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Alex Ferguson is fit to be mentioned in the same sentence as Jock Stein. That is most of what needs to be said on his retirement.

Except to remind that fool Abramovic that Ferguson won nothing for his first four seasons at Old Trafford. I recall in 1990, at the end of Ferguson’s third season in charge, Manchester United just escaped relegation and there were Manchester United fans clamouring for Ferguson to be sacked. The reconstruction of the squad and the installation of his system took time and care. It took a full four years for Ferguson to lay the foundations for the following twenty years of great achievement.

Nowadays managers are not given four months, let alone four years, to mature their designs. There can be no doubt the short-termism of glamour hungry individual foreign owners accounts in part for the relative decline of the quality of Premier League clubs compared to their continental rivals.

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  • Cryptonym

    Giles. This spying on your neighbours must keep you late for your work. Not a great example you’re setting. I think you are incapable of distinguishing disability from disease or ill-health. People can be desperately ill, but still able to function for an hour or so every other day. Should still try to lead normal lives, do what they can, whenever they can, whatever gives them pleasure. For him simply getting out of the house may well have been an aspiration long held and only now for a fleeting time possible. I admire that bloke, good for him, it is taking rather a long time though don’t you think? Two weeks, when a fit and healthy person could have dug the same hole in an hour or two.

    Have you ever thought of going over and offering to help him with it?

  • Jives


    Maybe the guy in on Incapacity Benefit for depression or some other mental health issue and the mobility scooter is for a seperate ailment outside his claim?

    Did you follow him from the house to the allotment and measure the pond too?

    All that effort to assume a narrative you really don’t understand in its fullest complexity!

  • Roderick Russell

    @ GregLbean 11.14 AM — Your nephew is right to be concerned about democracy in Canada, since the democracy seems to be failing in Canada as well as in the UK. I personally like the Swiss system of democracy and think it has some good points that we could adopt
    But, you know the biggest threat to our liberty is coming from our own intelligence / security apparatus as they morph into secret police thugs using “the war on terror” as an excuse. Organizations like CSIS in Canada, or MI5/6 in the UK can get to know everybody’s secrets if they want to. They operate completely outside the law and without any adequate political control. They don’t have to use strong arm tactics to persuade people, like MPs, Cabinet Ministers, and other Public Officials to do their bidding; nobody’s perfect, so a little blackmail will suffice. It doesn’t have to be much to persuade people to look the other way.
    In its Summer 2011 edition, a UK Magazine (Lobster) that specializes in intelligence matters, and whose disclosures are highly regarded by the mainstream press, published an article headlined “CSIS and the CANADIAN STASI”. The headline says it all. Indeed the article, which describes the experiences of a former senior Canadian Intelligence operative as a victim of CSIS, goes on to allege that Canadian Prime Minister Harper was a onetime CSIS Operative which, if true, could explain much. Certainly under Mr. Harper, the already poor oversight of CSIS has been severely weakened.
    For example: back in 2011, Mr. Harper’s government appointed Dr. Arthur Porter to be Chair of CSIS’s oversight body – SIRC. Dr. Porter, while having access to Canada’s intelligence secrets, was also amazingly serving as Ambassador Plenipotentiary for Sierra Leon and trying to reach an aid financing deal with the Russians. It was alleged that Dr. Porter, who had no prior knowledge of intelligence, was using Canadian Privy Council letterhead for private business matters. Just this year Quebec has issued an arrest warrant for Dr. Porter on another matter, citing allegations of fraud and bribe taking. You can Google on this to verify since all this information has been reported in the Globe & Mail and National Post, who first blew the story.
    Ironically having seriously weakened an already weak SIRC with Dr. Porter’s appointment and the resultant scandal, Mr. Harper turned to the only other review body over CSIS – the Inspector General – and abolished it.
    No form of democracy can function effectively once a secret police operation gets going. We need to abolish organizations that can operate outside the law.

  • Giles

    Cryptonym, that’s 5ft deep by 20ft wide. Substantially more than an hour or two’s labour and only possible for a fit and healthy person. There’s nothing wrong with the guy – he’s a dosser, playing the system, like so many others. The gut-reaction of the cryptonyms of this world is that any criticism of the benefit system is an attack on the poor and disadvantaged, and they will use the very worst cases of truly deserving benefit recipients to justify the entire system. The founders of the welfare state did not intend it to be what it has become today. Clearly the Coalition is trying to win back support after the UKIP’s gains, but that does not mean to say that the benefit system is not in urgent need of reform.

