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83 thoughts on “Not Wanted

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  • Suhayl Saadi

    Odd, I’ve heard it said in various gossipy circles that actually the past hundred years has been a ‘Christian’ plot to make Jews and Muslims, traditionally pals, fight each other. I guss that thesis doesn’t include Edard siad, a Christian, or Georg Habash, late lader of one of the Palestinian factions, etc., etc., etc.

    But Jimmy Giro, over on the other thread, sees it all as a feminist-ZanuPF-socialist-harriet-harmanite-damn-bloomin-wimmin-mothers-sisters-aunties’ plot. I feel like bruning my bra – except I don’t have one (honest!).

    And of course, the people who follow Sarah Palin et al see it all as a Muslim plot to overthrow their “way of life” (what, hunting bears in Alaska, listening to Merle Haggard and waitress-winking at TV screens?).

    At the risk of being called a dingbat UnderSturmfuehrerobermarshallheintzbakedbeanswhatsitsonofagun, history and power are complex and cannot be distilled into a simple paradigm. This does not deny that plots occur – they do – or that certain people/ organisations do not work together to maintain/ extend their power, of course they do. But the whole of history does not dance to a single tune. It’s a medley! A cacophony! The trick is to try and tease out the vrious melodies.


  • Richard Robinson

    “Edward Said, I meant! And George Habash.”

    ‘heintz’ ? 😉

  • MJ

    Now this is interesting. Very interesting. I don’t know to make of it.

    Being ‘banned’ appears to have had a very significant and sobering effect on the Apostate/Steelback/Freeborn/tungsten entity: it has started inserting spaces after full-stops and commas.

    Did it think no-one would notice?



  • Jon

    We’re getting quite a collection, aren’t we?

    It’s Zionists. No, darnit, let’s not mince our words: it’s all Jews. Sorry, got that wrong – it’s women. All the shrieking harpies and harridans, evil plots, parvenues and false-witnesses. No, it’s the Muslims. Yes, and I’ll refer to them as Moslems instead, it looks more disapproving! Actually scratch that, it’s One World Government and the NWO. Lizards, too. Dang it, it’s [changes mind, cools off, and smokes a joint].

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Heinz – not Heintz! – was an originally German, but naturalised English, singer who was in the Tornados and later had a hit in the 1960s on which Richie Blackmore played guitar. ‘Just Like Eddie’, I think it was called, a tribute to Duane Eddy. What it had to do with beans-means… I have no idea.

  • Apostate

    Is this the cacophony theory of history,Mr Saadi?

    The cock-up theory is the one to which we’re all supposed to subscribe isn’t it?

    Now it’s the equally fallacious and obfuscatory cacophonous theory of history promulgated heretically by you in defiance of the Obersturmfuhrer’s diktat that’s de rigeur is it?

    How faddish the intellectually stifling PC world you inhabit has become-I mean without you guys having even noticed.

    Mind you since two major Holocausts also appeared to have disappeared down your Frankfurt-sponsored plughole of historical amnesia what’s a PC fad here or there going to matter to objectivity

    in history?

    On the issue of Jewish-perpetrated Holocausts documented by writers such as Bjerknes you evidently have nothing to say.

    I wonder why?

    Like the primary evidence cited by Bjerknes for the Donmeh genocide against the Armenians that for the Bolshevik Jews’ genocidal cultural war against their perceived enemies in the Russian Orthodox Church and intelligentsia is overwhelming.

    Your late night conversations with Zionist morons like Larry have clearly addled your capacity for real historical enquiry!

  • Jon

    I think the eloquent interjections of ‘dingbat’ and ‘LOL’ will, in time, become the new QED. I personally find it quite persuasive, and am flummoxed for a response if it is deployed.

  • Richard Robinson

    “Just like Eddie”, I’d managed to repress that memory. What it meanz … hot air ?

  • Freeborn


    You claim a first in computer science as evidence of your capacity for intellectual debate don’t you?

    You also claim to write better than Apostate (LOL)!

    In fact the additions to knowledge you have provided on this blog are conspicuous by their absence. And the piffle above is no exception.

    As someone said before-you’re not at the races,pal!

