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56 thoughts on “National Demonstration in London: Bring the troops home from Afghanistan

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  • dreoilin

    and it’s refreshing to watch someone speak who actually comes across as if he’s sincere.

  • Jon

    @All – for interest, Ian Cobain of the Guardian is on the Paul Foot Award 2009 shortlist, on his work on torture complicity. From Private Eye.

  • tony_opmoc

    I Am a Bit Pissed But I Have Been Trying To Explain To My Daughter’s Friend Who Lives Across The Road and Is Having a Brilliant Time at University About How My Uncle Who Was an Ambassador and Had a Really Posh Accent – How He Showed Me Around Her University 50 Years Ago

    Well Maybe 45, I am Not Quite That Old

    But I Remembered What a Brilliant Place It Seemed When I Was a Child

    The Kids are Home For a Few Days – Its Half Term – And They All Seem So Happy To See Each Other – And There is Probably About 15 Teenage Boys and Girls In Our House Now Just Talking To Each Other About All Their New Friends They Have Met at Their Respective Universities. Only One Has Dropped Out – A Couple Have Been Allowed To Change Their Courses. All These Kids Are In Our House – Because Our House is a House of Love and They Are Welcome. It is Where We Live.


  • tomy_opmoc

    Craig Murray,

    When You Think You are losing hope about how aweful our World is and You have done more than anything you think is possible to turn this thing around…

    It Doesn’t Matter If You Die

    You Have Done What You Have Done and Can Be Completely Proud Of What You Have Done…

    I Have a House Full Of Teenage Kids – My Daughter’s Friends at Universities

    They All Have Different Talents – But There Is No Evil Amongst Any Of Them

    They Are All Incredibly Intelligent People And They All Want To Defeat The EVIL and Turn The World Into a Better Place..

    They Have Already Or Will In The Future Travel The World And Bring Their Morality with Them

    You – Craig Murray – Are an Inspiration To Them

    They Do Not Want To Smack Your Bottom..

    How Come You Get Pleasure From Inflicting Pain..

    I Have Tried Two Vibrating Cock Rings at The Same Time – But Never Inflicted Pain on My Wife or Any of My Former Girlfriends…

    I Didn’t find Pain necessary to bring them to Orgasm…

    Maybe You Should Buy Her a Rampant Rabbit


  • tony_opmoc

    The Way I See It – It is Perfectly O.K For Teenage Boys and Girls To Get Upset When They Have Fallen Out With Their Boy Or Girlfriend

    I Don’t Even Mind When 40-50 Year Olds Have Fallen Out With Their Boy/Girlfriends

    But When The 60-70 Year Olds Have Fallen Out With Their Boy/Girlfriends And Are Making a Great Big Fuss About it Screaming in Our Kitchen – In One Ear – and The 30-40 Year Olds Are Doing It In The Other…

    And It Is Our Kitchen We Have Invited Them To

    I Just Turn The Music Off And Tell Them To Fuck Off Out Of Our House…

    If They Want To Kill Each Other – Then Do It On The Street Outside and The Rest Of Us Will Watch

    The Kids Have NEVER Been a Peoblem – But The Women Coming Up To Their Menopause Are Seriously Dangerous…

    I Don’t Know About Mothers I Would Like To Fuck – It’s The Grannies You Need To Be Careful With


  • tony_opmoc

    Some of The GILF’s are a damned sight better looking than their Grandchildren – and they know it

    The Grandmothers are on their bikes and down the gym and are slim and fit with beautiful long blonde hair – looking almost exactly like they did when they were 19 years old. You can easily tell them though cos they get up and dance with me when The Band Does Free – All Right Now…

    I don’t think much will change over the next 30 years or so..

    “There she stood in the street, smiling from her head to her feet ”

    We will just Use Our Zimmerframes when we are 90


  • mary

    @ Anticant Oct 28

    Common Purpose within Surrey County Council. How about this for Newspeak? Transparency failure!

