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83 thoughts on “Not Wanted

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  • Anonymous

    The problem with our world is that an oligarchical elite who control the creation of money and, through that mechanism, our money system have taken almost total power over our political system, our media, the Corporate world and, indeed, our very minds. Society is brainwashed into a kind of helpless, passive subservience to whoever is doling out orders from the top.

    Amongst that elite Jews are a minority but, looking around at the actors on stage in the US political, corporate and media arena particularly, they do appear to have become a dominant faction. Our failure to restrain the activities of Israel raise the question, which part of our alliance is the dog and which the tail. Going by the observable facts, it is a fair statement to claim we live in a Zionist country.

    The ‘holocaust’ has, understandably, manufactured a ferocious social cohesion amongst the Jewish people who have very largely supported the Zionist cause (and all Israel’s actions against its neighbours) over the last decades.

    I believe that our oligarchical elite are our real enemy. Not Muslims, Not iraqis, not Iranians, not the BNP…..but our own lying manipulative elite who are determined to subjugate the entire earth under a one- world government controlled by them.

    Has it ever occurred to ordinary Jews that their situation is the very same as ours? That their elite is acting against their best interests?

    ……that their own elite intend to betray them too?

    That they are being used as a tool to divide and conquer, to create the great war that will bring about such desperation on such a scale that we will willingly accept any plausible nightmare the monied elite place before us in its aftermath?

    I believe that World War Three began a few days ago when Iran realised that the USA was not only imposing crippling oil sanctions against it, but allies of the USA were doing the same making it impossible for Iran to tranfer goods and continue normal trading and movement of people with its neighbours.

    This will cripple Iran to the point of collapse.

    This is exactly the same policy that the USA implemented against Japan before Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour. Japan was squeezed into a tight corner. America wanted the attack. Its biggest and best ships were not sitting ducks at Pearl Harbour. They were placed safely out of harm’s way. The USA wanted war then and they clearly want it now.

    America has Iran surrounded by its highly armed bases, missiles, nukes etc. It recently sent an armada to the Persian Gulf to intimidate Iran from yet another direction.

    As Iran’s economy falters will it wait to fall or attack while it still has the strength. If it does not attack will CIA/Mossad choreograph another false-flag attack to justify an attack on Iran?

    What is very clear is that the decision to go to war has been made.

    Iran is no match for the USA nor, of course, combined western forces. It is no pushover either. It is not Iraq. Iran can cause us all great problems simply by shutting down the straits of Hormuz and cuttingg off 1/5th of the world’s oil supply.

    To the Iranians the USA and Israel (and probably ourselves) are one entity.

    Israel is a very small place.

    Are Jews in Israel being set up to be massacred in huge numbers again?

    Is it not likely that Jews, having been used, will be betrayed like the rest of us?

  • technicolour

    just to say that actually Larry had a pretty prime role, at the start of this year, in challenging Apostate. Harry’s Place have banned him too, by the way.

    What’s happened to Larry since, I have no idea. Agree his postings are now as silly and disruptive as it gets. He must know too well that this board is not anti-semitic, for example. I can sort of understand a blind, inculcated, obedience to the Israeli regime, perhaps stemming from the fear that Israel itself may be destroyed in this god awful process, but the paucity of arguments in support of its behaviour, and the need to resort to childish abuse instead, would worry me, if I were him/them.

  • Jon

    @Roderick – I advise not responding to Larry. He may be happy to waste his own time by posing questions that are intended to be unhelpful, but the only effect of replying is that your time is wasted. Perhaps that is the idea!

  • Clark


    which threads are you referring to? I’d like to look back and check them. As I remember, Larry did not engage with Apostate’s arguments, but merely took the opportunity to shout “Anti-semitism! If it isn’t deleted now, it proves that you’re all anti-semites!”

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Right, Clark, because at that time Murray was deleting references to his 911 nutters (like you), while not deleting the Holocaust denier verbiage.

  • technicolour

    Mmm. Clark, I’d trust your judgement, actually. Just got lost in reading old threads but didn’t find the particular one I was thinking of.

    Still ‘Apostate’ et al certainly hated Larry. And he may have mainly shouted ‘anti-semitism’ at them, but he was absolutely right. If life wasn’t too short, I would wonder why he continues to do it when it’s so obviously wrong.

