Israel Grants Oil Rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild 89

Israel has granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the occupied Golan Heights, to Genie Energy. Major shareholders of Genie Energy – which also has interests in shale gas in the United States and shale oil in Israel – include Rupert Murdoch and Lord Jacob Rothschild. This from a 2010 Genie Energy press release

Claude Pupkin, CEO of Genie Oil and Gas, commented, “Genie’s success will ultimately depend, in part, on access to the expertise of the oil and gas industry and to the financial markets. Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch are extremely well regarded by and connected to leaders in these sectors. Their guidance and participation will prove invaluable.”

“I am grateful to Howard Jonas and IDT for the opportunity to invest in this important initiative,” Lord Rothschild said. “Rupert Murdoch’s extraordinary achievements speak for themselves and we are very pleased he has agreed to be our partner. Genie Energy is making good technological progress to tap the world’s substantial oil shale deposits which could transform the future prospects of Israel, the Middle East and our allies around the world.”

For Israel to seek to exploit mineral reserves in the occupied Golan Heights is plainly illegal in international law. Japan was succesfully sued by Singapore before the International Court of Justice for exploitation of Singapore’s oil resources during the second world war. The argument has been made in international law that an occupying power is entitled to opeate oil wells which were previously functioning and operated by the sovereign power, in whose position the occupying power now stands. But there is absolutely no disagreement in the authorities and case law that the drilling of new wells – let alone fracking – by an occupying power is illegal.

Israel tried to make the same move twenty years ago but was forced to back down after a strong reaction from the Syrian government, which gained diplomatic support from the United States. Israel is now seeking to take advantage of the weakened Syrian state; this move perhaps casts a new light on recent Israeli bombings in Syria.

In a rational world, the involvement of Rothschild and Murdoch in this international criminal activity would show them not to be fit and proper persons to hold major commercial interests elsewhere, and action would be taken. Naturally, nothing of the kind will happen.

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89 thoughts on “Israel Grants Oil Rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild

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  • Mary

    I read this on Counterpunch yesterday

    The “Perfect” Wicked Occupation
    Facing Syria From an Israeli Bunker

    Golan Heights

    It is late afternoon and I am standing on top of an active, although temporarily abandoned, Israeli bunker.

    Through my Nikon lens I can clearly see a huge Syrian flag waving majestically in the wind. The flag is near, damn near, but why should it not be there – this is all Syria, according to the international law.

    Where the flag is waving, it is Syria. Behind the flag, it is Syria; and Syria is where I am standing now, exposed and shivering in the chilly wind coming from the mountains.

    It is quite a sight, all around me, quite a sight! Right ahead – destroyed and abandoned – are remains of the houses and buildings of the Syrian town of al- Qunaitra. On the left, the UN, or more precisely, the UNDOF base. There are white trucks and light armored vehicles behind their perimeter; almost like those outside Goma, East Kivu, in DR Congo.

    But here, the UN base is sitting on what is called Demilitarized Zone, or DMZ. It is right between the ceasefire 1974 UNDOF lines Alfa and Bravo. Through the DMZ runs shiny and new Israeli barbed, high-voltage, stereotypical, and despite its glow – melancholy – wire fence.

    Above all that mess, on top of the mountain, hums an enormous Israeli military post, equipped with dozens of radars, listening devices and antennas. It is far, maybe one kilometer away, but the sound it is producing is like that of a giant beehive. It is really obnoxious stuff – like some cartoon on over-militarization; a battleship placed on top of the mountain.


    and this on the N American speculation frenzy

    Shale Gas Bubble Looms

  • Mary Pupkin on the right. doing nicely.

    Wonder if Bliar has got a finger in the Genie pie? Just that I saw that Pupkin once worked for JP Morgan. Pupkin and Avi Goldin Chief Financial Officer are the only two officers listed in About Us/Leadership. There are some imtesting names and connections on the Board

  • Uzbek in the UK

    There are many things that need to be look separately in this case.

