“The Project” in Kazakhstan

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A week ago Wikileaks released the transcript of a meeting between Julian Assange and Google CEO Eric Schmidt, together with a number of other liberal establishment figures from the USA. This transcript is an important read. Assange has been portrayed in the media as a crazed pantomime villain. The reflective and thoughtful person who emerges from these transcripts is not perhaps what people accept. I also find it encouraging that a major CEO like Schmidt himself comes over as a genuine thinker, with liberal instincts.

But I want to focus rather narrowly on one point. Assange talks at length of his disappointment at the presentation of the State Department cables by Wikileaks’ mainstream media partners. In relation to the Guardian, among other things he says this:

“The Guardian redacted two thirds of a cable about Bulgarian crime, removed all the names of the people who had infiltrated – the mafioso – who had infiltrated the Bulgarian government. Removed a description of the Kazakstan elite, which said that the Kazakstan elite in general were corrupt, not even a particular name, just in general! Removed a description that a an energy company out of Italy operating in Kazakhstan was corrupt, so they have redacted for naming of individual names of people who might be unfairly put at risk, just like we do–that is what we require of them. They have redacted the names of mafioso, individual mafioso because they are worried that they might get sued for libel in London by this mafioso. They have redacted the names… they have redacted the description of a class of Kazakhstan elite, a class has been corrupt, and they have redacted descriptions of individual companies being corrupt because they don’t want to expose themselves to any risk at all.”

This is true, but not the whole story. At that time, I was trying without success to persuade Wikileaks to let me in to the cables in my are of expertise pre-publication, to assist with editing those on Africa and Central Asia to remove any risk to individuals. I was not able to do this because of Wikileaks’ exclusive deal with the newspapers, whom I thought they trusted to a remarkable degree.

A very senior figure ar the Guardian once said to me that “It should not be underestimated how far Rusbridger saw himself as an intrinsic part of The Project ” – The Project being Tony Blair’s plan to move the old Labour Party to a neo-con position and continue the Thatcher revolution (not that they called it that, even to themselves. Modernisation, Third Way etc.) Rusbridger, Michael White, Polly Toynbee, Andrew Rawnsley remain to this day fully paid up Blairites, and the Guardian continually, to this day, give a platform to Blair and Alistair Campbell, and publish article after article about how great is his legacy and how much he still has to contribute. I can’t bring myself to the emetic task of looking any of the offending articles up – perhaps people can kindly link to some in comments!

For several years now, a major stream of the massive Blair income has come from advisory and PR work for the murderous dictatorship of Kazakhstan – a government which massacres striking miners, which might be of interest to Blair’s former constituents. When I met Alistair Campbell in November he had recently come back from Kazahstan.

Julian Assange was quite right to infer that protecting themselves from possible libel suits had caused The Guardian to redact accounts of corrupt individuals. But that can hardly have accounted for the Guardian redacting a US Embassy observation that the ruling elite of Kazakhstan are corrupt as a class. Now what concern for the image of Kazakhstan might have led Alan Rusbridger to do that?

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  1. Guardian redacting a US Embassy observation that the ruling elite of Kazakhstan are corrupt as a class

    This was not in fear of liable actions but a an attempt in self preservation. The corruption of the UK ruling elite as a class is far more prevalent and sophisticated than those godfathers in Kazakhstan back waters. Hence the redactions and omissions. The first step in fighting corruption is through exposure of; corruption, crony-ism, fraud, deception, lies, theft, …… the cover ups, omissions and exclusions only help to maintain the status quo, and ensure the longevity of corrupt practices.

  2. The Defence of Blair went from loyal, to over-loyal, to strange, to odd, to very fucking odd indeed, and currently resides at about ‘collaborating with the enemy in war time’ level. A strange affair that perhaps Historian may shed some light on, long after we are all dust.

    But then, everything about Blair is and always was odd. He would strut on the opposition benches, newly elected leader of the opposition, and blast away about leadership. We should have clocked him them, because in his life, he had shown precisely none. A chancer, at best.

    As to why journalists at The Guardian – highly intelligent people – continue to defned Blair, I am baffled. Perhaps it more a defence of an idea than a person. Blair The Idea is the kind of moderate left-centre leader the Labour party needed, they might argue, even if Blair The Actual Person is a noted scoundrel. Or maybe they are just mugs.

    I am curious as to the redactions, though. This speaks of, ah, geopolitical considerations. Maybe this is why they ‘hate’ Assange so much?

  3. Dick the Prick

    28 Apr, 2013 - 11:42 am

    And the lovely Jonny Powell has been recruited by the fragrant Kazach government to lecture them on how a professional civil service should operate when usurping all checks and balances in the fabrication of cassus beli for sociocide. It’s a specialism that should be exported. I think we all know how Powell got his job as Blair’s felcher in chief and it had bugger all to do with any talent or qualification. I suppose when Petey Goldsmith drops down in Astana we’ll have a full house. It’s so nice of Blair to give his mates jobs in this time of austerity and not in any way act as a cabal with something to hide, rather touching almost.

  4. It was not Google who released the transcript, but Wikileaks.

  5. David,

    Thanks, corrected. I knew that, so peculiar mind slip. What the Americans call a “senior moment”.

  6. Does Rusbridger know his rag is being outed here as disingenuous? and do his arch journo’s you named care a damn?

    Robert Kissin, a UK investment banker is being named as the ‘middle man’ in corrupt practises, who knows why they named him, but not others.


    And then there is a hint that FT 100 companies are under the control of Khazak investors, with Sir Richard Evans, head of BAE, being named as being a director.


    Leave’s to wonder whether Mr. Ablyazovs passport is still being seized by British courts, on behalf of errr this dictatorship with powerful friends here.

  7. “Tony Blair last visited Kazakhstan in May of this year to attend a conference. He is not personally making a profit directly or indirectly on this.” Telegraph link above.

    If anybody thinks Blair went over to Kazakhstan for altruistic reasons I would recommend they take a long break. Blair never did anything that was not in the interests of Blair. His charities are almost certainly charities in the mould of Atlantic Bridge.

  8. This is from the MRzine website.

    Imprisoned Oil Workers’ Strike Leader Roza Tuletaeva Starts Hunger Strike
    by Campaign Kazakhstan
    On 22nd April, Roza Tuletaeva, one of the activists from the Zhanaozen oil workers’ strike, started a hunger strike. She has taken this extreme step because she has been refused essential medical aid at the women’s prison colony in Atyrau, where she is currently serving a lengthy jail sentence. She was arrested after the notorious massacre of Zhanaozen oil workers by government forces in December 2011 and sentenced to seven years in prison (later reduced to five, on appeal), on the charge of “organising mass disorder”.

    According to friends and relatives of Roza, she is suffering from chronic liver disease. The refusal to provide suitable treatment appears to be intentional revenge by the authorities. It is a form of torture against this political prisoner, who refused to accept that she was guilty as charged.