  • sandcrab

    There is no way this latest larry is the same as the old one anyway. Million pounds. (Honk Kong Phooey)

    How come people have just starting to use grave accents ‘ as apostrophies and quotes. They’re double spaced so it looks like this ‘ ere in proportional. (sub-optimal typography)

    @Anon poster, be a sport and choose a nick – i beseech thee.

  • Clark


    theatrics, I’d say, rather than hatred. Extremists use each other, it is simply a ploy; criticise the the opposite extreme, and attempt to tar the moderates with the same brush. See above; apparently, I’m a “911 nutter”. No reference given, of course.

  • Richard Robinson

    “@Anon poster, be a sport and choose a nick – i beseech thee.”

    I second this – it’s hard to hold a coherent conversation with someone when you don’t even know which comments are theirs.

    I tend not to even try.

  • technicolour

    Clark, yes, saw that after I posted. Stupid stuff.

    Good way of looking at it, theatrics, rather than hatred, thanks.

  • Clark


    seconded; I do wish people would pick a name to sign their comments.

    I didn’t know that those were grave accents. I used to mistakenly use them instead of the single quote. It got used twice on this thread by being repeated in a copy – and – paste.

  • Larry from St. Louis


    I don’t think you quite realise what silliness you previously expressed on this blog.

  • sandcrab

    heh, Only curious as i just started noticing them ”””””

    I hope the steelborn pack revise their prejudices and get positive in time.

    The new larry i dont care about, he is just a generic troll. The old one was fascinatingly invidious.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Yes, indeed, both the actual anti-Semites who waste a lot of other people’s time and those who, at every opportunity, accuse everyone else except fellow-trolls of being an anti-Semite and/or lunatic are attempting to discredit the boards of a site and any comments/ commentators critical of imperial power. The very fact that time is spent attacking certain people illustrates the systemic viciousness of their agenda. I have no time for these people, ‘Larry'(whatever incarnation is extant at a particular time), ‘Barker’, et al.

    Theatrics, yes. And arrogance and a certain distillation of imperial hubris. Also vitriol, directed at people whom they want off this board. A pity some left, possibly partly as a result. Never any acknowledgement of the validity of others’ positions or existence – especially if those others are not white – and all of this leads one to the unmistakable underlying stench of visceral racism.

    I talk with imperialists all the time, I have no difficulty with that. Officers, diplomats, whatever. Some are very interesting people, even though they might have radically different world-views from me.

    But there are imperialists, and then there are imperialists.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “accuse everyone else except fellow-trolls of being an anti-Semite”

    Yes, the people who deny the Holocaust are anti-Semitic. You should get that right.

    There’s some genuinely sick individuals in this comments section, and you treat them as pals, Suhayl.

    I don’t have much respect for Craig Murray, but at least he has the decency to call them out for their indecency.

    You seem to lack that capacity.

    No one here has ever called anyone anti-Semitic without it being deserved.

  • Ishmael

    [Paul Johnston]

    I have no idea. They exist, are very detailed. I would never say that I knew the guard who watched over Rudolf Hess, in Spandau, who claimed that several strange people visited Hess before his death. He thought SAS. If I did it is likely I would be thrown off.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “Yes, the people who deny the Holocaust are anti-Semitic. You should get that right.”

    Did I ever argue against that, anywhere, ever? No. So why are you telling me to “get that right”.

    “There’s some genuinely sick individuals in this comments section, and you treat them as pals, Suhayl.”

    Like who, specifically? Clark, Richard, technicolour, sandcrab, Nextus, Mark Golding, Polo, Paul Johnston, Duncan McFarlane, Abe Rene, Ruth, Jon, Jives, Vronsky, Angrysoba? They all seem pretty well to me. One might disagree with one, or more, of them on this or that, or even on their entire world-view. But “sick”? No, I don’t think so. So, to whom exactly are you referring? You know, I’ve had as many arguments with apostate et al as anyone else. At one point, the character known as ‘anarchore’ (apostate by yet another name?) told me on this website that I was wearing “a Rothschildian star” (whatever the… that is)!

    “I don’t have much respect for Craig Murray, but at least he has the decency to call them out for their indecency.”

    Why don’t you respect Craig Murray? You deign to post lots of comments on his website. Angrysoba – hardly someone with whom I or many of the commentators on this blog would tend naturally yo agree on many things, though one can have a civilised conversation with him – has told you already that Craig’s human rights stance is unimpeachable and criticised you for attempting to attack it.