    1. Is the barbaric nature of Zionists which is quite clearly well beyond Israel nowadays.
    2. Is the international law insolvency when it comes to dealing with real problems. And Jews have experienced this insolvency more than any other people.
    3. Is the issue of sovereignity within international law what is and what is not allowed within sovereignity framework and if there are any conditions to sovereignity.
    4. Is greater picture of Middle Eastern politics and relations between various Arab states (note not nations but states) Iran, Israel and western meddling.
    5. Is Global investment banking/hedge funds robbers and their influence on national governments and international institutions

  • Mary

    @ Willy robinson

    I admire GG but if he had stayed, he would have won the day in the manner of his appearance before a US committee.

    George Galloway refuses to debate with Israeli student at Oxford
    Respect MP accused of racism after walking out of West Bank debate at university, saying: ‘I don’t debate with Israelis’

    ‘Aslan-Levy told the Guardian he had in fact been calling for a solution that would recognise both states.’

    Aslan-Levy must know that a two state ‘solution’ is pure fiction. The Guardian writers do not seem to have been able to rustle up anyone who supported Galloway’s action. At least they have not used that dreadful word ‘conflict’ to describe what has resulted from the Occupation, ie resistance.

    • martin spaink

      about ‘I don’t debate with Israelis’ I guess he learned that the hard way. Some Israelis are trained to never let go or give up or admit to a fact. Hasbara-experts. They are relentless. Don’t feed the trolls.

  • African Pope

    “…and action would be taken. Naturally, nothing of the kind will happen.”

    Action? By whom? I am still shocked that people buy the Sun after the phone hacking scandal, which was directly responsible for the worst corruption of public life for many decades. Not just in politics but also the judiciary and the police service. Even the so called ‘public outrage’ over the treatment of Milly Dowler seems to be quickly forgotten by the masses of dumbed down, uneducated morons known as ‘the public’.

    The promotion of fake British traits such as the ‘stiff upper lip’, emotional reticence and ‘keeping mum’ is a license for vast public abuse, including horse-meat lasagne, stolen pensions, totally corrupt politics, fantasy news and all the rest that the putrid class that parade themselves on the idiot box promote. The average Brit would rather have their cosy little bubble-life weekend in return for 5 days of abject slavery than live in a fair and decent society, which might cause them some occasional thinking or even having to listen to their own conscience once in a while and make some selfless choices. Heaven forbid.

  • Mary

    This is what the recent ceasefire in Israel looks like that the Bishop of Bath and Wells refers to. He must have had his eyes closed on his recent visit.

    On just one day –

    Zionist filth assault in West Bank village

    Israeli Navy opens fire on fishing boat

    Israeli Navy takes prisoner 2 fishermen

    Israeli Army troops and dogs invade West Bank homes

    Israeli soldiers beat up 17-year-old youth

    3-month-old baby and mother overcome by Israeli tear gas

    Israeli soldiers abduct 4 youngsters aged 15 to 17

    Israeli soldiers beat up mentally-handicapped youngster

    Israeli Army destroys home and farm building

    Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in 4 refugee camps and 9 towns and villages

    2 attacks – 36 raids including home invasions – 8 beaten – 14 injured

    2 acts of agricultural/economic sabotage

    30 taken prisoner – 12 detained – 115 restrictions of movement

    19 February 2013

  • glenn

    Private Eye, in the latest edition, talks about Murdoch tweeting away about the wonders of fracking and tar sands/shale oil.

    Marching in close formation, Murdoch’s gutterpress rants about wind turbines being “monstrosities”, while the Times raves about “investment, employment, economic growth and greater energy independence” in exploiting the fossil fuels.

    It goes on to say this new enthusiasm for dirty non-renewables in the Murdoch press coincides with James Murdoch’s demise, the latter having been something of an eco-enthusiast, and Murdoch senior’s new deals with Genie Oil & Gas, as described in CM’s blog post.