  • Jon

    @Freeborn, err.. no, I didn’t. As you know, one of your personalities insisted I didn’t have any qualifications, so I disproved the assertion. Strangely, according to you, qualifications then became old hat, and evidence for Zionist controlled thinking… or some such.

    I’d ask you what academic or non-academic qualifications you have, but I would expect to have my question ignored. You mock, insult and refuse to debate to such an extent that it’s almost like… you want to discredit moderate anti-Zionism. But perish the thought!

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Exactly, Richard, that must’ve been the subtext, I think, though it difficult to know.

    Yeah, the cacophonous, cornucopic theory, that’s it! What I mean is there are lots of different narratives and struggles for power and hegemony occurring, all the time. It’s not one big thing. No, I don’t buy the cock-up theory – though of course cock-ups do happen – but my sole point in this is that to try and squeeze all dynamics and narratives into a single, over-arching narrative, as one might try to do in a fiction, say, is just not reflective of reality.

    This is not to let the Uber-Zionists (or corporate capitalists, or arms dealers or organised criminals or Sarah Palin) off the hook, far from it. It is to attempt to place them in their place and analyse how they work and to do it in a rational, rather than a hysterical, manner, as an historical phenomenon rather than as a gargantuan, almost superhuman power running back into the antediluvian mud of the Jurassic Era that cannot possibly be undone, a kind of demonic force from the belly of Hell. If we start to think that way, then actually, they’ve won because they have colonised our minds so that we have deified them.

  • Apostate

    For all the Hasbarah shills like Larry, angrisoba, clark kent et al out there-you better believe the anti-Zionist team are back and we ain’t going away either.

    Not till the Lieberman internet shut-down arrives anyway;or the Zionists get their Holocaust fundamentalist law.

    The a-z team will be here to expose the the manifold Zionist crimes against humanity it’s your job to cover up.

    And while Obersturmfuhrer Murray is out of town you’ve got no-one to protect you have you?

    Feeling lucky punks?

  • Freeborn


    It has to be said that your contribution above is predictably excruciating yet again.

    Are you just too thick to get your head around the idea that flaunting academic qualifications before strangers is just not done. It’s arrogant and rude and in your case a computer degree is completely irrelevant anyway.

    As for your ridiculous point re-“moderate anti-Zionism” being brought into disrepute-grow up for Christ sake!

    What the Bejeez do you imagine “moderate anti-Zionism is?

    Can one be a moderate anti-Nazi?

    No Zionism and Nazism are pernicious enslaving doctrines responsible for three Holocausts at least.

    Neither doctrine is one anyone should be moderate about-they are both evil.

    Just like you’re not very bright!

  • glenn

    Freeborn: I see your campaign against not only CM but a lot of the regular contributors here continues. You make a particular point of going after Jon, claiming he’s “not very bright.” Hmm. That would be by comparison with yourself, and your “a-z” team, I take it?

    Then help me out, if you’d be so kind. What exactly do you believe you’re achieving here, with this sort of message and tone? Do you think this manner of persuasion is likely to win anyone over, or take the cause and belief systems you favour more seriously? Any success here, with the effort thus far expended?

    Of course, there’s the old “I’m exposing the hypocrisy / showing the truth” etc. etc. arguments, but we all know (or should do) that it’s never the joke that’s funny, it’s the way that one tells them.

    If you want anyone to be persuaded, and persuasion is generally an incremental process, why deliberately set about putting oneself in opposition to that person, and make that person far less receptive to your message? Just the tone employed will give a casual reader the notion, “Whatever they’re for, I’m against it”, and reinforce every prejudice that a Zionist (in this example) would want one to have about people like yourself. Furthermore, you are likely to get anyone to widen the distance between their own stance and the one you claim to promote, and make yourselves very uncomfortable company in which to be seen.

    You and your mates do this so consistently and with such effect, I do find myself wondering which side you are genuinely supporting!

  • Apostate


    You sound like a cross between an admonishing headmaster and Jane Austen!

    Helping adolescent pals who can’t fight their own corner is so noble of you!

    Look instead of turning this thread into some Boys Own Bonding Club why don’t you try and add something insightful to the argument?