  • Paul

    First Thatcher dies, now Sir Alex Ferguson retires. Somewhere there is a Scouser with a lamp and one wish left

  • April Showers

    Please. No. From Medialens.

    Fergie applauded by friend Campbell

    Posted by John Hilley on May 8, 2013, 7:50 pm

    What passes for a character endorsement.

    Jon Snow on CH 4 News hearing plaudits from Alastair Campbell, Alex Ferguson’s “personal and political friend”. Campbell tells us Fergie really understands politics. One can only wonder what kind of friendship, political or otherwise, can exist with a mass war criminal.

    Indeed, how can Campbell get away with presenting himself as ‘politically friendly’? But, of course, those kind of unfriendly questions would never occur to friends-together interviewers like Snow.


    Posted by Morrissey on May 8, 2013, 8:08 pm, in reply to “Fergie applauded by friend Campbell”

    If Ferguson had any integrity, he would now issue a public statement rejecting any association with that criminal.

    I wonder if any of his players would have the nerve to publicly humiliate him like a few of the British and Irish Lions players did in 2005 when Campbell was (farcically) pretending to be the “manager” of their tour to New Zealand.

  • Rose

    Komodo – Thanks for the laff midst th’encircling gloom of shit storm.

  • Parky

    Is there really no more worthy news than a football manager retiring? It had to happen sooner or later, big deal. I remember the same sort of storm in a tea-cup occured when Terry Wogan stood down from his long running radio show. Are these trivial matters all that interest and concern the populus ? No wonder the country and world are in such a woeful state. There really is no hope !

  • daniel

    April, not on the same level of the Campbell thing obviously, but one only has to recall Ferguson’s disgraceful selling out to Rooney during the wages/transfer scandal/controversy to realize that Ferguson’s much touted integrity isn’t perhaps what it’s made out to be.

  • BrianFujisan


    Good Post OT but ya beat me to that one… Well Done Mr he Joins Rodger Waters and Co

    Casual Observer has a valid point

    As well as finding a distinct home bias in refereeing disciplinary action and inconsistency between referees, the research also highlighted that:underdogs tend to incur a higher rate of disciplinary sanction than favourites

    Bring Back the Street Wizards…Jinky Johnston, and Davie Cooper Types….And what on earth has been going on with Barcelona

    Dreoilin — We all have to escape sometimes

  • glenn_uk

    Giles: I see you observed a fully-able bodied disabled person, working like a troj’, yet verifiably on full disability benefits.

    Was this totally believable observation right before you nearly got run down by a black lady driving a brand new Cadillac, on her way to collect social security payments?

  • glenn_uk

    Re: Giles’ horrific announcement of a possible benefit scrounger.

    Btw… and this might be an entirely spurious report… I heard some Bankster was doing really well, ordering Champagne at a particularly agreeable restaurant, and commissioning a seriously large yacht. They were talking about actually taking large bonuses. I was shocked, horrified actually.

    I hope that’s not true, because we’ve indulged these banksters with multiple billions in taxpayer bail-outs, so the idea that they might still be walking around with spare cash is unconscionable!

  • April Showers

    Parky Craig did say that this post was pure avoidance.

    ‘I gather this is the day the government throws the right some red meat on immigration and benefits. That’s so depressing I thought I might talk about something else! It’s a bit like sticking my fingers in my ears and going la la la’.

    Brian and Max – I will post a link when it comes up from Radio 4 Today this morning. They had Dr Toby Greene with an ‘e’ to criticize Prof Hawking’s decision to join the academic boycott of Israel. Greene’s comment follows the blurb prominently, as does a tweet from a Mr Overlander. Garda Karmi’s is tucked away right at the end of the entry in the running order.

    Dr Greene:I am the Director of Research for BICOM, an independent British organisation working to promote better understanding between Britain and Israel. I lead BICOM’s research team in its mission to be the foremost source of insight and expertise on Israeli politics and society in the UK.​

    I am also the Deputy Editor of Fathom, a quarterly journal and iPad app published by BICOM.

    My first book, Blair, Labour and Israel; Conflicting Views on Middle East Peace After 9/11 will be published by Bloosmbury in June 2013.

    I have a blog at Huffington Post UK where I write about Israeli politics and society and issues affecting the Britain Israel relationship. I have also contributed to various publications online including the Guardian (Comment is Free), New Statesman and others. My work has also been published by various think tanks including the London based Foreign Policy Centre.

    I have provided expert analysis on issues relating to Israel for various BBC radio channels.​

    I was awarded my PhD from University College London (UCL) for my thesis, ‘Between the Crescent and the Star: British policy in the Israeli-Palestinian arena in the wake of 9/11.’