  • MJ

    I think this is Netanyahu putting the frighteners on Obama. Last week it was another swathe of illegal settlements and the week before an illegal air-strike on Syria. We must expect this kind of grotesque provocation for the rest of Obama’s term unless he can show a bit of backbone (and get Hagel on board).

    Next month Obama is due to visit Israel for the first time where he will be presented with Israel’s prestigious “presidential medal of distinction”. I think he should cancel the trip at the very last minute owing to a painful twisted eyelash.

  • Mary

    From the Genie press release linked in Craig’s article.

    ‘”Covering and distributing news has been my life’s work,” said Mr. Murdoch. “If Genie’s effort to develop shale oil is successful, as I believe it will be, then the news we’ll report in the coming decades will reflect a more prosperous, more democratic, and more secure world.”‘

    Murdoch needs to spare five minutes to read this although he and the rest of the Genies probably already know these facts. These links refer to the danger encountered by the workers involved in fracking in Colorado.

    You Can’t Wash Away Fracking’s Effects
    Life and Death in the Frack Zone


    Deadly Gas Industry Coverup Revealed by NC5

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    O/T, but that’s the general rule on this blog, so when in Rome….

    BBC radio news reports this evening that Lord McAlpine – falsely accused of paedophilia – has made it known that he will drop defamation charges against Twitterers who have fewer than 500 followers and urges those concerned to make a small donation to Children in Need. In this, Lord McAlpine has shown magnanimity and forgiveness to people who eagerly leapt onto the bandwagon of slander and calumny.

    I do very much hope that if any of the regular commenters on this blog themselves tweeted these slanderous accusations they will follow Lord McAlpine’s suggestion and make a donation.

    It would be nice to think that those commenters who retailed these slanderous rumours on Craig’s blog – either directly, or more slyly by referencing other posts or “sources” or by simple sly allusion – would also bring themselves to do likewise.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    @ African Pope (18h30) :

    “The average Brit would rather have their (sic) cosy little bubble-life weekend in return for 5 days of abject slavery (sic) than live in a fair and decent society…etc etc.”

    Well, you’ve had your tantrum and given the average Brit a good kicking.

    And now, how about telling us what the average Brit can do about all this and/or what you think they should do – practically, concretely. If you like, start with the things you mentioned : the horsemeat scandal, stolen pensions, totally corrupt politics and fantasy news.

    I await your further thoughts with interest.

  • MJ

    Lord McAlpine is most assiduous when it comes to not suing over allegations of paedophilia. The very same allegations, drawing on different witnesses and featuring an accurate photograph, were made several years ago by the now-defunct Scallywag magazine and McAlpine did not sue. The very same allegations were made several years ago in a David Icke book that remains in print but McAlpine has not sued. I expect twitterers with more than 500 followers are quaking in their boots.

  • Frazer

    An excellent interview today on the radio Craig..can be heard on…. nah, I will let Craig tell you all…

  • Fred

    “BBC radio news reports this evening that Lord McAlpine – falsely accused of paedophilia”

    Is that the same Lord McAlpine that owned a collection of works by Graham Ovenden?

  • Mary

    Neither Clegg or any others in the Lib Dem hierarchy have dealt with this individual who still seems to be acting on the party’s behalf in the Lords. He is also a trougher having claimed £40,000 for a second home although he owned an apartment close to Westminster but that was judged to be OK by the authorities at the time.

    To my mind he is physically repellent judging from the images especially in the video where he is wearing the robe with the fur collar. He should have been given the knee in the groin treatment by these women.

    Clegg and co are pathetic and wet. It will be interesting to see how he deals with these allegations, now very public.

    Meanwhile Clegg and Carmichael continue to persecute David Ward and have persecuted Jenny Tonge in the past.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    @ Fred : “a collection of works by Graham Ovenden” :

    Does that fall under the category of sly allusions?