    During her court trial, Roza experienced torture and sexual harassment at the hands of the state security police (KNB), and the lives of her children were threatened. Nevertheless, she refused to give evidence against herself and her co-strikers, refused to give evidence against Vladimir Kozlov, leader of the Party Alga (who was later sentenced to a prison sentence), and exposed the methods of the investigators during her trial.

    Local human rights organisations have demanded the immediate provision of medical assistance to Roza Tuletaeva and have also demanded the right to visit her to make a proper assessment of her health. Clearly she is in danger, her health is already undermined and now her life is at risk. The hunger strike is eroding her health even further.

    Campaign Kazakhstan calls for protest messages against these further attempts at torture, which are organized by government forces with the aim of breaking the will of Roza and her comrades and of anyone else prepared to resist the authorities. By attempting to physically annihilate Roza Tuletaeva, they are trying to scare all oil workers, and those who live in the Mangystau region, from further protest actions.

    Hands off of Roza Tuletaeva!

    Freedom to the arrested oil-workers and political prisoners in Kazakhstan!

    Please send urgent protests to the Embassy of Kazakhstan in your country (a list can be found here http://www.embassypages.com/kazakhstan) and copies to kazakhstansolidarity@gmail.com and campaignkazakhstan@gmail.com

  9. More mineworkers victimised by Blair’s mates:


  10. April Showers

    28 Apr, 2013 - 3:05 pm

    Any mention of the arms salesman’s activities in Kazakhstan affairs?

    Now Blair and Andrew have a mutual interest
    By Andrew Pierce
    14 March 2011

    The Duke of York is not alone in his fondness for Kazakhstan, the country whose president’s son-in-law bought his hideous house, Sunninghill, for £3 million above the asking price.

    The gold-digger Tony Blair’s globetrotting also took him to the door of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the long-time ruler of Kazakhstan, back in 2008.

    At the time Blair, in a statement to the state-owned Kazakh TV, said: ‘I am very glad to visit Astana [the capital] and Kazakhstan. Your capital is a very unique city. It demonstrates the power and development level of Kazakhstan.’


    and this about Southfork. What an excrescence!


    What was the ginger trougher doing at the Thatcher funeral? Oh I see. She knelt at the fount of wisdom whilst having tea.

    Italics“I was fortunate enough to get to know her from the time that she attended my wedding in 1986, and, subsequently, I shared numerous cups of tea with her, and loved to listen to her wisdom,” she said. “Margaret Thatcher will be greatly missed. She is part of all our history and was such a strong and consistent lady.”

    Sarah, Duchess of York is invited to join the Queen at Baroness Thatcher’s funeral
    The Duke of York’s former wife is to join the mourners at the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, whom she describes as a ‘steadfast friend’.
    Torygraph 14.4.2013

  11. April Showers

    28 Apr, 2013 - 3:12 pm

    If this has already gone up, apologies. Julian talks to Medea Benjamin.


  12. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    28 Apr, 2013 - 3:22 pm

    It was interesting, Craig, that self-censorship is the bulk of that inverted pyramid the print media hold so sacred. I should think his trust of newspapers was borne of a lack of options, and so was not trust at all.

    His ability to take complex ideas and simplify and synthesize, then effectively communicate same to others is part of his massive genius. That was the same endearing quality shown by Einstein which made him such an asset as a superb mathematician.

    I was a little surprised he thought Bitcoin was a workable concept.

  13. Shona Duncan

    28 Apr, 2013 - 3:27 pm

    I love leakers, The psyche that speaks up when they see an injustice, no matter the consequences, are wide targets for vengeful governments, modus operandi is to mock the leaker so that nobody will believe them. See through. They’ll even pay doctors to give a diagnosis worthy of the smeared reputation.

    Obama has been implicated in the nuclear attack against Japan, the one aimed at the nuclear plant. Unconfirmed reports from my anonymous spy friends that Hillary Clinto nis under house arrest. Good job. She’d look fetching in orange. Australian attorney generals (2) shock resignations on the same day as Hillary. I can’t stand the suspense.

    Keep pushing, don’t shut up. Stand up for the truth, not the lies they tell you to say. This is a classic good vrs evil battle. Patriots everywhere unite and save your country from the corporate politicians.

    United by one. Divided by zero.

  14. technicolour

    28 Apr, 2013 - 3:37 pm

    “ginger trougher”??

    On Topic: This is fascinating, Craig, but how does it square with the Guardian’s unwavering support for the Lib Dems since before the election? Surely it can not be as cynical as them *knowing* that the Lib Dems would form a coalition with the Conservatives in advance? The Conservatives being of course, the party to continue Blair’s (Thatcher’s ‘greatest achievement’) true legacy?

  15. had to tittle over this in the daily Wail article April Showers linked to. Thanks for that Sunday bonbon.

    Ms.Ashkenazi, some 20 years younger than prince Andrew…

    “I’m prepared to say that I love Andrew very much,” said Miss Ashkenazi, 30, in an interview with Hello! magazine this month, adding: “I have a lot of fun with him.

  16. Interesting post. You only have to take a serious look at Kazakhmys and ENRC, both FTSE 350 to get a feel for the extent of corruption that exists. Along with Bumi and the Rothchild debacle, such corruption is a real concern as corporate governance standards on the LSE are a complete joke.

  17. Reminds me of Hazel Blears’ ‘Prevent’ative smears and Ed Miliband’s Wallace and Grommit ‘Project’ile vomit. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  18. Apologies for being off-topic – slightly.

    Apropos the Boston bombings and the possible Putin/false-flag musings in an earlier thread. Craig should read this:

    I rate Sibel Edmonds highly in the Whistleblower stakes. Her book ‘Classified Woman’ is on a par with Craig’s ‘Murder in Samarkand’ IMHO – jaw-dropping in it’s revelations of Turkish and CA criminal connections inside the FBI. The sort of thing you simply could not make up. Anyway, she has some interesting things to say on CIA man Graham Fuller (Gladio-B Target, Handler-Sponsor of Turkey’s Imam Gulen). His daughter married the uncle of one of the alleged bombers – etc etc etc.


  19. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    28 Apr, 2013 - 5:59 pm

    Also apologize for being OT, but I thought this was interesting….


    “Ruslan Tsarni married the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller, who spent 20 years as operations officer in Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Hong Kong. In 1982 Fuller was appointed the National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia at the CIA, and in 1986, under Ronald Reagan, he became the Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, with overall responsibility for national level strategic forecasting.”

  20. nevermind that shit here comes Mongo

    Take note of the first comment, who asks Mr. Fuller: “why did you send me a cold friend request on Facebook a few months ago?”

  21. Eric Schmidt is pure power elite. If he’s with Julian he’s currying favour. Maybe Julian will receive good news.

  22. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    28 Apr, 2013 - 6:21 pm

    ‘Retired in 1987’ Hmm. Contemporaneous with Iran/Contra.

    Once CIA, always, always, always CIA.

  23. Hey Murray, 90% of your commenters are conspiracy nuts, believing in conspiracies that you quite often do not believe in, but it doesn’t help matters that you assert that the Boston bombings could have been one of the many FBI agent provocateur plots. Do you know what a mad hatter you sound like when you write such things? It completely wipes out anything wise you might have said in the past.

