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My friend Mike Arnott of Dundee TUC has done more than anybody to record the story of the outstanding Dundonian contribution to the early war against fascism; seventeen men from Dundee died in the International Brigade.

I wonder what they would think about the alliance between the right wing Spanish “Popular Party” and the Tories plus, reportedly, New Labour to plan a demand for the expulsion of an independent Scotland from the European Union?

New Labour’s commitment to keeping Trident in Scotland, to ending free prescriptions and to imposing university tuition fees makes it, I suppose, unremarkable that they would feel comfortable in this company.

The Tories have today denied that they have made any formal deal on a united front against Scottish and Catalonian independence, while acknowledging that meetings between the Scottish Tories and the Popular Party have taken place. (To discuss what else, one wonders? Property prices on Tory retirement homes in Spain?)

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  • English Knight

    Bravehearts? nah more like bravefarts ! Its all going to end in tears once the freemasons decide to cut Salmond down to size.

  • oddie

    always the same pattern:

    Sydney Morning Herald: Brother accused of child attacks was wanted in NZ
    A ST JOHN of God brother who was accused of sex assault in the order’s Victorian homes but was never charged, avoided extradition to New Zealand in 2004 to face similar charges on the grounds he was suffering dementia…
    The allegations of abuse by the brothers in two different states and overseas raise concerns about whether suspected paedophile brothers were shifted interstate or to New Zealand after complaints were made.
    On Friday, The Age revealed that a group of 15 religious brothers are suspected of the sexual abuse of more than 40 boys in homes run by the order in Cheltenham and Lilydale between the 1950s and the 1980s…
    Documents show that St John of God brothers were involved in scores of attacks over decades on children at a special school they ran in NSW.
    The order yesterday confirmed it was co-operating with a police investigation into the matter. Allegations against the order in NSW include drugging, restraining and raping a boy at Kendall Grange, a residential school for intellectually disabled boys.
    Asked yesterday why Victorian police had not pursued the allegations of abuse here by the brothers, a state government spokesperson said the government had established the inquiry into the handling of child abuse by religious and other organisations. ”As the matters raised are the subject of that inquiry, the Victorian government does not wish to pre-empt its findings or outcomes.”
    A police spokesperson said police had made a submission to the inquiry and making further comment might prejudice those proceedings.
    Compensation claim summary documents compiled for the order allege abuse involving at least 15 boys occurred at Kendall Grange regularly from the 1960s to the mid-1980s…

  • Mary

    I see Geller is beaming out from a photo there Oddie. Repellent people. Quite heartening to read this if it is really happening. Perhaps some Americans really are waking up from their slumber.

    ‘Hasner was a former Florida state representative until 2010, and decided to run for a Florida House seat in 2012. But he lost to Lois Frankel last night. He was an up and coming Jewish Republican who is really cozy with Pamela Geller, the nation’s leading and most virulent anti-Muslim activist. Hasner also was a leader in ginning up fear over the non-existent threat of Sharia law coming to the U.S, and once invited notorious anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders to a “free speech” conference.

    “These encouraging results clearly show that mainstream Americans reject anti-Muslim bigotry by candidates for public office and will demonstrate that rejection at the polls,” Nihad Awad, executive director for the Council on American Islamic Relations, said in a statement. “This election witnessed an increased political awareness and mobilization effort among American Muslims that dealt a major blow to the Islamophobia machine.”’

  • Komodo

    …the sort of leftist nationalism you espouse is a one way street leading to conservatism and worse.

    If it leads to an independent democratic constituent assembly, it leads to no worse than the UK has at present. The SNP is by no means the only player post-independence. It may not even be the biggest. And that’s up to the Scots.

    Orwell is deploring all nationalism – to some extent I agree with him, and even Kipling recognised its mucky underbelly (“Jelly-Bellied Flag-Flapper” in Stalky & Co for instance. But the Brotherhood of Man is still some way off, and if your special requirements in the way of regional autonomy are not being met by a distant government, then I think nationalism, well within the limits set by Nuremburg, is perfectly reasonable. and make no apology for this view.

    English Knight may care to note that Salmond is a 33rd Dan Mystic Master of the Illuminati, and under the personal protection of all the Rothschilds. The Masons don’t stand a chance.

  • Fred


    I’m opposed to Nationalism for the same reasons I’m opposed to Sectarianism.