    “You seem to lack that capacity.”

    Yes, you like to say this, don’t you.

    “No one here has ever called anyone anti-Semitic without it being deserved.”

    Perhaps not, but you do attempt to link the terrorist attacks on the USA of 2001 with almost everything else on this website, even when there is no link whatsoever. So what’s that about? Are you not fond of lumping those who might have doubts about official narratives on this or that matter with anti-Semites? There certainly are anti-Semitic narratives about relating to those attacks, and I have always condemned such stupid narratives. I repeatedly point out that Islamist terrorists do exist – look at Pakistan – and delineate the histories thereof.

    Now, clearly, I attack fundamentalists of all hues, including anti-Semites, I constantly attempt to demonstrate the complexity of the world and of human society, including that inherent in the USA, yet you continue to attack me. Why is that?

    You see, there’s never really been any true engagement on your part, no attempt to try to understand where the other person might be coming from. No, there are just short, snappy condemnations and assertions of linkage with crackpot theories and anti-Semitic rants. That’s doesn’t hold any water with anyone.

  • Jaded.

    Larry the lamb is a CIA moron who got upset and threw his toys out of his pram. He thinks he is smart, when he is really a bona fide muppet, and laughs at all of you. Even 10 year olds have figured out 9/11 was a false flag attack. For God’s sake, Andreas Von Bulow – ex-German Secretary Of Defence complete with a security service background – even went on TV and said it was a false flag attack! Like someone of his stature with any reservations whatsoever would do that?

    As for ‘The Holocaust’, why don’t you all define it before using the term ‘Holocaust Denial’? Everyone has been subjected to mass brainwashing. What happened has been exaggerated and used as political capital ever since. That’s a sick slur on those that did lose their lives, whether Jewish or not. The power of the ‘Holocaust Industry’ is greatly derived from indoctrination in primary/secondary schools. The gruesome images of emaciated bodies being bulldozed in a pit are ingrained on young minds and not forgotten. It has been turned into a puerile black versus white debate of did happen/didn’t happen. That is exactly what they want of course. Anyone that questions the offical narrative is immediately branded with a kneejerk ‘denier’ reaction. Ha ha ha. I think it’s sick for any human being on this planet to feel even slightly intimidated, let alone deported and murdered. Jews, amongst others, were intimidated and sent to camps. Exactly how many died and by what means is not faithfully covered in the official narrative I don’t think. A lot of time has passed and ‘The Holocaust Industry’ is losing it’s power. Who knows what fresh crap the Zionists have lined up for planet earth…

    Craig, the torture inquiry will go nowhere really. The genie is out of the bottle. When that happens, they powers that be decide to move in and take over the issue. They manage it and apply the principal of damage limtitation. It’s a small victory in a war against tyranny, but nothing will change in the grand scheme of things. The sad fact is that we don’t live in a genuine democracy, not by a long shot. Well done though, as we do need these small victories. I hope you are in good health and happy Craig. Peace.

  • Ingo

    I do not deny the Holocaust, but I know a little about the ‘stuff’ found underneath the Reichstag and in Concentration camps.

    mengeles despicable research on humans, just as Werner von Brauns expertise on rockets was used to build up NASA, was used by researchers all over the world, some on it basic genetics, all of it a horrific undertaking.

    The scientific value of experimenting on humans and the datas that was used by the victors after the war, has never come fully to light.

    I hope it will, because the silent complicity takes the shine of morality as it is preached by some. It also puts the torture inquiery into a different light.

  • Jon

    @somebody – the Abercrombie posts are highly likely to be a spambot – they are just repeating old posts in order to look like non-spam posts, and are posted to benefit from the search-engine link ranking. The site would benefit from an anti-spam system, such as Akismet.

  • Richard Robinson

    “The site would benefit from an anti-spam system, such as Akismet.”

    Certainly. Though, given the absence of any such, I’m suprised how little spam there is. Comments from other blogs had given me the impression of complete inundation (anybody doing unfiltered smtp email ? How much junk do you see ? Lots and lots …)

  • Freeborn

    What a load of totalitarian hysterical bollocks!

    The comments deleted by Ubersturmfuhrer Murray made reference simply to the fact that the “Jewish Holocaust” received disproportionate coverage and paled into insignificance beside far better documented historical events like the Jewish Donmeh-perpetrated genocide against the Armenians and Jewish participation in the Russian Revolution and genocidal Bolshevik gulag that followed in its wake.

