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56 thoughts on “National Demonstration in London: Bring the troops home from Afghanistan

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  • gawdelpus

    Have to laugh at the utter ignorant stupidity that is Iain Dale.

    There’s a general meme around at the moment that the BNP are some sort of socialist party, a smear spread by the right of course.

    It doesn’t take too much knowledge to work out that Spain and Germany which had fascist regimes, were supported by conservatives and murdered their leftist opponents, and indeed we saw the same thing in South America under fascist regimes.

    Howwever Mr Dale remains unbowed and makes an argument for his case:

    “Far left Fascist parties like the BNP invariably do well under left wing governments which fail left of centre voters. Le Pen rose to prominence in France under Mitterand. The National Front in this country gained traction under Labour in the late 1970s, and now the BNP is on the rise here again.

    I would venture to submit that this is no coincidence”.

    The ignorant absurdity of this clown knows no bounds.

    Obviously a far right party is more likely to find traction during the tenure of its opposite rather than that which agrees with it.

    It’s annoying that imbeciles like this are considered suitable material for parliament. That’s our problem. The place is ful of clowns like this.

  • LondonStatto

    There’s a general meme around at the moment that the BNP are some sort of socialist party

    Yeah, funny that. I think it has something to do with their economic policies.

  • subrosa

    It’s on days like this that I wish I lived in the south of England. I would have attended the demonstration and have been delighted to carry my placard.

    Alas I live in beautiful Scotland and know how fortunate I am, but I wish the demonstrators much success. It’s criminal that our government is keeping our troops out in the middle east while they fiddle around deciding what the next ‘strategy’ is to be.

  • gawdelpus

    @ Londonstatto

    On the BNP being a socialist party

    “Yeah, funny that. I think it has something to do with their economic policies”.

    They don’t have economic policies, you halfwit!!

    They only have racist policies that are designed to appeal to conservative middle England.

    There has never been, anywhere or anyplace, any fascist party that has sought alliance with socialists. First chance they’ve got they’ve murdered them.

    There has never been, anywhere or any place, a fascist party has not sought alliance with Conservatives.

  • JimmyGiro


    Leftwing/Rightwing: is an economic scale.

    Liberalism/Fascism: is an authoritarian scale.

    Fascists can be leftwing or rightwing; they are simply authoritarian, at the expense of the individual. An extreme form of democracy can be fascist.

    Fascism = rule of the collective.

    The BNP are primarily racist, like the Women’s Institute is primarily sexist; but this is not sufficient to call either, a fascist group.

  • George Dutton

    “Have to laugh at the utter ignorant stupidity that is Iain Dale.”

    “There’s a general meme around at the moment that the BNP are some sort of socialist party, a smear spread by the right of course.”


    That will be why so many in Iain Dale’s tory party are leaving and joining the BNP. Some family members of tory members donate money to the BNP. The BNP is an arm of the tory party…always has been.

  • Vamanos Bandidos

    Don’t have much time.

    Here we go; Ian whatsit already has started to play the game of disinformation, and is busy pushing the BNP to the left, which of course is where his enemies are laired, and as every god fearing conservative knows there can never be left, there are only right, and furthermore right.

    This is our system that promotes these lying sacks of shit, at the expense of the good, honest, hard working; men of honour and truth. This sack of shit Ian (sue me Ian I have already been sued by Sack of Shit for equating you with it) along with the rest of the lying bastards are busy covering up the most obvious; The neo labour and their neo liberal/conservative policies have come home to roost.

    The silent and bashful racists in UK have been empowered, and encouraged by the years of covert and at times overt racist polemics dished out at the times of distress and glaring short comings of the UK governing echelon that includes her Majesties’ opposition to boot, these silent racists are no longer satiated to shouts of “Paki Cunts” in their bathrooms, and our streets are now echoing to the loud and clear taunts of; “Pakie Cunts”, “Black Bastards”, etc.

    While our illustrious governing echelons, are busy rearranging their rebuttals in the directions hitherto unknown, and blaming the rise in the votes for BNP; as an “anti politics” tendency. Fact that why on Earth the anti politics did not result in more votes for independents and or liberal votes is not debated, instead the spin machine goes on to absolve the racists from their despicable mindsets, and attempt to give credulity to the notions of; expenses is what done it govner!