    SCC is famous for losing £20 million to the Icelandic banks collapse in spite of paying for costly financial advice, renewing its highways maintenance contract where there was massive previous fraud in the accounting, having the most pot-holed roads in the country and worst of all failing in its provision of children’s services. I think they are either a one star or no star council now having been three star at one stage. Their latest nonsense is to cancel the fairly recent Pegasus school bus scheme (procured at great expense) thereby bringing more cars on to the roads.

    The Surrey Chief Constables usually go on to run the Met by the way.

    Inefficiency (and corruption?) seem to be the bywords.

  • ingo

    Appropo local council accounting. When one listens to the Tories nationally one could come to the conclusion that they are all in favour of hardline control of public funds, at the center that is.

    here in Norfolk we have 51 councillors out of 89, so I believe, that are alos District councillors.

    This happened due to the unitray debate which nearly came out with Norwich as a choice, which would have made it necessarry to reorganise all of Norfolk.

    So these District councillors all feared of loosing their public job, put themselves up for county council, with the resulkt that 51 are now double dippers, expenses perks of certain profile committee jobs, etc. it all adds up. hence the latest query by a local solicitor.

    here is an excert from the EDP last week, reporting on a council meeting aghast at being asked a question about their expenses. Norfolk is Tory run.

    “Mr Martin said twin-hatters now enjoyed a starting allowance of £12,500, and the highest paid, cabinet member Harry Humphrey, gets £40,411 as a member of the county council, King’s Lynn and West Norfolk borough council and Norfolk Police Authority.

    Council leader Daniel Cox, who is also a South Norfolk district councillor, gets £39,390.

    Another councillor William Nunn, who is also leader of Breckland district council, gets £34,929.

    Mr Martin, a solicitor from Great Witchingham, had produced a four-page report for consideration, suggesting allowances for twin-hatters should be capped and they should not take up outside commercial interests.

    It also said that if twin-hatters waived their basic allowances they received from districts that would put back between £175,000 to £200,000 into the public coffers.

    And he queried how county councillors could fit in several different roles while, in some cases, holding down full time jobs.

    But the Tories voted that the items should not be discussed and also enacted a closure motion to curtail any debate, sparking anger from the 62-year-old.

    “I am astounded that the committee should encourage members of the public to come forward and then decline to even give them a chance to speak at the meeting,” Mr Martin said. “It has been a complete waste of time, but these points won’t go away and Norfolk County Council needs to acknowledge that these are matters of considerable concern to the public.

    “What really gets me is the arrogance I heard from some of these people. They will do what they want.”

    Opposition councillors, who were in the minority on the committee, had pressed for the issue to be looked at and said the Tories risked looking ridiculous and being seen to behave like Westminster MPs over their expenses.”

  • ingo

    Anybody who agrees with scientist being able to make responsible decisions on the health and safety of the public, by scinetific means and advise, please sign this petition

    This year we heard of a UN report lambasting prohibition as the greater harm, much worse than the drugs themselves. Now, I do not mind politicians getting it wrong, but I do mind them nobbling scientific committees , undermining good governance. I see nothing wrong with prof. Nutt speaking out for those who are harmed by this, but coming from the Unions, Alan Johnson must have some sort of superior knowledge. Equally, the next/other Tory Government, David also seem to think prohibition is the only way backwards for this country and is prepared to carry on spend spend spend, with no result, whilst cutting local day centre nursing care for the elderly and disadvantaged.

    All other scientific advice is now being tinged with these untrustworthy practises that made prof. Nutt and his collegues resign, bullying amd intimidation is dangerous for public health and society, stuffing scinetific bodies with consensualist yes sayers will not do either.

    Please sign the petition, ta.

  • Alfred Burdett

    Why, I wonder, demand the troops home from Afghanistan? I mean, are we not all agreed on the merit of destroying the Afghan culture and nation, replacing Afghanistan’s government with a plutocratically-owned democracy, and in generally opening the place up to the forces of globalization?