  24. April Showers

    28 Apr, 2013 - 7:15 pm

    Some of the enablers and functionaries in the tie up between Kazakhstan and the EU.

    http://www.eurobak.kz/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=50&Itemid=2 Note some of the connections – Deloitte Caspian, Siemens, Coca Cola and the like.

    The lady at the bottom was reportedly engaged in a lengthy conversation with P Andrew at a promotional event.

    ‘Not all British business leaders out there were quite so delighted with one appearance on his most recent trip.

    One source suggested that at “very short notice” a message went out to the British business community that Prince Andrew was flying in from Turkmenistan and there was a “frantic rush” to put together a greeting party at a reception at the Intercontinental Almaty, the city’s top hotel, opposite the Presidential Palace on Republic Square.

    One executive there said: “There was a reception for him, but he was only there for about 45 minutes. We all found it rather disappointing.

    “He had a line-up, he chatted to about seven or eight people, but he was chatting to secretaries and things for about half and hour.”

    Another business leader even complained that the Duke spent too much time talking to Julie Kussidi, the 30-year-old head of the European Business Association in the city. Ms Kussidi declined to comment on the discussion.

    She said: “I really don’t find myself in a position to speak about things like that. He was as the protocol should be. Yes, it was a business conversation, that’s for sure. It was an official event.”‘


  25. It is easy to poke fun at countries such as Kazakhstan and their blatant and obvious corruption. The UK on the other hand has a much subtler, more nuanced corruption that probably dwarfs that of recently formed or emerged nations. The corruption in the UK is so deep seated that most people can’t see it. We have a monarch who dresses up in elaborate and silly costumes who is a billionaire and heads a family of corrupt arms dealers and land monopolists. The government is formed of privileged nincompoops from an elite stretching back in some cases to the middle ages who work solely in the interests of a few large multinational tax dodgers in return for money and secrecy in the case of the many paedophiles infecting the establishment. People who are considered a threat to the status quo are murdered, framed or discredited and the media is totally in hock to the ruling elite. Countries that don’t comply with the UK/US way of doing things are bombed back to the stone age. How are Kazakhstan, Bulgaria or any other country more corrupt than the cesspit of deceit that is the UK? A case of not seeing the wood for the trees.

  26. John Pelfrey,

    What do they teach you at school nowadays?
    If I tell you that 7 x 32 is 224, and tomorrow I tell you 8 – 5 = 2, that does not mean 7 x 32 is not 224.

    The FBI has, by their own account, “run” a very large number of domestic islamists in recent years. It is quite probable that one of these will one day go horribly wrong. The FBI were in contact with the Tsarnaevs. You would have to be deficient in logic to think it is not possible the Tsarnaevs were an agent provocateur operation gone wrong.

  27. Too much sentience being attributed to Blair. He was and remains a useful idiot. To whom or what is his idiocy useful (rhetorical ?).

  28. Hey Jon Pelfrey, what the fuck are you doing reading this blog when you ought to be spending your time reading the bullshit corporate media is pumping out, and watching the nice man on the telly?

    What is happening? the message of “tayyrrrreeeeerrists are under your bed” is not getting through, so you are here to reinforce it?

    The only nut around is here you mate.

  29. Yes, they’ve investigated certain groups, as is prudent, but they’ve certainly overstepped – continuing to investigate people who have proven themselves guiltless. But to say this means that they’ve created agents provocateurs multiple times is highly laughable.

    You continue to employ the silly logic of your conspiracy theory commenters. You think that since you know a guy who got stopped in St. Petersburg for something in his past, it must mean that everyone gets interdicted and the Russians must have intentionally let him in. Typical conspiracy theory nuttery. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanlon%27s_razor

  30. Greenmachine

    28 Apr, 2013 - 8:42 pm

    Jon Palfrey

    Craig’s comment is worth digesting. You appear to be a disciple of the ubiquitous ‘Occam’s Razor’ crowd judging by your link. There is merit in looking for the ‘cock-up’ and the obvious as well as the conspiracy; but sure as hell there is conspiracy out there! Keep an open mind and look for the evidence. The FBI, as Craig intimated, has been implicated directly in many ‘set ups’ over many years designed to flush out individuals / groups who may or may not have acted similarly without their input! Is this legitimate security service work? I’m personally sceptical. The 2 most notorious cases – Colleen Rowley’s Memo before 9/11 and E Salem’s role in the 93 WTC bombing deserve more investigation on your part before you make such sweeping statements. I certainly don’t regard those who take time to research and suggest alternative narratives as ‘conspiracy nuts’. You must spend too much time listening to Daily Mail, Telegraph, NT Times, Washington Post, Fox News, BBC whichever ‘informs’ your world!

  31. Pelfrey

    Politics is conspiracy. Enough said.

  32. Jon Pelfrey,

    The FBI call them “sting” rather than “agent provocateur” operations, and there is absolutely no doubt as to their existence. Look up La Guardia or Cleveland terrorist plots.

    You seem to understand an implication in “agent provocateur” that the crime is meant actually to occur. No, in these instances it is meant to be thwarted and the people convicted. Nobody is meant to get killed. The moral dubiety is whether the gullible victims would ever have moved into crime had they not been encouraged to it by the authorities.

    If you keep running these “stings”, to use the FBI’s own term, there is an obvious danger that someone who has been encouraged to violence will actually commit it, going a route other than the particular one the FBI were trying to steer him down.

    Why you would imagine it is nuts to think that, is genuinely beyond my comprehension.

  33. My Jihadi Muslim friend has threatened to kill me on several occasions for not responding in the way he is being paid to steer me down. It started with general threats that a hadith says that you should kill collaborators/spies before you kill the enemy. Well, Al-Qaida have been openly working with/for NATO since Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. Why don’t they kill themselves?

    Then we moved on to a situation where he had been trying to convince me for a very long time that he was poor and had nowhere to put his family, in order to draw me to his sting through sympathy, but when I put some money to the cause he boasted about his 200,000 pound house which he had had for ages.

    Then I realised that he must have been an old player in the political game of selling fellow Muslims to the incumbent dictator and he sent me an email indicating that the engineer who spoke about the knot in the mechanism of the gallows was the one who got his head chopped off.

    Then he arranged for me to get a job in a Muslim company which used its corporate good reputation to blacklist me in this country and abroad. Now he has threatened both my mother and mother-in-law in terms that I continue to refuse to co-operate with his efforts to recruit me to the Zionist/Islamist cause, he would let me go for now, much like leaving an animal to grow until it was ready for slaughter.

    My conclusion is that those who play macro-politics are also playing micro-politics inside the families of the people they are trying to sting. Politics is always about the self and the ego, and people who engage in it find themselves unable to convince their fellow human beings by either food and compliments or logical argument and historical/textual evidence.

    They therefore turn to others with similarly frustrated egos, whether they be of the same ideology or a completely different one, anything so long as those who are operating by truth and decency are de-railed. The political ego turns from its own rationale/ narrative to others with completely opposite ideas in order to execute its will. Hence con-spiracy, opposite narratives working together to dis-rupt and destroy truthfulness.