    Lets face it, there isn’t too much difference between them.

  • resident dissident

    “it leads to no worse than the UK has at present.”

    And how do you think its larger and more financially dominant neighbour would treat Scotland after independence and be held democratically accountable for its actions? And you could ask the Irish, Greeks, Spanish and Portugese about how democratic accountability works within the EU if you think that route will offer any salvation.

    I suspects that quite a lot of Conservatives who believe in divide and conquer will be only to happy to see Scotland be given its independence – just look at how keen they are to mess around with the Barnett formula for allocating funds to local government – what do you think would happen after Scottish independence? AS for oil and gas revenues – forget it – it is running out and I don’t think many of the rigs are owned by Scottish companies.

  • resident dissident


    In short if Scottish nationalism is given its head don’t be surprised if there isn’t a resurgence in English nationalism – its rather uglier and bigger cousin.

  • Komodo

    The Arab Spring effect, eh, Dissident? No worries. The drones are here already, and the nukes will be too, with any luck (for the Scots). Toss a coin and see which side the Yanks back…

  • Komodo

    AS for oil and gas revenues – forget it – it is running out and I don’t think many of the rigs are owned by Scottish companies.

    Just as well, really, as the owners will be paying for the cleanup when the rigs go offstream. They’ll be selling us alternative power and water by then…

    Personally, I agree with you to an extent. The SNP’s proposals are optimistic, and may be unrealistic. But, with Osborne as the standard of comparison, they still look pretty good…the Scots aren’t a disadvantaged tribe. They understand money at least as well as the English, and they are at least as qualified to decide for themselves.

  • resident dissident

    “Just as well, really, as the owners will be paying for the cleanup when the rigs go offstream”

    get real – this only happens in the USA when there is a foreign company to foot the bill

    “They understand money at least as well as the English, and they are at least as qualified to decide for themselves.”

    That is why I suspect they will not vote for independence.

  • Fred

    “Except, presumably, British nationalism?”

    I’m just as opposed to the BNP as I am to the SNP.

  • Kempe

    “Just as well, really, as the owners will be paying for the cleanup when the rigs go offstream”

    get real – this only happens in the USA when there is a foreign company to foot the bill. ”

    In the wake of the Brent Spar cock-up the green lobby forced through laws which require North Sea oil installations to be completely removed and brought ashore for scraping. The costs are horrendous and will continue to mount as the North Sea fields dry up over the next few decades. I’ve no idea if the SNP have factored in these costs to their projections.

  • Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    Apropos of nothing, I note everyone disappears in late afternoon…..has Spanish culture infused the siesta? 🙂

  • DoNNyDarKo

    When you are so against nationalism, why weren’t you up in arms over the Olympics with all the flag waving and symbolism ? It was all very reminiscent of a Germany 60 years ago ,with 20,000 troops and small union jack flags distributed to all communities in the UK.
    Local tax paying business’s knocked to the side in favour of Corporate non tax paying sponsors.
    Why don’t you get mad about something that makes sense ?
    Scotland exercising its democratic right pisses you off for some reason. I don’t get it !!
    We have a Govt. that nobody voted for in power, and the Scots voted overwhelmingly for Labour and the SNP. You shouldn’t be happy with what you have, and the Scots have every reason to want something better in place of an undemocratic , polluted,corrupt Houses of Parliament.
    This bunch of tossers work for the city and big business.

  • Fred

    I was very much opposed to the Olympics, I didn’t even watch one event.

    Nationalism is Nationalism, finding excuses to justify it is what they all do, that’s what the BNP do, that’s what they did in 1930’s Germany, this time it’s different they say.

    If I’m in Newcastle and I see a house with a Union Flag draped out of the window I know what I think about the occupant, why would I think any different about a house in Scotland with a Saltire draped from the window?

  • Jon

    Hi Dreoilin – I’m very well, thanks. Not had much time to post of late, so just keeping an eye on the spam queue. Dare say I’ll join in when I get a moment 🙂

    Fred – the idea that Scottish and British nationalism, in their primary forms, are directly comparable is ludicrous. Scottish nationalism has as its primary aim the secession of Scotland from the Union, but does not exhibit the colour discrimination, nor the tendencies towards repatriation policies and fascism, as the BNP does.

    I’ve seen anti-English racism from Scots, sure – steeped as it is in ancient wars and prejudices – but conflating that phenomenon with political Scottish nationalism is patently unfair.

  • Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    clark peeked in last night, then promptly disappeared. Has he been in contact with you via email, or…?

  • Fred


    Yes there is a great deal of hatred of the English in Scotland, I’ve seen it first hand I was in Bradford in the 1960s, saw the racism there as well. It looks pretty much the same to me. Seems logical to me that those most anti English are the ones most likely to join the SNP just as those most anti immigrant were the first to join the BNP.

    And there is no doubt in my mind that Salmond is milking the anti English sentiment for all it is worth.

  • Jon

    Ben Franklin – I’m pleased he’s been in here. He’s not been in contact with me; I suspect he’s taking a bit of a break. However, do take a look at the “Presidential Debate Sends Me to Bed” thread – he’s posted more substantially there today. Also see the “The Denis MacShane Prize” post, it seems Technicolor has telephoned him – well done Tech.

    Fred, I don’t personally take the view that the SNP is fuelled by hatred. I’m English living in England, and I think Scotland would be better off not being ruled by London.

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Fred ,You said you’d been to Bradford, but did you make it any further north? There is not the hatred you speak of. It is only in your mind !if it was as bad as you say, then all the 2nd home owners would have been gone long ago. The B& B’s are buzzing with englsih tourists all year round because they are well received.
    Even the bi annual visit of the English rugby team is a good natured booze up.
    There’s maybe no doubts in your mind, there isn’t much 1st hand knowledge of Scotland either.
    Salmond’s campaign if you take the time to read about it ,or listen to him speak is positive, unlike the “Bitter stay together” launched by the Unionists.

  • Cryptonym

    If I see a house with a union flag flying, it doesn’t really say anything about the occupant(s) to me, except that they are fools and lower intelligences, easily led, gullible sheep, devoid of free will, capable of great good or unspeakable horror at a despot’s whim. We in Scotland recoil from it in horror of all that it represents, it strikes terror in hearts, heralding and portending subjugation and death everywhere it is exposed, as Iraqis and Afghans have learned and as the Nazi swastika did in some occupied parts of Europe. It functions as a red rag to a resistant populace. The saltire is pristine, unsullied whilst the union flag has long earned and owned the term Butcher’s Apron.

    How though can a tattered rag provide insight into a person or group of individuals; flags are mere representations of symbolic myths, part of the panoply of past martial endeavour, effective communication for a pre-literate people, a shorthand which might come into its own again in the residual UK where basic literacy is considered dangerously subversive and is steadily being eliminated. Severed heads on the end of a pikestaffs would have served equally well then and Cameron’s/Blair’s would be relished even today. Sadly nations are obliged to have some form of national flag or symbol, it is expected of us, in other contexts brands and logos function in a similar way -as crude marketing devices.

    Independence is a formality now, the referendum the first opportunity given to reject democratically an illegitimate union made under conditions of coercion, terror and blockade. The St. Andrew’s flag, as with the Palestinian flag proclaims hope over oppression, identity over shapeless nothingness; revival after existential trial.

  • Fred


    Yes I’ve been further north, about as far north as you can if you can’t swim and I’ve been there for the last 20 years. So calling someone an FEB is different to calling someone a PB how? A child getting bullied at school because they are English is different to a child being bullied at school because they have dark skin why?

    I saw what Joan McAlpine had to say.

    The sad part is she saw nothing wrong with it, that is always the saddest part, the denial it is happening and the denial there is anything wrong with it.

  • OldMark

    ‘The St. Andrew’s flag, as with the Palestinian flag proclaims hope over oppression, identity over shapeless nothingness; revival after existential trial.’

    It’s also the template for the Stars ‘N’ Bars confederate flag, of course; plenty of ‘hope over oppression’ signified there.

  • Fred

    By what stretch of the imagination can you possibly compare Scotland to Palestine? I see your remarks as a downright insult to every Palestinian, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Can the Scots please get it into their heads that they are not oppressed. They weren’t conquered by England they entered into a partnership and did very nicely indeed from their share of the profits made off the backs of those in the world who were genuinely oppressed. Scotland has their own Parliament so they can decide on what they do and they have seats in the British Parliament so they can tell everyone else what to do.

    Oh and the Confederate Battle Flag had nothing whatsoever to do with the flag of St Andrew, originally designed with a standard cross it was changed to a saltire so as not to offend people in the southern states who were not Christian.

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