    Destroying the British culture and nation is, after all, what New Labor seems mainly about, so are we not all anti-nationalists now — except when we’re having a national protest, of course, or when we are promoting scotch nationalism (Oops, sorry for the sarcasm)?

    However, if we’re not for the destruction of the British culture and nation, why is there not at least as much venom directed at the establishment parties as for the BNP, which quite correctly identify themselves with Churchill in the defense of of Britain against foreign invasion through mass immigration? In fact, if you look back to the Britain of Churchill’s last administration and the Britain promoted by the BNP, there does not seem to be such a great difference: corporal punishment in school and in jails, the death penalty, import tariffs, and a rather peaceful and fully employed country.

    True, by today’s standards, Churchill wasa racist. But is it not better to be a nationalist and therefore a racist than a traitor to your own people?

    Here in Canada, of course, we gave up on the British nation a long time ago, mainly, because they were not sufficiently philoprogenitive to occupy our half of the North American continent. As a result, we have mass immigration from all over the world. And in fact, the policy has been effected quite skillfully to ensure that no ethnicity or nationality can exert an overwhelming influence (with the apparent exception of the Zionists who control much of our media and apparently dictate unquestioning loyalty to Israel from all political parties). As a result, we have an interesting experiment in ethnic homogenization, which seems well on its way to the creation of a Canadian nation.

    Personally, however, I see no reason to repeat the process in the very different circumstances that exist in Britain.

  • ingo

    Thanks for that comment from canada Alfred, it is a measure of globalisation that we all have to be friends of Israel these days, dare those who speak out of line. you said:

    ‘In fact, if you look back to the Britain of Churchill’s last administration and the Britain promoted by the BNP, there does not seem to be such a great difference’

    the difference is fifty years, a changed political spectrum as part of Europe and a world that has lost all of its homogeneality, indeed its a fact now that mixing out genes is good for us.

    BTW. whats the mystery surrounding the floating feet that keep washing up on your west coast for the last few years?

  • Alfred Burdett

    Ingo, I have seen no explanation for the feet washing up on our shores. Very odd. Perhaps some Muslim group at work combating a crime wave?

    As for Europe losing all homogeneity, you need to learn a little about genetics and human diversity.

    Europeans never were genetically homogeneous. Read Francis Galton, who recorded the morphological variability of the British population in the 19th century — taking particular note, naturally, of the beauty of the women.

    And despite more than a hundred years of population migration within the UK, huge geographic variation in morphology is still apparent. In Shetland and the North East of Scotland there are still real Vikings, as blue-eyed and blonde as the Icelanders: Lord Thurso (James Sinclair?), for example, who was, I believe, Margaret Thatcher’s environment minister. In the rest of the highlands and islands, you will still see many a “lovely lass” of quite a different form: dark-hair, brown eyes and so slight in build you’d think the slightest gust of wind would blow them away. Lowland Scots are an entirely different breed, with facial types that are remarkably persistent. When visiting there, I always have the feeling that these people are Canadians who haven’t emigrated yet.

    And then so many types of English and Welsh. In Leicestershire villages; men with a facial structure like that of people you can see in coastal towns of Normandy; in Kent, children with the high cheekbones of Danish settlers; in Sussex and Hampshire, fair-haired, blue-eyed Saxons; in Cornwall, sandy-haired Celts; etc.

    As for the mixing of genes being good for us, yes and no. Check this out with Richard Dawkins, but as I understand it, the entire logic of life is to propagate one’s own genes, not someone else’s. What was it Russell said: “life is a sort of chemical imperialism which seeks to transform the rest of the universe into matter arranged in the same form as itself.”