    The concoction is always virtually impossible to de-cipher logically. And that is because it is a conglomeration of opposing ideas, welded together by a common desire for power.

  34. Don’t forget that the other half of “the Project” was tying in Paddy Ashdown’s Lib Dems to the neocon agenda – and that Charles Kennedy’s leadership was moving the party in the other direction (note that he was the one that stuck his neck out over Iraq), right up until he was brought down.

    Was Charles an alcoholic? Yes. Was it stopping him being an effective leader? A much harder question.

    As for Paddy, he got undermined by his party from within in 1997-99 and jumped before he was pushed. People who led that movement, like Donnachadh McCarthy, are a major reason why there was one political party that was opposed to the Iraq War – Paddy would, unquestionably, have been in favour.

  35. Richard Gadsden

    Thank you for popping up and illustrating exactly what I said above with the example you gave about opposing minds agreeing to work together against truth. I once had the priveledge of having Paddy Ashdown in my ( chauffeur ) car. I was hoping/expecting to be able to have a conversation however brief, which I normally used to manage to get with most of my customers, if they weren’t busy or tired. He was about the only customer I ever had who held himself aloft above the level of the mere driver of a car. Extraordinary pride.

  36. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    28 Apr, 2013 - 10:01 pm

    Guano; That kind of shit is, well, it pisses me off. Imagine some guy in a schwarma booth trying to feed his family and maintain the faith of his fathers being coerced by those whom he is supposed to respect with honor.

    These people need to be shafted in the most dishonorable means available.

  37. Ah, Mr Gadsden (I googled): a decent lib dem. Thanks for the contribution. Looking back, the removal of Charles Kennedy certainly paved the way for all this: interesting that he had ‘overwhelming’ support from grassroots party members but was shafted by MPs.

    Was there any proof that his drinking had affected either his judgement or capability in general? I don’t remember any.

  38. Oh, I see: although, reading the actual story, the headline should have been ‘How rumours and gossip destroyed Charles Kennedy’


  39. Jon Pelfrey
    28 Apr, 2013 – 6:59 pm

    “Hey Murray, 90% of your commenters are conspiracy nuts, believing in conspiracies that you quite often do not believe in, but it doesn’t help matters that you assert that the Boston bombings could have been one of the many FBI agent provocateur plots. Do you know what a mad hatter you sound like when you write such things? It completely wipes out anything wise you might have said in the past.”

    Jon are you saying that the FBI, or for that matter, the CIA or the police, do not engage in agent provocateur activities?

  40. Sorry to be boring but I left out an important part of the game my Muslim Jihadi friend played with me inside my personal life. Let anyone who finds themselves on the doorstep of the true religion of Islam beware, that inside its doors your only friend will be Allah. If you turn for help to its occupants 99% of them will sell you out and only 1% will be your friends, not my words but the spontaneous words of a Syrian man I happened to meet recently while looking at a van. Nobody is talking about how much the Syrian people are feeling betrayed by NATO / AlQaida. They are replacing one form of dictatorship with another nasty psychological form, using spying and exposure.

    My lovely friend used to get me relaxed with dirty jokes and long conversations about my sufferings at the hands of ex-wife who deprived me of the pleasure of my young children, and my house, workshop and sanity by starting an affair with my now deceased nextdoor neighbour. My friend would fill my mind with dirty jokes and salacious advice about sexual relations inside Islam. He would tease me for being naive and trusting my former partner, He would lure me into thinking about things which are inappropriate talk amongst Muslims.

    But little known to me he was simultaneously spying on me, which we do not expect or appreciate in UK culture. In fact we think this spying is reserved for politicians and celebrities. In Islam it is used to blackmail you to following certain ideas. The information gathered is carefully divulged to different sections of the community who used to be your friends, and to your Muslim and non-Muslim family. The Arabic word for this is Qiyanat/ betrayal of your honour.

    Islam is the true religion, taught by all the prophets from Adam to Muhammad peace and blessings be upon them all together. But warnings to those who knock on Allah’s door and ask for guidance, when you are given the truth of the true religion of Islam, every grudge-laden Muslim wherever you travel in the world , is dying to expose your faith to trials and test its endurance. That is a matter which is ordained and mentioned by Allah in His Holy Qur’an. Surah The Spider.

    In this country, in this time, in this blog, in this moment, praise be to God, we have a thing which the British people fought for by war and civil war, freedom of speech. There but for fortune I could very easily been drawn down the road that the Chechyen brothers have done. If I had been in the US, or if Craig Murray had not stood up for the UK right of freedom of speech, to challenge the use of torture in the War on Terror, and if he had not passed on that freedom, which few blogs do, to the ordinary contibutors, which he did today to Tony Opmoc, I would definitely have been scammed into a Boston Marathon scenario by now.

    Let everyone on this planet know, whether they be Muslim or non-Muslim, that Al Qaida / NATO, the self-opposing agents of the Zionist New World Order, detest the freedom of speech which Craig Murray has had the generosity of heart and depth of intellect to provide to his readers here. Mary has recently been spied on in the privacy of her home and derided publicly just for collating items of interest to Craig’s readers. This bullying has been concerted and determined and she has been forced to stop contributing here.

    The very existence of Truth depends on truth being spoken. The plan of the New World Order including the Muslim Brotherhood’s new Islam under Mursi in Egypt is to deprive humanity of its human right of human expression. Anybody who thinks that the Syrian people are going to be bombed, starved, raped, bribed by bread or murdered into giving up their human right to human expression, had better get another idea.

  41. Richard Gadsden
    28 Apr, 2013 – 9:32 pm

    “Was Charles [Kennedy] an alcoholic? Yes. Was it stopping him being an effective leader? A much harder question.”

    Not really a hard question.

    Winston Churchill was undoubtedly an alcoholic and there is much anecdotal evidence that Mrs Thatcher needed a “stiffener” to get her through the day.

    The “establishment” wanted the anti-war Kennedy out of the picture and the MSM played their part.

    Charles Kennedy was then knifed in the back by the LibDem “orange bookers” that now form part of the Tory government.

  42. Guano,
    I don’t doubt your sincerity, but this is quite amazing

    “Mary has recently been spied on in the privacy of her home”

    How come? Who said so?

    “she has been forced to stop contributing here”

    Oh I don’t think so, Guano. She’s using another name, that’s all. [IMHO]

  43. Doug,
    I liked Charles Kennedy. But I don’t think your post at 11.14pm actually answers the question
    “Was it stopping him being an effective leader?”

    Gone – ‘night

  44. Dreoilin

    A youngster at work described to me a few years ago how he and a mate logged into a young lady’s computer, as engineers will do if you request help from your broadband service provider, then took control of her camera , screen and search facility. Mary commented recently that it appeared to her that someone had been logging her movements which she felt was rather weird. This seems to me to be the likely reason.

