deceased Senior Conservative SIR JOHN ALEC BIGGS-DAVISON
    Given her MOLD Crown Court July 2012 criminal Trial data Police disclosure that she is aged 62, that would make her:

    How can I prove this: I hold personal correspondences from Michael Shrimpton QC and Sir Kenneth Warren she is a BIGGS-DAVISON

    Circ 1990, Ms Tara Andrea Davison became a Labour Party SPY and provided the Senior Labour Party with STOLEN, Secret and Classified Government Documents, original, Copies and Micro Dot films that included Intelligence on STOLEN / MISSING British Nuclear Wareheads, secret evidence before the Scott Inquiry and vital evidence prevented from being heared at the CHILCOTT IRAQ Inquiry that implicates past and current senior Conservative PM’s including David Cameron in the Covert Arms Trade to IRAQ, IRAN, JORDAN, SIERRA LEONE, DRC, ZIMBABWE, OMAN, SAUDI, UAE etc.

    One STOLEN “UOR” Document she provided to Lord Doug Hoyle, Blair, Brown and Margaret Beckett included the criminal Money trail of the covert criminal deliberate overcharge and fraud by the Conservative Government in the Purchase via Bank of England and Private VIP Capital Venture Mega £Million funds. Circ 1990 of:
    3 of 9 ex ARMSCOR PELINDABA (South Africa)stock, 20 kt Battle field Ready, simple operation(Gun Type) Gravity Drop Nuclear Bombs. Required for the retake of Kuwait should Sadam have used Chemicals or Bio agents.

    The Covert transport Operation from Pelindaba-Durban Harbour, Cash Transfer- Delivery for a fixed Price OMAN was overseen and under the watch of:
    Dr David Kelly
    The 3 Nukes were not required, as we all know.

    However, what has been kept from the UK Public and World was that the Rhodesian Weapons Broker, close friend of Sir Mark Thatcher JOHN ARNOLD BREDENKAMP double crossed the Conservatives and stole the 3 Conservative Purchased 20 kt Nukes from their OMAN storage facility 20ft ISO Shipping containers, moved them into IRAQ then into Syria. One was sold by Bredenkamp to NORTH KOREA who detonated it on 25th May 2009.


    This is not conspiricy, not heresay, this is backed by Government Documents.

    The money TRAIL provided in Stolen Government documents by:
    Ms TARA ANDREA (BIGGS) DAVISON to the Senior Labour Party.

    Exposed & Explained in HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 Starting from column 197
    WHO Donated (Off Book) £17.8million into the then EMPTY Tory accounts required to fight the 1992 General Election.
    The Answer: A front Company of: Weapons Broker: JOHN ARNOLD BREDENKAMP.

    JULIAN ASSANGE is a major WORLD HEADLINE topic, however, far more damaging to the British Government is the exposure of the “FULL DISCLOSURE” Story of:

  • Jonangus Mackay

    Scandal-ridden Met Police handling of #Assange siege, were it not so tragic, is beginning to acquire the appearance of farce. #wikileaks

  • Lee

    Garzon is a hero. His presence in the UK must be driving the Establishment, especially Jack Straw, mad.

    Do you suppose Obama will send one of his “precise” drones ?

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