    In the process of reproduction, we have to mix our genes with someone else’s, and the important thing is to mix one’s genes with those of someone else having a high reproductive potential ?” healthy, fertile, good looking, etc. and such a person might be a Hottentot or a Zulu, for all I know of your case. However, I know that the greatest concentration of my genes are in populations of Great Britain, and neigboring countries. Therefore, I am not in favor of genociding the British, which appears to be the inevitable consequence of the present immigration policy: UK-born women, 1.2 children, Muslim immigrant mothers from Asia, 5 children. If those numbers are approximately correct and are perpetuated, most of the existing British gene pool will be eliminated in a remarkably short time.

  • Roderick Russell

    Just responding to Alfred Burdett’s comment from Canada, I have a somewhat different message from Canada. I do not agree with his views. Yes, as my own story demonstrates (threats, harassment and a government cover-up conspiracy in 2 countries), there does seem to be something very wrong with the parliamentary system of democracy. It is simply not working properly.

    But, why doesn’t it work properly? Though I have a very different viewpoint from Mr. Burdett’s, It strikes me that the problem is similar in both countries – Their establishments are pulling the strings wherever they want to and using their intelligence services as a secret police to help them do so. Members of Parliament are scared of their own establishments, backed (as they are) by the intelligence services. They don’t have to threaten; they just have to smear an MP to ruin his career, and MI5 / 6 are known to have agents throughout the press. Not a specific smear that can be sued on; just a little negativity here and there will do the trick.

    It does seem to me that there are two problems with the functionality of our democracy. One is with the intelligence services ?” MI5 / 6 in UK, CSIS in Canada. When these people cross the line (as they have done) from being legitimate intelligence gathering operations to being the establishment’s tame secret police (a Stasi) they have killed democracy stone dead.

    The second problem is in defining the role of Monarchy. Once a supporter of constitutional monarchy, my own experiences have led me to the viewpoint that our form of monarchy is not conducive to real democracy. As Mr. Burdett (writing from Canada) will know Prince Charles’s present visit to Canada has initiated some public discussion about the future of Monarchy in Canada. Canada’s has two prestigious national daily papers. The Globe and Mail has written in support of an end to Monarchy. The National Post seems to have taken positions both pro and con. This weekend it published an article in support of monarchy from its founder Lord Conrad Black. However most of the comments were opposed to Lord Black’s view. Here is an example of one of the published comments to Lord Black’s article ~~

    “Lord Black confuses British values with the values of the Monarchy & aristocratic establishments. Remove the PR spin and they are not the same. Here is an example of values from figures close to Prince Charles – Threats, Harassment and a cover-up conspiracy to stop a police investigation. They denied a Canadian family civil liberties, and used influence to neuter our parliament, and government. Are these the values Lord Black admires? Roderick Russell”

    I have to suggest to Mr. Burdett that the BNP and their form of fascism is not the answer. All one would achieve with them is swapping the covert (behind the scenes) fascism of the establishment, for the overt fascism of the BNP and the streets. Just jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. The answer is more democracy, not less. The answer is surely a more open form of democracy with constitutional change so that the establishment cannot abuse the undefined (and often secret) powers of the Crown, and so that the intelligence services are brought properly under democratic control. To achieve this will require the beginnings of a serious debate, which is why Prince Charles’s visit to Canada has value. Roderick Russell

  • technicolour

    “Zionists” and Muslims chopping people’s feet off: poor Mr Burdett, what a minefield he lives in. For his information, the more repressive states chop off a hand for theft, including, I believe Oman, where the Sultan was educated at Sandhurst. Still, why not throw a few limb hacking accusations around?

    Otherwise Muslims currently make up 2.8 percent of the UK population. It is interesting to read the old “they’re taking over” canard, but I have rarely heard it called genocide. Marvellous.

  • ingo

    gosh what have I started now. Muslims chopping off peoples feet?

    What a fine line. As for my genetics dearest Alfred, I am chipper, although I have married an english woman, like many clets Mormans Romans etc. etc. before me, I don’t think that white is a race, just a different shade of brown.

    Mixing race is good for you matey, it rejuvenates your childrens genetics, health and immune system by introducing a new line that might have never crossed with a European gene.