    You may have noticed that I recently gave salam to Habbabkuk. That is because it has become clear to me that the best disguise for one of these socially-isolated, Al Qaida-supporting, freedom of speech-haters to disrupt this blog is the kind of Hasbara fruit-cake gasbag fart that Halitosisbollocks has become.
    You turned up and seemed to stick the knife in to Mary which wasn’t welcome but you did it in your own name which makes it bearable.

    What is the point of addressing an audience incognito? I can see why Horlicksballs uses a false personality. He can be deeply insulting and personal, and somebody else gets the blame.

  45. Jon Palfrey,

    By my reckoning you only appear here every 6 days or so to riff a couple of random meaningless playground posts at,Craig,and this blog.

    Are you on overtime in a hurry or just being that dumb on your own coin?

    We’ve seen your type before on this blog Jon.You rarely last more than 6 weeks.

    The proper followers of this blog have been here for many years.

    The hired help-such as you-rarely have the stamina of continuum and integrity to survive here in a longevity of Truth.

    Now go away,you silly transient sockpuppet.

  46. Murray, yes, the FBI engages in “stings,” and I’m thankful that they did so with respect to the Cleveland plot. That involved degenerates who had already developed an ideology geared to terrorism. I’m glad that the FBI did not wait for them to kill. I’m not sure what kind of people could be talked into blowing up bridges with fake explosives, but no one I know would ever do that. Of course, you might have a different perspective, as the company you keep on this blog is full of hateful scoundrels and conspiracy nuts and gullible losers.

    And once again, that you have bought into the agent provocateur conspiracy without any evidence is further support for the British Left having a lot in common with the American Right. Don’t worry – your opinion is being aired over here. The ghost of Timothy McVeigh has your back.

  47. ‘Right or left’ John:
    We are conspiring to help everybody.

    Liberal John.

  48. April Showers

    29 Apr, 2013 - 8:49 am

    O/T A new film by John Pilger is being released and will be shown on ITV.

    Since last night 450 comments have been posted on the Guardian’s copy of the same article.

    Australia’s boom is anything but for its Aboriginal people

    The story of the first Australians is still poverty and humiliation, while their land yields the world’s biggest resources boom


  49. Is Rawnsley a Blairite? I liked his books on the Labour government, they certainly provide masses of ammunition for its opponents, especially in relation to the runup to the Iraq war.

  50. Guano,

    “A youngster at work described to me a few years ago how he and a mate logged into a young lady’s computer, as engineers will do if you request help from your broadband service provider, then took control of her camera , screen and search facility.
    Mary commented recently that it appeared to her that someone had been logging her movements which she felt was rather weird. This seems to me to be the likely reason.”

    I wouldn’t let my imagination run away with me, if I were you, Guano. There is no evidence at all that what you describe happened to Mary, and she neither said nor hinted that anyone had taken over her computer. Or been in her house ‘fixing’ her computer. Or anything at all along those lines.

    Mary did say she thought her daily activities were being logged, which I thought at the time was ludicrous. She herself had made reference to several activities – being out walking the dog, being out swimming, and either being at a concert the night before, or that she was planning to go to one that night. All on different days, at different times.

    One or more of these activities was mentioned by one or more posters, later, and it seemed to me that if Mary had forgotten that she had mentioned them, she might wonder how people knew about them. And it might explain her remark about people “logging her daily activities”. Anyone trying to ‘log’ her daily activities from her posts here would have a very hard job doing so. And why would they bother? In order to follow her to the concert and bop her on the head in the foyer? Why? Because she supports the Palestinians? Guano, there are thousands (if not millions) around the net supporting the Palestinians, and if anyone was trying to bop them all on the head, they’d have an impossible job ahead of them.

    I’ve crossed swords with Ofir Gendelman (Netanyahu’s Arabic spokesman) on Twitter, regarding anti-semitism. And I’ve been attacked (verbally) by a mad American who said I should be “shot in the face” because I said I saw nothing ‘heroic’ in the killing of Osama bin Laden. But I don’t lie awake at night worrying about those things, Guano. If I did, I’d never open my mouth online.

    “You turned up and seemed to stick the knife in to Mary which wasn’t welcome but you did it in your own name which makes it bearable.”

    I didn’t “stick the knife” into anyone, although that’s how Mary described it, if I remember correctly. I said I agreed with someone who said that D Scorgie and Mary didn’t have a monopoly on sympathizing with victims of violence. How is that “sticking the knife in”? It’s not even criticism – of Scorgie or Mary. And anyway, if I had criticised either of them, isn’t that allowed? Don’t you criticise people here? Or at least, criticise what they say?

    [Surely you have seen some of the terrible ding-dong battles that go on in blog comments, people throwing abuse at each other. Frothing at the mouth as they bang away on their keyboards, quite possibly in their underwear or pyjamas. Stuff they wouldn’t dream of saying to a person’s face. It doesn’t happen here, Guano. But if even mild criticism is going to attract descriptions like “sticking the knife in” then I don’t know what will become of this place.]

    People used the word “stalking” in reference to people picking on Mary’s comments. I was going to object, as “stalking” has a particular meaning in real life. And if Mary was being stalked in real life then she should have gone to the police. But she wasn’t being stalked, not in my book. She was being picked on. Her comments were being watched and she was often asked to explain them, or expand on them. And mostly she ignored these requests. I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant for her. Quite sure. But anyone who gets involved in blog comments has to be prepared for some rough and tumble. It took me a while to get used to it myself.

    However, after making a big to-do about leaving, I believe Mary’s back again, posting as “April Showers”. So I’m not worried about her. And I don’t retract anything I’ve said here, ever. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Always.

  51. Thanks for that long piece dreolin, what is its purpose? if not to re-open healing wounds. Has it escaped you that Habby’s single minded focus was on her?

    Do you think we have not noticed that Mary is back under a new name?

    I have used the term cyber stalking in relation to ‘it’s single minded focus on Mary and I stand by it, make of it what you will.

    As many here I’m looking forward to the first real contribution of our resident it.

  52. Dreoilin

    I merely stated that it is easy for anybody with the knowhow to do it to watch you from your computer’s camera. Why twist my words into another meaning? weird.

  53. “Thanks for that long piece dreolin, what is its purpose?”

    I think its purpose was clear. I was replying to Guano, as you know, Nevermind, Guano who said that, “Mary has recently been spied on in the privacy of her home” — which I thought was plain wrong. And might put others off commenting here.

    “Has it escaped you that Habby’s single minded focus was on her?”


    “Do you think we have not noticed that Mary is back under a new name?”

    Guano said, “she has been forced to stop contributing here”. So I don’t know who has noticed what, Nevermind.

    “I have used the term cyber stalking in relation to ‘it’s single minded focus on Mary and I stand by it”

    I was referring to people who said she had been “stalked”, not cyber-stalked. (And I suspect that cyber-stalking involves more than simply focussing on a person’s comments. But never mind.)

    And if you don’t mean “thanks” for a piece, don’t say “thanks”, Nevermind. I don’t appreciate the insincerity.