    The simple fact that Nick Griffin portraying himself as a Zionist and a fellow traveller whom now believes Jews were Holocausted, as a measure of his rehabilitation from a racist; he has seen the light, speaks volumes about the sharply pointed racism towards the; “Pakies”, “filthy Arabs”, “Rag heads” “Hajis”, aka the “Muslims”, is designed to be understood by even the most ignorant of the ill educated populace attending the PFI schools, and these failing not to absorb its’ point.

    BBC exposing the nefarious state of affairs in the current UK has made the tootsie play into a fully blown coitus of hatefest and those caught with their pants down are busy explaining away their own racism and their fellow racists mindset to the world in twenty first century.

    The fact that the anti war march is carrying on, under the careful watch of the paramilitary militia we have come to accept as the police, and with the prior consent and agreement of the said paramilitary militia, is an attempt to make believe there exists a modicum of freedom of expression in the current UK. There again the shadow theatre cannot be understood by so many ill educated morons whom verily believe the cock and bull stories of seventeen thousand years ago!

  • anon

    Vam.. Band.. Quite agree. But what’s with 17,000 years or 15,000 B.C.? Abraham or Ibraheem peace be upon him was the model Muslim. He trusted and believed in God completely and he was not of those who ascribed partners to Allah. Not much freedom of expression then either. He was placed on a massive bonfire for his belief in the oneness of God, by idol worshippers and God made the fire cool for him. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

    Palestinians are leaving their country in droves. What will Israel do without their protective shield? Play cricket with Iranian nukes, maybe?

  • seven

    nice to see you on the real news network craig

    as for the bnp being socialist, well, as we say in lochee, EH RIGHT. But I suppose if new labour are socialist anyone can be, all you have to do to prove it, is claim you are.

  • mike cobley

    If I had the time and some skill with photoshop, I mock up a picture of dead bodies from the ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia with the words, “BNP Policies In Action” across the bottom. BNP are rassenkampf idolaters, pure and simple.

  • John D. Monkey

    The debate above is a bit like Monty Python: We’re not the Peoples Front of Judea, we’re the Judean Peoples Front…

    It doesn’t matter a f*** whether the BNP are called left wing, right wing, fascist, authoritatarian, whatever. All the labels in the world are just that, labels, and don’t matter.

    The BNP are of course nasty and stupid, and what few policies they have are based on incorrect premises. But while they will have gained a bit from the Question Time fiasco, they will have precisely no MPs in June.

    And they frighten me less than what people like Jack Straw say and do. Have you read his latest poison about secret inquests, everyone?

    And he’s part of the Government, with power to do things, whereas the BNP will never be more than a marginal party in terms of electoral politics.

    Save your venom for the real enemies of democracy…

  • tony_opmoc

    She Is Just Standing There With Her Long Blonde Hair and Her Blue Dress With a Welcoming Smile

    On Her Face Looking Like a Sunflower in Full Bloom

    And She is Open and Receptive to all the problems.

    Most from our friends but also from people She has never met in her life…

    And I am just watching what she does and how so incredibly nice she is to people..

    And then I take My Wife Home

    And Can’t Believe How Lucky I Am

    How Can Americans Allow Their Government To Torture People To Death By Boiling Them ALIVE

    [Report this comment]

    Posted by: tony_opmoc on Oct 24, 2009 6:34 PM

    Current rating: Not yet rated [1 = poor; 5 = excellent]

    Whilst I admit Us English Have Been Complete and Utter Cunts in Controlling The World…

    When it Came To Cooking People in Pots…

    We Drew The Line…

    We Said NO You Can Not Cook Human Beings in Pots And Eat Them

    But The Americans said Why Not?

    We Can Outsource It To Uzbekistan

    And Put The Protein Into McDonalds Beef Burgers…

    Craig Murray Said No

    That is Not Acceptable


  • JimmyGiro

    Having just watched Question Time via the iPlayer, it seemed that Al JaBeeb had taken no risks with a random audience; they were clearly too good looking to be anything but filtered through the Beeb’s Guardian readers short-list.

    Clearly the internet is the only medium in which people can discover the true feelings of most other people (that are on-line and communicative).

    The Beeb simply stages what it thinks the public should be thinking; therefore Greek choruses will be the order of the day. Nick Griffin believes in what Nick Griffin believes: “Boo hiss”. Bonnie Greer believes in what Bonnie Greer believes: “Hip hip hurrah”.

    The conclusion therefore can be speculated, that the internet will be the next whipping boy. There is too much freedom on the web, hence it must be blamed until ‘tamed’. The people are not to be allowed their own prejudices; so maybe the Beeb will drop the licence fee to win us back from the web.