    As for the BNP, if you want them, have em’. Should your economics are as apt as your genetics, you might be of help to these scoundrels, they could do with an economic programm, something else to talk about than immigration.

  • Alfred Burdett

    Some people seem to lack a sense of humor. Anyhow it wasn’t I how raised the problem of detached feet.

    As to immigation, etc. the question of demographics and genetics is a technical one. I tried to raise some of the issues, but evidently, this is not the place to do it.

    As for the BNP, I have nothing to do with them although if their demographic claims are correct then I support their policy on preventing further mass immigration, because the implications for the British people are as I stated.

    I am not sure that I disagree with Roderick as much as he thinks, although it seems to me the monarchy in Canada is not a serious issue. Our head of state may be the Queen, but she is represented by a Canadian nominated by the Government of Canada, an it is that person, Michele Jean, currently, that Canadians understand to be, in effect, head of state.

    On the more serious issue of the role of the intelligence services in government, who knows, but what you suggest seems plausible to me. And if you are correct, we live under a police state like the Soviets, but with the apparatus of a democratic government to provide much better PR. Didn’t you always feel that Tony Blair was just a puppet. I mean, the guy surely has no brain of any significance.

  • Roderick Russell

    Alfred Burdett ?” I do agree with you about Tony Blair. But I am also having similar problems with Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper who is clearly having his chain pulled. I should just mention that I have brought the matter through intermediaries directly to Mr. Harper’s attention on several occasions. I have even corresponded back and forward by email with Mr. Harper’s mentor ?” Mr. Preston Manning. I live close to both of them and Mr. Harper and I even have friends in common. A well-known Alberta political strategist (Conservative) who actually tried to help (Mr. Manning knows who he is) ?” told me that the cover-up conspiracy is so extensive that I will never get justice; though if I did manage it he said that the story is as big as Watergate. That’s why I recently wrote an article that outlines the cover-up in Canada and CSIS involvement. ?” Canada’s Moral Dilemma. Click on my name to see it.

    Why would top politicians cover-this-up, when all they have to do is investigate it honestly? Well, there is little political mileage in helping one individual ?” but enormous potential political damage in offending the establishment. (CSIS running smears in the press; the establishment influencing the media, etc. ?” any scandal in the background of one of their supporters that CSIS can find being published). You may have noticed that I have exposed CSIS in the press as a “Stasi ?” style” organization. Two of my comments published in The Globe and Mail that relate to CSIS are on this URL:

    I don’t agree with you about the Royals. They are very close in many ways to those who slandered me, using intelligence all these years ago. They exercise considerable influence in Canada behind the scenes. I have been threatened (in Manchester) in their name, and have had it suggested by several sources (who are close to the cover-up conspiracy in Canada) that some involved in the cover-up believe that its raison d’etre is that royal family members may be involved. Besides I know someone (brother lives in West Vancouver) who innocently witnessed a royal scandal several decades ago in London, and had the hell threatened out of him by MI5. One should not have any doubts ?” there is a huge cover-up conspiracy being orchestrated at the top of two governments and they have used their intelligence services as a secret police against an innocent family.

    I must admit that when I recall all the cant about democratic values that used to spout from Harper’s Conservatives and their Predecessor Party, Mr. Manning’s Reform (which I actually supported for years), when they were in opposition, and contrast this with my own experience of their practice of democracy in government, what comes to my mind is the phrase ?” BLOODY HYPOCRITES! Roderick Russell

    Roderick Russell

  • technicolour

    “if their demographic claims are correct”

    you mean you haven’t bothered to find out?

  • Ruth

    The intelligence services have many roles; one major one is maintaining the economic security of the country. And in this there is evidence that they are acting as agents provocateur in setting up ‘gangs’ to remove excise duty/VAT from the country. To hide the theft of taxpayers’ money trials are manipulated to hide the role of the intelligence services, and if after conviction a person should appeal he doesn’t stand a chance because the actions of the CCRC and high court judges are synchronised to hide state crime.

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