    It’s frightfully boring when all you do is try to sound so reasonable and smug.

    It’s plain intellectual posturing of the the worst kind.

    Freeborn is absolutely right about moderation about destructive ideas like Zionism being absurd and counter-productive.

    He like the other a-z team contributors here has cited evidence to support his ideas. The evidence may be deleted on this blog but it’s all over the fantastic learning resource we call the internet in case you hadn’t noticed.

    What exactly have you done apart from try to bail out a computer engineer with nothing worthwhile to say.

    Grow up, dingbat!

  • Jon

    “Freeborn is absolutely right” – ah, you might be adept at using different psuedonyms, whatever-your-name-is, and perhaps you even use different proxies too. But all of your obnoxious split-personalities are all the one angry you, and strangely enough each of your monikers agree with others. To your credit, you’ve stopped using the comma without the following space, but your aggressiveness, your overuse of the exclamation mark, your posting times and your lack of paragraphing still give you away as one and the same.

    As you know, I wasn’t “flaunting” my academic credentials at all: you asked me what academic credentials I had.

    I googled you last week, and it was telling to see that, on an openly racist anti-Jewish blog, on a topic called “Ugly Jews”, you posted in full agreement under your “Steelback” alter-ego. You are a deeply racist, unpleasant and anti-social individual, and I hope in time you can sort that out.

  • glenn

    I ask “freeborn” a question, “Apostate” answers… well, I guess you’re all interchangeable enough so one need not worry about such things.

    So let’s see if I’ve got this straight – you denounce Jon for being “not very bright”, then denounce me for “intellectual posturing”, while calling me a “dingbat” for trying to sound “reasonable”. That’s a pretty fine line of intellectualism that you demand of your correspondents!

    In all your self congratulation, adoration of your other halves, and free application of ad hominems, perhaps you found yourself with insufficient time for anything else – not one single word was spent actually addressing the point I put to you.

  • Apostate

    Why you intellectual pygmies are allowed to take yourselves seriously I cannot begin to fathom.

    I guess it comes with the PC territory you inhabit.

    In your PC World it’s enough to ascend the moral high-ground and denounce all who disagree with you as anti-semite or some such term of opprobrium (read psychological weapon from the Zionist arsenal).

    Evidently to even speculate on the physical features of different peoples is taboo in Jon’s tiny constricted


    Far be it for me to suggest that Bette Midler,Streisand of Amy Whitehouse are not the prettiest females around. No we can’t say such things anymore!

    Funny how ran a similar article last week re-ugly Jews. FYI is a Jewish magazine/blog.

    Funny how many of the most virulently anti-semitic mags in the 1920s in Germany were actually run by Jews.

    The facts are always unwanted when they’re uncomfortable.

    Grow up you pair of dingbats!

  • glenn

    Doesn’t matter how many times you say it, Apostate, it doesn’t make it true – particularly when you failed to respond with even a sentence to the point I put to you.

    Needless to say, I’ve never called anyone an anti-semite for disagreeing with me, and doubt that Jon did either. You made that up. Why have you got to make stuff up, isn’t fact and the truth good enough?

  • Jon

    I used to play a boardgame called Dingbats – it was great fun. If anyone here wants to chill out, it’s recommended.

    Just had a look at Jewcy, seen it before. The one article I could find about a ‘Jewish look’ did use the word ‘ugly’, but it was (a) written by a Jewish woman, and (b) triggered much discussion on the merits or otherwise of looking Jewish. So, not racist or self-hating – perhaps self-deprecating? Not at all the same as the intense racist hatred on the website I found.

    Meanwhile whilst I am disappointed to find Natalie Portman endorsing organised religion of any flavour, she’s still gorgeous. Anyone here seen the movie Garden State? Aside from the lovely Natalie, the soundtrack is awesome, and features The Shins heavily.

  • Anonymous

    My name is NOT Neil Barker, my name is Neil Murray. I am being forged here, so please be very, very careful. Allegations of rape will lead to this site being shut down.

    This is not a threat – it’s a gentle warning.

    So whoever this site belongs to, you’d better delete and apologize quickly.

    I will repost this on all comments that affect me.

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