    Just an ugly thought from an ugly person, that would never be invited to a Question Time audience.

  • Jon

    I don’t know anything about Common Purpose, but their wikipedia entry is interesting. Although the standard page is sparse, the talk page contains plenty of disputed information that may or may not see the light of day.

  • ingo

    Can everyone feel the pressure from Milliped and Brown on public opinion, to have their favourite dictator installed as an unelected european executive?

    This unashamed desire by little islanders and opt out merchants to lord it in Europe, when they could not see fit to take us into the Euro when the time was right, when they showed no interest in Schengen, is breath taking.

    Millipeds speech two days ago sounded as much like’ we have eaten foreign policy by the spoonfull and can show the rest of Europe how its done’.

    Milliped should have a look at the last negotiations to free Shalit and incarcerated Palestinians,German negotiators, behind the scenes with utmost care, not Tony Blair, all he could muster is an increase in westbank roadblocks.

    Thanks god there is opposition to him, and not just the usual lefties, that man is likely to drag Europe into creating more chaos and bloodshed in Iran.

    For the first time I take note of Turkey, their PM called the current ‘get Iran’ campaign by the west outrageous and unjustified, if they could only get on with their Kurdish neighbours.

    I hope that your washington/London Brussels roundtrip has not left you out of breath.

  • anticant

    All I know about Common Purpose is what I’ve gathered from the internet. The Google links for it and its moving spirit, Julia Middleton, are interesting. It presents itself as a management training group for higher leadership – presumably run by people who consider themselves to be Higher Leaders. But in the video clips of her spouting about it and her “vision”, Julia comes across as a rather wacky lady with no more notion of how to give a competent talk than Dubya had of how to read ‘My Pet Goat’. It is all rather obvious, trivial stuff dressed up in hifalutin’ managerspeak.

    The strange thing, though, is that CP apparently gets massive government financial support to run training schemes for local councils, the NHS, the police, and sundry other public bodies, and has a turnover of several millions a year. Unsurprisingly, its critics foam at the mouth about it, and accuse it of being a sinister conspiracy to undermine our democracy (what’s left of it) on behalf of EU communitarianism and a useless gravy train.

    You pays your money and you takes your choice. But preferably not MY money.

  • Jon

    @gawdelpus – I would imagine the BNP would model their economic policies on Hitler’s, which were left leaning. They probably do have economic policies, though to say that is not to excuse their racism, which I believe is a greater component of their motivation compared to any concern for the poor.

    As has been pointed out previously, a political position can be left-wing economically whilst at the same time taking a hard-right stance on the social scale. See this link for more:

  • Jon

    Addendum – I should add that if the BNP have left-leaning economic policies, that does not mean they would implement them in the rare (and dangerous) event they got into power. It is just possible they are, of course, a bunch of lying bastards.

    On another note, George Monbiot is supporting Blair for EU President. Have a look at this for why:

  • mary

    Ha Ha

    Mills loses bribery case appeal

    Mills admitted accepting money but said it came from another Italian.

    David Mills, the estranged husband of UK cabinet minister Tessa Jowell, has lost his appeal against a bribery conviction in Italy.

    He was convicted of accepting £400,000 from the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in 1997.

    Mills had been sentenced in February to four-and-a-half years in prison for corruption.

    The Italian PM had been shielded from prosecution by a law he proposed but judges overturned it this month.

    Mr Berlusconi has denied paying a bribe and has said he does not even know Mills.

    That defence is likely to be re-examined after Italy’s most senior court ruled that Mr Berlusconi’s protection from prosecution violated the constitution.

    Mills was one of Mr Berlusconi’s consultants on offshore tax havens. He was accused of accepting the money as payment for keeping quiet about offshore companies during two previous trials in 1997 and 1998.

    Much of the evidence against Mills stemmed from a letter he sent to a British accountant in 2004, in which he said the payment came from “Mr B”.

    The trial verdict said there was no evidence that the money came directly from Mr Berlusconi.

    Mills initially confirmed having received money from Mr Berlusconi “in recognition” of the evidence he gave, but later said the money had come from an Italian shipping magnate.

    Speaking after the appeal decision, Mills’ lawyer, Federico Cecconi, said the case “does not end here”.

    “We have strong elements in our favour [that] will bring a change in the sentence”, he said.

  • anticant

    Sorry – that should have been ‘files’, not ‘flies’. There don’t seem to be any flies on CP!

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