    ‘Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization. It may include the making of false accusations or statements of fact (as in defamation), monitoring, making threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sex, or gathering information that may be used to harass’


    “I merely stated that it is easy for anybody with the knowhow to do it to watch you from your computer’s camera.”

    No, Guano, you said more than that. See above.

  54. Dreoilin

    In these troubled times, I think it is better to assume that the contributers are sane, and the system corrupt rather than the other way round. You assume that Mary has forgotten what she commented earlier. My assumption is that Mary is robust enough to know the difference between a feeling of being observed and what she herself mentioned here. When people hack into your phone or computer, they only gain an element of power over you if they leave traces of their activity. The powers that be hack into all our activity all the time. No problem, they do not try to disturb us or leave traces of their interference. They only want to observe.

    My suspicion is that the feeling of malicious intent which Mary described came from 1/ Habbabkuk having a malicious intent 2/ Hisposing as a Hasbara Troll when he is in fact an anti-freedom of speech Muslim Troll and 3/ He also has a knowledge about computers that enabled him to observe and disturb.

    I know several brothers in the Muslim community who are obsessed with controlling their wives’ and children’s use of computers, who do not use wifi so that they can check the history on individual computers, I know Muslims who pick up the second phone when their family are talking. I’m not talking here about state activity, I’m talking about the activity of electronic stalking by psychologically strange people. It happens. It’s here.

  55. “if not to re-open healing wounds”

    I didn’t bring up the subject, Nevermind. Guano did: 28 Apr, 2013 – 10:46 pm

  56. Dreoilin

    You can read anything into anything. Weird.

  57. The Mail, the Spectator and I agree on one thing – Blair. Some background.

  58. Jon Pelfrey, “. . . the company you keep on this blog is full of hateful scoundrels and conspiracy nuts and gullible losers.”

    You need to read some history. What they taught you at school was wrong. America is not great! Neither was the British Empire, though they taught me at school that Rothschild-funded imperialists, like Cecil Rhodes, were great. Both empires left in their wake, and are leaving in their wakes, countless innocent deaths. Worst of all, and I am sure that you will agree with this if you have children, is the cowardice of Americans, who sit behind joysticks in the safety of air-conditioned offices killing and maiming children, women and men thousands of miles away from the US. Though Americans, and to a lesser extent the British, have always been cowards this is the ultimate in cowardice. The first settlers shot with muskets the indigenous hunters and gatherers of North America who only had bows and arrows with which to defend themselves. It was racist. Movies portrayed the cowboys as the ‘goodies’ and native Americans as the ‘baddies’. In their next racist abomination for two-hundred years they enslaved black Africans who had nothing with which to defend themselves except the mighty and powerful words of Martin Luther King, which won for them a degree of freedom. Now there is a racist ‘War on Islam’ wrongly described as a ‘War on Terror’. My only conclusion is that most of the really good Americans were shot in the back in some gross indecent act to leave at the helm of government the latest bunch of cowardly cowboys.

    Let that be your first lesson in re-learning history. All the experienced comment-makers on this blog had to re-learn history. It is why we seem in your blinkered vision to be “hateful scoundrels and conspiracy nuts and gullible losers”. We don’t wake up every morning and sing the national anthem any more. When you look inwardly and stop singing “God Bless America” you might start to see yourselves as others see you.

  59. “You can read anything into anything. Weird.”

    I didn’t have to read anyting into anything, Guano. You stated, “Mary has recently been spied on in the privacy of her home” – for which you have no evidence at all.

  60. Well said, John Goss 29 Apr, 2013 – 11:37 am

  61. Dreoilin

    Before the mob start accusing me of being racist against my fellow Muslims, the difference between life in the UK, or the Middle East or Pakistan is vast. Here we can say what we like in public within the bounds of decency. In Pakistan there is no law even in daily transactions. If you need a doctor or a government certificate you need money or connections. In Kurdistan, your file disappears until you call in your friend inside government and in one second it re-appears.

    I would find it incredibly difficult to adapt to closing my mouth and ingratiating powerful, corrupt people just to obtain what I can get legally by right over here. Similarly some Muslims feel very uncomfortable here because they remain constrained by fear of consequences from speaking what is in their hearts, and they feel a grievance towards people like Mary who speak without fear. It happens. It’s here.

  62. Jon Pelfrey

    Jack Straw doesn’t deny that he accepted information obtained from torture. He says he didn’t do anything illegal. You acknowledge Craig’s service to this country in challenging that idea. That’s it. The book is closed. Apart from torturing people in order to gain public justification for outright war on innocent countries nothing else has happened. Rather a nice way to die really, watching your favourite sport, a lucky child being taken to a big arena. What about all those Muslim children who have been saved from the Satanic religion of Islam by being droned with their fathers.

    John Goss is right.

  63. Dreoilin

    I have Mary’s statement which you dismiss as forgetting what she had written about herself. You are out of order.

  64. Sophie Habbercake

    29 Apr, 2013 - 12:11 pm

    Hey grownups, calm down and take some deep breaths!

    Dad’s really disappeared and all you can do is bother each other about Mary who seems to be fine in fact.

  65. “I have Mary’s statement which you dismiss as forgetting what she had written about herself. You are out of order.”

    I said it *might* explain why she said she thought her daily activies were being ‘logged’, Guano. I cannot for the life of me see why anyone would be bothered logging her daily activities.

    I have thought for some time that your references to other Muslims spying on you, here, were rather paranoid. But maybe you have reason. Now you’re introducing the idea of Muslims spying on Mary? I think not. And I have seen nothing from Habbabkuk that suggests any computer expertise above the norm.

  66. Che sera sera. Los vitos estos bollos, then you expire. Ha Ha Ha.

  67. April Showers

    29 Apr, 2013 - 1:26 pm

    I read (in a café) today that B.Liar blagged accommodation for himself and his cohort at the UK Embassy in Manila where he was on one of his lucrative speaking engagements, although why anyone would pay to hear what he has to say beats me.

    The Ambassador there was appointed in B.Liar’s time in 2005.

    Is it standard practice for UK Embassies to provide free accommodation for ex PMs, even war criminals like B.Liar? Could we all have free stays when travelling abroad.

    Blair makes a fortune on lecture tours… and you pay for his stay: Outcry as former PM stays on taxpayer-funded residences

    Foreign Office says it offers Blair ‘use of residences’ when ‘appropriate’
    Blair stayed for free on a trip in which he made more than £200,000
    He has property portfolio worth millions and a lucrative consultancy firm


  68. @Dreoilin, 29 Apr, 11.26am

    Well writ, Dreoilin. And good spotting of Mary’s new pseudonym – I hadn’t noticed. Her epic, emotional departure to be quickly followed by a reappearance as one ‘April Showers’ is hilarious (in a pathetic sort of way).

    Since New Mary posted off topic about the Oz mining boom and how Aborigines are getting little or nothing of it – let me say that neither am I. In fact life is in many ways worse off for the rest of us who don’t own or work for the mining companies and supporting services. Rent is tighter and more expensive, prices on goods have risen dramatically and services have declined in quality as skilled workers have been poached by the mining “boom”.