    From 2007 to 2008 I was an an analyst and consultant for GCS, a specialist team of international political consultants advising political parties and leaders across Europe.​

    From 2004 to 2006 I was the Head of Policy and Research for the Westminster based campaign group, Labour Friends of Israel (LFI). I worked as the researcher for a number of all party parliamentary groups before moving to LFI. 

    I did my undergraduate studies as Jesus College Cambridge, graduating with first class honours in Philosophy and Theology.

    Mr Overlander:
    Reputation management consultant, dad of 2, progressive Zionist. And big Spurs fan!
    London 7.34am

  • Komodo

    Christ. I mean Christ. Can’t we keep this thread on football? I’m no fan of the game myself, but I respect Craig’s wish to stick his fingers in his ears, etc, once in a while…

    Ok, I’ll bite.

    We KNOW what the Israel First mob will say about Hawking’s decision. It’s “If you don’t engage with us when we tell you to you are jeopardising the peace process.” (Copy all media, everywhere, and read the fuller transcript supplied by Likud aloud in any public place in which you happen to find your kosher bottom)

    The peace process, which is currently invisible, is unrelated to a just settlement for Palestine. Boycott and divest until the two are identical aims, please.

  • John Goss

    Paul at 10.11 p.m. yesterday. Very witty. I like that. The last wish couldn’t be independence for Scotland could it? Not according to the latest Mori poll.

    Andrew Neil writes on Facebook: “Mori poll shows support for Scottish independence down three points to 31%, support for Union up four points to 59%. Tough time for Alex.”

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella)

    @ Craig :

    Good try, and it went well for a time, but you’ll have to do better to keep the obsessionals away from their favorite topics.

    I wonder what it’s like to go through life with just a couple of themes in one’s head (eg,Israel/Cameron/Royal family)? Must be fairly joyless unless walking about in a permanent lather provides some kind of strange joy?

  • guano


    ‘No form of democracy can function effectively once a secret police operation gets going. We need to abolish organizations that can operate outside the law.’

    It seems as though spying is one of those forbidden fruits that are forbidden for a good reason. God decrees what is good for us. He isn’t a nasty cruel monster clawing back our natural desires.

    Do as you would be done by. If those who have the power to satisfy their temptation to spy indulge their curiosity, it seems as though it makes blow-back on their own psychology.

    I was listening to some bee talk on UK Radio 4. They can brush on ferremones for other bees. Us human beings are not so daft we can’t work out what the crack is when we’re being spied on.

    The Qur’an instructs us not to spy in case we find out something we do not like. The spied-upon can feed all manner of insults to the spiers, which they have to digest and listen to. No blocking of the ears for those who give into the temptation of spying.

    I would go so far as to say that the economic paralysis we are now in globally is created by the absence of trust that was created by the power freaks in the first place. Blow-back big-time.

  • guano


    You run around the yard on your old hobby horse. Don’t forget to come in at tea-time.

  • April Showers

    One of the troughers is being sued for refusing to repay illegally claimed expenses of £54,000!


    It is my honour and privilege to have been elected in May 2005 and re-elected in May 2010 to represent the Peterborough constituency in the House of Commons.

    I have made it my duty to work for Peterborough in Westminster and not for Westminster in Peterborough. I am working for your interests, not self-interests. Above all, I will always put my constituents’ interests above my political career. I am always available to hear your concerns.
    His website

  • Herbie

    In earlier days Alex was mocked and belittled for his accent. In his success it became a charm.

    I love these guys with talent that come from fuck all. It’s a right smack in the mouth to elitism.

    Media attempts to replicate this, but absent the talent.

    Anyway, seems Man U are now going for an other Scot, and I mean an other Scot!

    With Alex’s blessing no doubt.

    Oh yeah, and Alex boycotted Israel too!

  • Guano [was: goo goo]

    When I travel to Muslim countries I find a lot of UK football worship going on, players and manager footage included. Football, like English Language teachers, is one of the key subversive exports of western ignorance to Muslims. Shockingly it is marketed as creating unity.

    There is plenty to put your fingers in your ears about in football. The Muslim children are surrounded by respectable, pious, patient believing men and women, survivors of persecution and wars. Yet they dream about sordid, arrogant, empty-headed non-believers running around in their boxer shorts.

    But, this illusion of Western paradise, and the nightmare of Western imposed war, will never extinguish the obvious, that Islam is the beautiful religion of peace and knowledge for all time. In spite of the overwhelming violence meted on our countries and the overwhelming power of delusion of the media.

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