    Here’s a straight one for you : are you saying Lord McAlpine is a paedophile?

    I wonder if you’ll have the guts to give a straight yes or no to that one.

    @ MJ : ah yes, Scallywag magazine, now defunct as you rightly say. Wasn’t that the mag that accused John Major of having an affair with a catering manageress in the House of Commons? And calling on David Icke for support, well, really! I believe he’s the fellow who thinks the Royal Family are all salamanders….or is it aliens from Alpha Centauri?

  • MJ

    “Wasn’t that the mag that accused John Major of having an affair with a catering manageress in the House of Commons?”

    Yes. They were wrong and Major sued. It was Edwina Currie. How dare they call her a catering manageress!

    “And calling on David Icke for support, well, really!”

    I’m not calling on anyone’s support. I’m noting that Icke’s allegations against McAlpine remain in print and McAlpine hasn’t sued. I thought that was pretty clear.

  • Jives

    Im not up with the case but why is Mcalpine only sueing some people for these allegations and not others?

    Is this all connected to the Savile,Elm Guest House etc?

    Sorry if O/T.

  • MJ

    He’s not suing anyone. He’s pursing the “out of court settlement” wheeze. The BBC and ITV should not have paid him a penny and nor should anyone else. There’s talk of him suing Sally Bercow but I won’t be holding my breath. Why doesn’t he sue Icke, whose book is still available on Amazon and in bookshops?

  • glenn

    Jives asked, “why is Mcalpine only sueing some people for these allegations and not others?

    Maybe because people with only a handful of Twitter followers are – generally speaking – likely to not be famous/ big-shots/ have very little money, and so not to be worth the bother and expense of suing?

    Can you think of anyone (apart from the Dalai Lama etc.!) with a significant number of Twitter followers, who _doesn’t_ have any money? *

    * For the sake of decency, let’s exclude this blog’s host from the discussion…

  • Jay

    Is Facebook and Twitter now mandatory?

    it will soon be compulsary to open account, I suppose there are so many advantages, looking at the long term our online lives will be funneled through it.

    Short the market down then “fill ya boots“

    That’s speculation and a bit of manipulation.

    I fancy going long on trees..Any buyers?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    @ Fred : still waiting for your considered answer….. 🙂

    @ MJ : why doesn’t he sue Icke? I don’t know, but it might be because Icke is generally considered to be so off-the-wall as not to be worth suing? As to why Lord McAlpine is using the out-of-court settlement “wheeze” as you call it. What’s not a “wheeze”?) there are two explanations I imagine : he’s either afraid of a trial (cf Oscar Wilde) or he’s old and not well and doesn’t feel like going through the mental hassle etc of numerous court trails and appearances; in that way the lawyers deal with the matter. Just a thought.

  • Fred

    @ Fred : still waiting for your considered answer….. 🙂

    Been waiting longer for yours.

    Get it into your head you don’t get to tell people what to do, you don’t get to tell people what to say, you are not in control, you are nothing special, you are just a deluded little shit.

  • Mary

    We had another homily this morning on Radio 4 from Lord Sacks (when is he actually going btw?) on the meaning of Purim where children dress up in fancy clothes in plays to celebrate the deliverance of the Jewish people from the Persians by Mordechai and Esther. He went on to say that Jewish people have been subjected to oppression over the centuries.

    How does he compare what Purim represents to the oppression of the Palestinian people, described for instance in my post above

    and described within this report dated 21st February, 2013?

    Just two days. 6,400 words including references helpfully provided by the Jewish Portal.

  • Mary

    The Pollard Report. 186 pages. Redacted according to the coverage.

    BBC to publish censored version of Paxman criticism on Savile scandal
    About about 3,000 pages of transcripts of evidence given by 19 individuals to the Pollard inquiry set to be made public

    Lord Patten under fire as ‘dysfunctional’ BBC faces Savile report
    Reams of ‘unedifying’ internal documents show corporation’s ‘meltdown’

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