    I expect we will be reading a lot more of ‘April Showers’ with one-sided accounts of misery and despair at the hands of the evil caucasian and his diabolical, semitic hybrid cousin. Will Habbabkuk come back in a new guise as her nemesis? Stay tuned.

  69. April Showers

    29 Apr, 2013 - 3:48 pm

    In the style of Donald Trump on the Eastern coast of Scotland, the Israelis intend to ruin Dubrovnik with the help of the Australian golfer Greg Norman, well named in this instance as the White Shark.

    Croatia’s referendum on golf project fails

    Palestine is not enough. The Israeli wings have to spread out.

  70. April Showers

    29 Apr, 2013 - 4:00 pm

    Norman is another greedy individual who wants and gets more than his fair share of what’s available.


    What was he doing at this Simon Wiesenthal event at the Waldorf Astoria in NY with Kissinger and Trump in 1998. What bad company he keeps.

    The diminutive king, escorted by his wife Queen Noor, spoke Tuesday night at the Waldorf Astoria as he was honored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center before an audience of about 700 tuxedo-clad guests including former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Abba Eban, Donald Trump and golfer Greg Norman, Olympic figure skating gold medalist Tara Lipinski and former football player Rosie Greer.

  71. April Showers

    29 Apr, 2013 - 4:20 pm

    Excellent news from the EU for a change. Owen Paterson and ‘Big Agri Chemical’ have been defeated on neonicotinoid use. The conservation bodies such as the Bumblebee Conservation Trust were saying that if these chemicals were banned, the result would be more spraying of crops and they wanted to wait for more research. Wait long enough and there would be no bees left at all.

    Bee-harming pesticides banned in Europe

    EU member states vote ushers in continent-wide suspension of neonicotinoid pesticides


  72. Thanks Jemand.

    I note what you say: “In fact life is in many ways worse off for the rest of us who don’t own or work for the mining companies and supporting services.”

    Yanis Varoufakis, Greek-Australian and Economics professor, agrees with you. I heard this interview with him about a month ago. He believes that Australia is in for a hard landing, eventually.


    “On Cyprus, the Eurozone and the Australian economy” (mp3)

  73. Thanks for the link, Dreoilin. 

    I forgot to also mention that the mining boom has also pushed the AUD above parity with the USD which has had the effect of killing our manufacturing industries. A lot of workers have been retrenched in the Eastern states but there is little chance of them switching to mining due to a growing preference for imported foreign labour, hired at lower rates.

    As the world’s richest woman, West Australian Gina Rinehart, says “Africans want to work, and its workers are willing to work for less than $2 per day. Such statistics make me worry for this country’s future.” Gina (worth more than $18B) doesn’t like the idea of paying more than the prevailing third-world market rate to those working on her iron-ore mines.

    A painting of Gina won an award recently –

  74. April Showers

    29 Apr, 2013 - 6:10 pm

    This was not ‘ghost money’. It was our real money.

    CIA and MI6 ghost money may fuel Afghan corruption, say diplomats

    Failure of peace initiatives raises questions over whether British eagerness for political settlement may have been exploited


  75. shekissesfrogs

    29 Apr, 2013 - 6:12 pm

    It’s such a small world.
    Guardian and France 24 if i remember correctly redacted the bulgarian cables.
    The reason they redacted more, as pointed out is that Prince Andrews is part of the racket and getting paid off.

    Guess who turns up connected to the Boston Bombers Uncle Ruslan Tsarni (Tsarnaev) who denounced them on TV?
    He was married to the daughter of an important CIA spook for a while who denied deeper connection to Ruslan. It’s not really true. They are all covered in shit from the same pig-sty.


  76. Sting operations and entrapment.

    This has gone on long before 9/11, and it is used by many agencies, local, state, federal. It’s been used in other capacities before.

    I like this article on the FBI’s web site:


  77. Surbiton Comet

    29 Apr, 2013 - 8:41 pm

    Local Man Disappears

    Local man Rupert Habercake has been reported missing after an incident around 7 15 yesterday morning in the garden of a house on Haycroft Rd. Neighbours reported several minutes of shouting and the sound of hammering and breaking glass.

    Mr Habercake was seen running from the scene dressed only in blue striped pyjamas.

    Rupert Havercake enjoyed brief notoriety in 2004 after his interpretation of Mr Knightley in the Amateur Dramatic Society’s production of “Emma” sparked a week of riots that left St Mary’s Community hall and much of Church St in ruins.

    Since that time he has kept out of the public eye and is reported to have taken up writing.

  78. Soshie Habbercake

    29 Apr, 2013 - 9:43 pm


    What have you done!

    Mr Kemp was round agian looking for you and there’s been a big black van parked outside the O’Brien’s since yesterday afternoon and the two big men inside have spent the whole time looking over at our house and when Emily passed it on the wayto school this morning she says she could hear them talking in what sounded like Russian.

    I don’t think you should come home just yet dad.

    And Komodo.

    I’m late replying because I got detention, again. Gary passed me a cartoon he drew in History of you swallowing a buffalo and telling me there was a message from you on the Channel Thatcher thread. I think you should learn to cut your food up and chew and when I laughed Miss Trunchball saw us she came striding down the class, grabbed it and showed everyone and said cartoons were vulgar and childish and anyone who even smiled would get detention too. But not Edwina Braintree who had a smirk the size of a banana as we left the class.

    Anyway you are forgiven cos I read that last chapter of “Newspeak” again cos I thought it had got into the wrong book and it hadn’t and the rest of the book makes so much sense I’ve decided to give the”pactising compassion” it a try.

    So Mr Komodo you ask how can you make amends. Well I’ll consider your atonement done and dusted once you have brought Bliar before Kingston Magistrates Court and successfully prosecuted him for the “Supreme International Crime” as defined by the International Tribunal at Nuremberg. He must be sentenced to comuntiy service in Fallujah every Saturday morning for at least the next ten years. Please note I may be angry with you but because I am practicing compassion I will not be cruel and I think you have more of a chance with Kingston Magistrates than with the ICC. There are some rough parts around Kingston and they have to deal with that kind of stuff every other week.

    Do you think practicing compassion means we can’t throw Edwina Braintree in a pit full of rattlesnakes after the revolution? Cos in that case I think i will need a few more lifetimes to get it right.

    I mean really mean ones which weren’t given enough cuddling when they were baby rattlesnakes. I better stop now cos I know there’s serious stuff to consider and I’m clogging the thread. Sorry folks.

  79. RT is reporting that the prime minister of the republic of Georgia has stated that the elder of the Chechen brothers involved in the Boston bombing may have attended terrorism seminars in Georgia under the auspices of the former right-wing, anti-Russian, pro-American government of Georgia. This would have been during the time that the brother was supposedly in Russia during his 2012 visit there.

  80. Bird of family Troglolytidae

    29 Apr, 2013 - 10:41 pm

    I should’ve studied in finance instead I’m here reading more. Time for some more tapioca in my diaper….

    ‘The Venezuelan state-run TV station ViVe has claimed that the 2010 Haiti earthquake was caused by US government weapons testing, and a government cover-up took place.’