    Mr Murray has taken it upon himself to delete links that provide evidence of Jewish participation in both the latter “Holocausts”.

    Mr Murray has I believe been driven to very publicly install the totalitarian doctrine of Holocaust fundamentalism which has no basis whatever in law by his wish to curry favour with prevailing interests in the entertainment industry who might sponsor his latest media project.

    The link to Christopher John Bjerknes’ was deleted because Murray wants you to believe that the phenomenon of Jewish racism cannot exist. He wants you to think that Jews are incapable of genocide when both history and the present provide evidence in abundance that the case is utterly unsustainable.

    The primary goal of the Donmeh Jews who overthrew the Sultan in 1909 was to establish an apartheid Jewish state in Palestine. They also sought to instigate a world war that would slaughter entire Christian populations like the Armenians in Turkey and the Balkans.

    This has all been extensively documented in Bjerknes’ book available online:The Jewish Genocide of the Christian Armenians.

    The Zionist plan to instigate genocidal wars between Christians and Muslims and internecine warfare within both faiths owes much of its longevity to the ignorance of those like Mr Murray who pretend they can ignore history.

    While those who question the official “Jewish Holocaust” story are deleted those who deny proven role of Zionists in the Armenian genocide, the Ukranian famine and the Soviet gulag are denying a reality which has taken and is still responsible for far more deaths worldwide.

    To pretend otherwise is either sheer folly or abject careerism or in Mr Murray’s case probably both!

  • Apostate

    You wiped them out Freeborn!

    Murray, Cathouse, Clark, Techniprick, the lot!

    These guys hate the Truth and all Her works!

  • Steelback

    If the Obersturmfuhrer has incontestable documentary evidence that the official Jewish Holocaust story is true why does he not publish it here?

    Revisionists have extensive documents to support their claims;where is the evidence to support Murray’s insistence on our fundamentalist adherence to the official claims about 6m deaths?

    It doesn’t exist.

    That’s why they have to invent, ring-fence and sanctify the “truth” of an historical event that would be patently unsustainable in the face of proper historical enquiry.

    Where’s your evidence Mr Murray?

    Are there any other historical events about which you would like to ban free enquiry and debate?

    I still haven’t finished reading Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism. I often wonder why it’s taken me so long.

    Though Arendt’s account is cited as the definitive one, I think, were she alive today she would find that totalitarianism had not gone away. It’s still ubiquitous today in incipient form on blogs like this.

    Arendt found that the origins of totalitarianism exist in in the minds of those whose unquestioningly accept official versions of reality.

    Such minds become attached irrevocably to state falsehoods when they perceive the truth as a threat to the comfortable complacencies about the world with which they have grown up.

    For people possessed of such a restricted form of consciousness when the truth becomes uncomfortable or impedes their career advancement they will abandon it and condemn those who, notwithstanding any insult or stigma, steadfastly pursue it.

    Stop insulting people’s intelligence,Mr Murray.

    We come here to get away from state propaganda not to applaud its “celebrity” (LOL) endorsement!

  • tungsten

    Shouldn’t this thread be called:


    Hey the Obersturmfuhrer’s been appointed official state censor for the Ghanaian government. Ergo he’s not here!

    Now all you Hasbara shills:Cathouse, angrisoba, clark, technicolor et al out there know you’ve lost on every other blog and you’re sure not about to reverse the trend here. Especially not now the Obersturmfuhrer’s in Accra.

    As for the dumb dingbats who are Hasbara fellow-travellers like robinson et al isn’t it about time you actually did some reading?

    The level of debate has dipped significantly in recent weeks. That’s from appallingly superficial adolescent PC posturing and Murray brown-nosing to the currently horrendously supine “we’re not Holocaust-deniers” refrain mode in which you’re all pathetically trapped now.

    Evidently you airheads had a bit of a witch-hunt against “Holocaust-deniers” before the Obersturmfuhrer got on the plane.

    The only real “Holocaust-deniers” are those who deny that Jews were responsible for the deaths of millions of Christians in the Ottoman Empire and in Bolshevik Russia long before the Holocaust you been trained to wet your pants about even supposedly started.

    Come on make your case-or sorry their (Zionist) case,why don’t you?

    Waiting for Craig to bail you out again?

    T’ain’t gonna happen this side of Accra,guys!

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