  81. “I should’ve studied in finance instead I’m here reading more. Time for some more tapioca in my diaper…”

    Knock it off, Balding. Or go back to the ‘official-tsarnaev-story-makes-no-sense’ thread where you belong.

    Surbiton Comet,

    That was a hoot 😉

  82. Water fluoridation is the biggest threat to our precious bodily fluids.

  83. April Showers

    30 Apr, 2013 - 12:37 pm

    Further to my post at 8.39am yesterday about John Pilger’s new film Utopia, here are two comments from Australians from Medialens on the subject of the Aboriginal people’s status in Australia.

    Re: Despair Down Under

    Posted by dereklane on April 30, 2013, 1:19 am, in reply to “Despair Down Under”

    Unfortunately, it seems for the most part, the only people that read Pilger on indigenous issues don’t live in the country. Most I’ve met have never heard of him (and there aren’t any notable others anyone has heard of either), and those that have reflexively dislike him.

    There are 2 Australias still, Aboriginal and non-aboriginal. Some indigenous people have learnt to live in the non aboriginal Australia, but (for those) who can’t or won’t (out of principle), it’s dire. A lot of good hip hop and other music now being made in such place, which is perhaps good to limiting the depression, but the best I’ve seen in non-aboriginal parts (barring one friend) is casual lip service and then a subject change.


    Re: Despair Down Under

    Posted by iorarua on April 30, 2013, 12:29 pm, in reply to “Re: Despair Down Under”

    ‘… the only people that read Pilger on indigenous issues don’t live in the country’

    Little wonder. For most of Pilger’s career, there has been an unofficial ‘blackout’ of both him and his works in virtually all Australian mainstream media sources. This is despite the fact that his books are big sellers there. If he is mentioned at all, it’s usually as the subject of a rant against his ‘bleeding heart’ ignorance by right-wing and centre-left journalists or academics.

    More recently, the ABC has made the bold move of featuring him on Q&A a few times. However, the program’s policy of selecting panels dominated by loud mouthed politicians doing their best to out-scream one another does not lend itself well to Pilger’s mild, measured way of speaking.

  84. Yes, two selected comments about Australia from millions of possible comments. Well done, New Mary. You are now a proven scholar and expert on Australian cultural heritage.

  85. different name

    3 May, 2013 - 1:31 pm

    OK – let’s talk about Kazakhstan. Good to see you’re talking about that place, Craig.

    Has anyone here read Godfather-in-law, the book by president Nazarbayev’s former son-in-law, Rakjat Aliyev? If someone knows of an online copy of the English edition of this book, I’d be grateful if they could post a link.

    President Sultan Nazarbayev is a nutter of the first proportion. We’re talking a higher level of lunacy than is displayed by Blair’s other friend Silvio Berlusconi, albeit maybe slightly lower than is revelled in by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the dictator of Kalmykia.

    That said, Nazarbayev and Ilyumzhinov have both suggested that they want to be the Great Overseer not just of one religion, but of all religions. When Prince Andrew, ‘Britain’s trade envoy’ in tabloidspeak, expressed his admiration for the corruption in Kazakhstan, was he thinking of his brother, who has also given signs that he wants to be head of all religions? Take a look at (Buddhist) Ilyumzhinov’s autobiography (The President’s Crown of Thorns – a kind of Mein Kampf without the racism, if you can possibly imagine that – and (Muslim) Nazarbayev’s pyramid in Astana and the kind of meetings it was supposed to host.

    ‘Astana’ is Kazakh for ‘capital’. It’s a new capital. The old one was Alma-Ata. Astana used to be Tselinograd, named after the Russian for ‘virgin land’, which was the centre of one of the most famous of Khrushchev’s ‘hare-brained schemes’ – the one that involved the plantation of crops in new areas with a total size equal to the entire sown area of Canada. But oops, they forgot about windbreaks, and it all went belly-up very quickly. Maybe there’s something in the air?

    Nazarbayev says he’s going to leave the question of whether to rename the capital after himself to future generations. Get it? The loony thinks he’s Ataturk reborn. ‘Astana’ is just a holding name.

    The guy with his hands on the money in the country is Alexander Mashkevitch. He’s not from Kazakhstan; he’s from Kyrgyzstan. Not that he’s Kyrgyz, though, you understand, or for that matter Russian. In recent years, he’s become described in the western media as a “London-based Israeli businessman”. Needless to say, he’s a multibillionaire, one of the ‘oligarch’ Jewish robber barons from the former USSR who have been made so welcome in London by the corrupt regime in Britain.

    Talking of hands, Kazakh banknotes all have a big picture of one of Nazarbayev’s. You can also go up the Bayterek tower and put your hand in the dictator’s handprint, if you want to get the vibe. I wonder where he’s earmarked for his tomb.

    Take a flight with Air Astana and you will probably get some in-flight material with pictures showing Kazakhstan past, present, and future. The picture for the past shows some nomads. The present is represented by the Bayterek tower, a phallic monument situated on the main axis in Astana, which runs towards the presidential palace. (That axis needs to be seen to be believed! If anyone is reading this who has the slighest interest in what I’m saying, but hasn’t come across that axis, please do check it out.) The future is represented by a densely-packed mass of skyscrapers that could be in, say, New York or Hong Kong.

    Such a vision for such a large country is fucking insane.

    Elite members want to create a mixture of Singapore, Monte Carlo, Dubai, etc. They want to have it all. They’re all too scared to say ‘wait a minute’.

    Astana is akin to two cities grafted together. One, although it may be falling down in places, at least has some character. Almost all of it was built before Astana was thought of, starting in the 1950s. The other is like what Wacko Michael Jackson might have had built, if he were the president. It’s like Disneyland. None of the style that you might associate with, say, Mad King Ludwig. We’re talking completely plastic crap.

    In passing, I’ll mention the National University of Eurasia. Yes, ‘national’, as if Eurasia is a ‘nation’ and Astana is its capital. Recall Haushofer. Condoleezza Rice has visited. Didn’t you know that he who controls Kazakhstan controls the world?

    Meanwhile there’s another university, a private one, with English as its language. Can you guess who it’s named after?

    One of the administrative models that the elite boast about using in Kazakhstan is that of the Lee family’s dictatorship in Singapore, which, by the way, is also followed in a lesser way by the regime in mainland China – it’s where they send mayors to get trained.

    Most officials at every level are too scared to take decisions on anything out of the ordinary. If they took responsibility for something even slightly unusual, they could get into big trouble, and so could their boss. So the pass it up the hierarchy, and then their boss may well do the same. The regime has an extremely macho and thuggish smell to it at all levels.

    Big western-based capital of course makes megabucks out of the minerals…

    It can’t be long until the whole economy collapses, but of course that isn’t just true of Kazakhstan.

    Mashkevitch won’t be caught anywhere near there when it does…

  86. different name

    3 May, 2013 - 1:32 pm

    Typo. Should be Rakhat, not Rakyat, Aliyev. Seem to have messed up italicisation too – sorry.

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